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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In addition to the scent of precious flowers and pheromones, the flower room was also dense with the smell of something else.

Dusk descended and the field of purple was hidden in the night.

Lin Han was quite open to this kind of thing, but after hearing He YunTing say so, he still wanted to turn his face away in shame. But He YunTing didn’t give him the chance, taking advantage of the moment Lin Han tilted his head to turn him over, then grabbed his ankle with one hand and pulled him towards himself.


He YunTing easily put Lin Han’s legs on his shoulders, and the sudden impact made Lin Han cry out uncontrollably. Lin Han wanted to say no, but even such a simple sentence felt strained.

He could barely smell the flowers in the flower room, but felt himself wrapped in a smell of ebony, not strong, but seeping into all of his body, and then mixed with the particles in the air, so that every breath he took was this smell.

The night seemed to be darker than where Lin Han lived. Gradually, he could only feel himself being possessed and He YunTing’s presence in the darkness, and even with his eyes open, he couldn’t see anything.

“Do you want to turn on the light?” He heard He YunTing ask.

Lin Han’s mind was bewildered for a moment, and then he wanted to shake his head and refuse, but he was unable to speak because of a wave that wasn’t too deep or too shallow that made his entire waist tremble.

He YunTing didn’t know whether this action was taken unconsciously, or deliberately bad-hearted. He quietly said, “Hold tight”, then in Lin Han subconscious, he gave a cry of surprise as he was lifted and He YunTing stood up.

Lin Han couldn’t even figure out if He YunTing really wanted to turn on the lights, or if he could actually do so many tricks in such a small place, but he still had to go along with his partner’s movements with red eyes. He lost his point of support, and could only busily stroke his hands along He YunTing as if for survival, from the strong thin waist upwards, using his palm and fingers to feel the curve of his back that was slightly sunken in by the contraction, and the smooth and perfect muscle lines at the shoulder blades that moved as a result.

“Oooh…” He subconsciously closed his eyes as the lights came on.

He YunTing threw a coat on the floor, and before Lin Han had time to slow down from the sudden weightlessness he had just experienced, his backbone came into contact with the fabric padded on the floor while He YunTing pressed him down.

The bright yellow light was cast down, and the delicate petals in the flower room were tinged with some warm light, while the leaves of the green plants that were closer together trembled very lightly with their movements. He YunTing used his hand to wipe away some of the condensation on the glass door, so when Lin Han reopened his eyes, he finally saw his current appearance.

Their every move was reflected on the glass, and he saw He YunTing’s rare disrobed form, while he himself had curled his toes and tensed his back because of the burst of ebony. He saw the handsome side of He YunTing’s face as he leaned down to kiss him, saw the bridge of his high nose collide with the tip of his nose, saw his thin lips as he pressed up to suck, and his own almost lax eyes.

Lin Han thought, in fact, he really wasn’t that strong, what he was doing now was just another means of escape. Although he didn’t need to be like those codependent Omegas, desperately trying to prove their love, he still wanted to let his lover completely and utterly own him.

When Lin Han was bumped into, his eyes were red, and uncontrollably shed a few tears, he thought, We will always love each other.

The flower room flowed with a faint yellow light, the glass door reflected the two intertwined together, the light spilled out some, they could also faintly see the little field of flowers.

He YunTing didn’t know how many times he leaned down, swallowed Lin Han’s impatient cries in the gentle purple sea, and then kissed the tears flowing out. Lin Han was then recaptured by him, hooking his hands on He YunTing’s sweaty back.

There was still a lot he hadn’t figured out.

But He YunTing had cleaned up all of Gu Miao’s lineage, and did it on purpose, telling them everything their mother had suffered without telling them who had done it back then.

He wanted to know who that person was. If he was alive, what was his name, what did he do, what district did he live in; if he died, where would he be buried, and did anyone know about his sins during his life.

“Ah…” He felt He YunTing’s gentle but ruthless movements, a certain piece of skin was even reddened by the top, and the Omega’s nature let him be overwhelmed anew by the boundless pleasure that arose.

Lin Han finally no longer had any scruples, let go of the teeth biting the lower lip, wrapped his arms tightly around He YunTing’s sides. He felt He YunTing come close to his glands and resist by moving away. He no longer suppressed his cries that escaped.

But at least tonight, he wouldn’t have time to think about other things.

When He YunTing carried Lin Han back to his room in the night, he woke up Grr with a shiver, almost thinking that Lin Han had been injured like last time in the border area. It lost all its sleepiness and scurried around He YunTing’s feet without any rules until Lin Han sat back on the bed, and it immediately jumped up and rolled the whole ball from his shoulder to his hand to check if there was any serious injury.

Somehow, seeing it so anxious, Lin Han’s original heart that had many things piled up, after this one dusk dissipated a lot. He originally wanted to calm the little one, but saw He YunTing, who always had a stinky face when he saw Grr, squatting down in front of it.

Lin Han’s heart was alarmed, afraid that this careful person and Grr would create trouble, after all, this kind of thing had happened more than once.

The small thing puffed up its cheeks, as if to embolden itself, and put all its breath into a round ball, while afraid, while gritting its teeth as it and He YunTing stared at each other.

The two stared at each other in silence for a whole minute.

“…” Lin Han was amused by the two of them. He thought He YunTing was going to pick Grr up again and throw him elsewhere, and was about to laugh and cry as he walked over to prevent the dispute from escalating when he saw a strange scene.

The beaten General stiffly reached out his hand and gave Grr a stiff-looking pat on the head.

“No more mention of shaving you later.”

The tone of his voice was no different from a cold-faced order, only Lin Han heard a hint of reconciliation from it.

It was clear that the other member of the duo also felt very frightened.

He YunTing seemed to realize that he had just gleaned a little too hard, Lin Han usually stroked the little guy’s fur very gently. But he really didn’t know how to do it as gently as Lin Han did, and he felt uncomfortable touching it too gently.

Lin Han smiled lightly and grabbed He YunTing’s hand, reading this wonderful and lovely emotion.

Grr was actually so scared that all the hairs on its body started to shiver, but He YunTing finally spat out the words to the little guy after holding it for half a day, “Sorry.”

Grr’s beady eyes froze, as if dreaming of the Oddbound star.

Lin Han’s mouth curved a little deeper.

But the General was a man of his word, and since he had spoken, he had to finish the rest of his sentence with a stiff upper lip. So Lin Han saw Grr cowering in place with a frightened and panicked face, listening to the man in front of him begin to coldly apologize to him.

“I know you care about him a lot. So do I.”

If Grr’s blink could be caught, Lin Han would have found the little guy blinking his beady eyes over and over for a few short seconds, suspecting he’d heard wrong.

“I wasn’t a bully before either, and I understand that you’re good to Lin. But I’m just like you, no matter what happens, there’s no way I can hurt him. As long as I’m here, he’ll be fine.”

The little thing took a while to digest before it understood the meaning of He YunTing’s words. He was actually really making peace with it.

But Grr wasn’t such a spineless creature.

Even though Lin Han was curving his eyes and saying “you have to trust him” with a smile, Grr still bounced with great ambition and rolled to He YunTing with his head held high, accepting a little rough ‘touch’ from him.

Lin Han knew the little guy was proud, but finally he couldn’t help but be partial and quietly handed him its favorite snack to He YunTing when he wasn’t expecting it, “Use this.”

He YunTing eyebrows jumped a little, “…”

For a long time, he compromised and took the snack out of his pack, waved it in front of Grr’s eyes, and said expressionlessly, “I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Grr’s vision was only left with the snack, with He YunTing’s hand, head bobbing around.

In the end, the two managed to reconcile.

Of course both sides were never going to admit that they ended up compromising with each other because of a piece of snack.

Lin Han didn’t know when he fell asleep in He YunTing’s arms, and his breathing rate was even. But he still woke up early, so early that the sky wasn’t even bright yet, the darkest time before dawn. He just rolled over very lightly, but He YunTing woke up anyway.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you.” Lin Han opened his mouth to apologize nicely and blinked. He YunTing naturally didn’t mind. A moment later, he heard Lin Han whisper, “It’s so dark, why isn’t it light yet?”

“It will be light soon.” He YunTing also looked out the window, as if answering Lin Han’s question, “Have you ever heard of the star of revelation?”

The word was a little too unfamiliar to Lin Han and shook his head.

“It’s a name that humans used to have when they were still on Earth. They would see two stars, one was the ‘dim star’ that appeared at dusk afterglow, and the other was the ‘star of revelation’ that would appear before dawn.” He YunTing’s knowledge of the universe had always fascinated Lin Han, and when explaining these things, he said extraordinarily, “But in fact, these two stars are no different, they are both just Venus orbiting at high speed.”

Lin Han subconsciously asked, “So, there’s no such star, right?”

“You can say there is, or you can say there isn’t.” He YunTing said, “The planet’s rotation speed is completely different from the old Earth, so it’s really not possible to see Venus twice a day. But as long as it’s the brightest star seen before dawn, you can continue to use that name, too.” He YunTing said.

Lin Han stared very carefully at the dark clouds outside the window for a long time, but finally couldn’t find it.

“Okay.” He wasn’t really disappointed and got up to wash up.

Compared to yesterday, he looked gentler, speaking and moving normally, except that the area around his eyes was still a little swollen because he had shed too many tears. He took a look in the mirror and smiled to himself, “So ugly. Don’t cry for so long from now on.”

The tone was even light-hearted, as if he had just known a perfectly ordinary thing yesterday.

Lin Han had to go to the Research Institute a little early today while He YunTing remembered something, “If you’re free after work today, you can come to the base.”

“Okay.” Lin Han didn’t ask why, he didn’t even need to hold He YunTing’s hand, he simply answered.

He YunTing put his clothes back on for him, and then received a kiss with him that wasn’t too long or too short.

In the morning, in addition to certain physical reactions, sometimes the Alpha’ pheromones would leak out with it, so when He YunTing’s lips left, Lin Han still smelled a little very light ebony aroma. He was silent for a while and stood still, saying, “You were trying to mark me yesterday, weren’t you?”

Several times he pressed his lips to the gland, almost licking the skin around it with the tip of his tongue at the last moment, but finally moved away with his canine teeth that wanted to pierce it.

Lin Han wasn’t in heat, marking at such a time was purely a subconscious Alpha instinct, wanting to leave a mark on the Omega that was uniquely his own, to have his own pheromone running through his body, like a stamp engraved in his blood.

But he didn’t dare, nor did he want to.

In the countless moments when he wanted to mark, He YunTing would always think of the woman who had mashed her gland with her own hands, and those Omega who had lost their glands because of the sins of others.

So he hesitated, and finally chickened out.

He remembered the markings in the border area, where he didn’t even control the force and buried himself in the other’s neck, leaving two very deep blood marks.

“Don’t be afraid.” Lin Han, however, caved in on his emotions, “Don’t worry about me, either. My mother is my mother, and I am me.” Lin Han smiled gently, “I’m not very afraid of pain.” Lin Han reached out and stroked the corner of He YunTing’s lips, “If you want to mark me, just mark me. You won’t hurt me.”

He winked, and before He YunTing could say anything, he spoke again, “Or, wait for my next heat period, then mark me.”

Lin Han knew what his words meant.

The ordinary period was fine, if marked during heat, at most three times, the two marked parties would be completely tied together because of pheromone, and the entanglement in the blood wouldn’t fade no matter how much time had passed.

“Either kind of marking is fine,” he said with a smile when he saw He YunTing’s bewildered expression, “I’m not afraid of it.”


In fact, He YunTing was right in thinking that Lin Han was really afraid of pain. But he wanted to be less cautious, and he wanted a tighter, more inseparable bond. He was very greedy, wanting full trust and delivery, wanting to be engraved in the blood entanglement, wanting to be like the purple tulips like never-ending love.

So it didn’t matter if it hurt a little.


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