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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


At Siao’s military training ground, Mu Chen and Garrett practiced together and played two games. In the third game, Mu Chen’s terminal kept ringing. After that, he couldn’t concentrate, and he soon lost.

Garrett jumped down from the mecha, dissatisfied. “You made too many mistakes. This one doesn’t count, let’s play another one!”

Mu Chen casually stroked back his short, wet hair and swept his eyes to the final. “No more.”

Garrett put his hand on his shoulder. “No, it’s still early! There’s nothing to do.”

Mu Chen said, “I have something to do, you can play with someone else.”

Garrett tsked at him. “Their spiritual sea state is not as good as yours! It’s a pity that I had to stay with Siao at that time, otherwise I would have followed His Majesty to Rabe Star.”

The group from Siao came back from Rabe Star a few days earlier, and all the accompanying personnel’s spiritual sea state was much better than when they left, which made the military personnel who did not accompany them extraordinarily envious.

Garrett thought of this and could not help but look forward to it. “I hope Rabe can open the travel channel sooner.”

Mu Chen’s thoughts were a little scattered, his fingers touched on the terminal and moved away. He casually responded, “It won’t be long before Siao and Rabe’s leap point is built; if you want to go, mention it to the Empress, Rabe Star will definitely give you a pass.” His shoulders moved, shaking Garrett’s hand away. “There are several top mecha experts among the Rabe personnel accompanying us this time, and our mecha may need to be upgraded again after a while, have you heard from Director Xie?”

Garrett was about to put his hand on his shoulder again when he paused and turned to walk outside the training ground. “No, I’ll go ask!”

Garrett left, and Mu Chen’s terminal vibrated again. Mu Chen opened the virtual screen and Little Silver’s video request was displayed on the screen. Mu Chen looked at Little Silver’s name, and his mind couldn’t help but remember the “teaching activities” he had conducted with Little Silver before he left Rabe Star. His right hand unconsciously clenched, and after doing so he realized his action, his expression could not help but slightly stiffen.

He stared at his right hand, lifted it up and shook it off with force. I want you to owe your hand!

When he thought of his subsequent reaction, and the scene of Little Silver’s courtesy, his ears were burning, and he wished that he and Little Silver could both lose their memory and forget about that day. However, the opposite was true; he did not forget, but always remembered. Even while sleeping he would still dream of that day’s scene, and even more scenes that did not happen.

So much so that now, when he received Little Silver communication, he inexplicably felt a little bit of panic, but also some discomfort. After knowing that Little Silver was an intelligent creature, he clearly treated Little Silver as his buddy! He kept changing his expression, hesitating for a moment, thinking that Little Silver was alone on Rabe, which could not be assured, but they were still connected.

Little Silver was sitting on the floor of the living room, leaning against the sofa. When the video was connected, his body leaned forward slightly, as if he wanted to get closer, and he hummed softly, “Why are you so slow to answer!

Mu Chen did not answer. His eyes fell on his face. “How did you get hurt?”

Little Silver casually touched the bruise on his cheek and said, “Didn’t I take the middle school admissions test today? I caught a thief on the way out of the exam room,” he raised his eyebrows and sounded smug, “and I kicked him off!”

Mu Chen saw that he was alive and well, it was obviously nothing serious, and leaned against the wall casually and raised his eyebrows. “Really? So powerful, how did you get hurt?”

Little Silver said loudly, “I’m really super! I just got caught accidentally while retrieving something that was stolen!” He glared at Mu Chen with discontent. “You don’t believe I’m good?”

Mu Chen’s mind inexplicably recalled Little Silver’s low, muffled voice asking him when he was released from Little Silver’s hands, “Am I good?”

Mu Chen slapped his head, thinking that he was too sick to even think about what famous spiritual experts there were in Siao.

He coughed lightly and said perfunctorily, “I believe,” he quickly changed the subject and pointed down at Little Silver’s face, “there are bacteria on the nails. You remember to disinfect them, don’t improperly act like a child because the wound is small.”

He casually talked about the dire consequences of not disinfecting in time, in case Little Silver didn’t take it to heart.

Little Silver looked at his serious persuasive look, the corners of his mouth lifted, and his hand raised to his heart. “You’re so strange, you can make me so happy just by saying something. My heart feels like it’s soaking in warm water, it feels so comfortable.”

His gaze was focused and his words were straightforward. Mu Chen’s heart jumped when he looked at him, and his heartbeat inexplicably accelerated a lot.

He was a bit puzzled, Little Silver’s words were too common, but if they were replaced by lines from a movie, he might have lost his smile, but now, there was a feeling of being touched in the heart.

It was probably because Little Silver looked too open, so the words also seemed extra sincere.

Little Silver finished explaining his feelings and exclaimed, “You’re so nice, not only do you make me feel good when you talk, but you also make me feel good when you help me get through my rut!” He paused, as if he couldn’t express what he meant, and added, “Very comfortable!”

“…Don’t mention this again!”

Little Silver was puzzled. “Why? You obviously liked it too, you were all red in the neck and you bit me…”

Mu Chen hurriedly said, “I still have things to do, I’ll hang up first.”

Little Silver looked at the hung-up communication and let out a light hum. Human beings are really not honest at all!

In the evening, Mu Chen returned to the villa. After Little Silver left, he had dismissed the maid and left the house with only the intelligent housekeeper and the housekeeping robot, so the villa was very quiet. Mu Chen changed his shoes in the foyer, looked unconsciously in the direction of the mermaid room, and quickly withdrew his gaze.

He sat on the sofa and took out a nutritional liquid for dinner, as always feeling too quiet and strange. As he washed up, he looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes fell on his face, and he couldn’t help but think of the wounds on Little Silver’s face.

Little Silver’s friends were all in Siao, and this time it was only a minor injury, but what if it was a serious one?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. His face was thoughtful, and soon he had a flash of light.

After washing up, he went to his study to sort out all the information about mecha fighting.

The mecha has a long history and there are many sources on the market, many of which have overlapping parts, and it took him a long time to sort through them all and contact An Jin.

Making sure An Jin was not busy, he asked An Jin to help translate the documents.

The day after Little Silver took the admissions test, he received a notice from the school: [Congratulations on passing the New Bay First High School admissions test, please apply for admission within two days.]

The test he took was an admissions test for new students held at each school before the school year began. This exam was mainly for students who missed the general exam and skipped grades.

The Rabe school season started in October, but because of the mermaid king’s wedding, the second holiday of the year for Rabe schools had been pushed back from September and October to November, and the start of school had been postponed.

Little Silver read the information without feeling surprised, he prepared for the test for more than two months, he found the test content easy and did not even consider the possibility of not passing the test. He was very mobile and quickly went through the admissions process, choosing to go to school and not live in a residence.

His classmates were all younger than him, and he did not want to live with others, nor was he prepared to live in a dormitory to exchange feelings with his classmates; he would not stay at the school for three years, and he made plans to skip a grade.

After checking in, he received his schedule. The schedule at Rabe Junior High School was very relaxed, with school ending at four p.m., after which students were free to participate in club activities.

Little Silver quickly made his arrangements, looked up some information on the Internet, and then contacted An Jin to study interstellar with him. The interstellar language was the common language of the Star League, and he could understand it now because he was wearing a translator.

This kind of skill that was not mastered by himself makes him feel very insecure. He would definitely return to Siao in the future, and learning the interstellar language was also to prepare for his return to Siao.

He couldn’t help but think that Mu Chen would be amazed if he heard him speak interstellar!

A few days later, Little Silver was sitting cross-legged on the living room carpet, watching an instructional video. As he watched, a video request from Mu Chen came in from the terminal. Mu Chen froze when he heard his voice was angry and recalled that he had not contacted Little Silver recently because he was uncomfortable.

Mu Chen was inexplicably weak when Little Silver’s silver eyes stared at him. “I’ve been busy lately.”

“Liar, Siao is celebrating An An’s wedding, not busy at all,” Little Silver grunted.

“…” Mu Chen suddenly found the bad side of Little Silver becoming smart and not easy to fool. He decisively changed the subject. “I have something for you.” He sent a copy of the information to Little Silver. “You click receive, and then import it into the translator.”

Little Silver received it and asked curiously, “What is it? The little movie you shared with me?”

“Nonsense, why would I share that kind of stuff with you!”

Little Silver’s pure silver eyes were puzzled and displeased with his tone, glaring at him. “What do you mean by that kind of stuff? Do you think it’s childish for me to watch a movie that kids watch when I’m an adult?”

Mu Chen suddenly felt that his thoughts were a bit yellow. Little Silver was talking about small movies, and he was thinking something completely different!

Little Silver’s terminal connected to the translator and explained loudly, “I’m not watching a movie, I’m learning grammar!” He hummed lightly. “You remember what I said, I’m already very mature.”

Mu Chen’s mind inexorably flashed to certain scenes, suspecting that Little Silver was driving, yet Little Silver was righteous, his eyes pure, his expression frank and honest. Mu Chen began to doubt himself, was he too impure?

Seeing Little Silver import the information into the translator, he shared a video explaining the basics of mecha driving to Little Silver. “This is the most authoritative introductory course on mecha driving in the Star League.”

Little Silver was interested in mecha driving, and after listening for a while, he became absorbed, and after a short section, he suddenly had a realization. “The information you just gave me is a translation of mecha driving-related vocabulary?”

Mu Chen nodded. “All the specialized vocabulary is covered. You can learn to drive a mecha in Siao as long as you wear a translator, and you won’t let the language affect your learning progress.”

Little Silver understood Mu Chen’s meaning. “Do you want me to go back to Siao?”

Mu Chen was inexplicably embarrassed by his look, but he wasn’t one to squirm. “I don’t feel comfortable with you being alone on Rabe.”

Little Silver said again, “You’re really good at saying things to make me happy.” He looked torn for a moment and shook his head. “I don’t want to go back to Siao for now.”

Mu Chen’s expression quickly flashed with disappointment. “Why?”

Little Silver was thinking clearly. “Rabe’s teaching is more suitable for mermaids, and the environment is too. I can’t turn into two feet at will, and I have limited time to maintain my legs. Rabe is better for me.”

He could certainly learn on Siao, but definitely not as fast as on Rabe.

Siao didn’t have the conditions to practice mecha underwater.

Mu Chen thought about the process of the mermaid’s free change of legs and his expression changed slightly. “Are you ready to…prepare to find a mate and then go back to Siao?”

“Of course not, I will go back when I learn,” Little Silver said, “you are the mate I am looking for!” After some thought, he added, “If you are willing to be my mate now, I can also go back now.”

Being able to take human form at will and understand the lessons, his studies would not be affected in any way.

If not for Little Silver’s pure eyes, Mu Chen even suspected that Little Silver was playing mind games.

Little Silver’s brow was furrowed in anger. “I’m not joking!”

Mu Chen was silent for a moment. “I can’t promise you that.”

Little Silver locked eyes with him. His tone was confident when he said, “It’s okay, a Tek mermaid never gives up lightly in his pursuit of his mate. One day, you will say yes!”

On the military training ground, Garrett leapt around the corner in his mecha, dodging Mu Chen’s attack, and gestured for a pause as he jumped off the mecha, exclaiming, “You’re too hard on yourself today.”

Mu Chen retrieved the mecha in silence.

Garrett circled around him and elbowed him in the arm. “In a bad mood, huh? You in trouble? Tell me about it, I’ll help you figure it out.”

Mu Chen looked at him and hesitated for a moment. “First you promise me that whatever I say, you will keep it a secret.”

Garrett’s curiosity was piqued by him, and he hurriedly raised his hand in a pledge. “Absolutely.”

Mu Chen stroked his hair and said something that had been bothering him recently, “You say, if a person says he likes you, but can stand not to spend time with you, why? Is it because they don’t like it at all?”

Garrett put his thick arm on his shoulder and leaned in to laugh. “Hey, you got a crush on someone? Who is it?”

Mu Chen’s heart skipped a beat and he subconsciously denied it. “No.”

“You do! If you didn’t like someone, you wouldn’t care what they thought. You wouldn’t be bothered by the fact that ‘they might not like you’.”

Mu Chen froze, his brain felt like it had been electrified, and the fog that had shrouded his true thoughts suddenly lifted.

He had always felt that he cared for Little Silver because the previous mode of getting along had developed into a habit. Not only the emotion of caring, including worrying about Little Silver’s various things, had also developed into a habit.

Similarly, he felt that he was not the same in Little Silver’s heart, and Little Silver wanted him to be his mate also because of the previous relationship.

Little Silver simply did not understand what “like” was. After all, if you really like someone, how can you refuse to be closer to the person you like?

Although he knew rationally that Little Silver had a reason for staying on Rabe, if he went back to Siao, he would be closer to him even though he would learn a little slower. But Little Silver still refused to go back to Siao. He thought that Little Silver might not really like him, but was just used to being with him.

Garrett’s words woke him up to the fact that his focus was off to begin with!

If he was just used to Little Silver, he shouldn’t even be obsessing about whether Little Silver really liked him or not?

Mu Chen pressed the corner of his forehead. He was not sure about Little Silver’s heart when he was moved to Little Silver. He had mixed feelings. “Let’s not talk about that, let me ask you something else.”

Garrett was curious. “What is it?”

Mu Chen asked, “What is Rui Rui to you?”

“Dude,” Garrett said, looking around and whispering, “used to feel like a son.” He reminded Mu Chen, “You should never tell Rui Rui that!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.” Mu Chen thought about it and said, “As you know, Little Silver is staying in Rabe, and I’m not sure about that. If Rui Rui stays in Rabe, would you want him to come back?”

Garrett thought carefully and shook his head. “He’s already an adult and must have his reasons for the decisions he makes. If he decides to stay in Rabe, I’ll support him and just visit him later when I can.” He said proudly, “We have a good relationship, he is not worried about me, or he would come back to Siao.” He said with some defiance, “It used to be said that you and Little Silver had the best relationship, when Rui Rui and I were the best human and mermaid.”

Mu Chen’s heart was immediately pierced.

Garrett patted him on the shoulder. “You don’t have to worry, Little Silver is great, he really grew up fast in Rabe.”

“How do you know?”

“Yesterday, Rabe held a middle school mecha league. Little Silver participated in a one-on-one match, and I saw it when Rui Rui and Ling Ling watched the live stream. Little Silver is the champion, he has a good fighting sense even though he has not learned mecha for a long time.”

Mu Chen’s expression changed slightly. He took a moment to think and walked out, waving his hand back. “I have to go now.”

Mu Chen went back to his office and searched Starnet for videos of Rabe’s middle school mecha matches, then jumped to a video of Little Silver’s match.

Little Silver had a lot to live up to in his mecha fights, but for a beginner, it was pretty good.

He watched it and then watched it again, this time distracted by the pop-ups, and the more he watched the more his brow furrowed.

[Newbay First High School School grass! Highly cool school bully, only studying in his heart! Super handsome!]

[Ahhhhh! So handsome, so awesome, I want to transfer schools.]

[Heh, awesome what? You’re too old to participate in a middle school competition?]

[You sour death, but the competition is audited, the schoolboy just learned mecha not long ago. Starting school late in the way of your business?]

Mu Chen disengaged the intelligent pop-up mode and watched all the pop-ups, looking with mixed feelings at the screen full of confessions and words of support for Little Silver:

[Don’t even dream about it, the schoolmaster has identified mate.]

[? Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t believe it!]

[The schoolmaster said it himself. Don’t just watch the battle of the schoolmaster, watch the award ceremony.]

When Mu Chen realized it, the video had already jumped to the award ceremony.

The host asked with a big smile, “Congratulations on winning the individual gold award, what was your reason for learning to drive a mecha?”

Little Silver’s hair was tied into a ponytail, his playful features were fully exposed, his face was open and dazzling, and he had little expression on his face, set off by his cool white skin and gray hair.

With little thought, he replied, “At first it was because I thought it was awesome. Now there’s an additional reason, because what I’ve decided about mate is awesome,” he paused, “very awesome.”

He looked serious and his tone was firm. “I want to be worthy of him and want him to find me reliable,” he said, the corners of his mouth skimming. “Don’t treat me like a child.”

The number of pop-ups here has increased significantly: 

[Aaaahhhh, this little gesture is so cute.]

[Haha, they said awesome! So childish. But it’s more appealing to me!]

Mu Chen didn’t pay any attention to the pop-ups. Little Silver’s words kept repeating in his head, his heart was beating fast, and a sense of wonder that he had never felt before came over him. He was happy, touched, and wanted to meet someone all at once. He closed his eyes, calmed down, and dialed Little Silver’s video message.

Little Silver quickly picked up, his silver gray hair draped behind him. He was wearing a casual lace-up pajama top, and a large area of skin on his chest was exposed; it was almost blindingly white.

Mu Chen’s breath caught. “Why are you taking a shower at this hour?”

Little Silver leaned back against the sofa, annoyed. “Just went out for a run, a mermaid suddenly ran in front of me, and I subconsciously attacked. He was frightened, the cake and drinks in his hands were thrown at me.” He curled his long, half-dried hair and spat out, “I didn’t even hit him, and he’s still crying.”

Mu Chen could think of the scene almost immediately. “Was it an Aisa mermaid?”

Little Silver was surprised. “How did you know?” He straightened his upper body and subconsciously looked at the window, relieved to see no one. “I thought he had followed me here.”

“He’s haunting you?”

Little Silver hmmmed. “Said he wanted to apologize to me for the trouble. I ran back to take a shower.”

Mu Chen wasn’t sure what he was thinking, and before he could think carefully, the words came out. “He should be trying to send you food, or maybe trying to confess to you.”

“No way,” Little Silver denied flatly, “I don’t even know him.”

Mu Chen said, “The video of your mecha match is on Star Online, and a lot of people who watched it liked you.”

“I’m so good, they should like me, it’s not my business,” Little Silver said indifferently. Suddenly realizing something, he stared at Mu Chen. “You saw my game?”

Mu Chen asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about such an important thing?”

Little Silver’s eyes wandered. “It’s just a small competition, what’s so important about it.”

Mu Chen got even more angry. “This is your first competition in school, how can it not be important? Rui Rui and Ling Ling knew. Who else knew, An An, Bubbles, Gu Gu?”

Little Silver scratched his hair, not good at lying, he said honestly, “Well, they all knew.”

“Holy shit!” Mu Chen took a deep breath and said angrily, “Are you kidding me?”

What does it mean that his best friend told him everything, but not him? What does this mean? He didn’t take him seriously.

The confidence he had built up watching the awards show was gone again!

Little Silver realized he was really angry and panicked, saying loudly, “I didn’t!” He said quickly, “I’ve seen you fight, you’re good, much better than I am now. I don’t want you to see me so weak! You just have to remember how I became great later!”

Mu Chen, speechless, pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling deeply that he and Little Silver had different brain circuits.

Knowing Little Silver’s thoughts, he suddenly felt a little cute and smiled.

Little Silver stared at him. “Are you laughing at me? Who told you to watch the video! Now forget it all!”

Mu Chen couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Are you childish? You can’t just forget.”

Little Silver opened the split screen. “I’m going to report it, it’s annoying, who posted it on the internet!”

Seeing that Little Silver was really concerned, Mu Chen quickly explained, “I’m not laughing at you, you’re great as a beginner. Every mecha fighter is getting stronger and stronger, and everyone has their weak moments.”

Little Silver immediately asked, “When you were a beginner, were you as good as me?”

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows. “Of course I was better than you.”

“I don’t believe you!”

“If you don’t believe me, it’s not like we’re going to have a fight as beginners anyway.”

Little Silver lifted his chin. “Then we’ll fight later!”

Mu Chen nodded. “Sure, I’ll accept your challenge anytime.”

Little Silver’s eyes glowed with anticipation and he leaned forward to get closer to the camera. “Then we have a deal!”

Mu Chen hmmmed, and his eyes moved away from Little Silver’s delicate collarbone. “I’m hanging up, you go blow dry your hair.”

Little Silver asked, “Oh…you’re suddenly looking for me because of the competition?”

Mu Chen locked eyes with him. “Well,” he was silent for a moment, “there’s one more thing.”

Little Silver watched him and waited for him to speak.

Mu Chen recognized his own feelings and saw Little Silver’s as well, and didn’t want to dwell on it, but of course, one step to marriage was too fast for him. He smiled. “Let’s be in a relationship.”

Little Silver’s silver eyes froze for a moment, and then burst with a very bright light. “Yes!”


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July 31, 2022 7:32 pm

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July 31, 2022 10:47 pm

I bet, that with ending the novel here the author thought “let’s leave their touching reunion and all pink and yellow things that happened after for the readers’ imagination, there’re enough hints already (sly face)” … well, dear author, we would still like to read it, because imagination can only take us this far…

BIG THANK YOU to Addis and the EXR for translating and editing this novel. Yet another good read to enjoy!

July 31, 2022 11:34 pm

Nice end to an engaging novel.
Thank you for it and for translating and editing.

August 1, 2022 5:28 pm

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August 1, 2022 7:13 pm

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August 2, 2022 11:18 am

Ah, that’s a good ending! Thank you for translating this cute story.


August 2, 2022 6:00 pm

No revelation,Author? Whyyyy
Fine, I believe Little Silver is Gong! But I will feel neutral if they could Switch. And I will slightly disappointed if Little Silver is Shou. But there will be no dislike either way.

Anyway wonderful Main Story! Everything is Clear. Their world slowly but surely recovering from Impurities. And their Children is Healthy and Cute!
I’m Absolutely LOVING IT!!!


August 8, 2022 10:00 pm

Thank you for your hard work! 🥳🥰

It was a fun and relaxing read~~

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Aww… I still want more… It’s not enough.. 😭 that’s how amazing this story is! Thanks for the hardwork to translate this story.

August 24, 2022 6:56 am

Little Silver has come a long way, but for me he’s still that vindictive fish holding his hand to remember it being broken XD

August 31, 2022 2:48 pm

Cute. I liked mu chen and little silver.
Thanks for translation of the novel. I enjoyed it. Wish there was more extras

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thank you for the story!

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I like the way the author ‘cliffhanged’ it a bit. I’m sure that Little Silver is the GONG, Mu Chen blushing is soo cuttee. They’re going to be one of my fav couples :>

An Jin and Norman too so sweet and fluffy together with babies so cute and warm. Thank you for your hard work in translating the storyy 💚💚 I✨LOVE✨IT

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And that’s the end noooo! I’m so happy that all of the couples got together, that we got buns, and questions were answered! So sweet, I have cavities now, but so worth it!

Thank you so much for everyone who qorked on this great translation and for sharing it with us, thank you!!

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little silver looked like a fool about love, but he understand he loves Mu Chen. the way he only sees Mu Chen and not consider others may be in love with him is so cute.

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Rereading this. Thanks again for translating it. Was fun story.
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