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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


With such a big interlude, the two forgot what they heard at Feng Huo’s door; that charming voice seemed to have been completely inaccessible. They returned to their suite at the Five Seasons Hotel, with no feeling of embarrassment at having run into someone else’s business.

The four young eggs were still lying quietly, and Jing Man saw the aquatic egg swaying from side to side as soon as he returned. He hurriedly called Mu CangZhou to come over to see, “Brother Mu, is our aquatic egg going to hatch too?”

Mu CangZhou shifted his eyes, thinking it was unlikely.

The third world that they transmigrated to was the beast world, and since they were hatching in order, the next one should be the furry beast egg. Speaking of which, he missed White Moonlight Bear ManMan, with a round head and body the height of three heads, in his heart.

Compared to the ordinary bear sub-race beast people of the Beast Plains, ManMan was much weaker and cuter. The concept of a ferocious beast could not be shaped by bared teeth, especially cute. But then he was even worse, his beast type inexplicably became a juvenile red tiger, just like a larger cat, smaller than the moonlight bear.

In that world… It was ManMan who protected him in every way.

When he thought of the past, his heart beat a little faster. However, Mu CangZhou didn’t say anything, he just came around and carefully examined the aquatic egg.

After a few moments, he decided, “It’s not ready to hatch.”

Since the midwife said so, it was all right. Having seen the way Mu CangZhou delivered the hatchlings with his own hands, Jing Man totally worshiped him as a god when it came to the young eggs.

At night, the two hatched children were placed in [microclimate] rooms that were good for their bodies. Two people went into the master bedroom unannounced, and no one fussed about rebooking a new room.

Lying on the bed, the memories of the past with Jing Man… kept coming back to mind, and Mu CangZhou’s throat rolled, pulling over the covers to cover up. His voice was even more magnetic than before, with a sexy hoarseness, “ManMan, you go take a shower first.”

Jing Man slipped on his personal terminal and was eating a melon from today’s Tianhu District snack street.

The crowd of the star network went from whether the mussel mother’s shell was beautiful or not, whether the little mussel was cute or not… all the way down to the four original forms of the beast people, calling them really handsome, and wanting to know if they were still single or not.

Of course, there were also more serious topics, such as special circumstances of changing into one’s original form in the city, the six characteristics of a young egg that will be born prematurely, and how long a small mollusk can persist without closing its shell.

He took a glance at the time, it was only eight o’clock.

No hurry.

So, Jing Man did not raise his eyes, and lazily voiced, “Brother Mu, you go first to wash, I’ll wait.”

Mu CangZhou turned sideways to look at Jing Man. His pajamas were pressed tightly against his skin, revealing his waist, and because he was leaning on the pillow, his hair was messy.

He felt this sense of déjà vu at this scene.

Yes, during the time when they were in a relationship, he could see this scene every day.

ManMan liked to lie on the bed and read a book or scroll through his terminal, not focusing on him. But then the solution was simple, Mu CangZhou would come closer to him, like a feline hunting. He would stare at his prey for a long time, and then suddenly lean down at the right time, take away the book or terminal that grabbed his attention, leave a delicate and tender kiss on Jing Man’s face and neck, nibble on his lips…

Most of the time he would respond, and everything was very logical and indescribable.

The other part of the time, he would be angry, angry at Mu CangZhou for interrupting his business, and telling him to go away. But after he finished his business, he would turn around and see the poor Mu CangZhou, and then he would be soft.

He would take the initiative to hug him, soft voice pampering, whining voice apologizing. His peach blossom eyes glowed with a touch of spring, in the name of checking the results of fitness on their own hands, and then things were indescribable.

It’s over, he can’t think about it.

Now Mu CangZhou only wanted to kiss him, his blood tended to go only to one place…

Jing Man was completely unaware of the amount of waste generated in the mind of the man next to him, he did not go away to urge, “Brother Mu, you go first to take a shower.”

Mu CangZhou, he… was afraid that as soon as he stood up, he would be exposed. But then he thought, from the bed to the bathroom was only a few steps away, so Jing Man should not notice.

So, he calmly confronted it, pretending that nothing had happened and went to get a change of clothes.

In the last few steps he took into the bathroom, Jing Man raised his eyes and looked at the time.

In the light, he glimpsed at the indescribable, and the shape of Mu CangZhou’s pants was burned into his mind. For a moment, the hot lava inside his brain spurted out, and Jing Man was inexplicably weak.

He thought of the indescribable image he had made up in his head at Feng Huo’s doorstep, and this image became more and more profound, gradually extending to the action scene…

That night, the two of them went to bed with their own thoughts, skipping the scheduled candlelit talk.

The next day, Jing Man woke up abruptly when he heard Xiao Jin’s voice calling out for Daddy. He felt that his body was confined, and when he opened his eyes, he had actually rolled into Mu CangZhou’s arms…

The two people’s bodies seemed to be specially made for each other, and this embrace was so tight that it was a perfect fit.

The slightest movement could affect the other.

Jing Man’s cheeks burst into red, swallowed his saliva and called out in a small voice, “Brother Mu…”

“Mn…” Mu CangZhou slept as sweetly as never before this night, even his proud biological clock was disrupted. His habit of waking up early was forgotten, as well as the kids and ManMan’s memory loss.

His arms tightened, and his big hands turned over Jing Man with his back to himself. His eyes were not open, but his thin lips were accurate as his soft jelly-like lips kissed the other man.

Jing Man brainstormed a lot trying to figure out why the two of them were so close together, and admittedly felt very awkward. However, definitely not as awkward as this scene now… He was forcefully kissed by someone somehow? As a result, there was not a single unhappy feeling in his heart?! This was not normal!

Mu CangZhou did not get a kiss back from his lover, his brow wrinkled and his head cleared up a bit. Then, all those bad memories leapt into the mind all at once.

After realizing that he kissed the amnesiac Jing Man, his body froze, his muscles tensed, and his scalp tingled… He wished he could turn back the clock completely.

“Daddy, Daddy!” The voice of Xiao Jin outside the door grew louder and louder, bringing Jing Man back to reality. His child was calling him, which he could not ignore. His heart was immediately torn with anxiety.

There will be time to ask Mu what he meant! Thinking about it, Jing Man kicked Mu CangZhou away and said, “Brother Mu, you have the wrong person! I’m Jing Man!”

Because of his emotions, his tone was raised and his voice was a little cuter than before. Jing Man, of course, had never heard that Mu CangZhou had a lover, and the two had agreed before that whoever fell in love would be the dog!

Only now for him, to be able to take himself off the list was the most important.

Mu CangZhou was keenly aware that Jing Man was giving him an out, so he also took it as good as it came, pretending to be asleep and confused, “ManMan sorry, I was dreaming of eating dumplings, I didn’t mean to bite you!”

The two of them could not afford to ridicule this nonsensical reason, but they both felt that the best outcome for the moment was to live with it, so they did not expose each other.

Jing Man blushed and glared at Mu CangZhou, and jumped off the bed to see what was wrong with Xiao Jin.

When he opened the door, the pale golden western dragon was sitting on the ground with a frightened face. There were tears at the corners of his eyes, and two small claws nervously twisted together.

Xiao Jin’s original fleshy dragon wings, which were not much bigger than a small green mango, had inexplicably grown fluffy golden feathers. Now, his wings were stretched out like a bird flying high in the sky, covering Xiao Jin’s entire body.


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May 15, 2022 1:01 pm

Thanks for translating and editing.

July 17, 2022 5:46 am

It is really sad that ML cannot hold and kiss MC in this life ( for now ) but he did it anyway while they are sleeping👍 Well done ML , u managed to have some tofu !

August 4, 2022 11:15 pm

My fatal weakness, fluffy dragons! I don’t know why but if they are mainly scaled, feathery wings make no sense to me. I hope it’s just a phase! Thank you so much for the chapters!

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