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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, CaiCat


On Jing Man’s side of the family, it was theoretically customary to make dumplings and stay up at night on New Year’s Eve. Although, he had never participated in such activities… As far back as he could remember, his parents were workaholics, and it wasn’t easy to get two people together during the day. Once the New Year rolled around, they were even more bouncy between the wine glasses and gambling chips1, among the flickering lights.

So unlike other families, the Jing house was more empty during New Year’s Eve. Even the family get-together was a problem, naturally they would not be distracted to consider the busy affairs of the world. Fortunately, this time was not like the old days. Yan Xiu’er’s concept of family had changed, and the person had free time. This year, she seriously, even cautiously, learned from other women in the egg breeding base how to organize the New Year, trying to be a good mother.

The ingredients needed for the dumpling filling were all prepared in advance, and she also secretly learned how to make dough and roll dumpling skins.

Everything was ready, just waiting for the children and grandchildren home. At this juncture, Jing HanYang was pulled away to work, and the family could not get together again, so Yan Xiu’er was inevitably a little angry. However, she also understood that her husband had to work this shift.

This year, Sky Blue Star announced it will join the Wisdom Galaxy, many of the original inhabitants could continue the old customs, and would not have to worry about things changing. Jing HanYang was promoted to the head of a district, and the responsibility on his shoulders became heavier, and when he made a video call, the man could not hide the green and black under his eyes.

They all understood in their hearts that the sooner these jobs were over, the better. She eagerly greeted Jing Man as he sat down to rest, and took the children to wash their hands.

“Have you ever made dumplings at home?” Yan Xiu’er asked softly as the warm water flowed over her hands and mixed with the hand soap to create a dense lather.

The reason for this question was that she wanted to leave a deep childhood impression on the children. If it was not the first time they experienced making dumplings, the effect would inevitably be diminished.

Faced with his grandmother’s question, Xiao Jin thought for a moment, shook his head and said with certainty, “No.”

Before Yan Xiu’er was happy, he sighed softly and continued, “Father wrapped the dumplings so fast that every time he finished making four or five dumplings before we put the ingredients in the skin, it was no fun at all.”

That explains it… Yan Xiu’er’s smile froze on her face. She should have known that Mu CangZhou, a man who can lead the egg breeding base outside and take charge of the stove inside, might also know how to wrap dumplings in a fancy way. She was still a beginner in cooking, and trying to take the lead in this matter was a step in front of Lu Ban’s door.2

It seemed that it was not easy to be a competent grandmother. Thinking of this, Yan Xiu’er raised her hand and gently touched Xiao Jin’s head, saying sarcastically, “Well, that’s a pity. I still want to teach you guys how to make dumplings…”

Yan Xiu’er’s sudden change in mood was all in the children’s eyes, and when they saw the melancholy in her eyes for no reason, the children were at a loss for words. It’s true that they have only known this nominal grandmother for a short time, so there were no deep feelings, but this was Daddy’s mother.

She will definitely affect Daddy’s mood! Anyone in this world can be sad, but as long as it’s under their noses, they must not let Daddy be sad!

The children exchanged glances with each other, washed their hands faster, pretended to pack their bags, and ran to the room inside in a flurry for a little meeting. After a rustling, they figured out the reason for Grandma’s displeasure and carefully formulated today’s policy – since Grandma wanted to show off her dumpling-making skills, they would never let Father interfere in the kitchen today!

So, here’s what happened next.

Jing Man found that the kids were different nowadays, their eyes moved away from themselves, and from time to time, they were secretly watching Brother Mu.

And ZhiZhi seemed to be hiding some little secret that they wanted to tell Brother Mu, as soon as they saw him get up from the sofa, they would immediately say that the bow on their shoelace was open and wanted Father to help tie it.

Even if they were wearing cumbersome and cute little boots today, he hadn’t seen anyone whose shoelaces could fall apart twenty times a day!

“Ahem.” Receiving Mu CangZhou’s implicitly passed gaze for help, Jing Man’s mouth held a smile to pick up ZhiZhi who was secretly untying their shoelaces.

“Stop it, your shoelaces are clearly tied properly. You guys are so focused on blocking him on the couch. He drank so much tea that his bladder can’t take it anymore.”

ZhiZhi’s small face turned red and fled, jumping away from the sofa to make way.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 觥筹交错: A big, lively, gathering to drink together.
  2. Lu Ban was a master craftsman. He is known as the father of Chinese carpentry.


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Ha, ha ~ delightful chapter. Such good, thoughtful and caring children.
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