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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Half a month after the outbreak of the star beast tide, the state of the star beasts was getting worse and worse, but the attack was more and more violent, with a desperate aura. According to big data, the number of star beasts this year was about twenty percent less than last year.

For the star beasts, the inability to break through the star defenses means that there was no pure food, and their chances of survival would be even worse. Star beasts put up a fight for their lives, and more and more senior star beasts appeared on the battlefield.

As more and more high level star beasts appeared on the battlefield, the battle became fiercer, as the high level star beasts had high fighting power and amazing killing power.

An Jin and An Yi were floating in the water, watching the live broadcast from the front line. The half-egg-shaped white boat was floating in front of them, and Ian was lying in the boat, pouting and sleeping.

“Daddy!” exclaimed An Yi, pointing at the black mecha fighting two SSS class star beasts in the video. An Yi was more than five months old and had a high IQ. He could see the danger of the scene and stared at the screen with a worried face.

An Jin rubbed his short soft blue hair. “Tui, don’t worry, daddy is very strong. He will be fine.”

His face was very calm, but his heart was actually very worried, he just did not want to affect An Yi.

An Yi nodded his little head, his eyes glowing as he watched the black mecha hit the wings of the flying star beast with a single blast, his two little hands touching together and clapping. “Daddy is awesome!”

An Jin echoed the sound, but his heart was still not easy. He had helped many high spiritual power Siao people to recover their spiritual level. Siao had the largest number of high fighters in the Star Alliance, but the number of people with spiritual power of SSS was very small, and the number of SSS star beasts was not at all comparable.

The only thing that reassured An Jin was that the interstellar mecha and weapons were very powerful. An Jin was watching the live stream, while paying attention to the two babies. About an hour later, An Yi’s little head began to look like a chicken pecking rice, and not long after, he was floating next to Ian’s boat, asleep.

An Jin looked at the time and saw that it was three p.m.. He looked at the two babies. At a moment of hesitation, he wanted to go to the front line to help, but did not feel comfortable leaving the two babies. If he took the babies with him, the risk was too high. After all, some star beasts had the ability of spatial displacement, and the journey to the front line was very dangerous.

He thought about it and made a decision. He contacted his personal guard and told them that they had better go out and prepare, and then contacted Hornád and Billy.

At seven p.m., the babies woke up, and An Jin and Billy fed them formula. After the babies finished drinking, An Jin informed the babies of his decision. “Daddy has to go out for something and will be back tomorrow. If you wake up and don’t see Daddy, don’t be afraid, remember?”

He also thought about just leaving without telling the babies, but An Yi was already very understanding, and the babies might be more scared if they didn’t know why he was missing.

An Yi grabbed his hand with a nervous little face. “Where is daddy going?”

An Jin explained, “Daddy is going to help Daddy. Baby if you miss us, watch live.”

An Yi nodded his little head and wanted to say something else, but after drinking the formula, sleepiness soon swept over him, and he was asleep in no time. An Jin, worried about them waking up in the middle, recorded a video, sent it to Hornád, kissed the two sleeping babies again, left the palace, and headed to the northwest border area.

Halfway to the front, the personal guard sent out an alert: [Two star beasts are approaching, one SS class and one S class.]

An Jin wanted to reach the front line as soon as possible and wasn’t prepared to delay: [Spread out and let them approach.]

When the star beasts got close, he didn’t worry about wasting spiritual power at all, and quickly ran the ability to affect the star beasts’ vision with white mist, while attacking with water arrows. The pro-guards took advantage of the fact that the star beasts were affected and injured, and rushed to attack.

An Jin controlled the field, and the pro-guard team made up for it. In less than five minutes, two star beasts were killed. The support team that arrived at the news did not even see the shadow of the pro-team, only the corpses of the two star beasts remained at the scene.

Driving faster all the way, the group arrived at the border area in less than three hours. It was close to ten-thirty, and An Jin could see from afar the artillery fire in the darkness; the closer they got, the louder the fire and the roar of the beasts became.

An Jin and his entourage became serious, the battle had gone on too long. An Jin ordered his personal guard to rush directly to the front line of battle.

In the northwestern defense zone, the soldiers were caught in a bitter fight, and although they were able to replenish their spiritual power in time, the continuous fighting still made them feel tired. The star beasts continued to attack continuously, as if they could never be killed, and this feeling put a lot of psychological pressure on them.

An Jin sat in the passenger seat of Joseph’s mecha, which Joseph controlled to stop at the edge of the shield. An Jin ran the mecha, and the star beast that rushed towards the shield suddenly fell to the ground silently.

The soldiers who were fighting froze for a moment and quickly realized what was going on, the empress was coming!

After last year’s star beast tide, the battle power of the palace was repeatedly debated on Starnet, and there were still discussions online that His Majesty and the empress slept with higher battle power.

When An Jin supported soldiers, their fatigue was immediately gone. Last year, he was not in the northwest, but these soldiers wanted to see the scene of the empress in battle.

The star beasts running, flying, and fighting suddenly died abruptly in the middle of the action, and such scenes happened not only in one place, but in various places, and the star beast herd suddenly became chaotic. The senior star beasts, with higher intelligence, saw this scene and remembered the same terrible scene from the previous year.

More and more star beasts died inexplicably, and fear quickly spread among the star beast herd. After half an hour, the star beast herd retreated and fled.

During An Jin’s attack, he was still using his ability to create a white mist to affect the vision of the advanced star beasts, and his spiritual power was depleted quickly. He drank a dose of Agent A. It was only when he finished that he saw Norman’s mecha parked next to him.

Norman contacted Joseph and asked Joseph to open the hatch and received An Jin into Skywolf’s passenger seat. Norman took An Jin’s hand, reached out and brushed the hair out of his ear, his thumb lightly rubbing the ends of his eyes. “I’ll take you back to rest.”

Norman’s voice was slightly muffled, and An Jin was very distressed, grabbing his hand and looking up at him. “You should rest more. I’m worried about the babies, so I’ll go back to the palace right away.”

Norman was silent for a moment. He was unable to persuade An Jin not to leave, after all, he was also uneasy about the babies, but he had responsibilities and could not leave the battlefield. He kissed An Jin’s forehead and his tone was full of pity. “You’ve worked hard, rest well on the way.”

An Jin nodded obediently. “You also hurry to rest.”

The star beasts probably had remembered last year and did not return again, while the star beasts once again had a big fight in the galaxy.

Before March, the star beast wave was over.

That year’s star beast wave ended even faster, innovating the history of the Star Alliance’s resistance to the star beast wave, and everyone remembered this extraordinary year: 2366 of the astrological calendar. After the star beast wave, Siao organized a meeting of the Star Alliance, and shared the research results, the Beast Core Transformer, after negotiating with the stars for cooperation.

Siao’s group of experts studied the holy tree and made an instrument to remove impurities according to the energy conversion mode of the holy tree. The core of the instrument’s work was to convert the beast core energy into spiritual force and remove impurities with spiritual force.

The Siao military factory produced the transformer in large quantities, and after testing, began to purify the soil, as well as various plants and animals in Siao’s main star and the rest of the affiliated stars.

The diet of Siao and the other stars of the Star Alliance changed rapidly, and the nutrient solution gradually disappeared from the lives of ordinary people and was used more for the military, which was more convenient and faster after all.

At the same time, fewer and fewer patients were suffering from spiritual disorders.

In April, the annual Star Alliance Best Contribution Award began to be selected. Norman, An Jin, and the expert group members who studied the sacred tree, were all selected, and Starnet voting was opened.

An Jin froze when he received the news.

The babies were waking up for longer and were more energetic after they turned half a year old, and most of his attention was on the babies, so he could only discuss issues related to the mermaid dictionary with the Ministry of Education while the babies were sleeping.

The compilation of the interstellar and mermaid dictionaries was to facilitate the mermaids learning of interstellar on their own, and to facilitate intelligent beings who wanted to understand mermaids to learn mermaid language.

In the afternoon, An Jin had just hung up his communication with the head of the Ministry of Education when he received Ling Ling’s communication.

Ling Ling’s cool voice was filled with joy. “An An, I’m having a baby!”

Thinking of Ling Ling’s expectation for the baby, An Jin said, “Congratulations!” 

An Jin shared his experiences, and Ling Ling wrote them down and said, “By the way, Rui Rui and I are going to open a restaurant. The interior design is ready, and we expect to open next month. You must come to the opening ceremony!”

An Jin responded, “Okay.”

On May third, An Jin was awarded the Star Alliance Contribution Award with the highest number of votes in the history of the Star Alliance. Only those who have made significant contributions to the Star Alliance could be nominated for the Star Alliance Contribution Award, and the award was voted on by the entire Star Alliance, and no national votes were allowed.

Although An Jin knew he had been nominated, he was still surprised when he received the news of the award. He browsed through the details, and his main contribution was to provide the pure seeds that inspired the research team to study the sacred tree that caused the Star Beast Pandemonium.

An Jin was speechless. Star Beast Pandemonium, he actually didn’t expect it.

In addition to An Jin’s individual contribution award, Siao’s research group also received the collective contribution award for their development of the energy transformer that brought infinite life to the Star Alliance.


On May twentieth, Rui Rui and Ling Ling’s restaurant, Delicacies Restaurant, opened. The hover car arrived at the VIP parking lot of the restaurant, and An Jin and Norman, each carrying a baby, got out of the car.

Garrett ran towards them from a short distance and explained, “Rui Rui is very busy and Ling Ling is tired, so I’ll pick you up for them.”

An Jin smiled and greeted him. Garrett looked at the two babies and took them down the VIP lane while teasing Ian who Norman was holding. “Does little Ian remember his uncle?”

Ian’s brown pupils blinked and he replied, “Yes.”

Garrett was surprised. “Little Ian is so smart, he speaks so clearly.”

Ian had been learning to speak since he was half a year old, and was now more than eight months old and knew some simple words. Ian’s pretty eyebrows furrowed and his little mouth pouted. “Ian is stupid,” he said, and his little chubby finger pointed at the mermaid baby in An Jin’s arms. “Brother is smart.”

An Yi, carried by An Ji, said seriously, “Nonsense, Ian is not stupid at all.”

Garrett poked Ian’s little cheeks. “Hahaha, fool, he is a mermaid, how can you compare with him?”

When Ian heard the word fool, his eyes floated up into mist, his mouth flattened, and he cried out in sadness.

An Yi poked An Jin’s arm, and his little head turned to Ian’s side. He anxiously coaxed, “Ian do not cry. Ian is not a fool, Ian is the smartest.”

Garrett was startled, looked at his fingers, raised them in a surrender position, and hurriedly explained to the two parents, “I didn’t use any force!”

An Jin took a look at Ian’s little face, it was white and tender, with no marks at all, obviously he was not crying from pain. He was a little helpless and amused, knowing the baby well. “He feels stupid and sad that you said fool.”

Ian was a human baby, and was definitely considered very smart.

But beside his mermaid brother An Yi, the two are the same age, and while he was just learning to speak, An Yi could already speak fluently. And An Yi was a mermaid, so not only was his speech fluent, his strength was also large. In all aspects of performance, he was too good; Ian compared them daily and felt dumb.

They came to the room on the second floor by the window, and inside the room Xie Li was talking with Ling Ling. As soon as they entered, Ling Ling heard Ian crying and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong with little Ian?”

Garrett scratched his hair and explained with a dry smile, then turned his head to little Ian and said, “Uncle is talking nonsense, Ian is the smartest.”

Ian blinked, and round teardrops rolled down, his eyes and nose were red, and he hiccuped. “Brother is the smartest.”

The words didn’t coax him at all.

An Jin and Norman sat down side by side, and An Yi was finally able to touch Ian. He reached out to wipe his tears and coaxed him with his milky voice, which soon turned to rain.

Garrett sighed with relief and whispered to Xie Li, “Children are so cute and scary, it’s good that they don’t cry.”

Xie Li looked at him lightly. “Idiot.”

Little Silver and Mu Chen also arrived a short while later. Little Silver ran in, his ponytailed silver-gray hair swaying along, his playful features still delicate, but his eyes steadier than before. He grabbed the two babies’ hands and shook them, teasing them, making them giggle and sat beside An Jin.

After sitting down, he suddenly stood up again and sat opposite An Jin. He looked at Mu Chen. “Is it okay to sit here? I’m not next to An An, so you won’t misunderstand again, right?”

An Jin froze, Misunderstand what?

Norman’s eyes fell on Mu Chen. Mu Chen’s eyebrows jumped and he glared at Little Silver. “Don’t be ridiculous, you can sit wherever you like.”

Little Silver raised his eyebrows. “I’m not talking nonsense, I’m just worried about you again…”

Mu Chen walked up to him and slapped him on the head. “Shut up.” Then he sat down between Little Silver and Garrett. He looked across the table at An Jin and Norman, his expression flashed a trace of embarrassment, and he averted his eyes and poured a glass of water to drink.

Ling Ling pointed to the glass wall. “You can see the first floor from here, but you can’t see the inside.”

After a while, Rui Rui led Bubbles and Gu Gu in. He greeted the crowd and went back downstairs. The music started, and Ling Ling turned on the projector so that everyone in the seats could see the opening show on the first floor from the best viewing angle. The two men walked to the performance stage that was built and the guests on the first floor suddenly cheered.

“Viman! Viman!”

“Gu Gu! Gu Gu!”

Little Silver ran to the window and looked downstairs, then sat back. “Gu Gu is so popular now!”

Ling Ling nodded approvingly. “He’s got a lot of fans since the video of him singing with Viman at our graduation ceremony was posted on Starnet.”

Bubbles raised his hand and said excitedly, “I’m Gu Gu’s number one fan! I’m also the president of his fan support group! The first single he released two days ago was the number one song on the daily airplay for two days in a row. He’s definitely going to win the New Artist Award this September!”

As they were talking, the opening speech to celebrate the opening was finished, and Gu Gu and Viman started singing.

Gu Gu’s voice was ethereal and pleasing to the ears, while Viman’s voice had a wide range and he sang with a slight huskiness, which made it very charming. The guests shouted loudly, and there was a lot of screaming, even louder than at the opening.

Bubbles looked at the terminal message. “Some fans knew they were playing here and came looking for them.” He looked at Ling Ling. “There are many fans, will it cause trouble?”

Ling Ling shook his head. “It’s okay, it’s forbidden to enter when the reception number is reached.”

After the song, Gu Gu and Viman also arrived in the room, and the mermaids all looked at Viman with some curiosity. Viman was the least contacted of the humans in the room. Because Viman often went out to perform, he rarely used to go to the mermaid center to pick up Gu Gu.

Viman had short hair, with a few slightly longer clusters of hair picked and dyed green, braided into pigtails at the back of his head, looking very hip. He walked into the room with Gu Gu and received a few glances before his feet took a step back without leaving a trace.

Gu Gu took him by the hand and strode over to the table to introduce them.

Viman was very handsome and looked very flamboyant, and when Gu Gu finished his introduction, his upturned nose floated with a layer of sweat. “Hello.”

The crowd responded, “Hello.”


Little Silver looked at him curiously. “Are you very hot? Why are you sweating?”

Viman hurriedly wiped his nose with paper and shook his head, his handsome face tense as he followed Gu Gu to his seat.

Gu Gu’s arm touched him, sensing that he was nervous, and he looked at the rest of the group. “Don’t look at him, he’ll be nervous.”

Garrett was surprised. “Isn’t he an interstellar star? He just sang in front of so many people.”

Gu Gu replied, “He’s not nervous when there’s music.”

Viman explained, “Sorry, I’m socially anxious.”

He said this dryly, his handsome taut face, as if he was angry.

Gu Gu raised his hand. “It’s true, he only sings and stays at home without being nervous, you guys don’t misunderstand him, he’s fine.”

Viman glanced at Gu Gu, and the tips of his ears were slightly red.

Rui Rui walked in, followed by a line of serving robots. He was holding a bottle of wine. “The main drink in the store; it tastes great, try it.”

Little Silver reached for it and said positively, “I’ll pour it.”

Each person poured a glass of wine, and the food was served. The smell of the food spread around the room, it was very appetizing.

“Daddy, eat!” Ian’s brown eyes glowed and his little finger pointed to the nearest steamed pork ribs, his mouth slightly open, with crystal drool hanging from the corner of his mouth.

An Jin wiped his mouth with a wet tissue and filled a small bowl with a bit of rice noodles for him and An Yi each, letting them scoop and eat with a spoon.

The atmosphere at the table was lively. Due to the recent booming business of various star catering, those present ate all kinds of delicious food almost every day. Yet the desire for good food was too long, and there was too much good food to eat it all in a short period of time.

Little Silver bit into the chicken wings, eyes looking straight at the braised prawns on the opposite side. Mu Chen saw his expression and knew he wanted to eat it, so he reached out to put one on his plate.

“Hey!” He had just sat back down when Garrett tapped him on the shoulder and came close to his neck. “Mu Chen, did you get bitten by a bug?”

“No way,” Mu Chen subconsciously replied. His garden was wonderfully green, but the housekeeper had been actively removing insects, so it was impossible to be bitten by insects.

“It’s red, and there seems to be more underneath, covered by clothes.” Hornád pointed down the right side of the back of his neck near his shoulder.

Mu Chen’s hand touched it, and a slight itching sensation came from the skin under his shirt. He immediately remembered what had happened the night before, and his face stiffened slightly before quickly returning to its natural state.

Little Silver turned his head, looked at his shoulder, and said, “Not by…”

Mu Chen covered Little Silver’s mouth. “Eat!” Then to Garrett, he said, “Thanks a lot, I didn’t notice. I’ll go home and rub some medicine on it.”

The rest of the dinner party dropped their eyes to his shoulder for a moment and then quickly moved away, pretending he had really been bitten by a bug.

Garrett said enthusiastically, “These months there are a lot of bugs. I will camp when I have time, there are more bugs in the wilderness, and I recommend you use insecticide…”

Xie Li elbowed him, and his cool voice faintly said, “Give me a piece of ribs.”


Seeing him turn his head to talk to Mu Chen again, Xie Li asked, “Which dish do you think is the best?”

Garrett thought for a moment, his eyes torn between several dishes, and finally chose the best one with difficulty.

Xie Li asked again, “Why?” When he answered, he asked, “How do you think it could be improved?”

Garrett forgot all about recommending pesticides to Mu Chen. A meal was eaten to the satisfaction of all, and the two babies fell asleep halfway through. Putting the babies aside, the group sat on the couch and talked.

After chatting for a while, Mu Chen found Little Silver too quiet. He patted Little Silver’s shoulder, and Little Silver turned his head to look at him, blinked, suddenly raised a smile, and came close to kiss him.

Mu Chen leaned back, covering his mouth and blushing, and quickly scanned the surrounding people. “What are you mad about?”

Little Silver looked at him and continued to laugh.

An Jin looked at Little Silver’s expression. “He seems to be drunk.”

Ling Ling was surprised. “No way, the alcohol content is very low, even children can drink it.”

Mu Chen waved his hand in front of Little Silver’s eyes and saw that he was still smiling and not saying anything, and the corners of his mouth twitched. “Maybe he’s drunk, I’ll send him back first.”

An Jin and Norman didn’t stay much longer. They agreed to get together again sometime and took the babies home.

In September, the babies turned one, and Norman held a big birthday party at the palace.

At night, after the babies fell asleep, An Jin sat in bed looking at the pictures taken that day until almost eleven o’clock, when he was reminded by Norman to go to sleep. An Jin lay down on the bed and rolled over to lean against Norman, who wrapped his arms around him and kissed him on the forehead. “An An, good night.”

The corners of An Jin’s mouth rose into a smile. “Good night Norman.”

There were two cribs side by side, the mermaid baby was floating in the water crib, holding his small blue tail and sleeping soundly. In the next crib, the little human baby’s buttocks were up, face resting on the palm of his hand, his little face pink.

The light spilled through the curtains on the ground, and the room was quiet and warm.


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