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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin found it strange, not understanding why Norman was asking such an obvious question. Norman was handsome and the system face was plain; there was no comparison between the two.

“Of course you’re better looking,” An Jin affirmed.

He remembered Norman’s image in the holographic world, did Norman’s aesthetics differ from his? He looked at Norman with an odd look in his eyes.

Norman didn’t know about the little mermaid’s misunderstanding, when the little mermaid firmly chose the system face, he thought the little mermaid thought the system face looked good.

When he heard the little mermaid’s affirmative answer, he thought for a moment, thought of the little mermaid saying that someone wanted to take advantage of him, and understood. The little mermaid wanted the system face because the original face was too easy to cause trouble.

So, the little mermaid’s aesthetic and human aesthetic were the same! Compared with mermaids, he has no disadvantages!

The terminal rang lightly, it was a message from the adjutant. He read it and said to the little mermaid, “I’ll go to the military headquarters and come back to pick you up at noon.”

An Jin put both hands on the shore, his eyes curved, and nodded his little head. “Okay.”

Norman left the mermaid room and went to the military headquarters. An Jin wagged his tail, swam to the middle of the pool, leaned against the big crab, and opened the terminal to look at the house. With his independent status, he would be able to buy his own house, and the house would make him feel settled.

He originally planned to look for a house near the palace, but he found that not to mention the houses near the palace, the houses in the remote locations of Siao City were very expensive, and with his current deposit of five million, he could not buy the house he wanted.

Although the price of pure nutrients was high, he had to pay Norman twenty-five billion first.

One type A agent was one million and one hundred was one hundred million. Now he could purify two boxes per day, which was two hundred million, so it would take more than one hundred days to pay it back.

An Jin originally thought that he was making a lot of money, but after doing the math, he realized that he was actually still in debt.

Fortunately, Norman was able to provide food and shelter. After thinking about it, he decided not to buy a house for the time being and went to see a wheelchair instead.

While eating breakfast, he was thinking that a wheelchair would be more stable than a mobility scooter. However, searching for wheelchairs brought up very few items, with only two companies selling them, and both selling in single digits.

After checking, he found that in the interstellar, few people used wheelchairs. Mechanical organs have been very advanced. Unless the lower body was completely paralyzed, the general public could not use it. This also meant that if you went out to play in a wheelchair, it would attract particular attention.

An Jin then dismissed the idea of going out in a wheelchair, but bought a wheelchair to use in the villa.

After buying the wheelchair, he searched for a capsule mask, which needed to be ordered on site and was bound to his ID card. He touched the scales on his face and decided to consult Norman first.

When Norman returned to the palace at noon, he saw the little mermaid in a T-shirt and fishtail skirt. He was standing on a mobility scooter in front of the kitchen, watching the cook make food.

The little mermaid’s blue eyes were very bright and his tiny throat rolled with a look of gluttony. Norman approached and immediately smelled a rush of spicy aroma, fragrant and spicy, so heavy that his mouth watered unconsciously.

An Jin turned his head and looked at Norman with arched eyebrows. “I asked the chef to make casserole prawns and spicy crab.”

Because of the spicy taste, his eyes and the tip of his nose were a little red, and his fair skin looked a little pitiful in comparison to the white.

Norman’s eyes deepened. He didn’t know why, but when he saw the little mermaid’s appearance, an urge to get close to him arose in his heart. An Jin was not expecting this, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he choked on the spicy taste and coughed incessantly.

His hands were gripping the armrests of the scooter, and he had no way of organizing himself. A layer of moisture appeared in his eyes, and tears got on his eyelashes, but he couldn’t even reach out to wipe them. When he saw Norman approaching in the haze, he coughed and turned his face sideways and said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t come over.”

Norman quickly approached and took out a soft handkerchief, held the little mermaid’s soft chin with one hand, and gently wiped the little mermaid’s eyes and the corners of his mouth.

An Jin’s face was red, both spicy and embarrassed. “Thank you.”

His voice was very soft at this time, and he seemed a little hoarse from coughing hard, so he looked a little pitiful. Norman looked at the little mermaid’s red eyes and nose, and listened to his soft, raspy voice. His heart was agitated and soft.

He maintained a serious expression, suppressing the impulse in his heart, and restrainedly raised his hand to stroke the end of the little mermaid’s slightly red eyes, leaving it at a touch, and took a step to the side. “Go to the mermaid’s room.”

The mobility scooter immediately moved, at the slowest possible speed, moving smoothly in the direction of the mermaid room.

When he arrived at the mermaid room, An Jin whispered to the mobility scooter to go to the bathroom. He cleaned himself up before coming out, jumped directly into the pool, swam to the shore, lowered his head, and didn’t look at Norman.

How embarrassing!

Norman looked at the top of the little mermaid’s head and a smile flashed in his eyes. The little mermaid was so cute!

“An An,” Norman said warmly, “look up and let me see.”

An Jin’s transparent tail fin moved up and down in the water in small increments, his fingers clenched. He lifted his little head and whispered, “Thank you.”

His voice was still a little muffled, but it was better than it had been, and Norman was relieved.

Norman’s heart softened, but his face stayed serious. “Stay away from chili peppers in the future, if the powder accidentally flies into your eyes, you’ll have a hard time.”

Norman couldn’t help but worry when he thought of how the little mermaid might even fall if he raised his hand while standing on the mobility scooter. He had a thought. “An An, I’ve thought of a more suitable mobility device for you.”

He said this and opened the terminal and showed the picture to the little mermaid.

An Jin looked at the wheelchair on the virtual screen and arched his eyebrows. Norman and he had thought of the same thing!

“I bought it this morning, but the finished wheelchair in the store didn’t quite fit me. I offered to make slight modifications and they said they would send it over in two days.” Norman was chagrined, he should have thought about it long ago, and could not help but reflect on himself. He still did not care enough about the little mermaid.

Probably because of the homeopathic thinking, when the little mermaid said he had difficulty moving, the first thing he thought of was a mobility scooter. An Jin didn’t know what Norman was thinking, but he felt that Norman was thinking of him in every way, and his heart felt very warm and sweet.

When he thought of something he needed to consult about, he tilted his head to the left and raised his hand and tapped his cheek. “Can the capsule mask block the scales?”

The little mermaid’s delicate features and watery blue eyes tilted his head in such a way that Norman couldn’t help but be tickled.

Norman raised his hand, but stopped halfway and asked politely, “May I touch the scales on your face?”

An Jin guessed he wanted to try out the mask and nodded.

Norman gently touched the little mermaid’s scales with his fingertips, and there was no obvious bulge, as if it were the same as skin, only cool and smooth to the touch. An Jin’s fingers curled and the light touch on his face made him feel a little itchy and a little tempted to scratch.

Within moments, Norman perceived the scales under his fingers and the temperature rose.

The little mermaid was really very shy.

He withdrew his hand. “Yes, but the scales and skin texture are not the same. If you want it to fit, you would have to use other materials. The capsule mask needs to be customized on site.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up, he originally thought that if the scales did not work, he would have to secretly buy a capsule mask and use it in human form. Since the capsule mask can directly fit the scales, he can save spiritual force. His body unconsciously leaned forward. “I want to customize, can you introduce me to a manufacturer?”

“Of course, in two days on vacation, I’ll take you there,” Norman said, sweeping the terminal in the hands of the small mermaid. “Also need to buy a new terminal; for ID card binding, you have to use a better terminal. “

An Jin was very happy, and he did not care about the terminal. With the mask, as long as the tail was blocked, he could wear the mask out to play.

Norman, seeing the little mermaid happy, also could not help but be happy, thinking the little mermaid was really easy to please.

Not long after, the chef informed them that dinner would be served in three minutes, so Norman picked up the little mermaid and went to the dining room.

After lunch, Norman took the little mermaid to the mermaid center. Norman held the little mermaid and put the little mermaid steadily into the mobility scooter.

An Jin drove the mobility scooter and got into it through the metal plate attached to the hover car, which soon landed in the parking lot of the mermaid center.

As soon as he entered the gate, An Jin noticed many eyes falling on him, and with a sweep of his eyes, he noticed that the normally empty hall was very busy at the moment, with several mermaids driving around in their mobility scooters.

The rest of the mermaids, who did not drive the tokens, floated in the mermaid cars to watch, and the breeders were yelled at whenever they pushed the mermaid cars.

“An An!” said Little Silver as he pulled up in front of An Jin in his mobility scooter, with Ling Ling and Rui Rui close behind him.

An Jin was surprised to see how well they were playing. “Did you teach them that?”

Little Silver nodded very proudly. “Mn, An An, you play with us too!”

An Jin looked at Norman. “I’ll play with them for a while.”

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s head. “Be safe and don’t stay out of the water too long.”

An Jin nodded, and Norman reminded the staff that they should remind the little mermaid to go back to the recreation area in one hour at most.

An Jin accompanied Little Silver to play with them for half an hour. He had not used the water ability, so he felt a little dry. Presumably, Little Silver and the others’ situation would be worse, after all, Little Silver played for a longer time than he.

“Go back to the recreation area first. If you still want to play, take a break and then continue, let the tail soak in water.” An Jin said.

Little Silver and the others agreed and drove their scooters to the recreation area.

The watching mermaids slapped the walls of the containers and urged the keepers, “Sluggish two-legged beasts, why don’t you get on with it?”

The breeders exclaimed, “A million fish fans really live up to their name.”

“Stingy two-legged beast, I want to play with the mobility scooter too!” A mermaid roared in anger.

An Jin was about to get into the water when he heard this and turned his head, relaying the mermaid’s words.

The breeder froze, eyes brimming with light. “You really can communicate with the mermaids!”

An Jin nodded, not denying it.

The man immediately assured, “I’ll buy it right away, you tell him to take it easy.” He smiled. “Can you get him to sing a few more songs for me? I’ll buy whatever you want.”

An Jin relayed the breeders’ words and helped the rest of the mermaids who wanted a mobility scooter to relay their ideas. The breeders also tried to talk to An Jin and were angrily stared at by the rest of the mermaids.

An Jin calmed the mermaids down and jumped into the water, tail wagging, and exhaling comfortably.

Sure enough, his tail was most comfortable when it was in the water!

The mermaids gathered around him. “An An is amazing, he can actually communicate with the two-legged beast!”

“An An, will you teach me how to play with a mobility scooter later?” A mermaid looked at An Jin expectantly.

An Jin hesitated. “I have to go to the tree house later.”

The mermaids didn’t know why, but they all knew An Jin liked to stay in the tree house, so the mermaid turned his head and let Little Silver teach him.

Little Silver hummed softly and lifted his chin slightly. “I’ll only teach you once, I’ll stop if you’re too stupid to learn.”

“I can learn it in one go!”

“Me too, I can learn it in one go!”

“Let’s compare later!”

“Let’s compete!”

An Jin swept his eyes around and found that there were quite a lot of mermaids today, he thought about it and asked Ling Ling beside him. “Is today the most mermaids at one time at the mermaid center?”

Ling Ling shook his head. “When the two-legged beast is very idle, there will be more mermaids.”

An Jin thought about it and thought it made sense; it was a weekday and not all breeders were free to bring their mermaids to the mermaid center. So he decided to wait for the weekend, when most of the mermaids were around, to tell the mermaids that he had successfully been judged to be an intelligent being, to tell the mermaids the differences between humans and them, and then to ask the mermaids what they thought.

He and the mermaid chatted for a while, then he went to the tree house, put on his helmet, and went into the holographic world to exercise his ability.

After practicing for almost an hour, he was about to continue when he suddenly heard a shrill alarm and a growl from the mermaid. His heart tightened and he hurriedly got offline.

He returned to the pool via the conveyor belt and hurriedly calmed the mermaid, who was cranky from the alarm, and when he swept his eyes, Little Silver, Ling Ling and Rui Rui were not there. He looked to the shore, and his mobility scooter was still there, so he swam over to stand on the scooter. He saw the person who came out of the glass house and headed out, and hastily asked, “What happened?”

The man shook his head. “I don’t know.”

An Jin drove the mobility scooter outside, and as soon as he went out, he heard the noise. The hall was very chaotic. The staff stopped the mermaids playing with the scooters and told them to go back to the entertainment area, however, the mermaids did not want to, and wanted to go out.

An Jin reached the entrance of the lobby and was stopped by two machine work mermaids.

The mechanical beep sounded. “Mermaids are forbidden to go out.”

An Jin frowned, before the door was clearly not guarded by robots, security mainly concentrated on the center’s main entrance, but because they found out that mermaids will have mobility scooters, they arranged guards?

He released his perception. Little Silver was outside, yelling at someone, and Rui Rui and Ling Ling were not there. His senses expanded and a shriek came, “Oh my God, there are shallow sea sharks!”

“It’s over, those two mermaids are dead!”

An Jin’s heart tightened. The mermaid center building area was half in the sea, and this half was the center of the entertainment area. The entertainment area of the water was quoted from the natural seawater. There was a wide platform in front of the center building: the right side of the platform was the parking lot, and the left side was facing the sea.

The sound he felt was coming from the sea.

The next moment, his perception spread to the surface of the sea. Rui Rui and Ling Ling swam towards the distance, and a huge light blue, shark-like hulk flew closer to them. An Jin’s heart tightened and he directly drove his mobility scooter outward, with the robot steadily blocking the front, not afraid of being hit at all.

An Jin’s thought, and two beams of water shot into the robot’s eyes and then spread out inside the robot, forming high-speed rotating water arrows to destroy the robot’s heart joints everywhere.

The robot’s eyes suddenly glowed red.

An Jin bypassed them and exited through the gate, the shouts of the staff rushing behind him falling on deaf ears.

Once outside, the noise and chaos of people and the screams of the mermaids reached his ears.

“Bastard two-legged beast, let go of me!” As An Jin approached, he caught a glimpse of Little Silver, who stood out from the crowd.

Little Silver was being held vertically by a security guard, his hands and tail struggling. The guard’s face was injured, but he still held him firmly and wouldn’t let go.

Sensing An Jin, Little Silver stopped struggling and turned his head to look at An Jin. “An An!”

An Jin hurriedly went over. “What happened?”

Little Silver quickly and angrily told An Jin what had happened. “The two-legged beast won’t let Rui Rui and Ling Ling be together, they have to be separated every day!”

“We were just playing with the mobility scooter in the lobby, many mermaids were playing here, it was too crowded. We went out to play, and the two-legged beast wanted to catch us back. Rui Rui and Ling Ling wanted to hide from the two-legged beast, and drove the car to the most side position. Rui Rui saw the sea, was very happy, and he and Ling Ling Ling jumped into the sea to elope. I also wanted to go with them, but I wanted to wait for you to join me. I was there to see which direction Ling Ling and the others had gone so that I could go to them later, when I was controlled by this abominable two-legged beast!”

He said this and flicked his tail as if he wanted to shake the guard’s tail, but his movement was hampered by the guard holding him tightly upright.

An Jin’s perception locked onto the shallow water shark, Rui Rui, and Ling Ling, perceived that the two sides exchanged hands, and dared not delay. He said to Little Silver, “The sea is very dangerous, you must not jump into the sea. Ling Ling and Rui Rui met danger, so I will go to save them.”

“Pure color mermaid!”

“An An, why are you here, here is very dangerous, go back!”

People standing on the platform to see the situation in the sea saw An Jin and shouted worriedly.

Only mermaid breeders were allowed to enter the mermaid center, except for the working mermaids, so there were not many onlookers.

The mermaid center security team leader was communicating with someone, shouting, “Two mid-level mermaids are in the sea and in danger, requesting sea rescue team support!” He hung up the communication, and when he saw An Jin, he said, “The mermaid can’t come near!”

An Jin ignored it, swept the platform, drove the mobility scooter to the edge of the platform’s empty space, and looked down at the sea.

The captain’s heart tightened, and worried about another accident, quickly yelled, “Quick, grab him!”

An Jin perceived that Rui Rui was in front of Ling Ling, and gave the shallow water shark a hard claw, which was returned in anger, and Rui Rui’s arm was injured. An Jin sensed the security guards approaching, and did not want to be taken away, and did not care about the height of the platform from the water. Using his tail’s force, he directly jumped into the sea.

Surrounded by shouts of alarm, someone reached out to grab him, but nothing was caught.

An Jin’s face was tense and he was about to fall into the water when a ball of water suddenly appeared and caught him steadily, and he entered the water safely.

Once in the water, he hurriedly swam in the direction of Rui Rui and Ling Ling. His tail swung quickly, swimming so fast that the water was broken by his body, and the water ripples formed a white line behind him.

“Rui Rui, get out of the way!” Ling Ling’s cold voice was filled with panic and anger.

An Jin’s heart fluttered and he immediately mobilized the ability. A wall of water appeared in front of Rui Rui, and the shallow water shark’s head was rubbed by the fast running water. The pain came, and it subconsciously backed up.

An Jin said loudly, “Run.”

“An An!” shouted Rui Rui and Ling Ling in unison, their voices tinged with surprise.

An Jin quickly swam in front of them and with a thought, two arm-thick water arrows shot out of the water and into the eyes of the shallow water shark.

The crowd on the shore yelled, “Oh my God! What is that?”

“Who launched the attack?”

“Was it a pure-colored mermaid?”

The shallow water shark roared, and the intense pain caused it to roll in the water. The water undulated dramatically, spreading in all directions with it as its center.

An Jin, Rui Rui, and Ling Ling were pushed outward by the seawater. An Jin perceived the appearance of two more big guys, felt their direction of travel, and immediately understood that they were attracted by the smell of blood.

An Jin hurriedly told Rui Rui and Ling Ling to swim far away. He used his senses to avoid the dangerous creatures in the sea and swam towards the safe area, so the journey was very smooth.

Feeling no danger around him, An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and stopped with a gasp, turning around to look behind him.

Seeing Ling Ling holding the injured Rui Rui’s face in distress, he couldn’t say anything to rebuke him. He swam over, grabbed Rui Rui’s hand, and ran the ability to heal Rui Rui’s injuries. Rui Rui’s tightly furrowed brows stretched visibly, and he looked at An Jin in amazement. “An An, you’re great!” He shook his hand and tilted his head against Ling Ling’s face intimately. “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Ling Ling turned his head to avoid him and said coldly, “Who told you to stand in front of me? Idiot!”

Rui Rui reached out to hug him and rubbed his neck. “I’ll be very sad if you get hurt.”

An Jin, speechless, held his forehead and said with a small face, “You can’t do that in the future! The sea is so dangerous, and you are not clear about the situation. How dare you jump casually!”

Rui Rui hugged Ling Ling. “I want to stay with Ling Ling, damn two-legged beast! I don’t want to be with the two-legged beast anymore!”

Ling Ling blinked his white-golden eyes. “I’ll be more careful from now on, I didn’t know it was dangerous here.” His eyes were firm. “But I don’t regret it, I like the sea.” He looked out into the endless distance of the ocean. “In the water, I can go wherever I want.”

Rui Rui nodded. “Me too, I don’t want to stay in the house every day! The big fish just appeared too suddenly, next time, I can kill it!”

Rui Rui said this with his red eyes full of determination.

An Jin remembered just a glimpse of the shallow water shark with deep wounds under its eyes, obviously scratched out by Rui Rui.

The mermaid’s fighting ability was very strong, he had just been raised for too long.

An Jin looked back in the direction of the mermaid center. From the building they could only see tiny shadows that had been swimming fast. It turned out that, unknowingly, they swam so far.

If Norman knew he was in the water, he would have been worried. He looked at his wrist, opened the terminal, and was about to contact Norman when he heard Rui Rui say, “An An, let’s go first, otherwise the two-legged beast will catch us, and they will definitely separate us again!”

An Jin hurriedly said, “Don’t be impulsive, the sea is too dangerous! Have you forgotten? I can communicate with the two-legged beasts, I’ll talk to your two-legged beasts, they won’t separate you.”

Rui Rui hesitated for a moment, and Ling Ling looked at the sea. “I don’t want to stay in the house all the time, I like the sea, there is water everywhere, my movement is not restricted. I belong to the sea!”

Rui Rui hurriedly said, “I am with Ling Ling.”

Ling Ling looked in the direction of the mermaid center. “An An, you come with us, the two-legged beast will be after us soon.”

An Jin shook his head. Ling Ling showed a reluctant look, looked at Rui Rui, and thought of Rui Rui from two days of not seeing him and forgetting about him, eyes firm down.

“An An goodbye!” Ling Ling wagged his tail and swam into the distance; Rui Rui rushed to follow.

An Jin was not sure about them; the mermaids had been kept and had no wilderness survival experience. He opened the terminal and contacted Norman while following the two.

Norman picked up the communication almost immediately, and his voice, always smooth, was tense. “An An, are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, don’t you worry,” An Jin replied, and told him about the incident with Ling Ling and Rui Rui. “I’m not sure about them, so I’ll stay with them and try to persuade them to come back.”

Norman stood on the platform, looking at the sea beasts in the sea, eating shallow water sharks. The sea water was dyed blood red, and he dared not let the little mermaid return the same way, so he seriously reminded, “You pay attention to safety, I will immediately go to pick you up.”

An Jin looked at the two swimming in front. “You quietly do not show yourself, if they see humans, they will hide farther away. I will try to persuade them.”

Norman said as he got into the craft, “Okay, don’t hang up the communication.”


An Jin thought about it, and he had a plan in mind to figure out how to “persuade” Ling Ling and Rui Rui.


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With this I sense a lot of changes approching. An Jin revealed his ability in a moment of crisis now it would need explanation. I wonder how he’s going to convince the eloped mermaids to come back and their 2-legged beasts to let them be together. But I hope it’ll work! 🤞

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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How will An Jin explain what happened in his defence against the shark and will he be able to persuade Ling Ling and Rui Rui.
Norm must be really worried.
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I hope An An can convince them to come back before they encounter any more danger. Thanks for the chapter!

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