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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Do you think we are digging a hole for ourselves?” Qi Ling Chao looked a bit remorseful.

Since the last time they said those heavy words to Yi Yi, the other side seemed to have listened to them and became a lot more enthusiastic towards Kaczki. It was their fault for being nosy… After the last incident, the two of them have been curious about the words of the small group that bullied Yi Yi, so they asked their friends to inquire about Yi Yi’s family.

It seems that Yi Yi was abandoned by his family when he was very young and was raised by his adoptive father, also a female, who found him on the street. His adoptive father was a strip dancer in a bar and was not earning much, so when Yi Yi grew up a little, he worked as a cleaner in a store on that street, sweeping floors and washing dishes to earn money to support the family. It wasn’t anything shameful, but these things had been used as a weapon of malice by some Zerg since childhood.

“Do you want to tell Kaczki? He’ll know sooner or later.”

“Don’t. Let him talk about it himself later.” Cheng YuanMu shook his head.

“That’s right, why are we worrying about him.” Qi Ling Chao snorted coldly.

Kaczki and Yi Yi were in the library again, and while Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu wanted to join them, the thought of tadpole-sized words gave them a headache, so they just wandered outside.

When they came out of the arcade, they ran into an unexpected guest they hadn’t seen in a long time.

“So you are still alive. What, you can’t be a good boy anymore?” The two turned around, and the one who was picking on them was a gangster from the school next door who had been bothering them a lot.

Because of Kaczki’s “study hard, don’t get into trouble” request, they hadn’t hung out after school for a long time, and only occasionally they encountered something irritating, but they also suppressed their temper and pretended not to see it.

Seeing that the two were going to leave, the other side immediately blocked the way, provoking them, “You’re going to run away?”

“You haven’t been up to anything lately.”

“It’s because of that good student male Zerg, right? What’s his name?”

“You don’t dare to hit him?”

Qi Ling Chao clenched his fist, as if he was about to rush forward in the next second. However, he was stopped by Cheng Yuan Mu in time. The latter shook his head: “Don’t be impulsive. They don’t dare to touch the male Zerg.”

No matter who provoked first, the first to start lost. The other side was also using provocation, and fighting between females, as long as it did not cause a big deal it didn’t matter. But if males were involved, then the other party’s punishment was not as simple as getting kicked out of school.

Otherwise, Kaczki would not be mixed with them for so long and still be safe.

Kaczki used to joke, “Why don’t you take me with you in future fights, and when the other side comes over I’ll bump into them, and then you’ll record a video and call the police?”

Of course, this was also a joke. Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu could not use him as a self-exploding bomb.

“Tsk, frustrating.” After walking away, Qi Ling Chao annoyingly kicked away the stones on the road. On the one hand, they couldn’t touch Kaczki, and on the other, Kaczki said he wanted to officially be open about his relationship with his father and mother!

“Bear with it.” Cheng YuanMu also took a moment to calm the fire in his chest.

They’ve had the negative reputation of being gangsters, and they were now trying to repair that image. At least for the short term, they wouldn’t be caught starting fights at school.

After wandering around for a while, the two of them went to the library to look for Kaczki.

“Finally, you’re here. It’s almost dark.” Kaczki was already packing his bag.

“It’s time to go home together.” Cheng YuanMu even sat down, and Qi Ling Chao stood next to the table, waiting.

“You guys seem like bodyguards picking me up.” Kaczki said helplessly.

After greeting the two, Yi Yi looked a little hesitant. They did not go the same way, and when they were about to say goodbye after leaving the library door, he quickly pulled out two boxes from his bag.

“That… I made the snacks myself.”

“For us?” Cheng Yuan Mu pointed at himself.

“Yes.” Yi Yi nodded vigorously.

Qi Ling Chao made a ‘ha’ sound, “Anyway, it’s just leftovers from Kaczki’s portion, right?”

“No, it’s not.”

“Ah. How come you gave them more than to me!” Kaczki shouted.

“Females have a bigger appetite, right?” Yi Yi said in a small voice with some uncertainty.

Cheng YuanMu took it without saying a word.

“I don’t want to eat for nothing.” Qi Ling Chao muttered in a low voice, reaching for the rustic box.

Seeing that they had all taken it, Yi Yi’s face was filled with a little smile of joy. They agreed on their next meeting and left in different directions.

After that, this group of Zerg got along quite harmoniously. Gi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu didn’t see Yi Yi being bullied again. They didn’t know if he had finally gotten tougher or if they just didn’t run into each other. Of course, they were not kind enough to personally care about Yi Yi’s affairs.

Since long ago, there were only the three of them. Although Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu would occasionally playfully argue with each other over Kaczki, they never saw each other as enemies from the very beginning. After high school, Yi Yi suddenly came in, and although he was very nice and didn’t fight with them for Kaczki, he was the “outsider” who broke their eight-year-long trio. They always felt a little awkward.

In the first semester of sophomore year before the end of the year, Qi Ling Chao was still a bit motivated to study. He and Cheng YuanMu secretly decided to raise their grades, and if they could get a score that didn’t look too bad, they would go to Kaczki’s house to meet his male and female fathers.

Even his parents were stunned. They never imagined that their child would ever want to study.

However, reality was harsher than they thought. The final grades came out and although they were not as bad as before, their grades were still not good. Cheng YuanMu would still be able to go to the worst university, floating under that grade line, but Qi Ling Chao was even worse than him.

One day Kaczki asked the two of them to come over for tutoring, but Qi Ling Chao did not want to go.

“I don’t want to study anymore. I’m not cut out for it anyway.”

After being dragged home by Kaczki, Qi Ling Chao didn’t even want to touch his books.

“There is already some progress. Don’t give up so soon.” Kaczki admonished.

“Kaczki’s right.” Cheng YuanMu smiled helplessly and patted Qi Ling Chao’s back.

However, today Qi Ling Chao was even worse than usual. In the past six months, they have been picked on many times by those bastards from the next school, and were ridiculed, every time he was about to explode his temper, but in the end, he held it back.

“Continue studying.”

Qi Ling Chao gave a dissatisfied glance at Cheng YuanMu and slapped his hand away.

Kaczki didn’t notice Qi Ling Chao’s irritated expression, and still nagged in his normal, light-hearted tone as usual, “I’m doing this for your own good, so that we can go to the main city together, and so we can stay together in the future.”

Qi Ling Chao “slapped” a palm on the table, and abruptly stood up. “What test, ah, every day, test, test, test. So annoying! What’s the point? I can’t get in anyway!”

Kaczki froze. Although Qi Ling Chao often lost his temper, but only to others, and never yelled at him since he was a child.

“You have Yi Yi now anyway and you can go to the main city together, right? There is no difference if I go or he does.”

“Learn a fart. I’m going back.” Qi Ling Chao said as he picked up the book and roughly threw it in his bag, heading straight out the door.

Cheng YuanMu also stood up, him and Kaczki looking at each other awkwardly. The only thing that he heard was the sound of ‘thud-thud-thud’ on the stairs going down, followed by the sound of the door being slammed shut outside.

Kaczki was dumbfounded by the yelling, and it took a while before he came to his senses, trying to go after him, only to be stopped by Cheng YuanMu, “Let him calm down for a while.”

“I said the wrong thing,” Kaczki took two steps backwards and sat back on the bed, looking very depressed, “Do you also think I’m annoying?”

“No, no, it’s not your fault. It’s not that he finds you annoying, he’s just a little stressed and in a bad mood,” Cheng YuanMu hurriedly sat down to comfort Kaczki, “You don’t know him yet, his temper comes and goes quickly, and his words are faster than his thoughts. I guarantee you that he will regret what he said tonight.”

Kaczki had looked like he didn’t know what to think, and Cheng YuanMu couldn’t stay in this situation. Before he left, because he was afraid that Kaczki would feel bad, he repeatedly told Kaczki that he did not do anything wrong, to not be unhappy over this, and also made promises such as “tomorrow if Qi LingChao still won’t come to take the initiative to apologize, I will bring him here even if I have to force him”.

The truth was, Cheng YuanMu did not know his brother well enough.

—It wasn’t even night yet, when Qi Ling Chao returned home and entered the door, regretting his actions already.


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