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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He YunTing had only seen that woman in the files.

Her life and death seemed to be just a string of light data, showing that Lin Han just passed the core area examination, and she never opened her eyes again. It was common for people in civilian areas to have imperfect information, and it was the same when it came to her.

He YunTing’s authority was already very high, but after going through all the clues, there was almost no record of her before giving birth to Lin Han. As if before having her child, she even had no motivation to record her life, as if she was just a small, dispensable person.

The woman in the photo was very beautiful, and when she smiled with the corners of her mouth slightly raised, she had gentle eyebrows similar to Lin Han’s. She wasn’t aggressive and seemed very soft, and sometimes it was almost hard to imagine how she raised her child alone in a civilian area.

There was no record of her other half in the profile, she seemed to have always been alone and had never moved to contact any Alphas.

In the civilian area, everyone was extremely unfriendly to Omegas. If they couldn’t even protect their own, sometimes not even Alphas could protect themselves. Their rut period was an easy period for an accident and sometimes they couldn’t even protect their own children.

He YunTing searched for a long time before finding a vague hospital record.

There was a sentence in her past medical history.

[The patient’s gland is severely damaged, pheromone long-term disorder, no repair possible.]

It precisely confirmed Gu Miao’s words. Gu Miao was like a crazy person, the information couldn’t prove his position, but the ‘experiments’ that died under him weren’t a few.

Each Omega had a sample taken and was given a number. When He YunTing arrived, he was comparing the two samples in front of him and was surprised for a moment at his visit, then smiled again.

He rightly felt that He YunTing would cooperate with him, and even excitedly said that he would soon have a successful example, “How difficult is it for the Empire to raise an Alpha? Why not modify these useless weak children a little? Their mental power is wasted on Omegas anyway… You might as well think about it.”

He YunTing didn’t know what he was like at that moment, only remembering that the other’s expression gradually became grim, and only when he drew his gun did he realize that all those compulsions were useless. He began to panic, but found that all the channels of the communicator became unanswered, and not even the light screen could be opened.

But Gu Miao still clutched his finished list, undyingly wanting to continue to compel the cold-faced man, “You know who the sample is today? He will soon go to his admired professor’s lecture. I just want to let that surname Xu take a good look at what a treasure he has banned…”

The sample in front of him was plastered with the picture of the youth he had been thinking about day and night but didn’t dare to approach.

“He will definitely carry nutrients with him, as long as he steals what is at hand by hand, the lecture is long and the Omega is going to be much better to operate on once he starts to get sleepy.”

He YunTing’s eyes were cold, as he raised the gun towards the other, “The venue has been cleaned up before I came.”

The smile on Gu Miao’s face froze and gradually became fierce, “Xu Zhiheng is really a useless waste. It’s clear that he researched the project and stopped himself halfway, but what he didn’t dare to do I came to do for him. It’s clear that this time this is how perfect the sample—” The smile at the corner of his mouth turned back into some kind of mockery, “I know, I can see your face, it means I can’t get out of here alive. But if it was a base mission, it would be nice for me to see someone three or four ranks below you. How could I possibly meet with you in person?” Gu Miao almost quickly deduced, “This is a one-man operation for you. For what, or… for who?”

“It’s this sample I’m holding, right?” Gu Miao didn’t even seem to want to remember the name, “Then he’s really lucky to be on your mind.” He became excited here, “But did you know? He’s different from everyone.”

Seemingly knowing that his plan had fallen through, Gu Miao had nothing to worry about, glancing at He YunTing with an uncomfortable smile, “You like him? Have you told him? Your kind of Alpha are all the same, talking as you like, but in the end, it’s all a compromise to instinct.” He said, “You want to mark him, don’t you? Want to take him for yourself? Especially with an Omega like this who has little ability to resist. Do you know what he’s capable of? He, like his mother, can hear what’s going on in people’s minds when he’s an adult. Did you know that his mother—”

He YunTing seemed to not want to bother with him anymore and shot him without any hesitation. He subconsciously didn’t want to hear the next words. But he didn’t get what he wanted.

The bullet opened a bloody hole in his body, Gu Miao gritted his teeth, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth because of the penetrating wound, the room gradually filled with a fishy sweet smell, but he tried to swallow a mouthful of blood and continued, “That woman is also really miserable, haven’t lived a good life for even a few days.”

He YunTing didn’t know how he finished listening to those words.

Lin Han’s mother originally had her lover, but was cheated by the person she once trusted most, getting imprisoned by him in the name of love, and spent her days in despair. No one could hear her pleas for help, and when she was repeatedly and forcibly marked, she knew she would give in to her instincts if this continued, and mashed her glands to the point of no recovery.

There was never a day when she didn’t want to end her life, but she was always unsuccessful.

When she was finally freed from this bondage by chance and could finally leave… 

She was pregnant.

She didn’t have the heart to get rid of the baby in the end, but she wasn’t freed from the day-to-day torment and painful memories either. She still raised him with all the tenderness she could muster, and even in the civilian areas she didn’t let the child catch anything bad. He was like the person she was before she ran into the nightmare, always kind, always gentle.

All those cruel pasts should have nothing to do with him.

“Do you think she knows whose child it really is? Anyway, I don’t know.” Gu Miao said to the end had no strength, but preferred to continue to stimulate He YunTing, “But this child is really good-looking, ah, looks very much like her. It’s useless for you to kill me, what you heard, one day he will also know. That woman hid her past for so long or you dug it up, will that child be in pain? He’ll cry, right? It’s useless for you to break off this plan, he will still end up living in pain anyway—”

Gu Miao eventually lost his voice.

He YunTing was very efficient, and everything was handled cleanly. Everything was just as calm and peaceful as it appeared, as if the ugliness and intrigue had never occurred. According to Lin Han’s habit, he should go to the lecture in the afternoon.

He wanted to go and see him.

——The lecture of Xu Zhiheng was never less than the number of people who came to listen to it.

He YunTing didn’t have to wait long, and he saw the person he wanted to see at the entrance where people were coming and going. The young man seemed to be in a good mood, he quietly found a corner and sat down.

He YunTing stared at him.

So he was a mind reader? No wonder he saw him wearing gloves recently.

He looked so pure, his skin was almost transparent, and there was a lazy light shining on him. The more the youth looked clean and warm, even from so far away, He YunTing seemed to be able to smell the scent of the sun.

After so many years, Lin Han seemed to have not changed.

The scars of the past were too far away from him, he was born to be this simple and gentle, to do what he wanted to do, to love the people he wanted to love.

If he loves someone, what would they be like?

Will he only smile at that person, only show him tenderness? 

Will the tone of his voice be different than towards others? 

Will he soften his tone and curve the tips of his eyes? 

Could that person be him?

He YunTing wasn’t interested in the content of those life sciences, when he saw that it was half way, the youth in the seat began to show a hesitant look.

Sure enough, just like Gu Miao said, the nutrients were gone.

Before He YunTing didn’t know much about Omegas, it turned out that nutrients were really necessary for some weak Omegas. He saw the youth rummaging for a long time, frowned a little, and because the lecture was still going on, he didn’t get up to leave.

After a while, the youth seemed to begin to become sleepy, his head and chin lowering little by little.

Finally he really didn’t hold back, leaning against the back of a chair, and quietly falling asleep.

The lecture came to an end, Xu Zhiheng left with Xi Yuan, and the original lively crowd of the venue also gradually dispersed. Everyone was very busy, no one would notice a certain young man leaning in the corner with his eyes closed.

Xu Zhiheng used to do lectures in a large place, but waiting for people to leave didn’t seem to take too much time.

Soon, the two of them were the only ones left in the large auditorium.

He YunTing was dressed in civilian clothes, he hesitated for a long time, but finally walked over.

He YunTing stood in front of the youth and looked at him with downcast eyes. The youth looked particularly quiet when he was asleep, his eyelashes were long, his breathing light and soft, which made him more and more well-behaved. His lips were slightly open, well shaped, pinkish, but plump and moist.

If this boy called his name, it would sound very nice. His upper and lower lips would slightly open and close, and he could see his little white teeth. His voice when he opened his mouth should sound like morning dew, with the freshest and most enticing moisture that he couldn’t help but want to swallow.

He YunTing wanted to touch him, but after reaching out his hand, he froze in mid-air.

He held himself back.

If he touched him, Lin Han would wake up and know about the hidden things. He just stalled, consuming the last bit of time in silence.

Just a touch, he said to himself, just a touch.

He YunTing finally didn’t hold back, reached over with his slightly trembling hand and very lightly touched Lin Han’s hair.

The youth’s hair was dark and soft, and the touch was consistent with what he thought. He only dared to touch there, and could only touch there.

The air had a trace of very light ebony fragrance.

His susceptible period had actually arrived at this time.

So those originally unpleasant thoughts, surprisingly, just floated up little by little.

Lin Han didn’t look aggressive at all, and was covered in his shadow, which gave He YunTing the illusion that Lin Han belonged to him. He would look at him with mist in the corners of his eyes, softly call his name, then climb his hand onto his shoulder and very gently curve his lips up.

If he wanted to, he could even make him his own now, he would crave the soft, fragile glands at his neck, crave a deeper pheromone meld, crave the embrace, crave the union.

Some of it could no longer be concealed.

It was his nature, and the root of his sin.

The anxious feeling that made him powerless came back, but this time it was different from any other, he had the one he wanted most in front of him, and he didn’t even know just how hard he had to try to control his hand from continuing to touch him.

“Do you know his mother? Her gland was mashed raw and there was no longer even a possibility of recovery.”

“You’re an Alpha, right? You want to mark him, right? You can’t cover it up even if you say it so grandly.”

He YunTing remembered Gu Miao’s words, and then remembered those Omega who were used as experiments.

Being marked, being forced to invade the glands, like his mother… 

It would hurt a lot, right?


In the end, He YunTing did nothing.

Lu AnHe said that humans always like to have memorable days. Today was his birthday, which was indeed very monumental. He himself was originally going to come find him.

Maybe there would be an opening line between them, and the youth would remember him from then on, and maybe after today, there would be a new story.

But that wasn’t possible anymore.

He had solved Lin Han’s biggest problem for him, at the cost of knowing one of his secrets.

He still had so much to do. To be in his susceptible self to leave him and then forget about him.


It was the first time He YunTing was alone with Lin Han.

It was also… probably the last time.


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