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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin’s breathing became sharper all of a sudden, and his hands shook as he shut down the communication. Before the communication hung up, Norman heard the little mermaid’s panicked breathing clearly and could almost immediately think of the little mermaid’s embarrassed and shy appearance now.

An Jin bit his lip and reluctantly sat up, trying to put the fishtail dress back on, however the fabric came around his feet and rubbed against his skin, causing him to shudder uncontrollably.

The back of his head hit the door with a thud, and he sounded anxious and embarrassed. “I’m-I’m-I’m…”

Norman heard the sound of the door slamming, his heart tightened, and his heart ached because of the little mermaid’s hoarse voice.

“An An, don’t panic, don’t be afraid.” Norman’s voice was steady. “Be good, stay away from the door.”

An Jin’s hot and dazed head was knocked clearer, and slightly calmed by Norman’s reassurance, he subconsciously listened to Norman’s words and tried to move to the side, but because the lower body was a large tail, did not move.

He used his spiritual force, turned his tail into legs, and stood up holding the door.

The next moment, his body froze. The liquid flowing from behind him, slipping on the inner thighs, the feeling was particularly clear, like what was crawling down from above. His feet went weak and he moved to the wall and sat down, his feet turning into a tail. His few sensible thoughts were that at least the tail had scales and wasn’t as shameful as a bare lower body.

“An An.” Norman didn’t hear the movement, and his sword brow furrowing slightly, announced, “I’m coming in.”

An Jin just shifted his position, and feeling the slightly cool touch beneath him, his tail unconsciously twisted, trying to draw in the coolness and trying to alleviate the hard feeling through friction. He heard Norman’s voice, his long eyelashes fluttered lightly, and a deep longing arose in his heart, so he did not stop.

Norman did not hear the refusal, and really worried about the little mermaid, gently pushed open the door. Without feeling the pressure behind the door, his expression was slightly relieved.

The little mermaid obeyed his words and moved away, which also means that this little mermaid did not reject him coming in. As soon as he entered, he saw the little mermaid sitting against the wall, the side of his face pressed against the wall, his cheeks slightly red, and his tail rubbing the ground.

At the same time, he keenly smelled the lightly relieved scent, and his eyes deepened slightly, his throat knot rolling up and down uncontrollably.

“An An.” He crouched down in front of the little mermaid and raised his hand to brush away the long hair that had slipped next to the little mermaid’s eyes.

An Jin’s eyes seem to be filled with water, his peach blossom eyes were hazy, the end of the eyes were red, and the usual crimson lips were darker, very bright. An Jin’s entire body was hot, and at this time it added to a fire that burned him out of his senses, leaving only his instincts.

He subconsciously grabbed Norman’s hand, and with his body facing towards Norman, tail up, fiercely slapped the ground. The counter-thrust was very strong.

Norman was frozen by the extraordinarily active little mermaid, was heavily pushed backwards, hitting the door that was only half pushed, and the door was knocked wide open. He was about to stabilize himself when the little mermaid wrapped himself around him, and he reached around the little mermaid’s waist and laid down on his back on the floor.

An Jin pressed against Norman, his face buried in the side of Norman’s neck, moving a little sharply to rub, and his tail kept twisting, close to Norman. Norman’s breathing got heavier, and he took a deep breath to collect his mind.

An Jin was unable to ventilate, and his movements became more urgent, and a hard humming sound came from his throat, with a low sob. He released his grip on Norman’s neck, resting one hand on Norman’s shoulder and moving the other down.

Norman’s eyes swept over his long fingernails and he hastily took his wrist, put his hand on his shoulder and soothed in a deep voice, “I’ll help you.”

The hand he held on the small mermaid’s waist moved down the side of his waist, and the palm of his hand was soon scalded by the heat. The heat ran down the palm of his hand, all the way to his heart. On Norman’s forehead floated a fine layer of sweat, his brown eyes extremely dark, as if a hurricane of the deep sea, looking very dangerous.

An Jin was oblivious, grunted in comfort and discomfort, and kept rubbing.

Norman got up with the little mermaid, who had temporarily subsided. The little mermaid was obedient, with his cheek pressed against the side of his neck and his head down, so that only his red neck and ears could be seen.

An Jin’s eyelashes fluttered rapidly, and his sanity returned a little after the relief. Norman stood up with the little mermaid in one arm and went to the sink to rinse his hands off.

An Jin slightly tilted his head to look, and then hurriedly buried his face back. Although he was his unmarried mate, he still felt embarrassed. He was physically exhausted, yet his nose was filled with the familiar male scent, and the heat that had only slightly receded swept over him again, even more fiercely.

An Jin’s tail unconsciously rubbed against Norman, his hand rewrapped around Norman’s neck, and his face pressed against it. Norman was slightly flabbergasted, his sword eyebrows furrowed, eyes looking down at the little mermaid’s delicate little face that showed a trace of fatigue. He smelled it before, and he just helped the little mermaid himself.

According to the information, before the mermaid rut period, the body instinctively will be ready, but the little mermaid was different, and the preparation period was less than a day. He pondered for a moment and decided to carry the little mermaid to the second floor bathtub. In the water, the little mermaid may be better. He leaned down slightly and picked up the little mermaid’s tail, his hand was suddenly stained with a slightly stickier liquid than water, he gave a start and looked at the tail.

Just look at the front, the surface of the tail was no longer water.

An Jin’s tail was picked up and could not be rubbed, only for him to feel more uncomfortable. “Itchy.”

Norman’s throat rolled, and his voice was dark and strong. “Where?”

An Jin’s mind only wanted Norman to make him comfortable, so he honestly said something about the back.

Norman’s breathing stalled slightly as he held the little mermaid and turned to the vanity, where he saw clearly in the mirror the scales moving away to reveal a shiny surface from which water kept flowing.

Norman cheeks suddenly tensed, his forehead veins jumping, just feeling like in the next moment he would explode. He grabbed the little mermaid and quickly walked out of the mermaid room.

When An Jin was put in the bathtub, he regained his senses for a moment, and his tail suddenly popped up and splashed Norman with water. He was embarrassed and panicked, and raised his hands to cover his back. Norman was careful and put in warm water, but his body was too hot and his body was even hotter. Due to the obvious temperature difference between the water and the body, the ice made him a machine.

“I-I-I…” An Jin almost cried out, why is it like this ah! His hands were lying on the bathtub, and his first thought was to get out, however, his tail just lifted up and he could not move at all.

He subconsciously changed to his feet and lifted his feet to cross out, but once his feet were out of the water, he felt that the water temperature was better than of the air, and the feeling of emptiness under the belly was particularly obvious. His expression stiffened, and he turned to lie in the bathtub.

However, he soon realized that this position was not too good either, and he turned back to his tail. He had no face to see Norman.

The little mermaid’s series of movements was very fast. Norman saw clearly, and quickly understood the root cause. His voice was dark. “I’m sorry.” After a pause, he adjusted his breathing before saying again, “I’ll adjust the water temperature, let me know if you think it’s appropriate.”

An Jin mumbled lowly until he didn’t notice a significant temperature difference, then he whispered, “Okay.”

The water temperature rose and he was swept up in the heat again.

Norman felt the little mermaid’s breathing get heavier, and he squatted in front of the tub, trying to restrain the urge to flip him and asked seriously, “An An, can I help you?”

An Jin’s fingers curled, popping long nails against his palm, the slight pain clearing his thoughts. He thought for a moment and nodded.

If Norman was willing, so was he. With their relationship, he didn’t have to refuse. Besides, judging from Little Silver’s experience, and his body’s reaction, it was likely that Aisa mermaids and Tek mermaids would get through their rut differently. It would be difficult for him to get through on his own, unless he fought hard.

But there was no need, and denying Norman hard resistance would be bad for him, and Norman, too.

After he nodded his head, his body turned fully into human form. His jade-white skin was tinged with a layer of powder, and the red of his cheeks and ears were even more pronounced. His fingers curled, but were held against his nails. He glanced quickly at Norman, whose uniform was mostly wet, and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

He wasn’t sure when it would be over. He could stay in the water, but Norman couldn’t, his skin would wrinkle. Norman leaned over and picked him up, walking slightly uncomfortably to the bed.

An Jin went to the bed and removed all the water from his body without wetting it, and once he was next to the bed, he reached up and lifted the thin blanket to cover his body.

Norman quickly took off his uniform jacket and leaned over An Jin. “An An.”

An Jin’s eyes were slightly red from the heat and he remembered the worry in his heart. “I…was afraid my nails would scratch you, and also, I wasn’t sure if I could maintain my human form all the time.”

Norman pressed down his body, his voice dark. “It’s okay, don’t worry, don’t have any worries, I won’t get hurt.”

An Jin trusted Norman and relaxed his heartstrings. Norman kissed his crimson lips, the soft touch almost made him afraid to use force, and gently licked, until the teenager instinctively urged him and could no longer hold back. He became like a violent storm. After a long time, the heat of An Jin’s body finally subsided and he lay on his back, not wanting to move.

Norman was satisfied and heartbroken. “An An, eat something before you sleep?”

An Jin’s pretty eyebrows knitted and his head tilted to the other side, as if he wanted to get away from the disturbing noise. Norman looked at the back of the teenager’s head, his eyebrows very gentle. He thought for a moment, gave up letting the teenager get up to eat the chef’s good food, and took out an A agent.

He took the little mermaid in his arms and slowly fed him one of the A agents.

An Jin subconsciously swallowed it, and when his tongue was entangled, he shook his head unconsciously and said in a hoarse voice, “No more.”

Norman kissed the corner of the teenager’s mouth and pressed on with the desire to “eat again”, leaving the little mermaid to rest. 

It was now two o’clock the next morning, yet Norman was not at all sleepy, but rather in a very good mood.

He used to think that driving a mecha was the most enjoyable and happy thing in the world, but now, he had completely changed this idea. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the side of the teenager’s face for a long time before he looked away and opened the terminal.

There were many unread messages in the terminal, most of them concerned An Jin. He had made too much noise on his way back to the palace, and although he had activated his stealth mode on the way, many people at the military headquarters had seen him rushing away in his mecha.

Norman replied to Jorens message first. “An An is fine,” he added after a pause, “just went into heat.”

He then replied to Mu Chen with this message, and the rest of the group simply replied with two words: “It’s okay.”

Mu Chen was woken up by the message alert, casually looked at it, and dropped his hand. The next moment, he raised his hand to look again, scanned the time, and immediately gossiped, “You helped An An spend it?”

Norman asked instead of answering. “Two days ago, you helped Little Silver spend?”

Mu Chen said, “Good night, let’s go to bed.”

An Jin slept until twelve o’clock and woke up hungry. His head was still a bit confused when he woke up. He subconsciously wiggled his tail, but instead of his body’s usual feeling of swimming lightly in the water, his foot hit the bed without pain, but the feeling of meeting resistance was very obvious.

He immediately looked down and saw a pair of straight long legs, the light shone through the window, and the skin was so white that it almost glowed; therefore, the bruises and red and purple marks on it were also particularly conspicuous.

An Jin froze for a moment, the events of last night came to mind, and his face turned red.

He did not expect that Norman, who was usually calm and serious, would be so crazy when he had sex, and the feeling of being gently nibbled all the way from his heel to his inner thighs still seemed to linger on his skin. His heartbeat suddenly accelerated, he hurriedly propped himself up on the bed and got up, and because his back was sore, his movements were stiff for a moment.

He rubbed his waist, and his pretty face wrinkled.

Suddenly, a pair of large hands reached over, his body lifted into the air, and before he could cry out, he was sitting on Norman’s lap in the next second. He hurriedly looked up and met Norman’s deep eyes, and he was nervous and shy. “Good, good morning.”

Norman smiled lowly and his chest shook slightly. An Jin’s nervousness dissipated when he saw the obvious smile at the corner of Norman’s mouth.

“Good afternoon.” Norman rubbed the teenager’s waist. “Tough?”

An Jin then went to feel the sensation in his body, a little embarrassed. “I work out too little.”

Norman asked, “Is it uncomfortable to be out of the water for so long?”

An Jin shook his head, he and Norman were officially together, so he could transform his feet at will. When he thought about last night, his thoughts turned to his body, and he moved uncomfortably. Norman breathed a little. “What’s wrong?”

An Jin was a little embarrassed, but thinking of their relationship, he didn’t hide it. “It feels like there’s something else in there.”

Norman took him by the waist and brought the teenager closer to himself, lowering his head to kiss the lips that could have easily distracted him. However, only the back of his hand was kissed.

An Jin’s right palm stopped between them and his eyes blinked rapidly as he said seriously, “I-I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

He hurriedly pushed Norman away and jumped out of bed, his white feet stepped on the ground, he looked down for a moment and suddenly thought, he didn’t wear slippers yesterday.

Norman followed him out of bed and gently picked up the teenager and let him step on his big slippers. “Wear mine.”

“What about you?” An Jin did not tuck his feet into the holes of his shoes.

Norman’s foot gently touched the back of the teenager’s foot. “Hot, no need.”

An Jin felt the heat of Norman’s foot and his rounded fingers shrank, then he looked down and tucked his foot into the slipper. He headed for the door when his shoulder was grabbed by Norman. “There’s your toiletries in the washroom, new ones.”

An Jin’s heart skipped a beat. Were they going to live together?

Norman took the teenager to the washroom and said, “After you wash up, go to the mermaid room and rest while I have the cook bring lunch.”

An Jin nodded, his eyes swept past his casual clothes, and he suddenly realized. “Did you take off work because of me?”

Norman didn’t want to burden the teenager, and it wasn’t like he had to be at the military headquarters on time. “Normal leave.”

After washing up, An Jin returned to the mermaid room, soaked in the pool, and checked his unread messages before eating lunch.

Jorens reported the return of the Rabe Star Army in the last two days and then was concerned about his health. “King, the pregnancy rate is high during the rut, please always pay attention to your health, you may already have a baby.”

An Jin looked a little embarrassed, he didn’t expect Jorens would know that he had sex with Norman. But soon, he couldn’t care less about embarrassment and was more curious, “…Can humans and mermaids have babies?”

“Of course!” Jorens message came in less than a minute. “One of the humans who broke into Rabe’s star in the first place fell in love with a mermaid and didn’t follow the team that left with the mermaid genes, and stayed in exchange, and he and the mermaid had offspring.”

An Jin froze, expressed his thanks to Jorens, and then looked to his abdomen.

It shouldn’t be so accurate, right?

Lunch was plentiful, yet An Jin ate so absentmindedly that Norman couldn’t help but worry. “Shall I have Hornád check you out?”

“No!” An Jin had a lot of marks on his body and didn’t really want to see people, and he wasn’t unwell, just a little tired, which was normal. After he finished eating, he looked at Norman and reminded in advance, “I want to tell you something, you should not be too nervous.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid with a serious look, a little surprised. The little mermaid was in good health, and he could not think of anything that would make him nervous. “Okay, I am not nervous.”

An Jin explained the mermaid adults’ differentiated gender, and then pointed to the end of his eyes, “I am an Aisa mermaid, Jorens said that humans and mermaids can also breed offspring.”

Norman froze, his eyes shifted down, but because the little mermaid was next to the wall of the pool, he could not see the lower abdomen. He jerked to his feet. “I’ll have Hornád examine you!”

An Jin was amused and touched. “You said you wouldn’t be nervous, even if there really was…a baby, you can’t find out now.”

Norman exhaled lightly and squatted down to look at him seriously. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I should have taken birth control.”

“It’s fine.” An Jin smiled at him. “I should have asked sooner, and, well, that’s okay.”

He didn’t care if it was sooner or later, since he had already accepted the baby.

Norman was concerned. “It matters, you’re still young! We don’t want a baby for now.”

An Jin didn’t feel small, and thought about it, but he didn’t know much about mermaid babies and there was still a lot to do. He nodded. “Then let Dr. Hornád give me some medicine.”

So close to the time, there was absolutely a way to avoid conception, and the medical technology here was so good that there was no need to worry about the side effects of the medicine.

Norman gave a rare torn look. “What if it’s already there?” He quickly looked firm. “No pills! With the baby, I will take good care of you.” He said seriously, “I will take care of it in the future.”

An Jin’s heart was warm and he held his hand. “Don’t be nervous, I’ll take care of myself.”

Norman nodded his head, saw his tired face, rubbed the top of his hair, and let him rest while he sat on the sofa in the mermaid room to work on his papers.

An Jin slept for two hours and woke up in a good mood. He leaned on the big crab and played with the terminal. He first looked at the messages from the mermaid group, and the mermaids who had a poor memory had perceived that their memory had gotten better!

Jorens sent videos of early childhood education on Rabe to the mermaids for them to learn from, and they seemed to enjoy it; they were always talking about it.

Three days later, the last remote planet mermaid was received on Siao for a day of rest before undergoing genetic repair surgery.

After a seven day observation period, if there were no physical problems with this group of mermaids, they were ready to go to Rabe Star. Norman was busy these days, arranging various military departments, as well as setting up the welcome team.

An Jin was also busy, first upgrading the spiritual force for the three who revealed private mermaids, and then buying seeds for purification. Jorens sued Selenium on behalf of Rabe Star, presenting evidence that the grand prince of Selenium was responsible for the sneak attack on Rabe Star’s main fleet.

At the same time, An Jin announced the public sale of the purified seeds, but forbade the people of Selenium to buy them. The reputation of the grand prince of Sailon became very low, and the rest of the princes and princesses took advantage of the chaos to seize power, and there was internal chaos in Sailon.

Finally, amidst the public outcry, the grand prince took the initiative to apologize and send a generous compensation gift. Only then did An Jin open up the right to purchase the purified seeds to Selenium.

Everyone in the Star Alliance realized that even if the mermaid planet had only just joined the Star Alliance, it was still bad to mess with, and certainly not to be messed with. The compensation was handled by Jorens, and An Jin took the money from the sale of the seeds and bought medical equipment and beast cores in bulk.

Rabe Star was preparing for his wedding, but he also wanted to do something. As for the beast cores, they were for the preparation of the sacred tree, but also for upgrading his ability.

His mind turned, a cloud of water mist appeared in front of him, and then exploded. It formed a more delicate and dense fog, blurring the vision.


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July 4, 2022 8:23 am

Wow! Totally totally loved this chapter! I loved how Norman took care of AJ with love and affection and how happy he was to be with his mate! Glad to see that the mermaids are recovering their memory and that the pure seeds can be made available to the públic! I see a baby bun soon!! Looking forward to it! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️❤️

July 4, 2022 9:51 am

Yup, they did it, but we have to use our brain holes to imagine how wild Norman was. If there is a small bun in the oven, congratulations! If not, there will be sooner or later, but still congratulation on being an officially mated couple!
Selenium got punished, and now Norman and An Jin are preparing to visit the Rabe Star. The mist… is it the other part of mermaid inheritance?
Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 4, 2022 12:13 pm

I’m glad Norman and AnAn are together as a couple, hope a little mermaid comes soon, and I think Little Silver and MuChen will be the same too.. I like this chapter very much Norman is a loving partner. Thank you for translating and editing ❤️❤️❤️👏❤️❤️

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Possible bun? Also now we know (confirmed at least) that Mu Chen and Little Silver did it too! I like how they decided to handle if an empire doesn’t want to give over their mermaids. Thank you for the chapter!

July 21, 2023 11:05 pm

NEVER… underestimate a calm quite gentleman 😏

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