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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Dr. Lin’s heart was shocked at the words, and her mind was limited, just thinking that Jing Man was the alarm man and picked up someone else’s hatchling eggs. Not at all did she consider that this nest of eggs may have a blood relationship with Jing Man. After reacting, she nodded seriously and quickly returned to the state of rigorous professionalism.

Dr. Lin cast her gaze on Jing Man’s exposed white arm and smiled softly, “Xiao Jing, testing the bloodline by drawing one drop of blood is enough, just stabbing it on the finger. And I suggest helping the dragon whelp to take blood first, if it feels painful he is going to make a scene, you pinch the alcohol cotton ball to coax the hatchling.”

So that’s how it is, Jing Man nodded.

He gently took the little dragon child, which was no bigger than his own palm and almost weightless, onto his lap, gently stroking and petting him to sleep. Afterwards, he raised his eyes and blinked at Dr. Lin, his inky eyes wet with silent urging.

Dr. Lin took a blood extraction needle, came over and pinched the skin on the back of the little dragon whelp’s neck and between the pale golden scales.

She took away the needle, pressed down with an alcohol cotton ball, retrieving a drop of dragon blood.

The dragon child did not feel any pain when giving blood. The short fleshy claws hugged the palm of his father, put his cheek against it and gently nuzzled it, and stretched out his pink tongue to lick it twice.

However, it stung a little when the alcohol cotton ball was pressed where the needle eye was, and he cried twice.

But Jing Man softly coaxed a couple sentences and he was immediately very happy and hugged Jing Man’s hand.

Seeing this, Dr. Lin exclaimed, “So well-behaved, such a small dragon whelp is usually very delicate, he must be very easy to raise.”

After waiting for a while for the needle hole to heal, Jing Man held out his other hand, which was not coiled by the dragon whelp, for Dr. Lin to take the blood. He waited for the results for three minutes with his eyes downcast, quietly looking at the dragon whelp, not even noticing that the corners of his mouth lifted up in a shallow curve.

He secretly decided in his heart, regardless of whether the dragon child has a blood relationship with himself, if the biological parents cannot be found, he will go to apply for adoption.

Jing Man smiled as his eyes swept over to Big Bear, who was inexplicably well-behaved despite the arrival of a stranger in his home today. A sheep is let loose, a flock of sheep is also released.1

There should be a lot of commonalities between raising a pet dog and raising a child …

The blood relative detector emitted a ding to remind everyone that the test results had appeared.

Dr. Lin glanced at Jing Man and walked over to scrutinize the results. She tapped on the instrument a few times, frowned slightly. Looking back Jing Man’s gaze became more than a little complicated. She said, “Xiao Jing, the test results show that the dragon whelp is your child.”

Jing Man’s eyes lit up and he squeezed the dragon whelp’s little paw so he wouldn’t scratch his coat, “That’s a good thing, I would like to raise him.”

Dr. Lin patted his shoulder and said in a serious tone, “Don’t be happy yet. The results show that the other five eggs are also your children. You recall if there is a father…”

This …… is too odd, right?

Looking back at the nest of eggs, Jing Man’s brain shutdown for a moment.

He shook his head and concluded, “Impossible, doctor, didn’t you say they were of different races? Dragon, treant, aquatic, beast, omega, and undead? My parents are both pure human, not too sure further up, but even with fey blood it should be very weak, so their second form should have nothing to do with me. You also said that the egglets are from the same father and mother, that another gene supplier bloodline is also a little too complicated. Where do I have to go to find this person, I have not been in love yet …”

At these words, Officer Chen frowned. This case was really outrageous.

Other people get pregnant before marriage, don’t tell me Jing Man was pregnant without experiencing love or possibly feeling pregnant?

Dr. Lin also had a troubled expression. She turned to start the instrument and inserted the egglets one by one, “I’ll test it again with the backup system.”

Jing Man nodded and pinned his hopes on this instrument.

Time passed, and in a few moments, the test results came out fresh. However, the results were exactly the same as the previous ones… the six baby eggs were still his own!

The results made Jing Man speechless for a moment, sitting on the edge of the bed, and even the calling dragon child in his hand could not bring him comfort and healing. 

Seeing the case come to an end, Officer Chen came over and patted Jing Man’s shoulder with mixed feelings.

He opened his mouth and organized his language, “Xiao Jing, think about it, you are young and talented! Many people want interracial children, but are unable to. Since they are your children, my suggestion is to stay.”

“I checked the surveillance and they did appear suddenly. Maybe there is a chance in the future to figure it out. Didn’t the scientists say they developed prototype technology for time travel? Maybe it was you in the future who made the children travel back.”

Dr. Lin nodded, “Officer Chen is right. This is indeed not considered a case of child abduction or loss. Then, we’ll take our leave. But don’t worry, I’ll go back and check the Sky Blue Star population database and tell you tomorrow who the children’s other gene supplier is. At that time, you can contact them, maybe you can find clues.”

After that, she picked up the instrument with one hand and was ready to go.

Jing Man came back to his senses and, clutching a thread of straw, stood up and asked, “Can you definitely find them? The children’s other parent?”

Seeing his inner panic, Dr. Lin reassured him, “Mn, as long as it’s not an encrypted messenger, there’s only a one in a billion chance that we won’t find them. You can rest assured!”

Jing Man nodded, his eyes swept to the nest of eggs and asked nervously, “When will the other eggs hatch, does the doctor know?”

Dr. Lin smiled, “There will be a sign before hatching, the temperature of the eggshell will be two degrees higher than usual. You can go buy an eggshell thermometer to check.”

“Okay, thank you, Officer Chen and Dr. Lin.” Jing Man made a mental note of this detail and thanked them from the bottom of his heart.

“Wait a minute.” Officer Chen suddenly said, and he walked over to Big Bear, who was sitting obediently on the ground, and said something to it.

Only after that did he straighten his clothes and turn around to leave with Dr. Lin. After sending the man away, Jing Man went back to the bedroom, untied Big Bear and stroked the dog’s head.

“Woof woof.” The dog barked, eyes cooing over the dragon whelp’s body, and did not pounce on anyone like usual.

“Big Bear, you are so well-behaved this time, such a good brother.” Jing Man praised. Holding the little dragon child who had fallen asleep long ago, and he gave him a name, “He’ll be called Xiao Jin.”2

Hearing Jing Man’s stomach growl, Big Bear tilted his head to look at his master and swung his head in a certain direction, “Woof!”

“Okay, let’s go eat.” Jing Man gently put the dragon child on the bed and surrounded it with pillows. He opened his closet and found a thin sweater to change into. There was nothing special about this sweater, except that it had a large pocket in the front, just enough to hold Xiao Jin.

His conscience could not agree with him to leave the dragon child alone to go out to eat. He was afraid to melt the small and lovable baby while holding it in the mouth. How could he be left alone?3

He put a soft towel in his pocket and went out to find food with the dragon child in his pocket, leading Big Bear.

There was a Chinese restaurant called Long’s4 near the QingYuan District. The taste was good, the dishes were rich, the environment was quiet, and the decor was retro and elegant.

And the owner did not like mechanization, except for the sprinkling and sweeping work by robots, all other parts were person-to-person, face-to-face. They had a good relationship with customers and were very cordial to each other.

It was a rare stream of freshness in the thirty-first century where technology was developing rapidly.

The best part was that it was not far from Jing Man’s house, and you could bring your pets and children. You go to dinner, they help you take care of the dog, and they also provide a crib for the young.

Of course, the price was also equal to the service. On average, a meal was several times more expensive than other places.

But Jing Man lacked nothing but money. His parents were unable to give him company because of work, so they gave him money like it was a competition. If he wanted, he could take the money in his account and buy an uninhabited planet.

Anyway, after discovering this treasure, Jing Man had been dining here continuously with Big Bear for most of the year.

Long’s was a family business. From the receptionist, chef to the waiter were all dragons, but not western dragons with wings like Xiao Jin, but a long eastern dragon. However, except for the majestic dragon-shaped logo coiled on the lintel, no one in the crowd of customers had seen their second form.

It was already 3:00 p.m., after mealtime. Long Gui, the receptionist, was lazily resting on the counter when she saw Jing Man coming from afar and sat up straight. With a smile on her face, she asked the other sisters to take Big Bear and bring him to the pet area.

Then, she took Jing Man directly to a seat, “Mr. Jing welcome, I thought you had gone elsewhere for dinner when you didn’t come today.”

Jing Man said while choosing a dish on the optical computer, “Something happened today, causing a delay. Chicken with coconut sauce, mixed beef, and greens with garlic… Ready.”

Long Gui was familiar with him, neither the type to ask or say more than necessary, served tea and poured water in one go.

Seeing she was going to leave, Jing Man remembered something. Bashfully, he pulled the sleeve of the lady and whispered, “Can you change the seat?”

Long Gui looked around, puzzled, “You usually sit here, near the window, where you can see people coming and going.”

He couldn’t explain for a moment.

Jing Man thought about it and took his right hand out of his coat pocket, showing her a glimpse of the small golden dragon in his pocket. Keeping his voice low, with a smile in his tone, “Time has changed, I am now a person with young.”

Seeing the floppy dragon whelp, Long Gui immediately poked the cute snout, so small so small! So cute, so cute!

Knowing that Jing Man did not want to make a statement, she slightly blocked the view of others, carefully watching Xiao Jin’s sleeping face, with a smile on her face.

Xiao Jin seemed to feel something, woke up, “Ra -” calling, blinking his big eyes.

Seeing that she forgot the business and started to tease Xiao Jin, Jing Man helplessly poked Long Gui, “Can the seat be changed?”

“Yes, yes.” As if waking up from a dream, Long Gui’s face was hot. She hurriedly nodded and brought him into a private room. In the past, when she saw a western dragon, Long Gui only wanted to fight with her claws to see who was more powerful.

But seeing this delicate little dragon in Mr. Jing’s hand, she wanted to turn into her original form curl around this whelp!

At the same time, QingYuan District Garden Road police station.

Chen Yan took off the police recorder from his hat, imported the record to the server, and began to give a non-criminal key code.

After a while, the legal channel partition on the star network, more than one video named QYQHYL30200728CY was posted.


The author has something to say: 

Long Gui: I want to curl around him! (referring to Xiao Jin)

Spring Breeze Note: It seems time shenanigans may be involved! How do you think that led to 6 different eggs though?


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Translator Notes:

  1. 一只羊是放、一群羊也是放 – A Chinese proverb that means ‘one more is not a burden’ or ‘It’s not a big deal, so what’s one more?’.
  2. 小金; Xiao Jin: Little Gold
  3. Based on the idiom: 含在嘴里怕化了,捧在手上怕摔了; afraid to melt it when holding it in the mouth, while afraid to drop it when holding it in hands. Jing Man already loves the child to the extent of wanting to spoil it.
  4. 龙 lóng: Dragon


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Rachel Kim
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Officer Chen feels somewhat mysterious.
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