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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu’s skin wasn’t white even if his thighs wouldn’t see the light throughout the year. They were also a uniform wheat color. His height was extremely advantageous. He had long and strong legs, smooth muscle lines, and a vaguely visible, strong but thin and firm waist. But the most eye-catching thing was…He wore a pair of bright blue briefs in a flattering style that showed off his considerable alpha ‘capital.’ 1

It was a size that any man would envy.

Ping Mo turned his head with mixed feelings, and continued to lick his fur. In his heart he thought sourly, this man is still quite slutty.

It seemed that the previous fluorescent yellow underwear wasn’t an accident, but a personal preference.

Really slutty. 

Since he discovered that Pei Yutu’s pheromones could relieve his bonding heat discomfort, Ping Mo had been in inch-perfect mode. Teaching Assistant Pei would be followed by a glutinous rice ball-like tail wherever he went.

A young alpha of nearly one meter nine together with a small kitten not much bigger than the palm of his hand. The contrast was very cute, and especially eye-catching. The little kitten also had a very unique character and recognized his owner. Except for Pei Yutu, no one else could touch him. He would especially reject alphas, and only occasionally gave omega students a little face.

The cat Ping Mo quickly became popular in the University.

Today was the third day after Ping Mo had turned into a cat. The sun was still shining, and the students were sweating like rain on the training field. Ping Mo found a shady place near Pei Yutu, and comfortably spread himself into a cat cake. Only the tip of his inky tail flapped from time to time, to prove that he wasn’t asleep.

In fact, Ping Mo, as an ‘internet famous cat’, didn’t have much chance to sleep in a crowded place. After lying down for only a short while, some students from the square-shaped omega formation came over to feed him snacks while Teaching Assistant Pei wasn’t paying attention.

“We’re here to see you, sweetie! Don’t sleep. Eat, eat, eat!”

Ping Mo lazily lifted his eyelids. He slightly raised his fluffy round head to look around, only to see a wide range of snacks. Ham sausage, meat cookies, beef jerky, and even a tube of special nutrition cream for kittens.


If he were a real cat, he probably would be very happy, but unfortunately Ping Mo was a human being, and a very difficult one to serve. He twitched his little ears, then yawned in boredom before he buried his round head back in the ground as a sign of rejection.

“He is very delicate and picky.” Pei Yutu appeared at some point and said, “Don’t feed him.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was not a double-standard like Instructor Ping, who gave omegas preferential treatment. He was equally stern to all, and had a natural soldierly air about him. It scared the students when they saw him, and they mumbled their agreement. “What’s your cat’s name?”

Pei Yutu, “…”

The cat had been following him every step of the way since he picked it up. He had forgotten to give it a name because he didn’t even need to call it.

Pei Yutu suddenly remembered how Lu DongWang usually fed stray cats and said casually, “Mimi.”

Ping Mo slowly lifted his round head, “?”

As Pei Yutu met the cat’s gaze with his, somehow his confidence suddenly increased, and he said with certainty, “Let’s call it Mimi.” 

All stray cats in the world were called Mimi. This one was also a stray cat before, so there was nothing wrong with that logic.

“Really? That’s a cute name!” The girl looked at Pei Yutu, and said with a red face, “Can you let me pet it?”

Cat Ping Mo was lying there obediently. If the omegas around him wanted to touch him, they didn’t have to ask for Pei Yutu’s consent. Obviously, right now they were using that as a means to try to get closer to Pei Yutu.

Although Pei Yutu was fierce, he was good-looking. Ever since childhood, there were a lot of omegas or betas who expressed their feelings to him. Due to this kind of thing, he had become more sensitive.

Unfortunately, a sharp nerve didn’t mean a delicate mind, and he stiffly said, “No.”

The girl, “…”

Pei Yutu, “Have you finished running the 400-meter obstacle course? You know how to desert! No one is taking care of you without Instructor Ping here! All of you! Run! Get back in line!”

Several omegas were shaken by his yell, especially the girl who had just spoken. Her face instantly turned red from embarrassment, and she appeared to wipe the corners of her eyes as she ran away.

Ping Mo shook his fur, sat up straight and commented disapprovingly, “Meow, meow, meow, meow.”

How can you yell at a girl like that? You don’t have any class.

However, Pei Yutu didn’t understand cat language. He only saw the little white cat who crouched there. A small ball, with round head and long tail. It was glutinous, fluffy, and very touchable, and especially its pair of big gray-blue eyes, just like a certain extorting king. He couldn’t help but want to bully him. So he bent his hand to scoop him into his arms, and gave him a good ravaging.


If Ping Mo didn’t get a lot of alpha pheromones from this style of petting which could relieve his bonding heat discomfort, the ‘non-violent’ Ping Mo would have scratched Pei Yutu into shredded potatoes.

Pei Yutu didn’t let go of the cat, and instead put Ping Mo on his arm and held his fluffy butt with his other hand so that the cat wouldn’t fall off, as he occasionally instructed the students in the distance.

Teaching Assistant Pei’s voice was so full of energy that he didn’t need a megaphone.

“Don’t think you can be lazy just because you are an omega, and you betas. Your 400-meter obstacle run was messy! If I sprinkled some rice in the trench, a chicken could run faster than you!”

Then it was the alphas on the next field.

“Your light weapons shooting is a joke. Is the recoil of the G4 that big? If you get a high particle flow emitter, wouldn’t it be impossible for you to carry it? How can you go into battle? Stop practicing tomorrow! Change to strength training!”

While Teaching Assistant Pei was attacking the rookies indiscriminately, Director Zou came in with a lot of dust. He was a little bald and sweating, and his head was shiny.

Pei Yutu looked happy. “Director Zou, what’s so urgent?”

Director Zou panted, “Ping. Do you know where Instructor Ping went?”

Pei Yutu petted his cat, and wondered out loud, “Didn’t Instructor Ping take leave from you? I don’t know where he’s gone.”

Director Zou was undeterred. “Did he say anything to you?”

Pei Yutu was curious. He pulled a bottle of mineral water out of the carton, and threw it to Director Zou. “What’s going on?

“This…I don’t know exactly, but Dean Zhou is suddenly looking for him…”

There were seven or eight deputy deans in the AMTC, but only one in the main position was surnamed Zhou. Someone that high up was looking for an instructor to do what? And why so urgently?

But Director Zou didn’t reveal anything more, It seemed that he really didn’t know. “Since you don’t know, I’ll look elsewhere to find him. Teaching Assistant Pei, if Instructor Ping comes back, please contact me first!”

Pei Yutu looked at Director Zou’s back, as he habitually petted the little white cat in his arms. He said to himself, “This Ping is quite a handful, leaving without contact.”

“…” The white cat named Ping suddenly broke away from Pei Yutu’s embrace, and jumped down.

The cat was small, but his body was unusually flexible and agile. He soon ran into the bushes and disappeared, while Pei Yutu couldn’t leave the students to chase after him.

Ping Mo flew across half of the campus, jumped up the drainage pipe to the complex, and found the Dean’s office with ease.

Through the glass, he saw a familiar figure sitting face to face with Dean Zhou. He was a typical ‘top alpha’. Solidly muscled, well-trained, and with a straight back even while he sat on the soft sofa. Ping Mo changed direction and went inside the complex. Then he sat crouched at the office door and waited.

About half an hour later, the door opened. Quick as a flash, Ping Mo dashed into the shadows. He was now in a small body, so it was easy to hide.

“Then I’ll let you know when there’s news. I’m really sorry…Yes, I didn’t see anything unusual… That’s all for now, Vice President Cheng.”

After Dean Zhou closed the door, and the corridor was temporarily empty of other people, Ping Mo followed the man.

Cheng Cheng had come out of Dean’s office with a heavy heart, when a kitten appeared out of nowhere and blocked his way. He paused, and then took a big step forward.

Cheng Cheng didn’t consider it much, but a vague thought flashed through his mind, this cat is quite powerful, to have climbed to the eighth floor.

The next second, the cat actually ran right up his trouser leg, and then used the force of its leap to re-block the way. The little fluffy one actually blocked the man so he couldn’t leave. 


Cheng Cheng finally realized that something was wrong. The cat seemed to be trying to tell him something. He carefully examined it for a moment. It was only after he realized that its tail had a handful of very characteristic black fur, that he excitedly said, “Captain, is that you?”

Ping Mo did not even think before he slapped his paw. “Meow, meow, meow!”

–So loud! Are you afraid that others can’t hear?

Cheng Cheng became even more excited, but lowered his voice, “This temper…It’s really you!”

Ping Mo, “…”

The temper, the color of the fur, the timing of the appearance…It was the Captain!

Cheng Cheng picked up Ping Mo, and walked along an emergency corridor as fast as he could until he found a safe and empty data room before he set him down.

Ping Mo wasn’t used to this angle where he was looked down on. He leapt up and jumped onto the storage rack. His long tail curled in front of his two paws and his round gray-blue eyes looked down on Cheng Cheng. These eyes were the same as the determined and brave Raptor Captain’s, but the glutinous fluff ball killed his aura.

“Captain. I only arrived a day late, and you disappeared. Colonel Lu was worried about you.” Cheng Cheng tilted his head slightly to look at Ping Mo. He paused before he said softly, “I was worried about you too.”

Ping Mo sat motionlessly in a crouched position, and waited for what came next.

Cheng Cheng suddenly had a moment of weakness. When he said ‘I was worried about you’, in his heart, they seemed to be very inappropriate words. He changed the subject. “If I couldn’t find you again, I would have to die…Well, I didn’t mean it like that. The orders I received weren’t to spy, but to protect! After all, you’re now–”

Before the words came out of his mouth, Cheng Cheng received a paw with claws to his face. Instead of getting angry, he shot to attention. “Yes! I said the wrong thing. Even if Captain Ping is omega and Therian, he is still the Captain of the Raptors! But, how did you turn into a cat so quickly? Don’t worry, Captain Ping, I’ll report this situation to our superiors and try to solve it as soon as possible…”

Yes, immediately applying for the M-type inhibitors to be sent down was the right thing to do. This time, Ping Mo was satisfied. He gave his little brother a look of approval. Since he had been identified, today’s purpose was achieved. Ping Mo waved the tip of his tail, and wanted to leave.


Ping Mo stopped in his tracks, and cocked his round fluffy head to show his confusion. Is there anything else?

Cheng Cheng stammered, “I…I’ll take care of you in your current state.”

However, the response from Captain Ping was crisp. He shook his fur, and went straight out the window.

Just now, when Cheng Cheng made brief physical contact with him, his alpha pheromones had made Ping Mo very uncomfortable. At the moment, Ping Mo only wanted to return to Pei Yutu as soon as possible, so he could rub against those sweet agave, tequila-scented pheromones.

However, as he was on his way, his body felt a little odd and vaguely familiar. Ping Mo’s heart suddenly had a small, but instinctive, sense of foreboding. It seemed that his bonding time was about to end. The feeling was getting stronger and stronger, so Ping Mo didn’t go to the training ground to find Pei Yutu, but directly to the faculty dormitory.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis spent way too long trying to figure out what type of undies he’s wearing. HAHA. These are the ones that I ended up finding that sound like they fit the bill.


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