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After resting for a while, it was already afternoon. The three did not even eat breakfast so they found a small restaurant near the clinic and ate something to pad their stomachs.

Yi Yi needed to recuperate, and the three convinced him that day to send him home. He never mentioned his family before, and certainly did not invite them to his home.

Although the home was not very good, when they arrived at their destination, the three were still shocked by the poor environment of Yi Yi’s home. Yi Yi lived in a bungalow area two roads behind the red light district, sharing a small, only twenty square meters, one-room house with his adoptive father. The living room was his adoptive father’s bed and the dining table, the bedroom was actually a slightly larger storage room, where a folding bed was put down but they could hardly put anything else in there.

His adoptive father did not work during the day and stayed at home. He was startled to see Yi Yi come back with a bruised face and two tall females standing behind him, and a very young looking male.

Yi Yi hurriedly explained. His inferior female foster father was relieved, apologizing that he had misunderstood while welcoming them into the house. The small space became even more crowded, especially Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao, who were afraid of smashing something when they moved.

Because Yi Yi had not mentioned his relationship with Kaczki to his foster father, the three who sent him home today left. One was to let him get well, the second was also to let him personally tell his foster father about the causes and consequences, then Kaczki would come again.

“You, you didn’t even mention to me that you were still being bullied at school!” After listening to him recount all the things that happened during this time, his foster father was so anxious that he was going to cry, “I thought that after you went to the college there would be no more of these things. If you hadn’t gotten such an obvious injury, how long would you have kept it to yourself?”

“I didn’t want you to worry. It just looked horrible, and the doctor said it would be healed soon. Besides, Kaczki and the others sent me home,” Yi Yi said, feeling for his adoptive father and reaching out to pat his arm.

“Since you were a child, you never told me anything for fear that I would worry,” his father said with a long sigh. Yi Yi grew up sullen and introverted, but he was very sympathetic and never let him worry.

If what Yi Yi said was true, then God had an eye to let such an understanding child come to the end of his suffering and have a good home in the future. Yi Yi’s adoptive father thought for a while and felt that the young male Zerg did seem to be a rare and good boy. Although he would marry the two female Zerg around him, Yi Yi said it was them who saved him twice. He thought that the future would not be very difficult for him.

“You are good-looking, quiet and well-behaved, when the time comes to meet the parents of the male Zerg, it will certainly not be difficult for you.” Yi Yi’s female father encouraged him.

Speaking of embarrassment—

In the following days, Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao were in a state of apprehension. Kaczki agreed with them that they would go to meet his parents once their faces had healed.

They were going to meet their parents. They had never wanted their ability to heal to be slower so that they could be mentally prepared. The bruises on their faces disappeared in two days and were as good as new.

The two men simply reported themselves to the door early.

Kaczki was ordered to stay in his room, the reason was that ‘male father and female father have to talk to them in private’. He was optimistic and did not think there would be any problems, so he easily stayed in his room.

In the living room, Chen YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao sat on the sofa, tense.

The two of them sat on one side of the dining table, opposite of them were Kaczki’s male and female father.  The family’s inferior female took another stool and sat on one side. Although Kaczki was not his child, but with such a small family, in fact, the relationship between each other was quite good. The family’s only male Zerg child said he wanted to get married, so with such a big event, he also had to participate a little.

Of course, the first thing that came up was the question of ‘sleeping around’ as stated by Kaczki himself.

In the face of three pairs of eyes cast on them, the two did not even lie and simply honestly denied even getting past third base.

“I know that kid, he’s just talking nonsense to us!” It looks like the parents didn’t believe it in the first place, and Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, Kaczki’s male father was indeed a bit dissatisfied, he was also introduced by relatives to his two and naturally did not quite understand how Kaczki could freely love three people in high school. He even said he wanted to graduate early and get married. Such a ridiculous thing.

But the two boys they had known for many years, always stayed with Kaczki. To be honest, they were not too surprised that it had developed to this point.

Kaczki’s male father felt that his own son looked good, his intelligence was also high, and was a rare male Zerg willing to advance. He was too good to be true, so to just let them so easily ‘pass’, felt not justified.

So, even though these two only had a little bit of emotional intelligence, he wanted them to sweat. They were trembling under the desire to survive to answer their father-in-laws questions, not knowing that in fact, as early as when Kaczki had spoken, they had already qualified, and now the three across from them were just messing with them.


Since they had an open relationship approved by their parents, they also did not hide in school. The four of them had been often together, and now they were even more reckless. The actual fact was that, in the eyes of others, Kaczki was still a somewhat strange male Zerg. The two females were known as the neighborhood punks, and the inferior female was a master who has been bullied three times before, so it wasn’t looking good. Kaczki does not care about these rumors, he never cared anyway.

After a ‘fight’ together, Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao also put aside their prejudice against Yi Yi, although Qi Ling Chao occasionally still wanted to be bitchy, but he actually cared.

Soon, the four ushered in their final year of high school.

Kaczki received special admission early in the spring. The main city noble grand college opened very few spots each year to out-of-town, non-noble students, and Kaczki was probably the only one in their town. He was not yet happy, but the three around him were more excited than he was, and went out to have a celebration party for this.

Yi Yi was very torn whether or not to go to a big college. He was actually the one who was most excited about the ‘family’ life that Kaczki talked about. He was really afraid of communicating with other Zerg, especially to go to a new environment in the main city, which made him a little reticent. But his foster father was very realistic, an inferior female could not have children, and did not have the same physical strength as a female. In case the male Zerg abandoned him later, that was really nothing. So his adoptive father insisted that he go to school and took out his savings for several years, saying it was all for him.

Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao were still the two dregs. The school’s instructor did ask if they were interested in entering the military camp, testing down their physical and all indicators were very consistent, but both refused. The reason was that there were too many rules there, they were not used to it. And to live in the dormitory, there was no way to see Kaczki every day.


Six months flew by.

As the saying goes, things were rushing together, a few days before the announcement of the results, Kaczki and Yi Yi welcomed three evolutions one after another. Kaczki had grown a bit taller and was finally a full grown male. And Yi Yi had become even more beautiful, originally his rustic look metamorphosed into a rather beautiful appearance, his body more slender, but not looking too young.

When the four of them had not yet fully adapted to their new states, the results came.

The four huddled in Kaczki’s small room, one after another with their phones open. Kaczki had long been free of worries, and could only worry about the other three.

“Finally done!” Qi Ling Chao exclaimed in surprise.

“I also passed. It’s all over! Luckily we had extra points for sports.” Cheng YuanMu was slightly surprised.

Although it was the worst specialized school, being able to get into a school was an incredible thing. 

“I told you! Cramming is effective, right?”

“What about you, Yi Yi?”

Yi Yi raised his eyes from the communicator and nodded his head, “I got in, my first choice, literature college.” 

Although it was not the most famous noble school in the main city, the big college he got into was also relatively famous. Kaczki let out a long sigh of relief and flopped back onto the bed.

“You’re quite capable, aren’t you?” Qi Ling Chao rubbed Yi Yi’s hair nonchalantly.

“Aish! Don’t!” Yi Yi’s hair was ravaged and exploded into a ball, so he hurriedly called out.

After a few moments of fussing around, he sent a message home with the final results.

“This couldn’t have been a happier ending!” Kaczki popped up from the bed and suddenly thought of something and said, “Let’s go celebrate!”

“Go celebrate where? It’s a hot day.” Cheng YuanMu was puzzled.

“We’ll go register!”



Kaczki had already leapt up from the bed, “Isn’t it just as well that the admission results are all happy and I’m an adult! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s choose today.”

“Eh? It’s too sudden!” Qi Ling Chao said dumbfounded.

“Register? You mean get married?” Yi Yi blushed as if he was a ripe tomato, panicked and stood up.

Before the three people could react, Kaczki had already scurried out of the room, “We can just walk there! The registry office is not far from my home!”

“Hey, wait a minute! Why are you so casual?!”

“Oh yes, on that road, we can also pass the supermarket. Let’s buy a popsicle, too.”

Cheng YuanMu yelled, “Why are you so casual, ah!?”

“Can I go too?”

“What else? I have no problem with you wanting to be family, huh?”

“Then I’m going too!”

Kaczki’s urging voice came from downstairs, “Hurry up!”

“I’m coming…!”

The story of this new family was just beginning.



Addis Note:

Truly, truly the end this time. Lol. Thank you all for sticking with us and have a happy New Year! Here’s to 2021! May it be filled with more BL novels than you can read!

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If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship Em
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It’s feels so youthful to see them dash ahead in life 😊😆 be in a relationship immediately, meet parents, move in, and get married while walking & getting a popsicle.

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Thank you very much for translating this wonderful cute fluffy story!!!!!

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