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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Historically, the admirals of Siao were in the highest spiritual force group, but because they often fought on the front lines, often using mecha, the spiritual force was severely depleted, and at a younger age, the spiritual force would be demoted. After the demotion, often accompanied by spiritual force instability, the situation was slightly better; admirals were transferred to the rest of the non-front-line departments. If the situation was slightly worse, they could only be retired.

Norman looked at the original SS officers who had been demoted by the spiritual force and quickly selected a candidate. Norman directly contacted the former eighth legion chief, Eamon, and opened the door. “General Eamon, I got the news, this year the star beast wave is likely to advance, are you willing to go to the front line again to kill star beasts?”

“Of course!” responded Eamon. 

At first, he was retired because his spiritual force state was too poor, down from SS level to A level, and the situation was very unstable. After retiring, it was demoted quickly from the A level down to the B level before An Jin’s intervention, when it rose back up to the A level.

After that, the humans and the mermaids communicated smoothly, and Bubbles had been providing spiritual power, and the spiritual status maintained a steady A level. In fact, recently he was planning to submit an application to prepare to join the military again. The previous situation with his family members, after all, was not new, and with the emergence of the mermaid planet, there may no longer be mermaids to provide spiritual force. If he had joined the military, the situation would be very bad.

Now, Bubbles was willing to stay, the spiritual situation was stable, and going into the military department was no problem.

Norman said, “Next, please keep it a secret.”

Eamon looked aghast, guessing that His Majesty was going to give him a secret mission.

Norman explained, “The empress wants to help those demoted over the level of spiritual power to restore spiritual power. Before, he helped you to restore to A level, but the goal is to fully restore to the previous state. He is not sure what will happen in the process, are you willing to try?”

Eamon breathed rapidly, as if he had won a prize, and said in an excited tone, “Yes!”

Norman seriously warned him, “It may fail.”

“I’m willing to take the full risk of failure.”

Norman said, “Tonight, you come to the palace.”

Eamon responded, “Yes.”

In the evening, when Eamon went out, Bubbles suddenly jumped out from behind him. “Where are you going to play? I want to go too!”

Eamon was pestered and asked Norman if he could take Bubbles with him because he wanted everyone to know. Eamon was relieved to see Norman reply that he could.

At eight o’clock, Eamon took Bubbles to the palace. Bubbles was very happy to see An Jin and rushed to him. “An An!”

He stood at a distance of two steps from An Jin and did not come close enough to touch him, as the doctor had warned him before, so that he would not hurt An Jin.

An Jin smiled and said hello, and then greeted Eamon. Eamon saluted the two men, his hard face pressed with a look of excitement, full of expectation and hope.

Norman said, “Please sit down.”

The four of them sat down on the lobby couch, and Eamon looked nervously at An Jin.

An Jin smiled at the situation and explained to Bubbles, “Whatever happens later, don’t be nervous or excited.”

Bubbles nodded, and An Jin said to Eamon, “Please relax and close your eyes.”

Eamon did as he was told. An Jin didn’t sing, but focused on his ability, passing energy to Eamon like he was passing energy to food to remove impurities. The ability was used very skillfully, after all, he had been removing impurities from food every day.

But it was his first time to transfer spiritual power to a human through the ability, and very cautiously, he began to pass power. The amount of spiritual power was very small, and his attention was all on Eamon’s spiritual sea.

Eamon’s spiritual sea’s edge was a large area of black spiritual silk, but, visible to the naked eye, there was more and more light, and eventually it turned white.

When Eamon’s spiritual sea was all white, and his spiritual power was in a full state, An Jin paused for a moment and then continued to transfer energy. The white spiritual silk gradually became bright white, brighter and brighter, and eventually fluorescent. The spiritual sea appeared vibrant.

An Jin spent about one of two spiritual powers, and the calm expression on Eamon’s face suddenly tightened to a frown, and he let out a muffled grunt.

At the same time, a vague pressure emanated from his body. An Jin’s eyes lit up and he continued to transmit spiritual power. Norman’s face was unchanged. Bubbles was lazily propping up his face to watch, when he fiercely sat his body up straight, and his face scales suddenly emerged.

Bubbles looked alert for two seconds, but seeing An Jin and Norman’s faces calm, and thinking of An Jin’s previous reminders, he slowly relaxed.

Five bells later, the full pressure was emitted. Eamon had a layer of cold sweat on his forehead and looked to be gradually calming down. The spiritual sea had expanded to more than double, and half of the area was deep black spiritual silk, looking extraordinarily depressing.

An Jin continued to transmit spiritual power, pausing midway through to absorb a beast core once, only to put Eamon’s spiritual sea in a state of fullness again. 

After this, An Jin absorbed another beast core to restore the full spiritual power. He continued to pass power until the spiritual power was only one third, and Eamon’s body again emitted a powerful pressure. Norman’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. He was worried looking at the little mate, but seeing An Jin look normal, he was a little reassured.

Bubble’s ear fins emerged and exploded, and he looked alert, and could only forcefully hold back from speaking, but it was difficult to eliminate the state of alertness.

An Jin passed on some more spiritual power to keep Eamon’s spiritual sea in a healthy state, then said, “Okay.”

The process of upgrading was not pleasant. Eamon sweated a lot, as if he had been fished out of the water, but when he opened his eyes, his whole spiritual sea was so bright, that he looked like he was several years younger.

Eamon felt the changes in the spiritual sea, and his emotions rose and fell violently. He slowed down for a while before standing up and bowing to An Jin.

His lips moved, he wanted to say a lot, but was not good with words. At this time the ups and downs of his heart were too much, but he also found it difficult to say anything to express his feelings. In the end, his voice was slightly mute when he spoke. “Thank you.”

After the regrettable discharge, there was not a day that I did not look forward to the moment when I could return to the top, knowing clearly that it was impossible, but I still could not help but hope. I never thought that the day would really come when I would be able to return to the top, and that I would be able to go to war again to protect my country!

An Jin laughed. “You’re welcome. I’ve read your previous reports, you’re very admirable.”

Eamon said seriously, “That is the duty of a soldier.” He looked at Norman and gave a military salute. “Marshal, veteran Eamon, requesting to join the military department again.”

Norman got up and gave a salute. “Report to the eighth army training camp tomorrow and get back in top shape as soon as possible.”

Eamon was in full voice. “Yes, marshal!”

Since retiring, his spiritual state had become extremely poor, he simply could not touch mecha. Now that the spiritual level had recovered, the combat power still needed to be exercised.

Eamon hesitated for a moment. “After going to the military, my spiritual level recovery will definitely get out.”

Norman said, “It’s okay.”

Kind of like love, it was difficult to hide. After all, Eamon, as a general, would appear in front of everyone, and it was not a secret that An Jin could help with the upgrade.

Eamon thanked them again and left with Bubbles.

Norman held An Jin’s hand and looked at An Jin’s complexion. “Are you tired? No discomfort?”

An Jin shook his head. “Just consuming spiritual power, not tired. The first time I saw him, I was able to recover two people in one day if I recovered from agent A to SS level. But it’s best to separate the morning and evening.”

After all, if you use spiritual power continuously, the spiritual sea would get tired.

After thinking about it, he asked, “Are there still many generals like Eamon?”

Norman nodded. “Eamon’s situation is not the worst. the same period of the general’s have died, the spiritual power dropped to below the B level.”

An Jin immediately made a decision. “Starting tomorrow, arrange two people a day,” he said, holding Norman’s hand, “you can handle your own, no need to accompany me all the time.”

He said this, knowing that Norman was very busy; in recent days, Norman was still at the military headquarters at eight o’clock.

Norman hesitated and An Jin laughed. “You need to worry about me, I am very sensitive to the good and bad intentions of others, and the people you choose are all trustworthy, aren’t they?”

Norman thought for a moment. “Let Joseph and your personal guards stay close.”

Usually the guards were around the villa, not in, and outsiders were not allowed into the villa. The close protection of the people will make him feel at ease.

An Jin nodded in agreement.

At the eighth military region military training camp, Eamon, alone in the first training ground practice for two hours, jumped off the mecha. Looking at the lavender mecha, the nostalgic look dissipated, and only the pure pleasure and wariness remained.

“Teacher, you…” began the eighth army chief, who had rushed to the training room after the meeting. Seeing this scene, and remembering accompanying Eamon to establish countless mecha merits, his eyes were slightly red. “Teacher, you really want to rejoin the military department? “

Eamon nodded. “Yes.”

The head of the eighth army seemed to want to persuade him, but saw his look of relaxation and happiness and did not argue, but said, “I asked the mecha division to help you to change the mecha.”

Eamon said, “OK, still have to fix the upgrade by the way, the technology is developing too fast now.” A smile on his face, he added, “Before the mecha division comes, you and I play a game. I have not practiced in real life for a long time.”

“But, teacher you…” the eighth army chief looked torn, the teacher was now A level, and he was SS level, sparring was too unfair.

Eamon said, “Fight well,” and jumped on the mecha.

The eighth army chief froze, his eyes amazed and worried. A cross-level use of mecha could cause spiritual force damage!

Seeing the mecha smoothly move up, and hearing the voice of Eamon urging him on, he could not help but guess, Teacher’s mecha has been downgraded?

After taking out the mecha, Eamon crossed his hands, and the eighth army chief’s eyes were full of astonishment. The mecha was SS! Sensei was also S!

His attention was not focused, and he was completely unable to fight. He was wretched from mecha down, Eamon immediately after leaving mecha.

“Sensei, your spiritual power is restored?”

Eamon nodded, palms clenched into fists, and reached out to the eight army chief, his tone of voice calm and firm. “This year, we are together against the tide of star beasts.”

The eighth army chief’s eyes shone with an extremely bright light, he clenched his fist, and he and Eamon bumped fists. “Well, together!”

News of Eamon’s spiritual force recovery quickly spread in the military department, and soon, another powerful piece of news came.

Norman released a message through the military intranet: [All officers originally SS level and above, who are still willing to go to the front line to kill star beasts, regardless of their current rank, please sign up with the marshal.]

In addition to the military intranet, Norman also sent a similar message through the Military Information Department to all retired former officers who were not currently in the military system.

The message was followed by the adjutant’s contact information.

A stone stirred a thousand waves, and knowing about Eamon’s change, everyone guessed Norman’s intention: to restore the spiritual power of senior officers!

The officers who had been demoted to civilian positions because of their spiritual power jumped to their feet, and were able to regain their spiritual rank! They could fight on the front line again! The more combat officers there were, the fewer casualties there would be, and the easier the battle would be to win.

Norman’s adjutant connected to receive the many registration messages and quickly put together a list of personnel. Each person’s information was very comprehensive, and he was careful to remove personnel who had no battle sense or the wrong attitude.

Soon, An Jin met the second officer who needed to be upgraded, again from A to SS level.

As more and more officers regained their rank, the news spread more and more, and many people spoke out enthusiastically, indicating their willingness to join the military in the hope of restoring their spiritual power.

The Ministry of Information quickly responded that in order to deal with the tide of star beasts, the restoration of spiritual rank would be dominated by experienced officers.

After reading that reply, the people were slightly quiet, but there were still people who expressed the wish to restore their spiritual force to join the military, most of them former military students. But all the Ministry of the Military’s personnel had not yet restored spiritual power, and temporarily did not consider them.

In the early morning of the twenty-fifth, Norman received news from the front line in his sleep that a wave of star beasts had broken out. He quickly got up, hesitated for a moment, but woke An Jin, changed his clothes and gave An Jin some quick instructions. He then leaned over and kissed An Jin on the forehead. “Take care of yourself.”

An Jin nodded and tilted his head for a kiss. “You too.”

He insisted on getting up, and he watched Norman leave the palace.


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