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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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No matter how Xiao Shui explained it, BaiBai was convinced that he could freely choose a second race after reaching the age of ten. The reason why his brother didn’t believe in it was because he wasn’t ten years old yet!

This made the medusa furious.

The days before his birthday were already irritable, and every time he saw BaiBai he would think of this, and his hair involuntarily tangled into a ball of hair.

Jing Man did not know the truth, thinking that seeing the brothers turn into humans one after another caused the aquatic race son to be too stressed, and specially put aside the things at hand to take care of him.

Time slipped away in the noise, and finally came the third and fourth children’s birthday.

Through the early morning fog, the sun had not yet risen from the sea, a resounding and distant tiger roar broke the silence.

“Brother Mu, you go control FanFan… The neighbors will be frightened if they hear screaming this early in the morning.” In his sleep, Jing Man frowned and raised his foot to kick Mu CangZhou.

His foot fell short, and he was shocked.

Lifting his eyelids, he saw Mu CangZhou changing his clothes. The long and slender fingers slid through the buttons of his clothes, and one after another seemed to be dancing to music on the ice.

“What are you doing up so early?” Jing Man rolled over and yawned.

Mu CangZhou let out a laugh and asked him, “FanFan is turning into a human, don’t you want to get up to see?”

“Huh? So early!” Hearing these words Jing Man was instantly refreshed and he got up from the bed with a grunt.

Mu CangZhou nodded, “I can’t say the time is right, but from the sound of this, it’s the transformation.”

When the two fathers arrived in FanFan’s room, the white tiger had disappeared. In its place was a white-haired boy with long arms and legs, and FanFan was sleeping in a ball like no one else.

The sleeping position was still the usual feline position, Jing Man guessed he should not yet have “I have been transformed into a human” in his mind.

“It was so easy for him to turn into a human, we missed it.” Jing Man’s mouth was full of regret, but his tone was full of pride.

Mu CangZhou gave a hum, took a half step back and closed the door with a smile on his lips, “Let FanFan sleep.”

Then, they came to the next door and saw Xiao Shui soaking in the pool, sleeping quietly, without the slightest movement of transforming into a human being. It seemed that these two brothers had different orders of transformation.

Anyway, they already got up, there was no point in sleeping again.

The two turned on the camera record, taking a closer look at the process of FanFan transforming into a person –

After seeing the white tiger, with slightly trembling breath, a face with the unique ferocity of a beast and naive feline. Then, he abruptly stood up, the tail and ears that shook two times were the first to disappear. Then, the bones changed, and the fur on the body also quickly shrunk back.

It can be said that the speed of FanFan’s transformation into a human was the same as his meal, as fast as the autumn wind sweeping the leaves.

Jing Man looked dumbfounded, “FanFan is outstanding, isn’t he? He’s in great shape, he never worries about eating, sleeping or transforming.”

Mu CangZhou glanced at him, the emotions in his eyes were mixed.

Finally, he spat out, “You can’t say that.”

Sounds like the same rule for pets…

As expected, the next second, Jing Man began to lament, “Hey, now that the child is older, it will be difficult to touch the big furry tiger in the future. FanFan’s body temperature is often warm, and it’s especially comfortable to hold in the winter.”

When Xiao Jin got up, he saw the two dads in the living room. He ran over to give his daddies a surprise hug, and his eyes were full of love for Jing Man, “Wow, Daddy is up early today! Want to walk the dog with me?”

He had now taken over all the dog walking duties. These days, he knew his way around, so he wanted his family to walk with him.

Jing Man pursed his lips, stroked Xiao Jin’s fluffy hair and shook his head, “No, you can go by yourself. I saw that the sanitation workers just sprayed this morning, so remember not to let Big Bear step on the lawn and not to burrow in the grass.”

Xiao Jin nodded seriously, took the leash, put it on Big Bear and went out.

After a while, ZhiZhi came in through the back door, and the temperature difference made them shiver. ZhiZhi felt that their five senses were much sharper than before after transforming into a human, and sleeping in the backyard greenhouse was still a bit chilly at night.

Jing Man was keenly aware of this, and he helplessly hooked his hand, “Mu Zhi, come here.”

It was often said that when parents call you by your first name, you should panic.

ZhiZhi felt panicked to death at this time. Their eyes were slightly drooping, and their steps were heavy. They moved over step by step, sat down carefully, and observed Daddy’s expression with their eyes lowered

The small movements of the child did not escape Jing Man’s gaze and he screamed in his heart that this was too cute, while deliberately not saying anything with a serious expression.

The second hand ticked round.

ZhiZhi’s heart was beating like thunder, they couldn’t hold back and said, “Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Jing Man listened to the soft tone of the child, feeling like a small hand scratching at the bottom of his heart. He patted his side, “You sit over here.”

ZhiZhi obediently did so, and the next second Daddy grabbed their hand, the warmth came.

Jing Man’s peach blossom eyes were raised and his voice was caring and gentle, “Now you don’t have to absorb the essence of the sun and moon, come back to bed at night.”

So… Don’t blame yourself!

ZhiZhi regained their confidence, gave a cute hum, and snuggled into Daddy’s arms with a smile.

After a while, Xiao Shui, BaiBai and Xiao Sang all came downstairs one after another. The children, without exception, expressed their respect for Daddy for waking up so early today.

Xiao Shui went around the kitchen and came back with nothing, asking, “Daddy, have you seen FanFan? It’s time for him to turn into a human today, why is he still in bed?”

The reason why he asked this question was because he had a small expectation in his heart. He and FanFan broke their shells at the same time on the same day, but his egg broke a little later and he was ranked as the younger brother.

In every way, FanFan was not as mature as himself!

The medusa thought this while tying a knot in his hair.

Xiao Shui was thinking, if only… If he could transform into a human first, then there would be hope for him to be an older brother!

Unaware of the four children’ unrealistic fantasies, Jing Man took a bite of his waffle and pointed upstairs, “He’s already transformed and is resting in his room.”

Before the words left his mouth, Xiao Shui’s world turned black and white and his whole body cracked open. It was even more open than the first time he heard BaiBai’s make believe story, saying that at ten years old, one can also change into another race.

His glass heart was almost about to break into glass shards.

Before he could start crying, BaiBai was surprised and said, “Wow! I think I faintly remember hearing a tiger roar this morning, is that when Third Brother turned into a human? He’s so good!”

Mu CangZhou brought the last waffle over to Xiao Sang. This waffle was not quite like the others, he deliberately controlled it to make it look like the shape of a dog, since Xiao Sang liked these different things.

Upon hearing this, he smiled and said, “Yes, I think he’s almost rested, you can go up and call after dinner. Just whisper in his ear that we’re having mango waffles today.”

Xiao Shui was even more shocked, the former little white tiger was so powerful! A full three hours before he himself transformed! His plan to turn his brother into his younger brother did not only fail! The gap was getting bigger and bigger!

With multiple entangled emotions, Xiao Shui’s spiritual field was fully stimulated, and fell into the stage of transforming into a human. His feet went weak and he collapsed.

Jing Man put down his things, hurriedly picked up Xiao Shui and put him on the sofa, “What’s wrong!? Brother Mu! Xiao Shui collapsed without warning!”

Mu CangZhou’s heart tightened and he hurriedly brought a medical kit over. After a careful examination, he frowned slightly, “It’s okay, he’s just about to turn into a human being.”

The procedure of Xiao Shui’s transformation was similar to ZhiZhi’s, but his hair grew longer and wrapped him up. It didn’t last long, but the ten minutes made Jing Man sweat hard.

The other kids were in a fluffy and safe bed when they transformed into humans, but only the fourth child fell to the ground with a thud. With such an impactful scene, how could he not be heartbroken?

Fortunately, the hair soon fell apart. The usual hair with the breath of life also faded its power, tranquil and quietly spread flat. The beautiful baby with cold white skin wrapped inside was revealed. Xiao Shui’s face was another style of good looks, a blend of the best from both dads, with a touch of seeming exoticism. He didn’t give himself time to rest, and soon his fingers twitched slightly. His eyes opened and he struggled to sit up straight.

“Baby, rest a little longer.” Jing Man was slightly relieved to see him alive and well. It seemed that the fall had not hurt him, and reached out to take the delicate child into his arms.

“What am I… Is the change over?” Xiao Shui obediently laid back in Daddy’s arms and moved his body to feel the warmth.

Jing Man nodded, “Yeah, when FanFan comes down, we’ll go to the police station this afternoon to check the bone age and change the ID number.”

In general, after the children become human, the ID simply did not need to change. However, their family situation was special, the child crossed time and space, directly from one year old to 4-5 years old.

Therefore, Mu CangZhou approached Xinghai Jun to discuss the matter, so that the Jing family’s children could run IDs according to the real age presented by their bodies. In itself, Xinghai Jun was reluctant, proving at length the possible drawbacks of doing so. The result was a video message from Tian Yuan, and he changed his mind…

Dr. Lin, who had checked the bone age at the Garden Road police station and had helped test the sire and dam of the children, held up her glasses. She called Jing Man to the side and said in a gentle voice, “Xiao Jing, the bone age has changed a little.”

He swallowed hard and asked, “What change? Dr. Lin, don’t scare me!”

Dr. Lin smiled and compared the two data sheets.

“Before, you wrote that the tiger child, FanFan, broke the shell first, so FanFan was always the oldest on the data. But when you look at these two strings of data, it shows that the medusa Xiao Shui’s bone age is half a month older than FanFan. Do you see how this can be filled in?”

Jing Man was relieved to see that it wasn’t his own children that had the problem.

He glanced back. Although FanFan had turned into a human, the expression on his face was still a bit childish, and the white hair on his head was silly. The hair of Xiao Shui had become shorter after transforming into a human being, appearing more wise and fresh than before, looking to be big brother material.

He called Mu CangZhou for a discussion and finally decided, “Let’s write it according to the bone age. In fact, we have always felt that Xiao Shui is the older brother!”

When he got the new ID certificate, Xiao Shui’s eyes narrowed and he said in disbelief, “Daddy! This seems to be wrong, I’ve become the third child!”

Jing Man took Xiao Shui’s tiny white hand and gave a mysterious hush, “Yes, Daddy specially asked the doctor to change it, our Xiao Shui is now a big brother. Hide it from FanFan!”


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