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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin received a message from Little Silver: [Don’t tell Mu Chen that I’m learning interstellar.]

An Jin suddenly thought of the document Mu Chen asked him to translate, and felt that Little Silver and Mu Chen seemed to have something going on. The thought flashed by, but he didn’t gossip and sent a message back to Little Silver, promising not to tell Mu Chen.

From that day on, An Jin was Little Silver’s tutor every day. Little Silver learned the interstellar language very quickly and soon became fluent in everyday conversation. An Jin returned to the palace from the plantation, floated in the mermaid room pool, and spent two hours learning mecha-related interstellar with a large crab. He closed the terminal, swam to the garden for a little while, and then logged into the holographic world.

As soon as he got online, he received a message from his holographic boss, Arlo: [Empress, aren’t you considering selling food in the holographic world?]

An Jin stopped selling kebabs in the holographic world after he left for the planet Rabe, and after he returned to Siao, he sold them again for a few days until he found out he was pregnant and stopped again.

After all, when he was in the holographic world, his body remained almost stationary, which was usually fine, but it was not good for his body to stay still for too long if he was pregnant. He followed the advice of the doctor, and the helmet set the daily length of time available: only one hour, this hour was his special exercise ability time.

After all, in reality he used his spiritual power to purify the soil and seeds, and the holographic world was ideal for exercise. Arlo did not know what he was doing online, he was online and tried to persuade him to work together to open a flavor restaurant in the holographic world. Arlo was acutely aware that restaurants had a future over barbecue stands.

As always, An Jin refused, after all, restaurants take more time, and he had limited time online and only wanted to do what was most important.

Arlo’s message immediately came back: [I’d like to work together in a different way. All the data in the holographic world originates from reality, can you help our company to collect data of various pure foods? With this data, the technicians will be able to update the data of the holographic world’s food, and in this case, the holographic world will be full of food. Of course, you don’t worry about the bad consequences of this. We will open another food area and only open food stores. The original world was an exercise area, but if you change the area you will have to log in again.]

[In the exercise area, there is no pure food, and visitors can not enhance the spiritual force through pure food. In this world, they have the ability to control the spiritual force in the holographic world and the real world completely, but also through the exercise they master their own spiritual force situation.]

Arlo sent information quickly, and then added: [Only on the day of the popularization of pure food, the two areas will be combined.]

An Jin’s eyes flashed with thought, if this was the case, it was indeed good. The people of Starnet were very excited about pure food and were eager for it. Every day, countless people were asking on the official website of the Plant Research Institute when pure vegetables will be available for sale to the public. In order to cope with the tide of star beasts, pure vegetables were not likely to be sold to the public for a long time, and the longer it would take, the more anxious the people would certainly be.

If they could eat food in the holographic world, they could slightly appease their expectant mood, and after some time, the vegetables could also be sold to the public. After all, every harvest represents a large amount of seeds, and the number of vegetables will grow very fast.

An Jin thought about it and asked: [Is it a problem to collect data? I’m afraid it’s difficult to collect data on all the vegetables and fruits at once.]

Arlo responded: [The data of plants is easy to collect, just special instruments.]

An Jin thought about it. [I agree with your proposal.]

The two sides talked for a while, finalized the details, and Arlo was happy to get ready. An Jin was able to make the most of the remaining time to work out.

After an hour of being online, An Jin was offline. He had just picked up his helmet when he heard a knock on the door, and the butler’s metallic voice came through the door. “Empress, your delivery has arrived.”

An Jin said, “Please.”

The robot put the courier on the shore, and at An Jin’s gesture, unwrapped the courier. The face was a rectangular metal instrument with a led screen on the front and a scanner at the back. At the top of the instrument was a thumbnail-sized chip. An Jin connected the chip to the terminal, and the face was the instrument making approach, very detailed. An Jin looked at it while identifying the various parts of the instrument, looked at it again and reviewed it again, remembering.

Not long after, the chef sent lunch raw materials, and he purified and collected all the data of pure food. The instrument was connected to the terminal of Arlo’s phase, and only after An Jin finished scanning one type of food, Arlo got a complete set of data and thanked him with excitement.

An Jin replied not to be polite, and after collecting the data, asked the housekeeper to put the instrument against the wall, later. That day, the holographic company announced that the holographic world would shut down.

The day after, everyone learned from the update announcement that an area had been added to the holographic world. Starnet was talking for a while, speculating what big move the holographic world had made.

Three days later, the new eclipse area of the holographic world was opened to the public, and it was meant to be a firestorm.

Starnet hot topics all related to the holographic world.

[Mom forced to disconnect the network, asking if they were beaten up, why wear a helmet? tears!]

[Grandpa is almost seventy years old, he said he has never eaten anything so delicious in his life.]

[Too good, but unfortunately too many people, each person eating time has a limit, or you can eat a day!]

[Announced that the food area is the second home!]

[Now the dishes are limited, I heard that there will continue to increase the dishes, so look forward to it!]

[I heard that the data is collected from the real world of pure food, looking forward to the day when reality can also eat food.]

[Looking forward to +!]

In the evening, An Jin was checking the documents he translated when the terminal trembled lightly, and he received a substantial dividend. His self-balance had finally risen, and he felt deeply that it was very good to work with Arlo. He had made a lot of money selling pure seeds before, but all that money was spent on medical instruments and beast nuclei for Rabe Star.

Now that he was still consuming beast cores every day, his balance was not much. Of course, he could be considered very rich if he counted the potential gains.

The vegetables grown in the soil he purified, he had a share of the money sold later, and the dividends from the holographic world were also sustainable. These two dividends are equivalent to making money lying down in the future.

The more An Jin thought about it, the happier he became.

Norman would look at An Jin from time to time, and he looked at the balance, thought for a moment, and transferred a large amount of money to An Jin’s account. An Jin looked at a series of zeros and froze, looking at Norman. “Why did you suddenly transfer so much money to me?”

Norman replied, “You like it a lot.”

An Jin’s blue eyes were tinted with a smile. “Yes.” He thought about it and didn’t transfer the money back like before. Instead, he said, “Let’s tie your payment method to my account, so you can debit the account for whatever you want to buy in the future.”

“No, there is money in the account, these are for you,” Norman said this and paused, admitting, “Very rich.”

He did not want little mate to transfer the money to him again.

An Jin couldn’t help but laugh out loud and looked at Norman’s serious face and couldn’t help but say, “You’re so cute.”

Norman’s eyebrows knitted quickly and retorted, “An An is the cute one.”

The two of them laughed, he chatted with Norman for a while, and then they did their own thing.

Half an hour later, An Jin exhaled lightly, he finally finished checking his translated documents! He sent the document directly to Mu Chen.

In less than a minute, he received a thank you message from Mu Chen.

The next afternoon, An Jin and Little Silver were chatting in interstellar, and he was keenly aware that Little Silver seemed to be in a low mood, but his learning attitude was still very positive. At the end of the day, he said, “Little Silver, when are you coming back to Siao?

Little Silver replied, “When I go on vacation in March.” He looked at An Jin. “Did you translate that document? Thanks An An.”

An Jin laughed. “You’re welcome. With that document, you can study mecha at Siao with no problem, and if you still have questions, you can help translate it, and you’ve been studying interstellar since, so you can go to Siao.”

Little Silver shook his head. “Already got into a high school on Rabe Prime and joined the mecha varsity.” He looked at An Jin with a look of recognition. “I miss you guys, but I’d like to stay in Rabe, learning mecha is not just about classes, it takes intense practice. Not yet free to transform both feet, Rabe Star is more suitable, and…” His silver eyes flashed and he muttered in a low voice, “And not spoiled, I don’t want to be raised by him all the time.”

An Jin did not hear clearly. “What?”

Little Silver coughed lightly. “Nothing, not going back to Siao for the time being, will study hard and graduate as soon as possible.”

An Jin thought Little Silver had his own considerations, so he no longer tried to persuade him, just reminded, “There you have to tell us in time, take good care of yourself.”

Little Silver lightly coughed. “Superb! What can there be, An An is not worried.”

An Jin looked at his confident model and smiled.

Little Silver’s fingers scraped his face, a little twisted. “An An, I heard from Gu Gu and the others that Siao also had a blind date, right?”

An Jin was in the group Gu Gu chatted in, and although he did not know the details, but there was. “Mn.”

Little Silver said, “I’ve looked up human data, but when humans get older, their elders will arrange a blind date, right?”

An Jin replied, “Some.”

Interstellar was much more open than modern times, and the pressure to get married was much less, but there are still cases where people are urged to get married.

Little Silver looked cautious. “An An, can you do me a favor? If Mu Chen wants to go on a blind date, you must tell me in time!”

An Jin couldn’t resist. “You and Mu Chen?”

Little Silver shouted, “He’s a confirmed mate!”

An Jin recognized Little Silver’s face, so he nodded. “Okay, if I know, I will tell you.”

Little Silver smiled and seemed relieved. “Thanks An An.”

An Jin also reminded, “If you want to chase Mu Chen, then you should not attend blind dates in the future.”

Little Silver responded, “Not again!”

In the morning, it was a full-term pregnancy checkup day, and An Jin sat in his wheelchair wearing a long trench coat as Norman leaned over and buttoned him up neatly from top to bottom. After tidying up, he carried the little mate to the dining room and they had breakfast together before heading to the Palace Infirmary.

Hornád and Billy rushed to meet them. Hornád said, “It’s ready, Your Majesty just put An An to bed.”

An Jin looked at the room, and there was a large soft bed with many instruments he did not recognize. Norman put him on the bed and sat on the edge of it, holding his hand. Hornád flipped a button on the switch and a robot arm extended from the detector, the front end of which was a semi-circular ball, like an upside-down bowl, floating above An Jin’s abdomen.

Hornád reassured, “An An is not nervous, it will be ready soon and it will not hurt.”

An Jin nodded, Norman was beside him, he felt good about himself, and his mind was at peace.

Hornád and Billy looked at the display and a very distinct oval appeared on the screen. Billy said with surprise, “It’s an egg!”

Hornád pulled up the complete data, and Billy suppressed his excitement, observing the data and judging the baby’s condition. An Jin heard Billy’s words and looked at his abdomen with some surprise.

He was carrying an egg! This meant that it was a mermaid baby. Norman held little mate’s hand and looked at the two doctors with an extra serious look. The two smiles faded and his heart tightened. “What’s wrong?”

Billy hesitated for a moment and said, “The egg…is too big, according to the size of the mermaid egg, this size is almost more than two months.”

Hornád wrinkled his brow and said, “Is it over-nourished? That’s not good, if it’s too big, An An may suffer during birth.”

Billy’s eyes lit up as he quickly checked the terminal’s profile and saw something. “It could also be twins!”

Hornád froze and said excitedly, “Do a closer examination right away.”


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Superb!!! ❤️❤️ Twins! 🤗🤗 I’m happy for little silver wanting to be independent! Thank you for the translation and editing!

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July 20, 2022 12:00 pm

An Jin doesn’t seem to do anything by halves! 👶👶
So Little Silver has committed to Mu Chen but is now worried he’ll meet soneone else, with him staying on Rabe for the time being. He is being very mature in his thoughts though.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Twins! So cute!
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