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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The chat group was quiet for a moment, and the breeders were struck by the word “cheated”. It was really possible! It was too easy to take even game ads seriously and be coaxed away.

The breeders were anxious, especially those who had to travel recently. “I think I need to take my mermaid with me on a business trip!”

Some of the more optimistic breeders, thankfully, said, “It’s okay, the translator is only available to mermaid breeders and mermaids, except for mermaid-related organizations!”

“But the terminal of the mermaid is bound to the translator, outsiders do not need to communicate with them, they can be hooked.”

“Is there a network security department? Hurry up and crack down on fake ads and pop-up ads!”

“Crack down! I remember recently there was a flying wing advertisement: Want to fly? Come see us. I think a mermaid is likely to be cheated if he sees it!”

“I’m from the Department of Internet Security, send out a document right now to unify and rectify.”

“Only this is not enough, we have to popularize the basics to the mermaid, otherwise it is impossible to prevent!”

“Agreed, does anyone have any good opinions?”

The breeders group worried about the simple mermaids, and let the breeders discover the simple nature of the orange mermaid, who at this time, came over with a face of confusion. He looked at the breeder who was pointing at the virtual screen, explaining to him, “A game?”

The breeder nodded. “Yes, the holographic game, King of the Deep, where everything that happens is fake.”

The orange mermaid looked at the huge sea beast on the virtual screen, his eyes glittering. “I want to play!”

“I also want to play the game!” Many mermaids were extraordinarily interested.

The breeder asked a question in the group, and the boss of the game company responded: [Mermaids can not use the holographic helmet, and if they want to play, we have to collect data.

After the breeder asked the mermaid, the mermaid asked how to collect data and agreed.

An Jin watched the whole process and was secretly glad that the translator was not for everyone. The mermaids were really too simple!

Norman pushed An Jin into the room, and as soon as they got close to the shore, the mermaids greeted An Jin and talked excitedly about the game.

One of the breeders saw An Jin’s eyes light up and came closer and saluted Norman, who nodded. The breeder said to An Jin, “Mermaids are too innocent for us to be comfortable with, so we have prepared a video for them to watch, can you pass it to them and let them take a closer look?”

Instead of saying yes straight away, An Jin cautiously said, “Can I see the video first?”

“Sure.” The breeder passed the video to An Jin, who opened it. It was a collection of false propaganda and deceptive tricks on the internet.

The video was about six minutes long, and the various possibilities of being scammed were explained in an easy-to-understand manner. An Jin noticed that there was a small line in the right foot corner of the video identifying it as safety propaganda for young children.

An Jin was speechless.

Well, a mermaid’s first contact with human society and his perception of it was indeed similar to that of a toddler. He had the contact information of almost all the mermaids, and he sent it directly to the group, and then said in the chat group, “The video that was just sent, please take a look at it, don’t get cheated!”

“Okay An An.” Various voices came in unevenly.

An Jin smiled and said to the breeder, “It’s already been passed on to them.”

The breeder secretly sighed that he was indeed a fan of all fish, and that the mermaids were good boys in front of An An. He thanked him, said goodbye to Norman, went back to the glass house, and sent a message to the group, “Mission successfully completed.”

“So soon? Are you sure the mermaids watched it?”

“I asked An An to help me post it, tsk tsk, mermaids listen to him.”

“Not bad for a million fish fan!”

Norman rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair. “Go in the water.”

Although the little mermaid could keep his tail wet with his ability, he was more comfortable in the water. An Jin jumped into the water, put his hand on the shore, and looked up at Norman. He was ready to say “I’ll see you this afternoon” like he used to, but felt heartless, after all, they were in a relationship! He thought that a boy should take the initiative, so he whispered, “I’ll miss you.” He paused and said, “I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Norman’s eyes moved slightly, looking at the little mermaid’s shy but frank expression. He just thought the little man was too sweet. He whispered, “I’ll see you this afternoon. I’ll miss you too.”

Norman’s figure disappeared, but An Jin’s heartbeat had not yet regained its calmness, and his cheeks were hot. He backhandedly pressed the back of his hand against his cheek.

“An An, are you not feeling well?” Little Silver swam to his side and touched his face with the back of his hand. “You have a fever!”

An Jin hurriedly shook his head and quickly looked around. “No, don’t worry.”

Little Silver backhanded his own face. “Really, you’re hotter than me.”

An Jin awkwardly made an excuse, “I…was sunburned, I’ll go to the shade to rest for a while.”

“I’ll go with you.” Little Silver followed him and swam to the right side of the shade.

Many mermaids were floating in the shade, each playing with their own terminal. They felt An Jin approaching and came closer. An Jin found that the mermaids had terminals and translators, which seemed to have opened the door to a new world.

Of course, not all the mermaids were playing, the mermaids in the deep water area were training to fight.

Little Silver also opened the terminal, clicked the page, then rang a mechanical translation sound; mermaids could not read, and the terminal was set to text to voice mode. The entire entertainment area was very noisy and lively.

Little Silver looked at the security knowledge An Jin passed on to him and grunted, “Two-legged beasts are so cunning, so many tricks to cheat fish!”

“…” An Jin thought he seemed to be quite right; when he was in the modern world, he saw a lot of trickery that could confuse the brain. He said to Little Silver, “I’m going to the tree house, call me if you need anything.”

Little Silver nodded. “Mn,” he muttered in disbelief, “An An is so weird to like helmets that aren’t fun at all.”

An Jin smiled, thinking that Little Silver would really slap himself when the game helmet was ready. He went to the tree house, put on the holographic helmet, and went into the holographic world to exercise. His control of water had reached its peak, and he expected to be able to upgrade tonight.

After practicing for an hour or so, he got offline and looked at Little Silver’s location before going down to the tree house, then swam towards Little Silver. Rui Rui, Ling Ling, and Gu Gu were also by Little Silver’s side, and An Jin heard them say “stupid two-legged beast” from a distance, neither sounding too happy.

As he got closer, he heard Little Silver say, “Nonsense, An An wouldn’t like that damned two-legged beast.”

Gu Gu said, “Two-legged beasts are not good enough for An An. An An is so good, how can he not be good enough for two-legged beasts, I’m so mad at him!”

An Jin was stunned. “What’s going on?”

Little Silver looked away from the terminal screen, looked at An Jin, and said in a huff, “A two-legged beast named His Majesty wants to court you! A two-legged beast said that you are not good enough for His Majesty!”

Ling Ling added, “There are also smart two-legged beasts who envy His Majesty and like An An.”

An Jin realized that they must have seen the news about Norman and him on Starnet. Ever since Norman said he saw him as a mate, their news had been hot, and his appearance on the street with Norman yesterday must have added fuel to the fire.

Hot news ranked high, and if you listened to the news in order, the mermaids would indeed hear about him and Norman soon. An Jin was a little embarrassed as he leaned in close and looked at the bad comments Little Silver had made.

[His Majesty is at the top of the Star League, both in status and strength, a pure-colored mermaid, even if it is an intelligent creature, even if it can talk? Only the three princesses of Sailon Star, who are good-looking, have the status of people worthy of His Majesty.]

[Yuck …… An An is His Majesty’s mate, His Majesty thinks it’s worthy, it’s none of your business.]

[An An is the most suitable one! So what if the third princess is good looking? Can he provide His Majesty with spiritual power?]

[Heh, in the future Star Alliance meeting, all Star Alliance people will find out that Queen Siao can’t even walk, just think of the shame.]

[Fuck off, you have the ability to swim faster than An An in the water?]

An Jin looked at it and his heart didn’t fluctuate too much. Others couldn’t influence him, he only cared about Norman’s attitude.

Besides, what the netizens were worried about would not happen: he could walk normally.

“An An, why aren’t you angry?!” Little Silver waved his sharp nails, his fingertips cutting a silver arc. “Who is His Majesty? I’ll teach him a lesson for you!”

Gu Gu grumbled, “Hmph, so many mermaids like An An, how dare a two-legged beast covet An An!”

An Jin blinked, a little shy and a little sweet. “His Majesty is not a name, his name is Norman. He is my…boyfriend.”

The four mermaids looked at him in unison in surprise.

Little Silver’s silver eyes rounded. “Have you been tricked by the cunning two-legged beast?”

Ling Ling’s platinum eyes blinked. “Is he the one you said you had a crush on last time?”

An Jin nodded and explained, “You’ve all seen him, he’s the one who picks me up and drops me off every day.”

Little Silver’s eyebrows were knitted and his eyes were full of doubt. “He looks badly tamed and bald, how can you like him?”

An Jin touched his nose. “He’s very nice, although he looks serious, but he’s actually very gentle and attentive, and…I may not have the same aesthetics as you guys. I think he’s very good looking and handsome.” He said this, and his eyes showed disbelief. “Do you think humans are not good-looking? Don’t you think Mu Chen is good looking?”

Little Silver let out a light hum. “What’s so good about a bald one?”

An Jin’s eyes widened. “Then…you still do that to him? I thought you would do it only if you liked it?”

Little Silver tilted his head, confused. “What kind of things did I do to him?”

An Jin’s cheeks burned and he whispered, “It’s something you do only between mates!”

“When?” Little Silver’s tail slapped the surface of the water, making a splash, and the whole thing froze.

An Jin met Silver’s clean eyes and suddenly realized that Little Silver seemed to have forgotten about that time, and now, after some time, was even less likely to remember.

An Jin explained, “It was when you were in heat last time.” His cheeks burned. “I asked you how you got through it, and you said you pressed against Mu Chen and got comfortable, but you don’t remember exactly.”

Little Silver didn’t remember anything at all, but he knew his memory was bad and An An’s was good, so he had indeed said something like that before. His eyebrows almost knitted together into a river. He had done that to his two-legged beast? He had actually forgotten! This made it extra hard for him; the mermaid was loyal to the mate, and would normally only do intimate things to their mate.

Rui Rui looked at Little Silver in shock. “You’re such scum!” He hugged Ling Ling tightly. “I will never forget Ling Ling.”

He said this and added, “The two-legged beast doesn’t count!” He kept this in mind in case he got hit again.

Gu Gu’s green eyes looked at Little Silver. “I didn’t expect you to be like this, Little Silver. Even if the other party is a two-legged beast, you’re still too scummy!”

An Jin looked at Little Silver’s wrinkled eyebrows, and could not help but feel some regret. Should he have not said anything? He was just asking a question, but he unconsciously said it. He said, “It’s probably just an accident, and Mu Chen doesn’t seem to want to bring it up anymore.”

“How can you not bring it up?! I’m not going to be a scum fish!”

In the afternoon, when Norman came to pick up the little mermaid, he was keenly aware that many mermaids were looking at him, and their eyes were tinged with scorn. He swept his eyes, and all the mermaids he saw froze, then showed their sharp teeth.

“Hmph, if An An didn’t like you, I would challenge you.”

“If you dare to bully An An, I will not let you go!”

“What are you looking at?!”

A trace of surprise flashed in Norman’s eyes, and the rest of the breeders looked at the scene curiously, with gossip in their eyes, however, both His Majesty and his mermaid were not to be messed with, and no one dared to ask.

Norman had a guess in his heart and looked down at the little mermaid, his eyes shining. “Did you tell them about our relationship?”

An Jin was a little embarrassed and nodded. “They saw our news on Star Online and I told them,” he paused, “that you are my boyfriend.”

Norman’s heartbeat suddenly went haywire, and his heart was full of sweetness. The name “boyfriend” sounded so good. Norman squatted down, rubbed the top of his hair, and whispered, “I like this introduction, and would like to change it to ‘mate’ in the future.”

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open, and his eyelashes flashed. “Is it too soon to mention mate?”

However, he somehow looked forward to it.

Norman said, “Say goodbye to them, I’ll take you back.”

An Jin turned and waved to the rest of the mermaids and turned back after a while. Norman reached out to pick him up and put him in a wheelchair on the shore. An Jin noticed that many breeders brought wheelchairs, probably because they found them more stable and safe.

Mu Chen and Norman left work together and arrived at the recreation area at the same time.

He noticed that Little Silver was extraordinarily obedient tonight, and was well behaved all the way to the recreation area, not at all fried, silent to the point of being unusual.

And the pair of silver eyes, always deeply stared at him.

Mu Chen’s heart was thumping, worried about Little Silver coldly giving him a blow, quickly in the mind to recall, he seemed to have done nothing to make Little Silver unhappy, right?

After sending Little Silver to the mermaid room, Mu Chen couldn’t help himself and squatted on the shore, looking at Little Silver, “Are you not feeling well?”

Little Silver tilted his head and looked at him with a disgusted look.

Mu Chen resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “Master, if you are not happy, then fire, you are so smothered I am afraid.”

Little Silver’s eyes flashed and suddenly scurried up to him and grabbed his lapel, “Are we mating?”

Mu Chen’s eyes widened, and then he coughed with a startling cough, his wheat-colored face turning red, “Nonsense, nonsense!” He grimaced, “Show me the terminal, what the hell have you been watching all day long!”

He now understood those parents who like to worry! It’s true that checking the terminal involves privacy, but it was not at all reassuring to hear this kind of talk and not read it!

Little Silver stared at him seriously, grinning with sharp canines, “Don’t you lie to me, you may not look good bald, but I’m definitely not a scum fish, I’ll take responsibility.”

The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched, “Tell me honestly, are you watching any forced love movies?”

Little Silver frowned and his tone was low, “Won’t you tell the truth? What happened when I was in heat?”

Mu Chen’s expression froze for a moment and his eyes wandered.

Little Silver’s eyes narrowed, “Seriously! How dare you lie to me? Are you trying to get me called a scum fish by An An and the others?! What a vicious two-legged beast!”

Mu Chen couldn’t stand it anymore and rolled his eyes, “Bullshit! Nothing happened that day! I… just used my hands to give you a little solution.”

Little Silver blinked his eyes and cocked his head, “Hand?”

Mu Chen spread his face, feeling that this pot could not be carried, he gritted his teeth and held back the burst of shame. He lifted his left hand, then his right hand, and held his wrist with his right hand, rubbing it back and forth, his voice almost coming out of his teeth, “Got it?”

Little Silver blinked, “Your hand, what does it have to do with me?”

Mu Chen grabbed Little Silver’s wrist and felt his head spin, “…Let go of me.”

Little Silver was stubborn, “Say it clearly! An An said I told him, that day I pressed you, and then felt very comfortable, but I was hot and confused, I can not remember, is it not mating?”

Mu Chen’s scalp tingled, “Is that what you told An An? An An misunderstood?”

Seeing Little Silver nod, Mu Chen fell straight back, choosing to lie flat and play dead.

Little Silver grabbed his collar and was carried forward. When his abdomen was pressed against the shore, Little Silver felt uncomfortable and let go of him. After lying down for a second, Mu Chen jumped back up and contacted An Jin, and as soon as he got through, he asked, “Did you tell Norman?”

An Jin was confused, “What?”

“About Little Silver and me… No, you misunderstood, nothing happened,” Mu Chen took a deep breath, “I just helped him out with my hands! “

An Jin’s cheeks reddened, “Yes, I’m sorry, I didn’t tell Norman, I…”

“Oh, that’s okay, you don’t have to take it to heart.” Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, his entire body relaxed, and hung up the communication. He looked at Little Silver lying along the shore, his heart tired, thinking: this is really his little ancestor.

He was so nervous that he still had to go get food to feed him.

Little Silver watched as Mu Chen turned away and slapped the shoreline, “Come back here and make it clear!”

An Jin looked at the terminal, and then at Norman sitting next to him, with a bemused look on his face. He didn’t tell Norman, but the individual Mu Chen words, Norman must have heard.

Norman’s eyebrows knitted, “You and Little Silver still talk about such things?”

An Jin said awkwardly, “I talked about it when I was in heat and learned from Little Silver’s experience.”

Norman’s eyes darkened and decided to ask Mu Chen, an experienced person, when he had time! He gave the little mermaid a bowl of fish soup, “Drink, it’s very fresh.”

An Jin’s eyes curled and he drank slowly.

In the evening, after exchanging good nights with Norman, An Jin sank to the bottom of the water, leaning against the pool bank with his tail flat in the water, holding the beast core in his hand, closing his eyes and starting to upgrade.

He used his ability to absorb the energy of the beast core, and his spiritual sea became more and more full. His body temperature rose and the sweat flowing out soon mixed with the pool water.

An hour later, An Jin’s water ability successfully upgraded to level four, he opened his eyes, blue eyes extremely bright, containing an inner light.

An Jin lightly exhaled, ‘gulp ……’ a series of bubbles surfaced, coming out of his mouth and floating towards the water again. An Jin’s eyes bent and exhaled again, his eyes moving upward with the shiny water bubbles.

Suddenly, his gaze lurched and he inclined his head to look in the direction of the back garden. His attention had been on the upgrade, and only then did he notice that Norman was in the garden. He cocked his head in confusion, before he upgraded, he deliberately felt, clearly felt Norman went back to the second floor to rest.

He thought about it, wagging his tail, through the night more radiant passage, to the back garden, not quite through the passage when he saw Norman.

Norman was sinking in the water in his swimming trunks, his deep eyes tightly closed, as if he was unconscious.

An Jin’s pupils suddenly shrank and he quickly swung his tail, which cut through the water, creating a white line in the water, and in the blink of an eye, he scurried to Norman.

Norman heard the movement and opened his eyes, his eyes with a trace of surprise, subconsciously opened his mouth to speak, choked by the water.

An Jin grabbed Norman’s waist and swam quickly to the shore, and soon surfaced.

At this time the sky was very dark, only the silvery blue light of the stars busy, the vision was slightly dark.

Norman put one hand on the shore edge, inclined head stifled cough, after breathing smoothly, looked at the small mermaid, “Did I wake you up?”

Because he just finished coughing, his voice was slightly hoarse, low and magnetic, and looked very sexy.

An Jin shook his head and stared nervously at Norman, trying to see Norman’s face in the dim light, “How are you feeling?”

Norman, “I’m fine.”

An Jin was still unsure and felt strange, and asked, “Why aren’t you in your room sleeping, in the pool? Couldn’t sleep?”

Norman was silent for a moment, raised his hand, pinched both sides of the bridge of his nose, removed a transparent nose mask, and pinched his index finger and thumb to show the transparent nose mask to the little mermaid.

He said, “Getting familiar with the new product.”

The sheet was faintly reflective in the ghostly light and seemed to be metal, but An Jin didn’t understand what it was, “What is it?”

Norman, “Underwater respirator, covering the nose, when running can absorb the surrounding oxygen and can let humans breathe underwater.” He frowned, “It still needs improvement. You can’t talk while wearing it.”

An Jin looked at him, “Is it because of me?”

Norman nodded and looked into the little mermaid’s bright blue eyes and couldn’t resist touching the ends of his eyes, “Mn, I want to stay with you.”

An Jin’s eyelashes blinked rapidly and he lifted his hand to rub his eyes, only to find that his hand was still on Norman’s waist. He couldn’t help but look down, and under the transparent water, Norman’s swim trunks were wet and clinging to his body, and the outline of his body was completely exposed.

An Jin’s heart stopped for a moment and he hurriedly looked away, his heart thumping wildly. His tail swung and he subconsciously took a step backwards, his hands were about to leave Norman’s waist when he was pulled by Norman and then he was held in his arms.

An Jin’s nose was suddenly full of Norman’s breath, Norman’s chest muscles were very hard, his fingers moved, could not help but reach out and pressed, he was really very strong. In contrast to the exaggerated muscles in the hologram, he was more interested in the reality of Norman’s muscles, strong and not exaggerated, very handsome and manly.

Norman’s body stiffened slightly, the small mermaid’s palm was exceptionally soft, touching as if with electric current, straight to the lower abdomen, his voice was slightly dark, “An An!”

An Jin hurriedly removed his hand and looked up to meet a pair of dark brown eyes, and he whispered, “You have a great body.”

There was a natural, undisguised envy in his eyes.

Norman couldn’t resist, and rubbed his nose down, both of them could feel each other’s scent, “Like it?”

An Jin blinked and said honestly, “Yes.”

Norman’s eyes flashed with a smile and he stepped back a bit, his eyes lingering on the little mermaid’s lips for a moment before moving away again, “It’s too late today, I’ll touch you later.”

An Jin’s cheeks burned and he turned his head, his hands behind his back, “Who, who wants to touch?”

Norman couldn’t resist and rubbed the little mermaid’s reddened ears, feeling the little mermaid’s body tremble as if he was extra sensitive, and his eyes sank even deeper.

“I want you to touch me,” he whispered, rubbing the little mermaid’s hair, “go rest, it’s late.”

An Jin was so flustered by him that he wagged his tail and tried to leave, but after two seconds he stopped, turned his head and said uneasily, “You go to your room and sleep.”

Even if you can solve the problem of breathing underwater, you can’t keep soaking in the water, your skin will wrinkle. It was very unpleasant. During the apocalypse, he experienced a continuous heavy rainstorm, hands and feet almost blistered by water, skin wrinkled and very uncomfortable.

Norman intended to spend the night in the water, see the little mermaid frown, thinking that the little mermaid seemed to have been woken up by him before, and could only compromise, “Okay.”

An Jin saw him come ashore, and turned his back in a hurry, but his heart kept beating.

Norman’s body was really great material, ornamental and aggressive, he used to be easily shy when looking at it, but now it’s even more so.

Norman said seriously, “Sleep well.”

An Jin nodded, “You too.”

An Jin went back to the mermaid room and flopped down on the clamshell bed, feeling Norman go back to the second floor before he put his mind at ease. He propped his chin on both hands, his blue eyes rolled, and with a thought, a ball of water appeared in front of him, and soon, the ball of water seemed to expand, growing larger and larger.

The water ball became larger, the total amount of water did not change, and gradually became hollow, and finally formed a length of two meters tall oval water ball. The water ball wall was very thin, but very tight.

An Jin drained the water around him and let the ball of water wrap around him, he opened his mouth to speak, no problem at all. His eyes curled and he decided to surprise Norman tomorrow.

In the morning, An Jin and Norman finish breakfast and were ready to tell Norman that he had a way to keep Norman in the water, when Norman’s communication rings and his face quickly became serious.

Norman looked to the little mermaid, “There’s something going on in the military, I’ll leave now, see you at noon.”

An Jin nodded obediently, “See you at noon.”


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