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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The person who was pointed at by He YunTing with a gun slowly turned back to him. Xu Zhiheng’s face still had that self-contained bookish look on it, but there was something different in his expression than usual. Probably a sense of excitement that was suppressed with great force but still couldn’t be fully hidden.

“Where’s Prince Wen Yu, and where are the others?” He YunTing’s eyes moved down. Xu Zhiheng body draped a cloak that didn’t belong to him, his posture leisurely.

“All good, General,” Xu Zhiheng even smiled slightly, “just now I’m still communicating with you.”

“So the communication was interfered with by you.” He YunTing’s tone didn’t fluctuate, he was just stating a fact, “Like the first time on V Proton.”

The first time on V Proton, there was a long period of communication disruption when they failed to land, and it was only when they got to Central City and contacted the government building that communication was restored. But V Proton’s communication was cut off because of the Zerg’s unique frequency blockage, so how could Xu Zhiheng… 

“Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to go on an expedition to a galaxy adjacent to the Zerg Planet, and at that time, I learned something very interesting.” Xu Zhiheng said with a smile. “I wanted to surprise you, so that I could at least have a taste of being a Prince,” he seemed sure that He YunTing wouldn’t shoot so easily, and flicked his finger at the cold muzzle of the gun, “but it’s a pity that you didn’t recognize the wrong person.”

Xu Zhiheng was indeed a scholar who stood at the top of the Empire in this field, and because of this, he had the opportunity to travel with the formation on an expedition years ago, or rather, the beginning of all the mutations.

“I was young, and I was all about science, and I thought there was nothing more important than science,” Xu Zhiheng said unhurriedly, “and I didn’t mean to hide my gender at that time. But I found out later that the identity of an Omega does make it easier in some ways.”

Although the current environment still had a prejudice against Omega, most people felt that Omegas were inherently vulnerable, and many problems were solved by him just showing some weakness from time to time.

Things changed when he boarded that distant planet. Xu Zhiheng’s eyes had a moment of confusion when he thought back to this, but was quickly overshadowed by another wave of madness.

It was the hatching period of the Queen’s larvae, and Xu Zhiheng had accidentally picked up the larval eggs that the Queen had accidentally left behind. He dissected the eggs and, unable to accurately grasp the frequency of Zerg communication, ended up doing something that was impossible to turn back from.

The eggs were separated and reshaped into a serum that he injected into his body, and he thought to himself that he must be able to find something that the Zerg had in common with humans—

He did gain a certain frequency that humans couldn’t perceive, and had top human intelligence, and in that respect he was successful.

But the change came slowly, so subliminally that even he himself didn’t notice.

Just out of sight of everyone, he began to become irritable, wanting to destroy, wanting to eliminate, if something was what he wanted, it must be obtained immediately, or else the heart-breaking anger could consume him in one night. On the surface, everyone thought he was still the same gentle scholar, except for a female student who had followed him for a long time and accidentally touched his hand after a lecture one day.

The student was terrified, and only after a long time did she cautiously ask, “Professor, did something happen to you recently?

Xu Zhiheng didn’t know why a simple contact could make that girl scared like this, he smiled warmly and said no, don’t worry.

——After all, that was a female student he had liked for a long time.

Later developments began to gradually deviate from what he thought, the calmer he was in front of people, the crazier he was behind them.

Xu Zhiheng came back from his brief memory, looked at He YunTing, who was still cold, and said, “But General, I know you’re not like all those stupid people. The leap point is still fine, I just want to come and talk to you about some terms.”

He YunTing frowned impatiently and was just about to pull the trigger when he suddenly noticed something and did a backflip to dodge the hardened limb that suddenly stabbed at him—


The bullet hit the ceiling, and the only ornate chandelier in the entire palace shattered at the sound, crashing to the floor with a muffled thud.

“The child isn’t very obedient, General excuse me.” Xu Zhiheng beckoned to the bug that suddenly attacked He YunTing, it was an immature steel beetle that quickly quieted down after sensing the frequency emitted by Xu Zhiheng.

Able to manipulate the frequency between Zerg, V Proton Star then communication disturbance… so this was the original reason.

“General don’t misunderstand, I really didn’t want to be exposed so quickly,” Xu Zhiheng touched the steel beetle ambling at his feet, “Look at these children, they haven’t been able to grow up. It’s the Zerg Queen’s fault, it was the one who had to attack…”

When he said the last sentence, there was more than a hint of ruthlessness in his tone.

“But it’s okay, we can still cooperate.” Xu Zhiheng said confidently, “The General is an incomparable talent and has the largest number of troops in the entire Empire on his hands, not to mention… You even openly spoke for me in front of His Majesty at that time, didn’t you? I also helped you, we deserve to be on the same side. So,” Xu Zhiheng smiled kindly at He YunTing, “we really should shake hands and greet each other after not seeing each other for so long—”

He wanted to touch He YunTing’s hand as he had done many times before — when he returned from the border area, when V Proton begged him, when he knew that Wen Zhao had summoned him and wanted to express his gratitude to He YunTing.

And He YunTing, as always, coldly avoided it, not allowing him to touch him even a bit.

“What? Professor Xu wants to hear what I’m thinking, right?”

Just as his words fell, a violent vibration came from the whole palace, the roar of the mecha engine, the hiss of the Zerg exploded in this instant—

At the same time as he heard the gunshots, Lin Han maneuvered the mecha and unleashed his weapon without mercy, and the blazing fire spread over the two salivating new types of Zerg that rushed out of the palace. Except for the deep scars on the back of their glands, they looked like normal humans, but when they sensed the Zerg’s movement, they quickly pounced on the cold glowing mecha!

Unlike those “failed” Beta from V Proton, their reflexes and bouncing power were different from normal humans, and they could even predict the direction of the lightsaber slash and dodge it with a speed that couldn’t be captured by the naked eye, and their palm adhesion also became strange, and after jumping away from the attack, they climbed to the top of M2742.

They were successful, Zerg-blooded Omega.

The mecha shells seemed to be nothing in their eyes, some of the Omega hands began to mutate, turning into extremely hard limbs similar to the Zerg, trying to chisel away the fuselage one by one, and if they didn’t act, it seemed that the strongest steel would really have a gap—

He YunTing was still inside, Wen Yu and Lu Huai’s formation were unaccounted for, so they must not rashly use higher energy level firepower, so as not to cause innocent casualties. He closed his eyes and didn’t look at these Omegas who weren’t much different from humans in appearance. Through the window outside the mecha, he could see that, despite the fact that they looked thin and weak at first glance, they were able to withstand the high intensity energy rays emitted by the mecha.

Lin Han continued to turn on the console and drove the mecha into the palace. The M2742 was already large enough that each step was accompanied by the sound of the palace walls or steel breaking and cracking, with a burning fire.

Lin Han eyes reflected the color of these Burning Blood Omegas, but still didn’t hesitate to continue to use close weapons against them. But what he didn’t expect was that some of the broken limbs of the Omega could still twist and they could stand up, and those broken limbs began to grow back at an incredible speed, visible to the naked eye, and sprouted non-human limbs that were no different from the previous ones, even sharper and tougher than before — faster than the average Zerg.

Therefore, if they wanted to exterminate them, they really must… 

Lin Han hooked the corners of his mouth to himself, and said gently to the small pair of prying eyes, “Don’t look out the porthole.”

After Grr obediently buried his head into the side of his neck, the smile on Lin Han’s face quickly disappeared, and the gentleness in his eyes also faded — he almost fiercely gripped the joystick, fearing that the positioning wasn’t precise enough, and concentrated on adding spiritual power, the originally bowed mecha suddenly stood up straight, and the next second a violent sound of wind brushed past, its fist didn’t hesitate to break the wind, straight towards those Omegas who had just grown their legs!

Tons of weight, absolute purity of spiritual power all smashed towards these aliens, finally, no matter how well evolved, genetically integrated the perfect Burning Blood Omega couldn’t withstand such energy, and after the mecha’s move, they were hit on the head, and then burst, getting torn apart…

M2742 turned into a mecha warrior in close combat, one by one, eliminating the Burning Blood or larvae that came before it, and then stepping on the ground that was about to crumble, heading step by step into the main hall.

Behind it was a row of disgusting mutilated bodies, which couldn’t be distinguished from the human or Zerg, those Omegas faces were no longer visible, only red and white staggered colors were left on the ground — because only in this way could he completely destroy these successfully mutated Burning Blood.

Hearing the sound from far and near, Xu Zhiheng narrowed his eyes, surprised that someone other than He YunTing could pilot the M2742, “So the General actually allowed another person to get on your mecha. It’s that Omega from last time, right? That’s amazing. I’ve always been amazed that we collected so many quality Omegas back then, and by all accounts, he should have been one of the best choices, it’s a shame that he was left out.” Xu Zhiheng said, “Otherwise General, the one standing in front of you now attacking and tearing, might be your baby.”

A hint of expectation flashed in his eyes like he was admiring a stunning work of art, “If he is bred well, he must be the best Burning Blood.”

He YunTing’s face was grim, not wanting to answer his question, deftly avoiding the larvae that were coming at him, turning back to fire three shots in quick succession, but when he turned sideways, his right arm still grazed the larvae’s sharp foot limbs due to the narrow position, cutting a long bloody scar.

He flung his hand as if he didn’t realize it, and the white wall was instantly splattered with a row of blood.

Xu Zhiheng waved his hand, using a frequency that humans couldn’t perceive to these larvae to transmit something, and soon the insects quieted down, and no longer attacked others, quietly prostrating at his feet. He smiled at He YunTing and said, “The children don’t know anything yet, they are a bit impulsive, don’t take it personally.”

“Children? You call these monsters children?” He YunTing snorted, “When you were in V Proton, it seems that you also called that alien with the cake the same way.”

Hearing this Xu Zhiheng’s face remained unchanged, “That was indeed a very clean child, be it human or larvae.”

The blood soaked He YunTing’s arm, dripping down his fingertips to form a dark red puddle on the ground, and the pale green uniform turned a darker color because it was stained with blood. He YunTing looked at the few larvae he knocked down with his gun and looked up mockingly, “Does Professor Xu still remember Ji Meng? I wonder what he is to you again.”

This time, Xu Zhiheng’s face finally stiffened for a long time, “He was once also a… good boy. The most obedient and understanding kind. It’s just a pity that at some point, he turned into a bad kid who could lie.” Xu Zhiheng raised his head again, his face had more than a touch of ruthlessness, “What is the use of having a disobedient child.?


With a loud sound accompanied by a heavy lift of dust, M2742 directly and completely destroyed the magnificent door, the blood-stained metal towards the direction of the two confrontation extended his right arm, and slowly spread his palm to He YunTing.

“Hello, Professor Xu.” Lin Han’s clear voice rang out as he took off his helmet and stood on the high elevator, “So Professor Xu thinks that those on V Proton are all failed ‘children’ now?”

“Xi Yuan was really pitiful, ah, in order to follow you risked his life to go to V Proton Star alone to explore the situation, but he didn’t return with any results. Not to mention, if died in front of you, you wouldn’t be half heartbroken for him.”

“Of course, Mr. Luo Qi is also quite pitiful.” Lin Han thought about it and said, “After all, at the beginning, we also thought that Xi Yuan was from the radical faction. Professor Xu is still smart enough not to find the same person to carry the black pot. “

“Luo Qi was biting me back then, now he’s the one who has to be so high profile, I happen to have a friend from the main peace faction who’s in opposition to him, so who will I look for if not him?” Xu Zhiheng was not impressed, “As for Xi Yuan… I only asked him to tell me about the situation in Central City.”

Xu Zhiheng’s face was less confident when he talked about V Proton Star, as if it was a glimpse of failure in his experiment, “I really wanted to improve it the first time, but I didn’t expect Beta to be useless. But…” He paused, “Forget it. There’s nothing to say, after all, including Central City, there’s not a single soul left. It’s just a few steps ahead of my plan, that’s all.”

“Central City?” Lin Han winked wryly when he heard these three words and laughed out, “Professor Xu wouldn’t think that none on V Proton is really left as you think, right?”

A hint of stagnation finally appeared on the originally cloudy face, and the curve of Xu Zhiheng’s mouth froze, something he had never envisioned. Lin Han seemed impatient to give him too much time to think and simply said the answer, “If it’s just to clean up a small defenseless planet, why do we need to make a big fuss?”

Big fuss? He caught these words keenly.

The blood on Xu Zhiheng’s face began to fade in bursts. He had confirmed that there were indeed no surviving humans in those cities, which were strewn with the corpses of those failed products, and the air was covered with the smell of blood.

And Central City… It was the only city he hadn’t seen himself.

At that time, the starship was parked in the central city, M2742 was responsible for the cleanup and aftermath, that was to say, only the two people in front of him knew exactly what had happened, and later the formation re-reported the situation, but nobody saw a single body, just as if it was completely cleaned up.

Xu Zhiheng suddenly understood and stared at He YunTing with a deadly tilt of his head, “You… So everyone in Central City…”

“All alive.” Lin Han smirked and clapped his hands, spelling out this fact for him, “Why else do you think we sent out starships at that time?”


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July 3, 2022 12:27 am

by the way Professor Xu became a queen. It’s getting interesting! Lin Han is the General’s perfect match without a doubt! Thanks for the chapter!

July 3, 2022 11:04 am

Thank you for the chapter.
Slowly consumed and losing his mind. What a sad way to go. I’d even say it’s worse than be torn limb from limb.

July 4, 2022 1:20 pm

All that time, fooling everyone. One crazed scientist, to inject himself like that.
Great trap, hiding the survivors of Central City, to fool him. His end is near.
Great work, Lin Han, you are a strong, amazing Omega and a perfect match for He YunTing.
Thank you for translating and editing.

July 4, 2022 1:25 pm

Oh no… If my guess is right, then it’s tragic past, I hope LH wouldn’t waver when he know about his origin. I think HYT already connect the dots between XZH and LH.

July 12, 2023 5:26 am

just relieved that the planet doesn’t really lost and extinct.

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