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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin was familiar with the mermaids, Rui Rui and Ling Ling were mates, and Gu Gu was going back to Siao, so only Bubbles and Little Silver attended the blind date. He originally thought that he would ask Little Silver and Bubbles about their blind date at noon, but he didn’t expect that Little Silver would actually be sent to the police station.

Hearing Bubbles’ anxious tone, he hurriedly reassured, “Don’t worry, are you in the police station?”

“I’m not there, Little Silver and I are not together,” Bubbles said, chagrined. “Little Silver and I like different rides, went to the playground and separated, and agreed to meet at the playground restaurant at noon.”

“I just heard a mermaid discussing that a Tek mermaid got into a fight with an Aisa mermaid, so I was curious to ask, only to learn that one of the Tek mermaids was Little Silver. I contacted Little Silver and Little Silver did not answer, but the police officer answered. He told me to notify Little Silver’s family.”

“…” An Jin got up and walked out. “You go back to your place first, I’ll go to the police station right away, you don’t have to worry.”

Bubbles said, “I’ve got a car, so I’ll go to the police station.”

An Jin replied, “Okay, you be safe.”

The date was in the center of Rabe City, the main city of Rabe Star, and the police department was in charge of security.

In the police questioning room, Little Silver, handcuffed behind his back, sat on a stool with an unhappy face. “He started it, let me go!”

“It was you who started it! You pushed Xixi down!” The brown mermaid, who was sitting side by side with him and also had his hands cuffed, looked at him angrily.

“Who told him to be uncivilized?” Little Silver’s brow furrowed. “I didn’t know he was that weak.”

The cyan mermaid standing next to the brown mermaid bit his lip, his eyes watering as he looked at Little Silver with wide eyes. “I’m not weak, I was just not standing still.”

Little Silver hissed. “Why are you crying again? I didn’t hit you, you didn’t set me up!”

The green mermaid’s tears glistened even more, as if blinking out of his eyes.

“You are simply too much!” The brown mermaid was furious and got up, but dragged the stool to the frame because he was tied to it. “Bastard, you’re justified in bullying Aisa mermaid, aren’t you?”

Little Silver retorted loudly, “I’m not bullying him, you don’t say that.”

The officer held the brown mermaid down. “Calm down, you still want to fight, don’t you?”

The brown mermaid glared at Little Silver. “Let go of me, I’ll show him what I’m made of!”

Little Silver’s silver eyes blinked, feeling familiar with the words, and lifted his chin to the officer. “Let go of him, he’s not powerful at all, I’ll show him what it means to be really powerful!”

The corners of the officer’s mouth twitched and he slapped the desk. “Quiet, what’s all the noise?! You’ve got a lot of nerve, how dare you fight in here?!”

Another police officer went around behind Little Silver and the brown mermaid with their terminal to extract identity information. “You say you guys, a good match, why aren’t you trying to be mates instead of fighting?” He looked at the person’s identity information. “Adult unmarried, both students, you…” he saw Little Silver’s information and froze.

On Rabe Star, they did not announce to the public which mermaids were from the Star Alliance. In order to let the mermaids go into the mermaid life, only identity information was left in their files, because they worried about them being disturbed and treated abnormally. Because of their special situation where, although they were adults, they did not understand basic common sense and laws and regulations, they were in a state of guardianship.

The officer saw that Little Silver’s guardian information column was not blank, froze, and then understood. In a serious tone, he stated, “Fighting and assault is a violation!” He checked his guardian’s information. “I’ll have your guardian take you back.”

Little Silver’s feet lifted upwards. “No!”

The officer didn’t listen to him and dialed the communication.

Mu Chen had gone to the airport in the morning to meet the research team that had arrived on Rabe and had only just dropped the team off at their lodgings when he received an unfamiliar communication. He looked at it and recognized it as a Rabe police communication number. He had a bad feeling in his heart, and when the research team leader signaled, he stepped aside and answered, “Hello.”

The officer was serious. “Little Silver and another mermaid got into a fight, currently in Rabe main city police station, please come to the police station.”

Mu Chen hurriedly asked, “Is he hurt?”

“He’s fine.”

Mu Chen sighed in relief. “I’m sorry, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

The officer hung up the communication and saw Little Silver’s silver eyes fall on him, he was serious. “What are you looking at? Reflect on that.”

Little Silver was right. “I’m not wrong.”

The police officer wanted to say something else, but thought of his identity, and did not speak. He thought to himself that he would have to react to the new Bay School and get these returning mermaids to learn about compliance as soon as possible. As he thought this, he informed the brown mermaid’s chief.

The light blue shuttle landed in the parking lot of the police station, and eight pro-guard shuttles landed in turn. An Jin got out of the shuttle and walked into the police station, and everyone in the lobby froze.

A police officer greeted him, “King, what can I do for you?”

“An Jin.” An Jin turned his head and was a little surprised to see Mu Chen behind Bubbles. Siao delivered the army of measuring instruments and beast nuclei, as well as the beast nuclei research team to Rabe, and Norman and Mu Chen were both busy today.

Mu Chen greeted him and briefly explained, “I am Little Silver’s Guardian, the police informed me.”

An Jin understood. The police officer explained the situation, and the three of them went to the questioning room together.

On the way, Mu Chen asked Bubbles about the details, and Bubbles repeated what he had said to An Jin.

“An An, what are you doing here?” Little Silver was surprised to see An Jin.

Bubbles said, “I informed An An.”

Mu Chen looked at the unfamiliar mermaids beside the police officer, his eyes lingering on the Aisa mermaid for a moment, and looked at the police officer. “I am his temporary guardian, can I take him away now?”

The officer said, “Only after you write a review.” He uncuffed the man.

Little Silver immediately jumped to An Jin’s side and moved his wrist. “I’m not writing it, he started it!”

The brown mermaid sniffed and immediately shifted the gaze that had landed on An Jin to Little Silver. “How could I hit you if you didn’t hit Hee Hee?”

The cyan mermaid saw An Jin, understood Little Silver’s identity, and pulled the brown mermaid’s arm. “Forget it, he shouldn’t have done it on purpose.”

Little Silver pointed at his hand. “Yes, that’s right, he just pulled me, I swung my hand, he fell down, what does it have to do with me?!”

The cyan mermaid’s face reddened, and the brown mermaid’s expression was hard. “Are you Tek mermaid or not!

Little Silver thought he was still accusing him of making the cyan mermaid fall and retorted, “He was uncivilized and had to pull my hand before I did it.” He looked at Mu Chen. “You said it, pulling on the opposite sex is uncivilized!”

Mu Chen was speechless. He thought Little Silver may be single for life.

The cyan mermaid’s tears fell down again, and this time anyone who understood what was going on could not help but have great sympathy for him; actually look at such an unintelligible mermaid.

The brown mermaid wanted to fight again, but was pulled by the cyan mermaid. He turned his head, and the cyan mermaid whispered, “I-I want to go back.”

This brown mermaid’s chief came, and under the persuasion of the chief, Mu Chen, and An Jin, Little Silver and the brown mermaid shook hands and made up with each other with a glare.

The police officers understood the situation, did not force them to field write a review, allowed to go back to write, waited to submit a review, and waited to cancel the file.

Leaving the police station, Mu Chen looked at Little Silver with a stern face. “What are you angry about? The black eyes of people are beaten out by you.”

Little Silver slightly raised his silver eyes. “Not angry, think about things.” How can I get stronger if I haven’t found a mate?

Mu Chen made a sound and was about to ask what he was thinking about when he received a communication and looked at An Jin. “I still have something to do, please send them back.”

An Jin nodded. “You go ahead and get busy.”

After Mu Chen left, Little Silver and Bubbles both said they didn’t want to go back to their place, so An Jin took them to his place.

The three of them sat on the couch in the living room eating snacks brought by the tube and chatting.

An Jin looked at Little Silver. “I thought you wouldn’t go on a blind date.”

Little Silver was distressed. “Maintaining your legs will always consume spiritual power, and you can only transform at will when you bond with mates. I learned to drive a mecha and can transform at will before I get stronger.”

Bubbles’ eyes were on the virtual screen. “That green mermaid looks very good ah, why do you not like him?”

“What’s good-looking?” Little Silver said, “So like to cry, but also move hands and feet, not civilized.”

Bubbles and Little Silver shared the screen, and Bubbles said, “He is in your expression like Rabe Star’s Aisa mermaids are spoiled. You embarrassed him, of course he cried.”

Little Silver felt he took the blame. “Where did I embarrass him?”

He thought Rabe’s mermaids were strange, the green mermaid cried and the brown mermaid was so cranky! His gaze fell on An Jin, and Silver’s eyes were thoughtful. After a moment, his gaze slid down to look at An Jin’s legs. “An An, can you change your feet whenever?”

An Jin froze, his expression a little embarrassed because of what mermaids being able to freely transform represented. But seeing Little Silver’s clear gaze, it was clear that he was not teasing him, but simply asking. He nodded. “Yeah.”

Little Silver nodded his chin and raised his eyebrows. “So, humans can be mates.”

Bubbles peeked, his purple eyes sparkling. “Little Silver has his eye on humans and wants them to be mates?”

Little Silver cocked his head. “What do you mean fancy?”

Bubbles rested his chin. “I think it means he wants to mate with him.”

An Jin said, “…is more than that.”

The mermaid rushed to look at him with doubt in his eyes.

An Jin racked his brains, to explain the feeling of like, found all his feelings for Norman, and his cheeks burned. He said strictly, “Each person may feel a little different, but one thing for sure, the other is different; when you see each other’s feelings and the rest of the people are different.”

At noon, Norman and Mu Chen returned to the palace together.

Mu Chen took Little Silver back to his place and sent Bubbles back with him.

Norman rubbed the top of An Jin’s hair and sat down beside him. “The research team has settled in and is discussing with Rabe’s plant research specialist to develop a plan to not harm the sacred tree and to study the principle of the sacred tree absorbing the energy of the beast’s core.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up. “I hope we can get the results of the research sooner, so we can purify the plants and soil on a large scale.”

Although his ability could purify the soil on Siao in addition to the main planet, there were also Xu subsidiary planets, a planet area that was very large, not to mention the entire Siao Empire. The speed of purifying the soil with just him was too slow.

The tester sent by Siao made the search for the black stones go faster, and in less than a day, Rabe Star had completed its second full test.

The next day, An Jin had just returned to the palace when he received a communication from Jorens. He picked up and Jorens’ excited voice came immediately. “King! The sacred tree has really absorbed the energy of the beast’s core, and the topmost part of the tree’s root, after testing, is free of impurities.”

An Jin smiled and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but lift up. “Great!”

Jorens excitement slowed down a bit. “Currently the specialists are discussing how to place the beast cores reasonably, to ensure that the sacred tree absorbs energy faster.”

An Jin didn’t know much about this, but he was confident in Rabe’s efficiency. “The sacred tree will definitely recover soon.”

Jorens tone was sincere and respectful. “All because of you, King, thank you.”

The news of the tree’s recovery soon spread through Rabe, and the people of Rabe were in a very good mood, celebrating at night with a great deal of activity. The festive atmosphere continued until the wedding of An Jin and Norman.

October 10th, the day that the entire Star Alliance was waiting for! The electronic screens in all the high buildings of Rabe were open all day long with dazzling fireworks and festive songs and dances.

The salute rang out, and all Rabeans who were not at the wedding venue were in the squares of the cities, or in the middle, watching the vows through the official live streaming platform.

An Jin and Norman, dressed in magnificent dark blue robes, walked down the aisle and all the way to the center of the sanctuary. The one-hundred-year-old former elder, holding an ancient book in his hand, gave a solemn speech in the ancient and timeless mermaid language.

Listening to the Elder’s voice, An Jin’s heart was beating extremely fast, and the feeling of being bonded with another person as a mate was profound to the core. He was both nervous and expectant, as the elders looked at him and made their solemn vows.

Norman wore a translator in his left ear that was the same color as his gown, his hearing was not affected at all, and his eyes were focused on the teenager with incredibly soft eyes.

An Jin ended his oath and the elders looked at Norman.

Norman’s low voice was serious and grave, not too loud but extraordinarily powerful. “I – Norman Leysin am willing to be mates with An Jin, no matter what and in what situation, I will always love him, take care of him, protect him and respect him.”

An Jin’s heart beat faster looking into his deep brown eyes, and he couldn’t help but lean towards him.

The pop-ups went crazy, praising the mermaid king’s absolute beauty. The elders’ voice made the people staring at each other collect their minds and turn their attention back to the ceremony.

The elders announced that the mates were tied together, and An Jin and Norman took off the terminal and put it on the tray held by the ceremonial clerk.

The elders determined the person’s mate status on the spot, and the person’s terminal information was updated with the same.

Rabe Star Network and Star Alliance’s network were common, and their mate’s identity in the whole star alliance was valid. The terminal crossed back to them, Norman held An Jin’s hand and seriously put the terminal back on the teenager’s hand.

An Jin’s fingers were squeezed and his fingertips moved gently, he didn’t look up and helped Norman put on the terminal.

“Congratulations.” The former elder showed a kind microexpression.

Norman took the teenager and restrained himself from dropping a light kiss on the teenager’s forehead. He did not want others to see the teenager’s red face and cute and tempting look from his kiss.

The ceremony was followed by a grand celebration. An Jin and Norman took a wedding boat around Rabe City to receive the blessings of the people of Rabe Star.

An Jin’s nervousness in front of the vow stage gradually relaxed under the lively atmosphere.

The mermaid people waved, and An Jin noticed Norman holding his arm stiffly and inclined his head to look at Norman.

Norman’s expression was serious, even more serious than during war.

An Jin couldn’t help but guess. “Are you nervous?”

Norman immediately said. “No.”


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Little Silver needs to take a chill pill. If his sight’s set on Mu Chen, let’s hope MC can feel the same. MC caring for & about LS as a mermaid protecting his spiritual power, and as a prospective mate, are 2 different things. LS is used to acting up and gets his way. I wonder how MC really feels, or if he’s ever even thought about it.
Norm & An Jin are finally a married couple. Perhaps Norm can be more confident and less possessive now.
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