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After Getting Amnesia, I Accused My Gong of Trying to Steal Our Children

by His Ginger

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, amnesia, children, interstellar, multiple races, transmigration, world hoping, childcare.

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 79, Complete

Translator: Addis

Editor: SpringBreeze

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~




In the interstellar world, people have difficulty bearing children, and scientists have researched egg breeding technology. Jing Man woke up and found six eggs on his bed.

The sizes and patterns were different, exquisite and beautiful; a soft, child-like voice called him father.

Then, a nobleman with a stern expression knocked on the door and said he accidentally left his son at his home. 

Jing Man snickered and petted the golden retriever…

Who was this wild man? Don’t try to steal my baby!


Chapter 1: The Dragon Baby is Hatching!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Woof woof woof!” After finding six eggs in the house, the golden retriever started jumping and running around the house, hardly stopping in his excitement. The house was full of dog fur, and the poor housekeeping robot followed him while cleaning and warning him.

“Big Bear, don’t be happy too early, this is someone else’s child, Uncle Star Police will take it away later.” The teenager who spoke clasped his hands and leaned his back against the door frame, his voice filled with the restlessness of summer.

Jing Man buried his head in wondering who in the end was so powerful that he evaded the supervision of the villa’s electronic eye protection shield and put this pile of eggs onto his bed. He checked the surveillance records, he was sleeping at that time, this nest of eggs really appeared beside him suddenly.

Thinking about the root of the problem, he shook his black hair and looked at the ‘mysterious eggs.’

Suddenly, he froze.

One of the golden eggs covered with scales seemed to have woken up and was breaking out of its shell. The egg, which was even larger than an ostrich egg, was gently shaking, creating a clattering noise. A small hole slowly appeared in the eggshell, and a thin layer of spider web cracks spread out along the hole.

When the child stopped to rest, a few weak whimpers could be heard, calling and whimpering.

Ai, kind of cute.

The golden egg with a scale-covered eggshell should be the children of the dragon race. Jing Man often heard the news of the dragon race losing their eggs, and could barely understand. But, the race of the remaining five eggs were still different.

The green egg with leaf veins and rain traces was of the treant race, the blue eggs with a pattern like water ripples was an aquatic race, and the one with a layer of fine fluff was the beast race… As for the frosted purple egg, and the white egg with complex dark patterns, he was not quite sure.

Just those three races, but none would not dote on a child and defend them, despite the shortcomings written on their face.

Want them to lose their children? Don’t even think about it!

Sky Blue Star was a racially diverse super planet, so scientists researched a civilian egg breeding method that allowed interracial couples as well as same-sex couples to have biological children of each other’s bloodline. This technique was so safe that the child hatched out of the egg, retained the native form of the genetically strong parent, and assumed human form after one year of age.

From then on, it had two forms. Pure humans like Jing Man, born through childbirth, were instead relatively rare.

“Knock.” He was relieved to finally hear a knock at the door. Then he grabbed Big Bear, his maniac, and ran quickly to open the door. Outside the door stood two men, dressed as government law enforcement officers.

Jing Man smiled and said hello.

The tall star policeman nodded and showed his papers, which showed that he was a beast – a wolf.

“Hello, I’m Officer Chen, and this is Dr. Lin.”

“The alarm message says you picked up six eggs, right? Several races of hatchling eggs, including the beast race?” Dr. Lin, a young and gentle lady, nodded gently after being cued.

Jing Man: “Mn, anyway, there is an egg that is furry that should be the beast race, all suddenly appeared today.” He pointed to the thing behind him, “This is?”

Officer Chen showed a smile and explained, “A blood relative detector, networked with the breeding egg database, which can directly measure the genetic parental source of the hatchling eggs. Like this case of losing a child to a hatchling egg, it is usually measured directly.”

Then he slightly lowered his head, showing Jing Man a hat with a camera: “I still have a law enforcement recorder here, now the police must be recorded and published on the official website. But you do not have to worry, the video will be released only after processing, and you will automatically have a layer of mosaic, but also change the sound. When the time comes, I will let the technical department give you a handsome voice.”

The tense atmosphere was relieved, Jing Man nodded and smiled, “Alright, you guys come with me.”

The soft-looking Dr. Lin carried the heavy-looking blood relative test device with one hand and followed them inside, much to Jing Man’s surprise. Pushing open the bedroom door, Big Bear gave a woof and stood up to look over.

Officer Chen twitched his nose in a sniffing motion and hooked his right hand in the shape of a paw at Big Bear.

Big Bear gave a small woof, straightened his back and sat up in a crouching position, looking very energetic and more disciplined than usual.

Jing Man did not notice their secret communication, and pointed straight to the bed, “The eggs are over here.”

Dr. Lin’s eyes widened in wonder when he saw such a pile of eggs. Putting away the instruments, she turned back to her gentle self. She went over to the bedside, put on gloves and carefully examined the golden egg. Her voice was gentle and smiling, “The dragon egg is hatching now.”

Jing Man did not know the reason for this and asked, “Can we still test the blood relatives in this condition?”

Dr. Lin shook her head, “The egg hatching process cannot be interrupted, we can only wait for the dragon whelp to hatch first, and then take the blood.”

Jing Man was helpless, “Then let’s test the other eggs first, I feel that the races are different.”

Dr. Lin nodded and gently picked up the green egg and put it into the instrument to start the test.

Three minutes later, the data appeared on the screen.

Dr. Lin looked at it carefully, and his face was grave: “I’m afraid this treant egg is a black market hatchling egg from the underground, the egg breeding base doesn’t have any information about him.”

It sounded so serious that Jing Man asked in surprise, “Can you find out the parent?”

Dr. Lin nodded, “Yes, but the Sky Blue population database is too large, so I’m afraid it will take twenty-four hours to come up with results.”

If we can find out, it’s fine, Jing Man nodded.

Officer Chen helped take the treant egg out of the instrument and urged, “Let’s test the other eggs.”

One by one, the eggs were tested in rotation, and after a few moments, Dr. Lin came up with the results. Her expression became even more grave, comparing the data horizontally, pulling it out to the crowd and explaining, “All five eggs have no breeding records from the egg breeding base, and are 99% genetically similar. Even if their parents are not the same, they are at least within two generations of each other.”

Officer Chen was surprised and asked, “Really? They’re not even racially the same.”

Jing Man raised his hand and replied, “It should be possible, I remember when scientists restricted gene expression in order to prevent children from becoming mixed race.”

Dr. Lin cast an approving glance, “Yes, for example, Chen’s father is a canine sub-race, and his mother is a cat sub-race. He only expresses one kind on the outside, but has two kinds of genes in his body.”

Officer Chen did not get angry when he was cued and went to the side to watch the process of the dragon whelp hatching.

Walking over to Dr. Lin, Jing Man asked in a tight whisper, “Dr. Lin, what about these underground hatchling eggs?”

Underground, black market, it sounded horrible. When he called the police, he didn’t think it would end up like this. If the hatchlings were destroyed because of him, he would have to sleep and eat for the rest of his life.

Dr. Lin looked at him and smiled: “If you can’t find the parents after comparing the population database, you’ll have to find someone to adopt them. Some people who do not like the transparency of information will go to a private egg breeding base to raise children. In fact, there is no difference. And now quite a few people like to raise other races’ hatchlings. By the way, little brother, are you interested in raising them?”

That’s it? Jing Man huffed and waved his hand: “I won’t graduate until two years from now. I’m afraid I can’t challenge the life of a twenty-year old with six children.”

“Boing -” a young dragon whispered in his ears, the sound was much louder than just now, as if haunting his ears.

Jing Man turned around and saw that the golden egg had unknowingly been scratched by the dragon child through a coin-sized opening. The small pale golden claw stretched out from this opening and groped.

He could see that the dragon child’s claws were very tender and soft looking.

There were four toes on the claw and the nails were not hard enough, no wonder it took so long to break its shell. The eggshell was hard and the break was sharp, and in a short time the scales on the dragon whelp’s claws were worn off in two pieces.

Jing Man looked a little distressed and raised his eyes to ask Dr. Lin, “Doctor, can you help him?”

Dr. Lin shook his head: “No, when the birth coat on him dries up, the claws will become sharp, and then it will be fine.”

Indeed, when he was messing around on the star network earlier, there was a viral post on baby rearing, in which most parents said that the stage when the hatchling breaks its shell was the most heartbreaking.

The original egg-born race was a little better, the young had a sharp beak or claws that could break the shell. The original fetal race was very difficult, and every time the shell was broken, it made people sweat.

But human intervention could cause incomplete absorption of fetal clothing accidents, resulting in the children to grow weak.

Letting them break their shells independently was the best option.

Jing Man had even heard that there were professional midwives who specialized in assisting children to break their shells, but midwives often had to be booked in advance, and it was definitely too late for that.

The three of them sat around the bed with bated breath, watching the dragon child try to break its shell. After fumbling for a while, the dragon child put its claws back and stood on tiptoe inside the egg, putting its golden eyes with vertical pupils to the hole in the shell and peering out.

After seeing Jing Man, the dragon child’s pupils turned round for a moment and stared at him and blinked.

“Rawr-” another dragon roar, found still trapped in the egg he seemed to be anxious.

The golden egg was pressed against him and fell to the side, and the dragon child used his head to push against that small break in the mouth half a dozen times to break it a little bigger. Then put his mouth out and opened his mouth to the egg shell and bit it.

Seeing this Jing Man was a bit worried, he poked Dr. Lin with a torn face, “Can this be eaten?”

Dr. Lin and Officer Chen looked at each other with amazement on their faces.

Officer Sun asked, “Xiao Jing, are you a fetal born? Of course the eggshells are edible.”

Dr. Lin nodded and explained, “Hatchling eggshells contain tremendous energy and are the best source of nutrition for them when they are first born. And the attraction to the hatchlings is particularly strong, my mother said that when I hatched out as a child, I didn’t even care about her, and gnawed on my shell for three days before recognizing her.”

Officer Sun smiled, “I’m weaker, I nibbled for a week.”

Shrinking his neck, Jing Man showed no insightful expression, “Hey, I am indeed fetal born, I can’t eat it.”

A few moments later, the dragon child finally gnawed out a hole in the eggshell big enough for himself to burrow out.

“Ra!” He stopped gnawing on the egg shell, let out a cry, and then crawled towards Jing Man.

Looking at the dragon child leaving behind the “nutrition” and coming to his side, Jing Man’s heart lifted and he hurriedly asked, “Doctor, is this normal?”

Dr. Lin also looked surprised: “It shouldn’t be, the children are very hungry for food, there is no reason to leave the eggshells untouched. Jing, do you have any food on you to attract him?”

Jing Man shook his head like a rattle, “No, I found this nest of eggs as soon as I woke up this morning. Let alone food, I didn’t even have time to eat myself.”

Fearing that the dragon child would crawl and fall to the ground, Jing Man frowned and slowly put his hand over to him and tentatively touched his body.

This was a western dragon with wings, a pair of short spikes on the forehead, holding a short thick tail behind. The face of the dragon child was very cute, its eyes were beautiful golden brown with vertical pupils, the circumference of his eggshell covered with light golden scales, and the face was absolutely adorable.

It looked like it was made of gold, but it was warm to the touch and the scales were very smooth.

“Ra.” The dragon child seemed to be enjoying himself very much, tilting his head to accept Jing Man’s caress, the pair of small meat wings on his back trembling with pleasure.

Jing Man was caught off guard by the cuteness, his pair of peach blossom eyes hooked and carefully, gently stroking the dragon child.

Dr. Lin looked at the one man and the dragon so intimate, and stared at them. She said: “Xiao Jing, do your ancestors have a dragon bloodline? I think the dragon whelp looks a lot like you.”

The words hit straight to the heart, Jing Man swallowed a mouthful of non-existent old blood, “I’m not sure about this, anyway, my parents don’t have an original form, and I was born in the womb. How did you see that we look alike, Dr. Lin?”

Dr. Lin hooked her lips slightly and gave a somewhat coy smile, “I’m a dragon.”

That makes sense ……

Guessing at a certain outrageous possibility, Jing Man looked with a complicated expression at this drowsy dragon child on the bed who was being caressed by him.

After a moment, he prepared himself mentally.


Jing Man raised his eyes to Dr. Lin and stretched out a thin white wrist, and smiled gently: “Doctor, compare my kinship with the dragon child.”


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