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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


In the early morning, the daylight shined slowly, adding a layer of bright light to the street. Rose petals, wet with dew, were scattered along the street with a light fragrance.

Xiao Jin was walking alone, his heart leaping and his expression pretending to be heavy, holding Big Bear’s leash tightly in his hand. Today he volunteered to get up early to walk the dog, and did a perfect job that was impossible for a child to do. He looked like a child who would be dragged around the street by the dog, but the divine power of the western dragon was hidden in him, showing only a bit of calmness.

“Big Bear, walk faster. Today, Sibling ZhiZhi will transform, I’m afraid I’ll miss it!” After a walk, Xiao Jin also had a thin layer of sweat on his body, he opened his mouth to urge.

Big Bear got the message and barked twice. His eyes kept sweeping on Xiao Jin’s legs.

It was obvious that your short legs were slowing down the progress, so don’t give the dog the blame.

Being looked at by Big Bear like this, Xiao Jin’s heart also rose a bit in distress. He helplessly skimmed his mouth, muttering, “You have four legs, I only have two! It can’t be helped!”

The golden retriever cocked its head and traced the face of his young master with his eyes, and suddenly had an idea. He prostrated himself on the ground, tail wagging like a hula hoop, and used his paws to pull Xiao Jin’s pant legs, letting him sit on his back.

“This, this is not good.” Xiao Jin’s heart was clearly looking forward to it, but his face was still a bit thoughtful, “We’re outside, it’s not good if people see us, Daddy said it’s very rude.”

Big Bear didn’t care about that, in his opinion, riding himself was the fastest way to get home quickly! There was nothing better than this.

Xiao Jin’s eyes dropped and his long eyelashes swept a shadow across his face. In the end, he made up his mind, whatever! It doesn’t matter if you let the neighbors laugh at you, you can’t miss out on your sibling’s transformation!

“They shouldn’t…” Not far behind Xiao Jin, Jing Man hid behind a tree and looked over in a complicated mood.

These days Xiao Jin desperately wanted to find new things he can do after transforming into a human, so he furtively wanted to walk his dog. He knew that Xiao Jin and Big Bear would be able to accomplish this task, but as a father, he was always worried that something unexpected would happen on the way.

So, Jing Man decided to follow them quietly, and even sprayed his new perfume to cover up his smell so that Big Bear would not notice. If he had followed them openly, he would now be able to take the initiative to go up and stop the two little fools from making a fool of themselves.

At this point, Jing Man looked at them and repented.

Sure enough, in the next second, the eldest son raised a leg up to ride the dog…

On the sidewalk of the villa, people come and go, and Xiao Jin was the brightest star. Everyone’s eyes could not help but focus on him. The wood has already become a boat, the people who should be lost were already done for.1

Jing Man sighed lightly and sped up to go home from the other side.

When they arrived home, the other children were already dressed and up.

Jing Man picked up Xiao Sang who greeted him at the door. He mischievously held up the croissants he had just bought and announced loudly, “Brother Mu, I brought back breakfast bread, have you warmed up the sweet milk for the children?”

Some of the kids here guessed what Daddy was up to, like Xiao Shui and ZhiZhi who laughed and didn’t say anything, and came over to take the stuff from Daddy’s hand.

There were also simple-minded little fools.

FanFan stuck his tongue out to lick the traces of milk around his mouth and replied instead of his father, “It’s warm! I drank a bowl and a half!”

BaiBai followed him, “I had a bowl, too! A small bowl should be enough to eat a croissant!”

Not long after, Xiao Jin came back. He got off Big Bear early when he was almost home.

By now, his cheeks were flushed and he pretended nothing had happened. He ran in and asked, “Did ZhiZhi transform yet?”

ZhiZhi shook their head with slight concern, waved the peach blossom branch on their hand to attract attention, “Not yet, I don’t feel anything at all. Did Daddy remember my birthday wrong?”

Jing Man helplessly stroked their head, “How can it be, it’s today. It’s not even nine o’clock yet, wait a little longer. I remember that you broke your shell in the afternoon.”

Mu CangZhou also said, “Yes. I was there, I missed Xiao Jin’s shell break, but I didn’t miss your shell break.”

At these words, ZhiZhi nodded with a heavy expression, trying to eat a lot of breakfast today.

After the transformation, age and height was a certainty, whether a success or failure, they had to save more energy to grow taller!

As expected, after lunch, ZhiZhi felt bad and a strange, sprouting feeling appeared. The peach blossom branches adorned on their hands grew rapidly, becoming longer and thicker, wrapping them layer by layer. From head to toe, not an inch of skin was exposed to the air.

Just as when the shell was broken, they did not make everyone wait too long. In less than half an hour, the tree ball wrapped around ZhiZhi was about the same size as Xiao Jin before he turned into a human.

However, ZhiZhi still did not stop growing. Peach blossom branches continued to extend, and wrapped themselves in a few more circles before completely subsiding. After this huge tree ball was set, it entered the next step of the procedure – flaking.

Whether it was the bark, leaves, trunk or flower buds, they all hardened and fell off one after another, gradually revealing the little child wrapped inside and flapping their eyelashes.

“Daddy, did I succeed in becoming a human being?” ZhiZhi sat in a mess, and raised their hand to touch their cheek, the new soft touch made them panic a little.

Jing Man looked at this child with watery eyes, soft face, red lips and white teeth, his heart was completely healed. ZhiZhi’s face was already very superior, and now that the wooden texture faded away, they were even more lovely.

“Of course, it worked!” Unlike Xiao Jin’s solitary sharpness, ZhiZhi looked on the neutral side, just like a more high-spirited little girl.

ZhiZhi nodded with satisfaction and struggled to get up. They looked at Xiao Jin and patted their side with an expectant face, “Brother Xiao Jin, come stand here! Let’s compare our heights!”

Xiao Jin didn’t know what to do, but he came over and stood next to them.

ZhiZhi lifted their hand to use the flower branch to measure who was taller and who was shorter, only to find that their hand felt empty. After they became human, their flower branch was gone!

How can the flowering branch be gone? The treant was incomplete without the flower branch! ZhiZhi could not accept this bad news for a while. The bridge of their nose was sore and tears fell down with a plop.

“Why are you crying? ZhiZhi is fine, don’t cry!” Xiao Jin saw the situation like a big enemy, frowning and began to coax the child. In his mind, he desperately tried to remember what he just did to make his sibling unhappy.

“No, it’s not.” ZhiZhi choked and blew a snot bubble, “I, I don’t have my peach blossom branch…”

Knowing the reason, it was good to coax right then.

Jing Man played the video he had just recorded of the two children transforming into human beings, and pointing to the image above, he said to ZhiZhi, “ZhiZhi, look, the flowering branches are still there, they have turned into another form to accompany you.”

Mu CangZhou also said comfortingly, “Yes, Xiao Jin still had claws, dragon horns and dragon scales before turning into a human, but now that he has turned into a human, he can’t see any of them? But you’ve seen how Brother looked when he became a dragon again, right? They are all there. If you don’t believe it, slowly wait until your body has the strength, you can turn back into a small treant. I guarantee that your flowering branch will grow on your hands!”

Xiao Jin breathed a sigh of relief after knowing that he hadn’t pissed off his sibling. He turned into the appearance of a dragon child, opened his arms and swayed, pretending he was a big golden starfish, “You see, the original form of Brother is still fine, but after turning into a human, the horns and tail are all hidden.”

Family members tried so hard to comfort them, ZhiZhi was also embarrassed they had cried. They wiped the tears clean, showing a smile, “I know Brother, now that we’ve become human, let’s compare heights.”

While they were busy comparing these out-of-body things, Xiao Sang quietly came over, he picked up a piece of peach blossom bark that the treant sibling had just peeled off and sniffed it.

Abruptly, the green and white eyes widened. He felt the rich energy contained in the bark and was in a good mood to find a box to collect all these bark and petals piece by piece.

There on the door frame after drawing the height line, unfortunately, ZhiZhi was two centimeters shorter than Xiao Jin, but the difference was so little that the naked eye could barely tell the difference.

Jing Man looked back and said happily, “Xiao Sang is a good boy, he took the initiative to help his sibling collect the bark that fell off! Come here, Daddy will reward you with a hug for being a good boy!”

“…” Xiao Sang looked down at the box, embarrassed to say that he thought it was garbage to be thrown away and had planned to save it secretly when no one was looking. But looking at Daddy’s outstretched arms over there, he was moved and nodded his head in a very hopeless way.

He covered the box and ran over to enjoy a bear hug from Daddy.

FanFan looked excited, as if he wanted to do the same as they did with Xiao Jin, and pounced on ZhiZhi’s body to smell and feel the human form of his sibling.

Xiao Shui was speechless for a moment. The long, seaweed-like curls strangled white tiger’s tail like lightning, and the medusa stood firmly with his hands clasped and his eyebrows downcast, “In a few days, it will be our turn to become human, what’s all the excitement!”

Then, he saw FanFan’s eyes turn from excitement to doubt and then to shock. After that, the white tiger ran towards the floor mirror as if he had found a new land to stomp on.

Xiao Shui was silent for a long time, then the whole person petrified, like when he could not control the petrifying eyes before, and accidentally hurt Long Gui.

Seeing FanFan spin around and wag his tail in front of the mirror around the bend, but also stand up on his legs to try to feel their human perspective of what kind, Xiao Shui now knew how simple his brother’s head was…

No wonder he was so excited to see Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi when they transformed into humans, just like discovering a new land.

It turned out that this beast person brat simply did not connect the two things in his mind, regarding the first birthday and the human transformation. He probably thought the two siblings were taking turns to find a strange encounter…

The eyes fell on the other brother who was a bit silly. Xiao Shui silently walked over and sat down next to BaiBai. With his long hair raised, he pointed at Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi and asked, “BaiBai, you do know that we will become completely human when we reach one year old, right?”

BaiBai looked back with a look of stupidity, “Of course, I know! How could anyone not know such an important thing?”

Xiao Shui was relieved that there was only one IQ black hole in his family, so the average would not be pulled very low.

Who would have thought that BaiBai continued, “When you are one year old, you can turn into a human, and when you are ten years old, you can turn into your favorite race. When I’m ten, I want to become a beaver, so I can go play in the sea with Phil.” He blinked and asked, “Brother Xiao Shui, what race do you want to be when you are ten? You have the scent of sea salt mixed with cedar on you, you would definitely be an especially attractive omega!”

Xiao Shui’s smile suddenly froze on his face, gritting his teeth and popping out a few words from between his teeth, “Who. Told. You?”


SB: Did anyone else have silly warped ideas when they were a child?


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Translator Notes:

  1. 木已成舟,该丢的人都丢完了: It seems to be a combination of idioms that mean “What is done is done” or “The situation already happened and cannot be changed”.


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