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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


When An Jin heard Billy’s diagnosis, his worry turned to joy and some nervousness. Billy said, “We have to put the egg into an incubator prepared for breaking the shell.”

The incubator was built to a large size, slightly larger than the egg, and contained a special nutrient solution that could replenish the egg at any time. Breaking the mermaid’s shell was the first challenge of the mermaid’s life, and it could be very strenuous and energy-consuming.

An Jin carefully placed the egg in the incubator, where it was placed in a vertical position.

In fact, mermaid eggs could be broken directly in the water, so it doesn’t need to be so complicated. But the baby egg contains a human baby in addition to the mermaid, so this was done for fear that if the human baby came out of the egg and fell into the water, he would have an accident.

Although the tests showed that the egg had a high liquid content and that the human baby was probably capable of breathing underwater, the egg liquid was not the same as water, so An Jin and Norman decided to be more cautious, just in case.

An Jin, the doctor, and the nursery staff gathered around the incubator, their eyes falling on the large, white egg. An Jin stared at the egg for a while, noticed that there were more cracks on the top of the shell, and was suddenly a little nervous and excited to see the babies soon.

He subconsciously wanted to share his feelings with Norman, and then it occurred to him that he had forgotten to inform Norman! He rushed to dial Norman’s communication, and Norman, as usual, was quick to connect.

Without waiting for Norman to ask, An Jin quickly said, “The baby is going to break through the shell!”

Norman’s voice was a little tight as he breathed, “I’ll be right back.” He paused, and his tone returned to calm, steady, and gentle. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

An Jin heard his reassuring words, and his heart warmed slightly, he hmmmed. “You also do not rush, pay attention to safety.”

Norman returned to the villa and went straight to the baby’s room, which was specially prepared for the broken shell. The sound of the housekeeper saluting came, and only then did the people in the room notice that Norman had walked in.

Norman strode over to the incubator and stopped the rest of the group from saluting.

An Jin waited for him to approach and informed him of the current progress. “The cracks continue to grow, but the shell has not yet been broken.”

Norman took his hand, An Jin smiled at him, and the two of them dropped their eyes to the egg. The crack at the top of the egg was becoming more and more obvious, and the sound of a thud came from inside the shell, and everyone present couldn’t help but relax their breathing.

Crack! About ten minutes later, a small crisp sound rang out, and a tender white finger came out from the crack.

The finger only revealed a knuckle, white and tender, with a nail about half a centimeter that was transparent in color, and the edge a light silver light.

Billy said excitedly, “It’s the baby mermaid!”

An Jin’s eyes fell on the fleshy fingertips of the outstretched knuckle, his heart was extraordinarily soft, and from deep inside he wanted to be close.

Norman’s eyes were soft and silent as he clasped the little mate’s hand, which was soon held back again.

After reaching outside the eggshell, the baby mermaid’s fingers turned the direction of the nails, and after a turn, the fingers shrank a little inward, and the side of the nails just happened to be against the edge of the eggshell break. The baby mermaid wiggled his nails up and down, cutting the eggshell.

“How clever!” Hornád exclaimed, his voice lowered for fear of scaring the baby.

Billy was calm, after all, he had seen too many newborn mermaids, and explained, “The mermaid is conscious in the egg, and he stayed in the egg longer than the average mermaid.”

The baby mermaid tried for a while, but the eggshell didn’t budge.

Apparently, the egg shell was harder than his fingernails.

The baby mermaid’s fingers stopped moving, stayed for two seconds, and abruptly retracted into the eggshell.

“No more strength?” An Jin tensed up.

The next moment, thud thud came from inside the shell again. The crack next to the broken egg shell quickly became larger, and a short while later, a clear and loud crack rang out.

At the same time, a small white fist came out from the broken shell. The surface of the fist was covered with a layer of egg liquid, the skin looked more crystal clear, and the top of the fist was still covered with a piece of egg shell.

An Jin looked at the tiny fist and found it cute and adorable, and his heart was filled with fondness. As soon as he moved his hand, the little fist retracted into the egg shell and then kept pounding the egg shell from the inside, with a continuous thumping sound heard in the room.

In less than a minute, the top shell of the egg was broken in half, and two small white hands rested on the edge of the broken shell, followed by a small head with wet hair sticking out. His pupils were the same color as his hair, light blue, and nearly transparent. He looked exceptionally pure, cheeks covered with light blue scales, and skin more white and tender, delicate as a doll. His face was fleshy and even though his little face had little expression, he still looked adorable.

“My God, except for the hair color, scales, and pupil color, he’s almost exactly the same as His Majesty when he was a child!” Hornád’s eyes were full of amazement. He was feeling very surprised, staring at the little mermaid fiercely. He grew up watching Norman, and knew Norman best as a child.

The little mermaid’s little head turned and his eyes fell precisely on An Jin. “Daddy!” He looked at Norman again. “Daddy!”

He spoke in a soft, milky voice, sounding like he was being pampered.

An Jin was surprised for a moment, but when he thought that the baby was a mermaid, he calmed down again. The mermaid was born with the ability to inherit language, if it wasn’t for the inheritance, it would be impossible for the mermaids of the Star Alliance to communicate with each other, after all, there was no mermaid to teach them.

An Jin reached out and took the broken eggshell off the mermaid baby’s head and said in a soft voice, “Big baby is so smart.”

Norman seriously agreed,, “Baby is very smart.”

The corners of the baby mermaid’s mouth lifted, and his tiny tail wagged from side to side. Suddenly thinking of something, his little head tilted and pointed down. “Brother.”

After he finished, he shrank back into the egg again and continued to pound the egg shell, breaking the top shell, which was now like an oval glass of water. Without the egg shell above blocking the line of sight, people near the incubator could see the scene inside the egg.

The mermaid baby floated in the egg, the small blue fish tail gently swinging. After the eggshell was all broken, he did not show his head, but turned around, facing the human baby sunk in the bottom of the egg.

The human baby cocked his little buttocks, his arms folded at the bottom of the egg, his little face resting sideways on his hands, his eyes tightly closed, his black hair stuck to his scalp, looking very well behaved.

An Jin couldn’t help but be nervous. The mermaid baby caused so much commotion, the little baby actually didn’t react at all!

He asked worriedly, “Is the little baby sick?” 

Hornád and Billy kept an eye on the baby’s data, and Billy said, “Wang don’t worry, he’s just asleep.”

An Jin had no words. He was too sleepy! He trusted the medical technology of this world, and when he saw the doctor say so, he put his heart down, and his attention was drawn to the baby mermaid.

The mermaid baby swung his blue tail, got close behind his brother, pushed his brother’s butt, took advantage of his crooked body, stretched out his hands to hold the little baby’s waist, then swung his tail and carried the little baby up to the surface.

The little baby seemed to be very used to this move, not struggling at all. The mermaid baby’s cheeks reddened and he grunted and puffed as he approached the broken shell.

He was just too small to follow it through.

He was behind the little baby, and when he got close to the broken shell, the little baby was already pressed against the egg shell, and the edge of the broken egg shell was so uneven that the little baby’s face was knocked on it, and a red mark immediately surfaced.

The little baby frowned and opened his eyes, his brown eyes floating a layer of water mist, while his small flat mouth opened, crying.

The baby mermaid’s tail fins abruptly exploded, abruptly let go of the hand, the baby sank down, fat and hands and feet struggling, and in the egg, the nutrient solution shook.

The mermaid baby hastily wiggled his tail to the surface and looked at An Jin with a panicked look on its little face. “Brother…is crying.”

An Jin looked at the little baby who had stopped crying, turned his body over and was sleeping under the water again with his little buttocks up, and was crying and laughing. The little baby was like a god of sleep. He softly reassured the big mermaid baby, “Don’t worry, your brother is fine.”

He turned his head and asked Billy, “Can we get them out now?”

Billy nodded. “Mermaid babies can leave the eggs once they break their shells independently.”

An Jin reached out and carefully lifted the baby mermaid out of the egg. The baby mermaid’s blue eyes suddenly lit up and his little hand grabbed An Jin’s thumb, his voice full of joy, he exclaimed, “Daddy!”

An Jin only felt that he was a small one, soft everywhere, and nervous and soft inside, he kissed his forehead. “Baby is so good.”

Norman’s face was serious as he picked up the little baby sleeping at the bottom of the egg. The little baby let him hold him, his face resting on his arm, his little chest rising and falling smoothly, sleeping soundly. Norman stiffened his body and looked down at the baby, trying to restrain his force, worried about hurting the baby.

The two men gave the two babies their first bath with the nanny under the doctor’s guidance. The babies changed into the same little red bibs, except the little human one wore an extra pair of red shorts.

After the doctor checked the babies and made sure they were all healthy, the doctor put the two babies side by side and Norman took a photo of them together, with the babies’ faces covered, and posted it online.

A little later, the Ministry of Information also posted on its official website: [Congratulations to His Majesty and the Empress on the birth of their sons! May the first royal son, An Yi, and the second royal son, Ian Leysin, grow up healthy and happy!]

Although the photo did not show their faces, the human baby’s white and chubby little hands and feet were weighed by the big red fabric, and the mermaid baby’s blue hair and fishtail looked bright in the water. It made the Star Network crowd curious.

Netizens expressed their blessings, and the names of the two royal sons became the most discussed terms, and many others speculated whether the baby mermaid was a pure color mermaid.

An Jin received a lot of good wishes from his friends and other parties, and Little Silver, Ling Ling, and Rui Rui came to see the baby in person at the palace not long after.

When Little Silver arrived, both the mermaid baby and the little one were drinking formula. The babies were very well behaved, especially the mermaid baby, who was not at all like a newborn baby, drinking from his own bottle, and only leaning on An Jin.

Norman was holding Ian while the nurse sat next to him, explaining in a low voice the precautions to be taken while feeding him. Norman and An Jin both listened very carefully.

Ian was very quiet when he was sleeping, but at this time he was drinking milk powder. His brown eyes were twinkling around, and he kept looking around, and when Little Silver and the others arrived, he kept staring at the three of them.

Little Silver kept exclaiming, “They are so small!” after looking at this one and the other.

Ling Ling’s white gold eyes were very bright. “The babies are so cute!”

Rui Rui nodded in agreement. “They just look so fragile, I’m afraid to touch them.”

Billy laughed. “Human babies are more fragile, mermaid babies are stronger when they are born, you don’t have to be too careful when you have babies later.”

The babies finished their formula and were asleep in no time.

Billy explained, “Mermaid babies grow very fast in the early stages and need to absorb a lot of nutrients as well as ensure enough sleep, there will be a lot of time for sleeping.”

An Jin took note of this and found out within two days that Billy was right, both of his babies slept a lot. This made being a new father a lot easier for him. Of course, with the doctor and the nanny around, he couldn’t possibly get tired, not to mention that both babies were very understanding.

The birth of the two royals had Siao buzzing for days before the daily discussion was surpassed by another topic a week later

The Pharmaceutical Research Institute released an announcement that the Institute had made a new agent for use on people with Blackening that could greatly slow the spread of Blackening. The Pharmaceutical Research Institute said that it will continue to study the treatment of Blackening, while revealing that it currently has a research direction and appealed to patients not to give up.

When the news came out, countless people cheered.

The number of people with blackening was large, and every year many people die from blackening, while many new people with blackening would be added. Blackening out was one of the few untreatable diseases in the Star Alliance, and also the one with the highest mortality rate.

This announcement had undoubtedly given hope to many people and many families. There was already a direction for research, and a cure may soon be researched. The agents that were now being researched to stop the spread are giving patients just the opportunity they need to wait.

An Jin saw this message during the babies’ lunch break, and at the same time received a report from Jorens. He then learned that the new potion was researched through the study of black stones. An Jin thought of when Hans had heard the news of the black stones and immediately went to the site to see the action.

Now that he thought about it, at that time, Hans was afraid that he had thought of the blackening disease. After all, the content of impurities within the black stones was extremely high, and the organism was unable to absorb impurities after death, which meant that impurities were absorbed before by the body of such creatures as black stone, and they are highly resistant to impurities.

When Hans said that the cure had a direction, did he mean that the experts had made progress in studying the sacred tree? He could not help but be happy; if so, the removal of all impurities will be extremely likely to be achieved!


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