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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin jumped from the news section to the official word of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and after reading the announcement, he looked through the comments. The public was excited, almost universally praising the Institute and looking forward to further research. An Jin, who was also very excited, closed the terminal and looked at the two babies sleeping in the stroller with extra soft eyes.

Maybe the world will be free of impurities before the babies reach adulthood and be returned to a healthy state. 

In the evening, he received a positive answer from Norman that the group’s research on the sacred tree had progressed, unlike before when it had no clue. An Jin got an accurate answer and was more excited about the future, while also working on it himself.

A week after the babies’ shell was broken, he learned about the babies’ routine and went to the planting site every day while the babies were sleeping to purify the soil. The planting base was not the base behind the institute, it was the third base he had purified. The two previous planting bases were purified during his pregnancy and before the babies broke their shells.

So far, many pure foods and seeds have been harvested from the pure soil. The number of seeds was huge, and the pure land was not enough; the institute had built several large soilless cultivation bases and was still expanding. Of all pure food made into Agent A, ninety percent was sold to the military, and the remaining sold to the major hospitals.

Immediately after Agent A could be purchased from the hospital, some rich people used the means to buy it in large quantities, trying to use Agent A to fill their spiritual power to a state of fullness, and then restore their spiritual level.

However, the results showed that Agent A could only restore the spiritual power, but not the spiritual level. This incident sparked a heated debate on the internet, and netizens once again called on the mermaids to open hospitals in the stars. After all, the current mermaids’ song was the only way known to be able to restore the spiritual level.

After discussion at the meeting of the Rabe Star House of Elders, it was decided to take this opportunity to take the initiative to understand the stars and establish a spiritual force hospital in each star to help the rest of the intelligent creatures treat spiritual force related illnesses, and at the same time, help restore the spiritual level.

The latter consumed a lot of spiritual power, and the upper limit of the level that could be restored was limited by the mermaid’s spiritual power, and the cost was very high. Even so, business was still very good.

Gradually, Rabe Star and the Star Alliance tied up closely, and with the introduction of the top technology of various industries in each star, the development speed was rapid. After the Agent A incident, the hospitals strictly controlled the sale of Agent A and limited the purchase, and the price of Agent A on the market gradually decreased, so that even if someone in an ordinary family had spiritual riots, they could afford to buy Agent A.

Although the shadow that had been hanging over the Star Alliance had not disappeared, with the treatment, all Star Alliance people were much more relaxed. One of the most relaxed atmospheres was Siao Planet.

An Jin’s life was once again regular. Every morning, he fed the babies formula, and when the babies fell asleep after eating, he left them in the care of the doctor and the nanny while he went to purify the soil.

When he got home, the babies were usually still sleeping, waking up once around ten o’clock. After playing with the babies for about half an hour, they had to eat something again and then go back to sleep.

Each day seems to be different from the day before, and the babies changed every day, especially the mermaid baby, An Yi, who grew extremely fast.

An Jin felt that time had passed very quickly since the babies broke the shell, and two months had passed in the blink of an eye. An Yi was already learning interstellar language with him.

“Daddy, Daddy.” An Yi and An Jin floated side by side in the water, staring at the virtual screen in front of them, and reading along with the video. His voice was soft, and his little hand grabbed An Jin’s little thumb, his fleshy face had a serious expression, and there was a kind of contrast.

An Jin kissed his little cheeks. “Tui’s pronunciation is very accurate, so smart.”

An Yi’s face was soft, he kissed it and sunk it in; he moved away and it popped back up. He smelled the milk fragrance of the baby mermaid and his heart became extra soft.

An Yi tilted his little head and his blue eyes were bright. “Daddy’s smart.”

To distinguish him from Norman, he asked the baby to call them Daddy and Papa respectively, and then the baby kept calling him and Norman Daddy.

An Jin smiled and gently squeezed his little fleshy hand and put it to his mouth and kissed it. “Tui has a sweet mouth.”

Father and son interacted for a while and continued to watch the instructional video. These were all things that An Jin learned a long time ago, but learning with the baby felt completely different from learning by himself. He wanted to be with the baby, and he wanted the baby to have all the valuable experiences that he was missing. He looked down at the focused mermaid baby, and his eyes unconsciously became especially tender.

It didn’t take long for the focused baby mermaid’s eyes to become confused, his big eyes blinking faster and faster, the arc of his eyes opening smaller and smaller, and in a short while they were completely closed. His head tilted and he fell asleep against An Jin’s arm.

This was not the first time An Jin had seen the baby suddenly fall asleep while studying or playing, but he was still very cute. He gently put the translator back on the baby mermaid’s ear, then carried the baby mermaid to the shore and put him on the egg-shaped, water-filled stroller on the shore.

An Jin lifted the curtain to look inside and saw Ian’s little buttocks. Ian’s arms were folded on the bed, his face was resting on his hands, his breathing was steady, his face was pink and soft, and he was sleeping soundly. An Jin couldn’t help but smile, Ian seemed to like this position; he previously tried to let him lie flat on the bed, but Ian’s little mouth flattened to cry. He was happy only once he was back to the lying position.

By the end of the year, the babies turned three months old. An Yi woke up with extra energy and a sharper mind, while Ian was still sleeping, but waking up for longer.

In the afternoon, An Jin woke up from his nap and heard babbling sounds. He turned his head and saw Ian’s two chubby hands on the edge of the bed, his little head half exposed, his brown eyes staring straight at the mermaid baby floating and sleeping in the water in the baby water crib next to him.

Ian babbled, and the index fingers of both hands kept raising and lowering along with the sound, as if he were beating a beat. An Jin couldn’t help but be surprised, the stroller basket was not shallow; Ian showed a small half head, so he must be standing.

Generally human children so small certainly could not stand.

When he got up, Ian heard the sound and immediately turned his head towards him, his brown eyes instantly completed the crescent moon and he let out a crisp laugh while raising his right hand towards him.

An Jin was about to call out to Ian when half of the baby’s head slid down abruptly and was blocked by the wall of the crib.

Then, the curtain shifted, and soon after, another small hand emerged from the edge of the crib. An Jin had already walked to the stroller and saw the scene inside clearly.

When Ian felt him approaching, he tilted his little head to look at him, and when he let go, he slid down again, his little mouth flattened, his eyes misted up, and he opened his mouth to cry.

An Jin was all too familiar with his expressions, and hurriedly lifted the curtain and picked him up. “Ian shouldn’t cry.” He kissed the baby’s forehead. “Ian is really good, and can actually stand up!”

Ian’s crying disappeared, but his eyes were a little red, and with his good little face, he looked pitiful and lovable. An Jin was a little amused, tapped his little nose, and complimented, “Ian is so smart.”

The little human baby pointed at the mermaid baby and kept on  saying “ah ah ah ah”, and An Jin carried him to the next baby water crib. He saw the little baby about to grab the mermaid baby’s hair and quickly grabbed his little hand. “Brother is still sleeping. You can not touch, you will wake him up.”

He carried the little baby to the couch and informed Hornád and Billy, both of whom gave the little Ian a physical examination.

Hornád said, “He’s healthy and growing a lot faster than the average child. At this rate of growth, he needs to take in more nutrients.”

At the end of the examination, Ian was already asleep.

When Norman returned in the evening, An Jin told him about the baby’s changes.

Norman looked at Ian, who was sleeping with his buttocks in the air, looked at his fleshy little legs, and thought it was amazing.

Around eight o’clock, Ian woke up. Norman held Ian, tucked the curtain into his hand, and stood a little further away to tease Ian to stand up. Ian showed his head, but fell down again when his feet got weak, froze, and cried loudly.

Norman held him nervously and comforted him clumsily.

An Jin listened to him say “no crying” and “don’t cry” back and forth, which made him want to laugh. He grabbed Ian and fed him formula, and Ian stopped crying as he ate, his eyes dripping.

“Daddy, daddy!” An Yi was floating in the water, one hand on the edge of the crib, one hand rubbing his eyes. Because he just woke up, his voice was very soft. He finished rubbing his eyes and saw An Jin holding Ian, so he reached towards Norman.

Norman carefully held him and supported his little tail and asked in a low voice, “Are you hungry?”

An Yi looked at Ian and nodded his head. “I want to eat with my brother.”

Norman sat beside An Jin to feed the baby mermaid. Ian finished eating and reached out towards An Yi. An Jin moved closer, and Ian’s little hand immediately pressed against An Yi’s tail.

An Yi’s eyes were slightly open, the action of drinking milk paused, and the tail swung a little.

Ian’s hand was still not satisfied, and his head leaned towards the tail. An Jin moved until Ian grunted. Ian put his little face against his brother’s tail and was happy, closed his eyes, and was ready to sleep.

An Yi looked at Ian, his tail did not move, and continued to drink milk.

An Jin worried that Ian holding An Yi’s tail would make him uncomfortable, but when he tried to move Ian away, Ian immediately cried and hummed.

An Yi frowned like a small adult. “Daddy, brother wants to sleep.”

After that, whenever the two babies woke up, they had to sleep next to each other, and An Jin had to wait until they were both asleep before separating them. Although Ian could stay in the water for a long time, his skin would be wrinkled by the water, and An Yi must stay in the water.

When the babies were three months old, they spent their first New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve, An Jin accompanied Norman live with both babies in tow, although they had long since fallen asleep in their stroller.

After the New Year, Norman was busy again, or rather, the whole Star Alliance was busy, preparing for the biggest star beast wave. The star beasts had not replenished their energy from the previous year’s casualties, and after consuming impurity-laden food for a year, the star beasts’ situation must be very poor. In order for the star beasts to survive, there was a great possibility of an early attack.

Sure enough, that year’s star beast tide broke out much earlier. However, all the stars of the Star Alliance were prepared and responded with ease. Within a year, not only Siao, but also all the stars cultivated many pure foods, the production of Agent A increased greatly, and each frontline soldier carried at least one Agent A with him, which not only ensured the soldiers’ safety, but also enhanced their fighting ability.

After all, there was no worry about consuming too much spiritual power and triggering spiritual riots. Therefore, even though the star beasts attacked like crazy, the stars still steadily held the defense line.

Twenty days after the outbreak of the star beast wave, news that shook the Star Alliance came from Rabe: Siao experts in Rabe had found a way to remove impurities artificially.

For a while, the member countries of the Star Alliance kept contacting Siao, trying to find out information about the removal of impurities, or trying to negotiate cooperation as soon as possible.

Siao did not reveal any news, saying that they would talk after the star beast wave.


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Ian and An Yi seem to sleep a huge amount and are very different in terms of growth.
Norm isn’t featured much really and what’s happened with Little Silver and Mu Chen?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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The two babies are so cute! thanks for the chapter!

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I like this direction of progress. Planet Siao and the Emperor’s good luck started the moment he purchased this particular quiet solid coloured mermaid. Now they are all happy and about to be very prosperous. The babies are so cute, and so is their clumsy daddy, Norman. 🤭😍 I hope we’ll get some chapters or extras on Mu Chen and Little Silver. Has this handsome Tekk warrior finally convinced his mate? Was the Admiral conquered or was he the conqueror?

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