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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


In the morning, Norman finished his morning workout, went back to his bedroom to prepare for his shower, and opened his terminal to order breakfast. He habitually checked his little mermaid’s breakfast for reference, but found that he hadn’t ordered yet. He was a little surprised and scanned the time at the top of the screen: three minutes past seven. The little mermaid usually ordered breakfast before seven.

With a move of his feet, he changed his route and headed for the mermaid’s room. He knocked gently on the door, but there was no response. The little mermaid’s perception was very strong. If he was awake, even if the little mermaid was in the bathroom, he could definitely sense it. He called the housekeeping robot. “Where’s An An?”

“The pool, at the bottom.”

Norman wrinkled his nose. “Check his physical condition.”

The robot’s emotionless silver eyes flashed with electricity, and soon reported the results, “Sleeping, signs normal.”

The little mermaid was very regular, but today he got up late, and ruled out illness as the reason. Norman could not help but guess the little mermaid stayed up late last night. He looked serious, stood in the doorway for a moment in silence, and ordered, “Monitor his health at all times.”

The robot said, “Yes.”

Norman didn’t disturb the little mermaid’s sleep, turned to the bedroom, and while opening the terminal, ordered the little mermaid’s favorite breakfast shrimp dumplings and crab soup buns. Although removing impurities after the food was prepared was not as good as removing impurities from the raw material and then cooking it, by making it in advance, the little mermaid could wake up and eat breakfast directly.

The time between dinner and breakfast had become longer, and the little mermaid was afraid that he would be hungry when he woke up. An Jin didn’t wake up until almost eight o’clock, and he froze when he saw the time; he usually woke up at six-thirty, and last night was also the normal ten o’clock bedtime.

And even when he woke up, he didn’t feel very cautious, and was even a little irritable because of it.

Norman was in full uniform, sitting on the living room couch reading papers, when he suddenly received a report from the robot that the little mermaid was awake. He strode to the door of the mermaid’s room and knocked. “An An, may I come in?”

An Jin was still sitting on the clamshell bed, waking up, and remembering whether he had slept so long because of the poor quality of sleep caused by his dreams last night. He was embarrassed. Norman must have known that he had slept in. He swung his big blue tail, swam out of the water, put both hands on the edge of the bank, and looked at Norman, who pushed the door in. He subconsciously said, “Good morning.”

Norman returned a sentence, walked to the little mermaid, crouched down, and raised a hand to ruffle the hair on the little mermaid’s cheeks. His fingertips touched the little mermaid’s cheeks, and his eyebrows wrinkled. “You have a fever!”

A mermaid’s body temperature was low compared to humans, and he knew the temperature of the little mermaid’s body surface very well, and it was clearly a little hotter than usual. An Jin was slightly stunned, he did not feel a headache or dizzy, and used his fingertips to probe his forehead. “No.”

Norman took him by the back of the neck and put his head down against his forehead, his tone still serious. “There’s almost no temperature difference.”

The two were so close that An Jin’s heart was beating uncontrollably and he rubbed Norman’s forehead when he didn’t realize it. This intimate touch made his original restlessness dissipate a lot.

“An An?” Norman was slightly surprised and an idea immediately came to his mind that An An was uncomfortable and was pampering him. An Jin froze for a second and then returned to his senses, eyes slightly open, head subconsciously retracted, because Norman’s hand around the back of his neck did not pull away.

Norman hurriedly let go of his hand. “Sorry, I’ll contact Dr. Hornád.” He opened the terminal while he was soothing, “It won’t be hard anymore.”

An Jin realized he had misunderstood and reached out to grab Norman’s wrist. “No, it’s not necessary.”

Feeling the difference in temperature between the two of them, the information about the mermaid’s estrus period that he looked up last night came to his mind. The mermaid would become drowsy during the pre-estrus period, while the body would have a feverish phenomenon, and the temper would become irritable.

When the heat reached its peak, the mermaid would fall into a formal estrus, after which the mermaid would have a brief period of weakness. When he read it yesterday, he thought maybe it didn’t apply to him, after all, his last pre-estrus symptoms didn’t match at all, he just dropped his scales and changed them.

Now it seemed the information applied to him as well; he’s physically feverish. This also meant that his rut had arrived. Thinking about his reaction last time, he turned his head to look under the pool and was unconsciously relieved to see no scales.

Although he knew that the loss of scales would not affect his health, the scene of large scale loss was scary, and there would be a sense of crisis of becoming bald.

Norman followed the little mermaid’s line of sight to the water, found no difference, and worried that the little mermaid refused to see the doctor and wanted to hide in the pool. He reassured, “Don’t be afraid, you will be comfortable after the doctor treats you.”

An Jin shook his head at Norman. “I’m not afraid.” He grabbed Norman’s hand and unconsciously used a bit of force, and with a click, his nails popped out. He hurriedly let go and looked at Norman’s hand. It was good that the nails were relative and did not scratch Norman.

“I’m not uncomfortable.” He relaxed his fingers and the nails retracted. “Yes, it’s normal.”

Norman’s eyes showed a hint of disbelief, and soon, again, the meaning came. The last time the little mermaid was in heat and changed scales, he was worried and checked all the information related to mermaid’s heat, so he knew it well. His heart was beating fast, and he took a deep breath and collected his mind. “I’ll have the chef bring the breakfast over, you get more rest.”

An Jin’s cheeks burned uncontrollably, and he was a little surprised by Norman’s reaction, clearly he already understood what was going on with him. He was a little embarrassed and whispered, “You go ahead, I’ll take care of myself.”

This was only the preliminary stage, even if he was in heat, he did not want Norman to stay, like they were courting. He’d been through it once, embarrassed and shy, but he figured he could get through it on his own. He could do it!

Norman hesitated for a moment. “Okay, if…it’s hard, contact me in time.”

The first period of a mermaid’s physical reaction was all about preparation, and it was when the official heat phase was over that mermaids would have a hard time. The last time the little mermaid’s reaction during estrus was completely different from the information, but this time it matched.

Although he was not sure how the little mermaid got through last time, he was clear that the little mermaid did not last very long. If the little mermaid reacted the same way as the profile this time, he was afraid it would be tough and he had to do something to prepare.

An Jin did not know the activities of Norman’s heart, and was relieved to see Norman cooperating with his words, nodding his head in response.

In the military parking lot, Norman jumped out of the hover car and walked towards the military building. After passing a hover car, he stopped in his tracks and turned his head to the left.

Mu Chen was standing between two hover cars, facing his own hover car. He approached the window and fixed the collar of his shirt inside his uniform. After finishing it, he inclined his head, the side of his neck was elongated. He looked at it carefully, seemed to feel unsatisfied, and lifted the collar up again.

“You’re on a blind date today?” Norman asked.

A large part of the military chiefs in the military department were single, high ranking and single, and the market was very good. The few former military chiefs who had successfully retired to the second line, in the technical department of logistics and other departments, were particularly keen to hold the red line.

Most of the time, for the sake of the seniors’ face and the mood of wanting to get rid of singleness, some army chiefs were too generous to agree to a blind date.

Only at this time, the military chiefs who have never paid attention to appearance, would pay extra attention to dressing.

In Norman’s opinion, Mu Chen’s move to dress excellently was dressing up. Mu Chen was so shocked that he jumped in place, and when he landed, his body had already turned to Norman. He put his hand down from his collar and gave a dry laugh. “No, I didn’t pay attention this morning and buttoned it crookedly.”

Norman’s gaze was measured and his eyebrows were raised. “What are you panicking about?”

“No, where did I panic?” Mu Chen immediately retorted and left the parking area.

Norman did not dwell on this topic, and the two walked together towards the military building.

Norman’s face was thoughtful, his mind recalled what Mu Chen told him to deal with during the little mermaid’s last rut, and decided to go online and buy everything later. When he was walking around, the left side of Mu Chen’s neck was slightly itchy and his fingers moved, always wanting to reach out and touch it, but restraining himself in time.

Unable to ignore the feeling, he couldn’t help but think of what happened the night before, and his expression quickly changed, the palm of his hand, as if it was hot, abruptly clenched. He should not be soft! His hands were sore, and he was bitten by Little Silver, who was so happy.

The more he thought about it, the more he lost!

“Admiral Mu Chen, what’s with all the fire this early in the morning?” Garrett met the two, saluted Norman, and slapped Mu Chen on the left shoulder.

Garrett was the tallest and strongest of all the army chiefs, and the slap was so bold that it touched the side of Mu Chen’s neck.

“Hiss…” Mu Chen huffed in pain, immediately tilted his shoulder to get rid of Garrett’s hand, and took a step to the side.

On the battlefield, this pain could not move him, however, Garrett’s action was too sudden, and he was in a safe state, and with no heart preparation, reflexively let out of the sound.

Garrett looked at Mu Chen with surprise. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so delicate? I don’t think so, I don’t need any training.” He leapt forward. “How about we have a fight at noon?”

Mu Chen glared at him. “You’re the one who’s weak.”

Norman asked, “Hurt?”

Garrett looked at Mu Chen’s shoulder. “Why is it red?”

Mu Chen immediately pulled his collar upwards and took the opportunity to say, “You should be more gentle in the future.”

Garrett looked at his hand incredulously and then at Mu Chen. “Why are you more petulant than the little white boy?”

“Your Majesty,” Xie Li greeted him. He then saluted Norman, nodded politely to Mu Chen, and went back to the research department with a bland look.

Garrett looked back, his face scrunched up. “It’s over, I was heard again.”

Mu Chen had a smile on the corner of his mouth, it was a bit of a gloating look. “Who told you to give people nicknames indiscriminately?”

The three of them walked to the office area and before they separated, Adjutant Norman came over with an excited expression.

“His Majesty, after discussing with the technical staff of Rabe Star, Director Xie has formulated a plan to directly strengthen the mecha and give them an upgrade. I hope His Majesty and the army chiefs are free to send the mecha over for real-time adjustment.”

Norman nodded. “Send the notification directly.”

The adjutant responded.

Mu Chen’s eyes glowed and he patted Garrett’s shoulder. “You should stop arguing and just come in last place. Thanks for your humility.”

Garrett shouted back, “Who said I had to be humble! I’ll be there after the meeting!”

Mu Chen reminded, “Don’t forget about the last mecha repair. You just said, and Director Xie heard clearly, people did not give you a look.”

Garrett opened the terminal. “I’ll apologize now!”

An Jin finished his breakfast and soaked in the pool to check Jorens’ message. Jorens told him about the technology exchange agreement between Rabe Planet and Siao Planet, trading mecha technology for medical technology, and some more about the rest of the political arrangements.

He told Jorens that he didn’t have to tell him, but Jorens insisted and said that he wouldn’t let the king bother with the political affairs, but everything had to be told to the king. After he finished reading it, he received a report from the droid that the seeds of the last two Star League members had arrived.

When the droids took the seeds out, An Jin left the pool, went to the seed room to purify the seeds, and then asked the droids to send the space button with the pure seeds to Jorens.

On both initial occasions, he sent the seeds to the Star League for testing after learning of the impending return of the Rabe Star army, and only gave the seeds to the councilor of that planet when the Rabe Star army officially departed from that planet.

But then, this matter was taken over by Jorens.

So An Jin had nothing to do for the time being, just waiting for all the mermaids to finish their surgeries and leave for Rabe Star after the observation period was over. An Jin returned to the pool and clicked on the mermaid chat group, which was very lively, and Little Silver became active again.

At noon, Norman went back to the palace and had lunch with An Jin and saw that the little mermaid was in good shape before going back to the military headquarters.

An Jin watched the word recognition video for two hours in the afternoon and started to practice his ability. Within half an hour, he felt tired and was sensitive to the fact that his body was getting hotter. He stopped practicing and rested on the big crab, and in a short while, he fell asleep without realizing it.

Norman finished the paperwork and sat in his office, browsing the usage of various magical appliances, his brow furrowed and his face deep in thought. Did he really want to give these to the little mermaid? Just thinking about it made him feel unbearable.

An Jin was awakened by heat, and this familiar dryness and the feeling of emptiness deep inside made him immediately understand what was happening. Although it was a little different from the information, and there was no buffer period of one or two days, An Jin felt happier because he could avoid embarrassment sooner by ending it.

Soon, however, he couldn’t be happy anymore because he realized that his last experience didn’t work. He was limp behind the bathroom door, his fishtail skirt flattened beneath him, his pretty blue tail fully exposed. The faint smell of something fishy was still in the air, and the light blue fishtail skirt was tinged with some white.

An Jin’s tail slapped up and down on the ground, and his body unconsciously rubbed against the fishtail dress, but it did not relieve the itch behind him at all. His brain was chaotic, his hand reached back, but his hand was too shaky, not right, hitting the scales, nails popping out with a click.

An Jin slumped to the ground in frustration, this time feeling much worse than last time, almost losing control of his body. He was hot and dry, and when his cheek hit his wrist, he touched the terminal, almost instinctively trying to find a way to make himself comfortable, he unconsciously dialed Norman’s communication.

Norman immediately picked up and heard the sound of the young mermaid’s dark, sharp breath.

Norman jerked up from his seat, How quickly!

He ran all the way out of the office, took out his mecha once he was out of the building, set his stealth mode, and flew the mecha back to the palace.

“An An?” He stood at the bathroom door and knocked gently.

An Jin’s head was against the door, and the knock went straight to his head, and his unclear mind suddenly found a trace of sanity. He first froze, confused, thinking, Why is Norman back?

“Good boy, open the door,” Norman said again.

An Jin realized then that there were two voices, and one voice was coming from the terminal. He almost spontaneously combusted on the spot. It was Norman he was looking for!

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