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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin’s palm was on Norman’s arm, which was hard to the touch beneath it. His blue eyes were tinged with laughter. “I thought you wouldn’t be nervous.”

After all, Norman had always been very calm and collected. Norman looked helpless, relaxed his body, and admitted, “I’m not nervous now.”

His brown eyes were extraordinarily deep as he gazed at the teenager’s smiling face, and the daylight made the scales on the teenager’s eyes shine brightly, making his delicate face even more fascinating. Norman’s fingers rubbed against the scales, his voice was low, and his eyebrows wrinkled. “They are watching you.”

He said this and held the teenager tighter; the possessive desire was very obvious.

An Jin’s cheeks burned with his hot sight, and he was a little surprised. “So you are jealous?”

Norman did not answer directly, dissatisfied. “Their eyes are too warm.”

If it wasn’t the wrong time, he would love to fight with some Tek mermaid with hot eyes, jumping in and out of the water to get his mate’s attention.

An Jin’s expression tightened, his face was serious and he suddenly wanted to laugh. He moved his hand from Norman’s arm to his palm, and the next moment he was grabbed by Norman’s hand, and they interlocked their fingers.

An Jin explained in a warm voice, “They all know that you and I are legal mates, but look because I am mermaid king. If we were in front of the Siao people, they would be looking at you.” His fingertips clasped inside, their fingers clasped tighter, his eyes slightly curved,and he snickered, “If people saw you, they might think you’re unhappy to be married.”

“I’m happy!” Norman immediately said, kissing the corner of mate’s forehead. “Especially happy.”

He looked at the live ball, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, showing a smile. Rabe Star viewers saw this deliberately revealed smile, and their emotions excited.

[This must be showing off!]

[Damn, this human is too proud of himself.]

An Jin and Norman returned to the royal palace, where they changed into medium-length gowns that were easy to move around in, and went to the wedding banquet. The ball was held in the banquet hall of the palace, and the wedding banquet was attended by not only the most important officials of Rabe, but also the mermaids and officers from the Star League.

After attending the wedding banquet, these people moved to the next room and attended the ball. After more than a month of study, the mermaids had mastered the basic social etiquette and adapted to Rabe’s life. They gathered two by two and talked about the wedding.

Little Silver and Mu Chen sat on the couch to the right. Little Silver took a bite of fruit and asked, “After An An’s wedding, is it time to go back to Siao?”

Mu Chen leaned back on the sofa, thinking about the recent progress of various things. “Almost.”

Little Silver finished eating the fruit quickly and suddenly sidled up to Mu Chen, silver eyes staring at Mu Chen. “You’re not willing to be my mate?”

The corner of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched and he pushed his head away. “No.”

“Bastard, my hair is messed up by you!” Little Silver glared at him and raised his hand to smooth out the messed up hair.

Mu Chen rolled his eyes. “Who told you to get that close?” He said in a much lower voice, “And you say nonsense.”

“What did you say?” Little Silver’s hands were on the back of the sofa, and he looked at him askance. “You must be saying bad things about me!”

“No,” Mu Chen denied, “I’ve said many times that sound words are not necessarily bad words.”

Little Silver grunted and asked after a while, “Why do you disagree?”

Mu Chen took a sip of juice and asked casually. “Don’t agree with what?” 

“Agreeing to be my mate!” Little Silver said loudly.

Mu Chen immediately perceived many people’s eyes looking over, pulled Little Silver’s sleeve, and helplessly said, “Ancestor, you are too loud.”

He put the juice back on the table, and looked at Little Silver. “Until you know what mate means, do not just let others be your mate in the future.”

Little Silver wrinkled his eyebrows. “I’m not casual! I’ve thought about it, you…you’re pretty smooth.”

Mu Chen pinched the bridge of his nose. “I do not agree, you better not find a mate now, wait until you are mature.”

Little Silver was still ready to say something, and Mu Chen muttered, “An An’s here.”

Little Silver’s attention shifted and his gaze turned to the entrance.

An Jin and Norman gave speeches to thank the guests and then danced the first dance of the ball. An Jin was a little nervous, he didn’t learn the dance until the wedding, he didn’t know how to dance before, but Norman guided him throughout the dance, and he didn’t make any mistakes.

After the dance, An Jin greeted the elders and spoke to Little Silver and the others for a while, but he didn’t stay long because he was a bit tired and because he had too many mermaids’ eyes on him. Norman took him back to the bedchamber, and when he entered, he picked An Jin up in his arms.

An Jin reflexively pressed against Norman’s shoulder, his heart beating wildly as he realized what the other man was about to do.

Norman carried him to the bedroom and kissed the side of mate’s face. “I wanted to do this when I took my vows.”

An Jin’s heart could not help but tremble as the hand on Norman’s shoulder went around the back of Norman’s neck and gently encircled it.

Norman’s breathing was steeply aggravated, and he walked into the room and closed the door. He put down his mate, and two people’s mouths intertwined. The two bodies were rapidly heating up, and the sound of saliva being exchanged was clearly audible in the quiet environment.

Half a second later, knowing that An Jin could hardly breathe, Norman let go of his lips. Then the delicate kisses moved to the chin, and then from the chin to all over the face, and his face showed scales that indicated his identity.

An Jin leaned against the wall, his body close to Norman’s. He tilted his head, his long white neck completely exposed, his eyelashes fluttering violently as Norman’s tongue swept over the scales. He could not restrain his voice, and Norman reacted more strongly, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck, and then gathered him in his arms and nibbled on his earlobe.

An Jin’s body shivered, and he stifled a grunt, grabbed Norman’s lapel, and gently tugged. His voice soft and mute, whispered, “Take a bath.”

Today, he had been tossed around the rituals, changed several sets of clothes, and had not touched the water, making him feel uncomfortable.

Norman violently carried him to the bathroom, put him into the bathtub, and restrained the urge. He helped him take a bath, and then wrapped his mate in a big towel and put him on the big bed.

When An Jin woke up, it was already noon the next day.

Norman didn’t know when he woke up, his hand propping up his head and his side. Seeing that he was awake, Norman’s fingers gently stroked the scales on his tail. He blinked and grabbed Norman’s hand. “It tickles.”

He found that his voice was slightly hoarse, and with his voice, like a pout, the tips of his ears could not help but redden, and he hurriedly sat up.

Norman took his waist. “Are you uncomfortable?”

An Jin’s body was fresh, his waist was a little sore, but it did not affect his body, so he shook his head.

Norman’s gaze got slightly dark. “An An’s physical quality has improved.”

Last night he had no scruples and wanted to mate many times, and compared to the first time, his mate’s body was much better.

An Jin himself felt it most deeply. “After receiving the complete inheritance, the body became better.”

When he finished, he immediately noticed that Norman’s gaze had changed.

Norman was crazier last night than any other time since he came to Rabe. An Jin thought of Norman’s tenderness the other day, and immediately knew Norman was restraining himself before.

Norman kissed him on the shoulder where he had left a mark. “There are still weeks of vacation.”

An Jin’s shoulders shook and he hurriedly got out of bed. “I’ll go wash up.”

Standing in front of the vanity, he froze; near the tail scales, the red was so obvious that he immediately thought of the feeling of being licked and his cheeks burned. He slapped his face with cold water to slow it down a little.

The week after, An Jin and Norman spent most of their time in their bedchamber, and occasionally in disguise, touring the sights of Planet Rabe.

On Planet Rabe, the post-wedding week was the legal holiday for newlywed mates during the egg-laying period. During this period, no one disturbed them, and Jorens stopped reporting to An Jin on Rabe Star’s political affairs.

After the week, in the morning, An Jin was eating breakfast when he received a debriefing message from Jorens.

“King, the holy tree is recovering quickly, the lowermost meters of the trunk are free of impurities, and the roots are not contaminated. Some of the black stones are placed in the institute’s safe room, but the researcher has not found a way to remove them. I’m afraid I need the king’s help, waiting for your summons.”

An Jin pursed his lips. Jorens said so, so it was very obvious that Siao’s research group’s research was making no progress.

“Eat.” Norman chucked a shrimp dumpling into An Jin’s bowl.

An Jin turned off the message, picked up the crystal clear shrimp dumpling and bit into it, and the fresh taste instantly filled his mouth. The shrimp meat was crispy and sweet, the dumpling skin was soft and tough, crisp but not sticky. He quickly finished eating one and couldn’t help but praise, “Delicious.” He was a little surprised. “Did the chef upgrade?”

When the former military department sent the beast core, they brought a chef robot from Siao, which An Jin only knew at that time when he was eating dinner.

Norman nodded. “Xie Li adjusted some details of the production according to Ling Ling’s advice. This is more crisp and sweet, there are other flavors, try a different one every day. Which one do you like?”

An Jin had heard Ling Ling mention that he wanted to learn how to make robots in the future, and Rui Rui was interested in improving the recipes. He laughed. “I’ll have a good time.”

After dinner, he contacted Jorens and then headed to the institute with Norman. Before they reached the safe room, An Jin heard Choya’s voice. “Oh my God, this is definitely not it!”

An Jin approached and found the atmosphere very wrong. Jorens and Choya were standing at the entrance, far away from the black stone, and both kept rubbing their hands together with difficult expressions.

“King.” When they saw him, the two men hurriedly saluted.

“No need to be polite.” An Jin asked, “What happened?”

Jorens said with a wooden face, “The experts are studying what the black stone is.”

The experts’ faces looked wrong and the leader of the group said, “King, the black stones were tested; they are not stones, they are the bodies of…organisms.”

“These unknown organisms died from blackening disorder, and humans. When the human spiritual force is insufficient, the spiritual sea collapses, impurities destroy the body, and humans will eventually get blackening disease. The concentration of impurities in their bodies is particularly high, and we suspect that this unknown creature is very strong.”

An Jin was shocked. His eyes swept over the large black stones in the cabinet, and there was a feeling of numbness in his scalp. He took a deep breath, thought for a moment and then showed a sudden look. “That’s right.”

Some people’s eyes fell on him.

He explained, “I have only found impurities in living organisms, animals or plants, never in stones or water. Impurities in the soil are actually impurities of various insect remains and decaying leaves, not impurities in the soil.” He asked curiously, “Do you know where these unknown creatures came from?”


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July 14, 2022 10:59 am

Love Norman and AJ’s dynamics! I’m glad they are married! Little silver already asked Mu Chen! I do like the fact that Mu Chen didn’t agree until Little Silver understood what being a mate is. Interesting chapter! I’m looking forward to the development of the this unknown organism! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️❤️

July 14, 2022 4:22 pm

I hope it is not the remains from zombies?

July 14, 2022 10:07 pm

Wow, I’m so happy for An Jin and Norman. On the other hand, Mu Chen and Little Silver are still struggling, and I must admit I agree with Mu Chen. Little Silver EQ and knowledge need refining. I wouldn’t want to end up with a dumb and EQ deficient husband. And mermaid-human cooperation is already bearing fruit – the chef improvement… a step in the right direction!

So those black stones are not stones… These could be eggs?

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Alien species? A black hole? Suspense – oh wait I binge read lol. Thank you for the chapter!

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I’m always 😭👏 with Mu Chen’s patience and ❤️ the way he acts and speaks 😂

October 12, 2022 7:31 pm

Nicely said MuChen… yes Little Silver is still not mature enough but even more important, he does not even understand his feelings or feelings of love in general…he just wanted to mate to stabilise his legs so he can drive a mecha… definitely still a kid who prioritise toys over anything else lol

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