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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin was prepared for Norman to go to the front and did not panic, but he was worried. He went back to his room and didn’t feel like sleeping, but he lay down, thinking about what he had promised Norman.

When he woke up in the morning, he realized that he had an unread message in his terminal from the official Siao account: [People, the tide of star beasts has broken out. All interstellar routes have been suspended. Please stay at home as much as possible, and do not go out unless necessary, in case you encounter unexpected situations.]

Norman also told An Jin similar words.

Star beasts have the ability to leap, and the best of them, such as the haru, have the ability to leap in the interstellar, but also have super space displacement.

At present, five of Siao’s eight defense zones have been established, and six are under construction. The complete ring defense had not been completed and could not keep all star beasts out of the defense zone.

The seventh and eighth zones, located in the northwest, had not yet begun to be built, which was equivalent to a large gap.

If the star beasts found the gap and attacked from the northwest, the pressure on Siao Planet’s northwest defense would be great.

Even if the military department does its best to defend, the star beasts with space displacement ability will still break through the defense shield and reach Siao Planet.

Therefore, it was very risky to go out during the star beast wave. Although the Third Corps will stay in Siao to deal with the beasts that enter the human settlement, they may not be able to help the people if they encounter them first.

Therefore, it was safest to stay at home.

An Jin washed up and Hornád and Billy checked him out.

Hornád laughed. “You and the baby are healthy.” After a pause, he said, “His Majesty goes to the front every year. He’s a strong fighter, not to mention that this year his spiritual sea is in better shape than ever, you don’t have to worry.”

Billy also advised, “King must keep a good mood, otherwise it is not good for health.”

An Jin saw their concern and he said, “Don’t worry guys, I believe in Norman.”

An Jin finished his breakfast and was sipping his juice when Ling Ling called to communicate.

“An An, did you get the message? The tide of star beasts has broken out! Are you okay?”

An Jin replied, “I’m fine, are you and Rui Rui home?”

Ling Ling hmmmed. “The school has notified us of the holiday. Rui Rui and I received a message from Xie Li and Garlotte first, they left in the early morning, we were going to contact you then, but we were afraid to disturb you, and then we received an official message this morning.”

An Jin immediately reminded him, “Don’t just go out when you have a communication.”

Ling Ling was silent for a moment and said, “Rui Rui and I have discussed, and we are going to ask Xie Li and Garrett if they need us to provide spiritual force. An An, do you want to go with us?”

An Jin’s fingers clenched into fists, he too was eager to go to the front line with Norman. He replied to Ling Ling, “I have other things to do, and I’m not yet three months pregnant with the baby, so the doctor said to take extra care.” He added, “If you are going to the front line, you must remember to contact Garrett and the others in advance and not to act without permission.”

Rui Rui spoke up, saying, “An An don’t worry, we won’t mess around, we don’t know where they are yet.”

An Jin was not as uneasy about them as he was at first, he respected their decision and expressed his concern as their friend. “You must be safe.”

“An An, take care of yourself too!”

Each of them had something to do, and time was short, so they hung up without talking much.

Ling Ling thought about it and contacted Bubbles again, and learned that Bubbles’ godfather and brother had gone to the front line, and asked Bubbles if he wanted to go over to help.

Bubbles immediately said, “But Eamon and Garrett may not have gone to the same place.”

Ling Ling has long thought about this. “We can contact Mu Chen. I watched the morning news, he is in charge of staying in Siao. Just explain the situation, he will surely send us to the location we want to go.”

Bubbles said, “I remember many of the mermaid’s human friends are soldiers, should we ask them? There might be fellow mermaids.”

Ling Ling immediately asked in the mermaid group, and many mermaids immediately replied saying they were going to help.

[I woke up and they were gone, luckily they sent me a message.]

[Did you guys see the morning news? Those star beasts are disgusting! Destroy them!]

Mu Chen was a little surprised when he received Ling Ling’s communication.

After hearing Ling Ling’s words, his eyes lit up with surprise. “Please count the names of the mermaids who want to help and the identity information of the people who want to help. I will arrange someone to send you there as soon as possible.”

Although the number of mermaids was limited, the mermaid’s human friends almost all have high combat power. With mermaid help, these high combat powers were equivalent to having unlimited spiritual force. It would not be like before, with the follow-up lack of power. The likelihood of a high power battle on the battlefield causing spiritual collapse would also be much less.

When Norman arrived at the northwest border area, the border garrison had been fighting with the star beast swarm for a long time.

The earth-shattering noise and roar of the beasts and the sound of artillery fire came far into the ears.

The air smelled of blood and smoke, a scent Norman knew best, and his face was steady and serious as he stepped off the starship and quickly gave a series of orders.

Support troops joined the battle, the wounded and less energetic border guards were able to rest, and all the wounded were sent to the rear for medical treatment.

The rear medical room was a large room with many beds inside. Doctors and nurses were busy back and forth, and groans of pain rang out everywhere.

“Quick, his arm has been broken for too long, hurry up and send him to the second floor nutrition cabin!” The doctor was angry after checking the wound. “It’s nonsense, any later even if the mechanical arm is installed, the future movement will be affected.”

The medic carried the injured soldier to the elevator and sent him to the second floor.

A manic breath came from the medical room, the sound of the medical room immediately paused, and in an instant the painful moans were even louder.

The guards at the door hastily pulled the people in. “Spiritual sea disorder to the next medical room.”

The soldier with spiritual disorder was sent to the next room by his comrades. His face was white and his eyes showed a desperate look. “I- am I…is my spiritual force not to be downgraded?”

The doctor gave him a soothing dose, and seeing no improvement in his condition, took out an A agent. “Drink it.”

The patient and his comrade both froze, their eyes widened in unison, and said incredulously, “Agent A?”

An Jin continued to help the original officers recover their spiritual levels, and watched the live broadcast of the battle on the front line when he had time.

In the live broadcast, the reporter’s expression was excited, his tone was high, and his words were clear. “It is reported that many mermaids went to the front line to support yesterday, and the first batch of A agent made from pure food by the Plant Research Institute was also sent to the front line. The situation in each district is now stable, please see the front line battle situation.”

The camera was filming the battle scenes of each district from high altitude.

In the Northwest Border Defense Zone, a black mecha was like a phantom. Even through the screen, you could feel its biting aura. Everywhere around it, the star beast corpses were scattered. It didn’t take long for the beasts, whose minds were controlled by their appetites, to become hesitant to attack, and some even began to turn around and flee.

However, there were countless star beasts behind them, and their circuits were blocked. With the star beasts before and after the collision, the scene was very chaotic. The black mecha quickly seized the moment, and all the star beasts were harvested. At that moment, a high level star beast flew overhead and tilted its huge head to howl, and after the sound spread, the star beasts perked up and attacked again.

The black mecha steeply overhead, particle cannon accurately hit the left eye of the high-ranking star beast, while the mecha quickly approached and attacked fiercely. The mecha soldiers below, fighting in all directions, steadily held the side lines. The warship assault team battled the star beasts overhead, the cannon fired non-stop, and the blood of the star beasts was spilled all over the ground.

The live channel of the battlefield was full of all kinds of hot pop-ups at this time, and An Jin was too distracted to close the pop-ups. His eyes were fixed on the black mecha, and he saw that his movements were always strong and sharp, and his mood was relaxed, with serious fascination and admiration.

Norman was really powerful.

After the senior star beasts were killed by the black mecha, the star beasts were once again in chaos, and the live broadcast switched to the major defense zones. The defense zone was located at the periphery of Siao, and the situation was not optimistic. Star beasts that wanted to go to Siao kept coming to the zones and kept attacking.

The good thing was that the districts were strong in battle, with SS level mecha warriors playing at the front and keeping the defense line tightly guarded.

The star beasts were strong in reproduction, and numerous, and for a while, the two sides were scorched and the battle area was full of blood. It was not until the evening that An Jin received Norman’s communication. An Jin heard the tiredness in Norman’s voice and did not say much, leaving time for Norman to rest more.

An Jin woke up from his sleep and subconsciously looked in the direction of the alarm.

His heart was beating fast and he didn’t feel like sleeping for a while, so he simply turned on the light and got up.

Within a minute of him turning on the light, Joseph sent him a message: [Don’t worry Empress, only two haru beasts broke through the barrier. They tried to attack the plantation base, and the military department is dealing with it.]

An Jin thought of what Collet had said, that star beasts were very keen on food.

He sat by the bed for a while when Joseph’s message came again: [Empress, the sound of the alarm will disturb your rest, is the soundproof system turned on?]

An Jin thought for a moment. “No, in case something happens, I can know in time.”

Joseph agreed.

Not long after, An Jin received another message from the butler bot: [Empress, according to the test, you are awake. His majesty has instructed that you should rest more, it is your sleep time.]

An Jin smiled, his housekeeper was so responsible. He looked at the time, it was not yet five o’clock, and he lay down again and turned off the light.

In the morning, he learned about yesterday’s follow-up on the morning news while he was eating. The two haru beasts were dealt with quickly by the military block, and the official message was sent to the people again to be security conscious, go out less, and be more vigilant.

At eight o’clock, Joseph made sure the energy containment shield was on and nodded to An Jin. An Jin began to send spiritual force to the officers of the day. The isolation shield could block people outside from perceiving his spiritual power, and also isolate the pressure of the spiritual power when it escalated.

Normally, the isolation shield was also on, but now the situation was special. An Jin had to be more cautious and take an extra step to confirm.

After the officer successfully regained his SS level, he excitedly thanked An Jin and then gave a military salute. “Empress, I’m heading to the front line immediately.”

He had to get back to fighting form as soon as possible on the way, and although the conditions were harsh, there was no half-hearted retreat in his eyes, but rather a warlike spirit.

He had been looking forward to this day for too long!

An Jin watched the officer’s back as he left and expressed his admiration from the bottom of his heart.

The higher his ability level, the stronger his perception and, not to mention the officer’s strong emotions, he could effortlessly feel the officer’s emotions and guess the officer’s thoughts.

Almost every officer who regained spiritual power had the same reaction. Siao’s soldiers killed star beasts to defend the planet’s battle consciousness, as if engraved in their souls.

Norman went to the front line half a month later. He stopped opening the video, saying that the battlefield was inconvenient, and only let An Jin open the video.

An Jin believed it the first time, but then understood it after more times: Norman was probably in a bad state, so he did not want him to see it, and he did not force it, pretending not to know.

All the original SS officers in the military department were all restored to their original rank.

After that, he stopped helping people upgrade their spiritual power and started making A agent. The high level of combat power, plus the powerful soothing agent, made it so that the Siao military department passed the first month of the outbreak of the star beasts relatively easily.

This was easier, but only compared to the usual.

When An Jin saw that he had passed the month peacefully, he felt relieved. However, the battlefield situation had become worse.

Star beasts from different regions, as if they had received a unified message, knew that the seventh and eighth districts were gaps, and those who were far away avoided the defense zone and took a detour to the northwest defense line.

The pressure on the northwest defense line suddenly increased. Norman integrated the news and immediately mobilized the military support of the defense zone.

While the nearby defense zones were quick to support, the distant defense zones could not be supported quickly, and the bulk of the troops had to remain in the defense zones.

Two days later, An Jin learned the even worse news that A agent was depleted. The main source of A agent was from the planting base; of course, not the plants growing in purified soil, but the first batch of soilless plants.

That batch of plants had a large yield, and all of them were used to make A agent. Otherwise, the A agent would have been consumed long ago and would not have lasted a month.

An Jin soaked in the pool, listening to the sound of alarms coming from outside. He frowned and skillfully opened the terminal. Soon, he learned the original cause of the alarm: in the battle, live in the Siao partition, he looked at the starship being attacked by star beasts, and his face suddenly changed.

He took a deep breath and contacted Joseph. “The warship carrying A agent has just been attacked by star beasts, send the royal escort to support.”

The people all stayed at home in case of accidents, and there was very little activity outside; if there was something active, it was easy to attract the attention of the star beasts.

Of course, there were not always star beasts, usually appearing to be left behind by the military to solve. Joseph immediately arranged manpower, escorts, and military personnel who quickly went to support efforts to solve the star beasts.

An Jin looked at the heavily damaged warship, his eyebrows knitted, and his hand on his abdomen, his eyes gradually firmed. “You make arrangements, I want to go to the northwest defense zone.”

Joseph was shocked. “Empress! This is too dangerous.”

An Jin’s tone was serious. “I’m already three months pregnant and in good shape. Now I need to transport all the A agents I make every day, and there will be delays in case of accidents, and the use also takes up the resources of the military department. It makes the most sense for me to go to the front line.”

Joseph did not dare to make a decision without permission. “But His Majesty…”

“This is my decision.”

He mentally used his spiritual force and his tail smoothly turned into legs, and his abdomen no longer had that initial slight pain. He went ashore, loaded the mermaid cart and wheelchair all into the terminal space. While changing into his sweatshirt, he contacted the captain of his personal guard, who advised him, and when he insisted, he proceeded to prepare.

An Jin walked towards the gate while contacting Hornád and Billy, who hastily offered to accompany him. When An Jin arrived at the gate, the Royal Escort’s battleship and the Pro-Guard’s battleship were already hovering in mid-air.

The captain of the personal guard stood in front of a new battleship and saluted An Jin. “King, please get on the battleship.”

Seeing An Jin’s firm attitude, Joseph stopped persuading him and escorted him along.


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