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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Lu AnHe!”


“Re-report your training!”

The person whose name was called stood outside the line, and gave a standard military salute to the instructor, “All additional training has been completed, pull-ups and push-ups all met the standard, mecha weightlessness test level IV passed!”

The instructor grunted, “What else?”

The young man, who had just shed his boyishness, tried to purse the corners of his mouth, “Report! No more, instructor!”

Someone in the group let out a muffled laugh. As soon as there was a movement, the person who let out the muffled laugh was waved over by the instructor with an eye slash and immediately silenced.

But that didn’t stop them from secretly gawking at the person outside the line.

It was only the second day, and everyone knew him.

Every year, the Imperial Army would send a group of excellent recruits to join the military training department, with the most stringent requirements for management, within two years from which the outstanding non-commissioned officers could directly enter the base service, and rank and treatment would be higher than the average soldier a lot.

This was a group of fresh blood that just came in this year. In the end, these people were still students, the bones still with fearless aspirations, but also young blood, so even if the management was strict, the whole training department was also vigorous.

And every year there were individual recruits who were overly energetic.

Obviously, this year was the young sergeant who was being trained with his hands behind his back at the moment.

The instructor paced coldly beside him, “Are there really no other disciplinary infractions?”

He had taken too many similar students, and as long as the young man in front of him looked a little bit wrong, he could detect it.

But the other party wasn’t at all flawed, but very calm, “Report, there’s no disciplinary situation!”

After all, there was no evidence, the instructor ultimately couldn’t do anything with him, after all, his results were very impressive, and the results of the training were indeed unmistakable. He glanced down at the miniature display showing information on his opponent’s chest again — Lu AnHe, Alpha male, mecha piloting and combat major.

The instructor frowned and waved his hand, “Return to your team.”


“Everyone continue.”

The soldiers in the formation let out a loud slogan without a glance and rejoined the training.

When the day’s practice was over and the bugle blew, the men had time to catch their breath and leaned back sporadically to rest and relax and chat. Lu AnHe went to his locker and grabbed a bottle of water, drinking half of it in one gulp, when he heard a good-natured whistle and turned his head around.

“Awesome, Xiao Lu.” The soldier who spoke gave him a thumbs up, “They say this instructor is particularly scary, nothing can escape his eyes, and you actually didn’t get caught by him.”

Lu AnHe put the bottle back and smiled, “Thanks to your secrecy.”

“Don’t say that, we’re all brothers in the same batch,” the man said quickly, “no one would be so ungrateful.”

“Thank you.” Lu AnHe hooked the corners of his mouth, “Wait, next time I have the chance to bring you back.”

His colleague patted his shoulder and went to rest elsewhere.

Everyone knew that the training department was very strict, and everyone was afraid of getting into something and being sent back, losing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Especially at the beginning, everyone was very well behaved and didn’t dare to make mistakes with fear and trepidation.

The reason why Lu AnHe got acquainted with everyone in one day and no one reported him to the instructors was because he was the only one who dared to treat the place as a school dormitory on the first night of the training. Not only did he hide snacks from the world when he came, the amount wasn’t small.

All the new recruits got a share that night, and when he pulled out all kinds of snacks from his bag, they all showed unbelievable expressions, but he himself was very calm, and gave them to everyone one by one, “These are all the gifts I smuggled here, don’t be polite.”

He didn’t take the rules seriously.

Some people asked him incredulously, “How did you bring them here when you had to check your belongings?”

“Oh, this,” Lu AnHe said gently, “I hid it in the cover of the mecha engine.”

“…Thanks.” Everyone looked at what they were holding with a complicated expression.

But Lu AnHe was so good-tempered and capable, and so familiar with everyone, that the next day when the instructor found the suspicious bag in his backpack and took him out alone for additional training, no one gave him up, and the instructor finally had to return without success.

Lu AnHe also gave the instructors nicknames, but he was very measured, not too much, respectful and polite enough when facing the higher ranking soldiers, he seemed to have an innate sense of affection, despite the occasional mischief, but in reality was very reliable.

When they first joined the training department, they would have a half-month training program, where they would eat and sleep together, in order to integrate more quickly, and only after the half-month was over would they start to arrange for a dormitory.

During this period Lu AnHe lived up to the expectations of being the most conspicuous person in this group of recruits, sometimes even the instructors couldn’t do anything with him, knowing that this person must have some small action, and guessed that the packing bag before had to do something with him. Unfortunately, this group of soldiers were now very united, no one betrayed him, the instructor also probably knew that the other was estimated to commit some harmless non-principle issues, and finally looked at his military strength on the part of the choice to bypass.

This half-month training was not too big, the main purpose was to make the new recruits into the camp aware of their identity, the project was also more than the regular several, in addition to physical fitness test and mecha practice there were various kinds of practice, one of them, was to go to the Empire’s special prison.

Special prisons were divided into cells according to the first and second gender and the type of crime, from theft, cheating, assault, and so on down the categories, different penalties for different layers, to the last some of the sensational prison, has gone down many layers. After all, then again or students, they wouldn’t now personally contact these, but the various images still made the soldiers on the way back with a heavy heart.

The instructor said on the return flight, “You certainly wouldn’t be able to go all the way straight in the future, sin and blood are also unavoidable to stain your hands. See those horrible, despicable Alpha? Your enemy may be Zerg, perhaps your own kind. If you can’t take it, you have one more chance to go back. If you don’t go now, when the training is over, what awaits you is even more rigorous training.”

There were some heavier words after that, but even so, at the end of the day, none of them chose to go back. Everyone was silent when they rejoined the training section. Until it was time for bed, the recruits gradually came around, but the conversation still revolved around the special prison.

Everyone still had the impression that the lower the level, the more heavily guarded it became, and by the time they reached the last few levels of the lift, a disturbing smell permeated the entire area.

It was pheromone after the glands had been treated.

“Do you guys remember what those prisoners were wearing on their faces on the lower three levels?” One of the recruits named Ye Ling eased over and said, “I didn’t feel comfortable staying there for one more minute.”

“Who isn’t…”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s really so uncomfortable that sometimes one feels ashamed of such kind…”

The vast majority of soldiers selected to come over were Alpha, and would be physically repulsed when encountering similar pheromone, especially with aggressive pheromone, which irritates the Alpha mind.

The criminal of that layer hurt a lot of Omega a few years ago, a crime of the most vicious Alpha,  by the time he was apprehended back he couldn’t control his own pheromone or their canine teeth — the pheromone in the Omega’s body was very disturbed after several different forced markings. If forcibly removed, his life would be threatened, and the punishment for this Alpha was much more than simple euthanasia, so he was finally treated with special means to treat the gland and put in the special prison he was in.

At the time the group of recruits saw the convict, he was staring at them with a grim look on his face, letting out a hoarse and desperate hiss.

“Stop the biter.” Lu AnHe heard Ye Ling’s words, recalled the construction of that thing, and frowned.

“Ah, right.” Ye Ling didn’t expect Lu AnHe to remember the name and nodded, “I heard of it a long time ago, but I didn’t expect to see it in real life for the first time in this situation.”

“After all, almost no one would use it now, right?” Another man interjected.

The bite stopper, as the name suggests, is a tool designed specifically for Alpha, to prevent them from hurting Omega due to pheromone or something else acting up.

The stop-bite device was made into a mesh, half of the Alpha’s face was confined, and then the leather straps on either side were fastened behind the head over the ears, leaving only the hollow cold metal diamond grid for breathing and communication.

This thing was prevalent in the most chaotic parts of the civilian areas a long time ago, then gradually outlawed because of the importance of the second gender, especially the Alpha of the core, the bite stopper is simply an insult to them, a contempt for their self-discipline, as if wearing a bite stopper was like an animal on a leash, a sign of immaturity, despicable and incompetent.

“And so it is.” The crowd nodded, “After all, the kind of Alpha that wears it is the kind that doesn’t even have sanity anymore.”

“Do you think that kind of Alpha will bite whoever he sees if he removes the bite stopper?” One of the recruits suddenly said.

Someone waved his hand and said, “That’s not likely. I’ve seen pheromone in action and I just want to fight them.”

“Yeah, you can’t bite an Alpha, you can’t mark him, and you can’t repel each other, even if the Alpha is crazy.”

Everyone chatted, the previous silent atmosphere eased a lot.

The training only lasted a few days away, these young soldiers would soon face more rigorous training, the current gossip was only to relax their minds after a while.

“Not necessarily.”

Lu AnHe walked to the door and was just going to wash up when he heard a somewhat unfamiliar voice.

“Species diversity.” The person who spoke smiled, his tone didn’t refute others, jokingly whispered his opinion, “In case the Alpha goes crazy and bites even his own kind.”

His voice wasn’t aggressive, and his looks matched his voice, and when he smiled, he revealed a tiger tooth, with a natural sense of youth.

Lu AnHe stared at him for a while before recalling this person’s name from his mind, which seemed to be Ji Meng.


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July 13, 2022 10:49 am

I have been hoping we’d get Lu AnHe and Ji Meng’s background story.
We’re hurtling towards the end now 😢
Thank you both for the chapter.

January 6, 2023 7:37 pm

Actually… there are less omega in this universe. AxA and AxB relationships should exist right? Or are most alpha single dogs hahahaha. I do recall that the ML once consigned himself to being ‘lonely’ for life.

July 14, 2023 8:31 pm

anhe and meng meng (⁠~⁠ ̄⁠³⁠ ̄⁠)⁠~❤️
i hate their original endings 😭 they deserve a happy ending in the parallel world too 😭😭

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