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Chapter 82

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt hugged a person and passed in front of the cameras. The most obscure group was those who had been cursing Melson all over the screen and talking about Ruby’s analysis. On the internet, people were swearing at each other, and suddenly they were stuffed with a mouthful of dog food.

As Dewitt tightly guarded Wen Jin and turned his head to the camera, the overwhelming barrage stopped for a moment.

[… What have I just seen?]

[…Marshal? Who is he holding? Can Marshal keep people? He, his clothes seem to be on that man too?]

[You guys are still gossiping at this time. Come on with me and scold! Just scolded somewhere… No, who is the marshal holding? That gesture is too close. Jealousy makes me forget to swear QAQ?]

Melson’s eyebrows also jumped. At this time, he brought JU to the research institute, which had been arranged for a long time. So Dewitt would be here, which made everything a little unexpected.

“That’s… Marshal Dewitt?” At first, JU wanted to say hello to Dewitt, but there was a strong feeling that he would greet the other party and then be ignored, so he resisted his desire and turned his head and laughed at Melson.

He asked, and the barrage began to brush together again. “Yes, yeah, that’s Marshal Dewitt, who blew you up.”

“Suddenly you think Marshal turned around and went out with that handsome boy, so you shouldn’t you give them face!”

Melson did not reply but instead smiled at JU, which had some deep meaning.

At this point, the assistant-like person next to JU took two steps forward, stooped low and said something in JU’s ear.

Everyone watched as JU’s face sank a little, and a pair of red eyes stared sharply at Melson.

“This is the development team of our zerg poisoning project.” Melson, as if he could not see the other person’s changing face, pointed lightly to the door that Dewitt had just walked out of, and glanced at the assistant behind him, where the camera was invisible.

Next, the barrage was lined up with brushes: “The Prime Minister even took the Uttar people to visit this kind of place, seriously?” Just a second after the query was raised, the live broadcasting studio entered the advertising mode without warning.

The crowd was shocked and was almost out of control. Melson, who had been cut off from the camera, laughed at JU meaningfully. “Does Your Highness want to go in and have a look?”


Professor Lin and Chen Xiong stood at the entrance of the corridor, silent. When they heard the people crashing through the door, the silence went up a notch and gradually turned into embarrassment. They brushed together and took a step forward. The big black bear scratched his head with his thick arm.

“Cough.” Professor Lin touched his chin and worried about his Wen Jin. “You know him… What are the symptoms?

Chen Xiong looked inside and said, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him so afraid of the cold.” Chen Xiong was telling the truth. He had more hair and a stronger physique than ordinary people. And this was a room with a thermostat. To cooperate with Wen Jin, Professor Lin directly changed the thermostat into heating after entering the room, so he was afraid of the cold.

“Old wounds?” Professor Lin thought about it.

It must have been an old wound. After Wen Jin came back to his senses, the idea crossed his mind and meant to tell Dewitt, “But you haven’t been afraid of that before.”

Wen Jin thought about when he began to change, then looked at Dewitt. He was healthy until he got in the car. It was after what he had done with Dewitt that his body began to grow strange. Was it because there were too many times?

At this point, Wen Jin squeezed Dewitt’s arm tightly, and his face turned a little red. He had heard that people could sing at night before. It had only been one hour, but his body did not work.

Dewitt: ?

But even if he didn’t admit it, Wen Jin couldn’t imagine any other reason. He gave Dewitt an angry look. “Aren’t I just cold? I’m not afraid. I’m sure I won’t be cold in a minute.”

Why couldn’t he stand after an hour, but this Dewitt was as comfortable as a cucumber?

Dewitt: …

Who was it that just got cold enough to drill into his arms?

After Wen Jin finished staring, he turned his head very stubbornly, looked away and murmured in a low voice, “Maybe it’s because I have eaten less recently.”

“Let Dr. Chen look at you later.” Dewitt looked at the stubborn fox, and there was a trace of helplessness in his eyes. After a while, he said the same thing. After that, Dewitt was somewhat struck dumb. Because Assyria had little research on Qi beasts, so when Wen Jin had any problems, he could think of the only person who could be helpful, Chen Xiong. If Wen Jin’s situation this time exceeded Chen Xiong’s ability…

Dewitt felt a sudden sense of uneasiness.

Wen Jin was not very happy. He wanted Chen Xiong to look at him and ask him when this situation began. Then how would he answer it? Because his little tail touched him, and then it began?

Didn’t that seem useless compared to Dewitt?

Wen Jin turned his head and deliberately did not reply to Dewitt’s remark. He thought in his heart that Dewitt had only done it once out of the two times. It must be that his little tail had secretly left the bottom out of the story. If the other party had two times, it would probably be as bad as him.

But… It’s no use thinking about it now. At best, he can only keep an eye on himself next time. At this time, the main problem was to solve his body, which suddenly became more frightened of the cold.

After kissing, it was a lot better. Should it be for the sake of not being cold, kissing all the time in the future?

Wen Jin imagined the scene for a moment and felt a bit cold.

Dewitt, at the other end, looked at Wen Jin with deep concern in his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Wen Jin, who felt the other person’s eyes, glared at him.

“Are you still cold?” Dewitt suddenly asked in a cold voice.

To express what he said and did, Wenjin straightened his chest, “It’s not cold.”

“It’s not cold after kissing?” Dewitt looked at him, looking as if he had suddenly thought of something.

“…” Wen Jin turned red, turned his head quickly, ran away, and opened the door.


Chen Xiong’s physical condition was not complicated because that day, his mood fluctuated sharply, and his spiritual energy exploded. After listening to him describe his situation a little, Wen Jin pulled out two Dan pills from his own space.

However, Wen Jin encountered some minor twists and turns when choosing these two medicines. First, he was a lazy fat fox, so the things in the space were in a mess. He spent a lot of time looking for the two medicines, and in the process of looking for them, he saw an extraordinary book.

Wen Jin then squatted down and stared at the book for a long time. Then, with a blushing face, he secretly put the book in the doorway, stepped out of the space and handed the Dan medicine to Chen Xiong.

“You want me to eat this?” Chen Xiong looked at the dan pill in Wen Jin’s palm, and Professor Lin beside him, both of them were curious, but they all refrained from asking.

“Yes, eat this.” Wen Jin said, “You have good talent; there will be no problem.”

Chen Xiong, after a second of hesitation, took it and ate it, “I also feel a little nervous, but after nearly twenty years, for the first time I can not even maintain human form.” Chen Xiong said as he swallowed the medicine, then turned his head and glanced at Professor Lin. He smiled warmly and honestly. “It’s a bit humiliating.”

For a thousand years, he was a fox and suddenly had been forced to become human in the car, Wen Jin was silent.However, when he thought about the book he had just found in space, Wen Jin felt his brain was instantly muddy, and he could not even feel embarrassed.

“If there is nothing else, let’s go.” Wen Jin spoke with a blush on his face. Then she reached out and pushed Dewitt, thinking he had to hurry home, find a hidden place, and drag the book out to study.

Dewitt, who did not know what he was doing, was looking at the screen in his hands. After being patted by Wen Jin, he slowed down for a while before turning his head.

“Go later.” Before Dewitt could speak, Professor Lin said, “They’re still shooting with the development team. If you go out now, you’ll run into each other again.”

“Who?” Wen Jin raised his eyebrows.


Wen Jin, who had enough experience in eating during this period, suddenly thought of who could be with Melson at this moment. Then he became addicted to the Internet and sent out the same feeling like the people on Star Net. “They can even visit the scientific research institute?”

It was a very bold move. Wen Jin rubbed his hands subconsciously while he spoke. He was still thinking about Melson’s purpose of bringing the Uttar Prince to the scientific research institute and the online battle. After rubbing his thighs for a long time, he suddenly reacted.

Didn’t he seem a little cold again? Wen Jin was stunned. He looked at Dewitt subconsciously. He found that the other side was looking at him too. His eyes were full of in-depth exploration. Not only Dewitt, Chen Xiong, and Professor Lin were looking at him.

“Don’t do what you’re doing.” As soon as Professor Lin saw Wen Jin’s action, he knew immediately that he was cold again. He turned around and began to turn over his wardrobe in an attempt to find some thick clothes. “How can you feel cold when the temperature in the room is so high?”

Wen Jin opened his mouth, but this time, he could not say that he had eaten less. Thinking of the guarantee he had made just a few minutes ago to straighten his chest, Wen Jin lowered his eyes and rubbed his hands silently. He could not help shaking his hands. For a long time, he looked at Dewitt quietly.

Especially untraceable!

Nevertheless, he was caught by Dewitt.

The latter sighed silently, took a step forward, and put the man directly in his arms. It was also at this time that Wen Jin could see clearly. On the screen in front of Dewitt, it seemed that he was sending messages to people.

He was pulled too fast to take a closer look. After feeling Dewitt’s temperature, he immediately put his cold hand into Dewitt’s clothes and put it on his skin, which gave him a slight relief.  

Chen Xiong stared at their two intimate actions for a while, “Can I ask a question?”

Wen Jin put his body close to Dewitt, while sticking, but also had time to think that he was going to become a big demon that could not be separated from the small tail in the future? Although he had now vaguely guessed the reason why he would be so cold, the book that he had just found, which contained the dual-cultivation method, also pointed out a way for him.

But Wen Jin still felt a little worried.

He and Dewitt kissed for so long, and now he could only stay warm for around ten minutes. What if he opened his mouth, agreed with his little tail, and eventually used the dual cultivation method, and then it only lasted for one hour? Wouldn’t he cry to death?

Feeling Wen Jin trembling in his arms, Dewitt’s mood was not very clear. When he was thinking, he usually didn’t like to talk much, especially when his fox was so cold and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Chen Xiong, however, could not feel the low pressure around Dewitt. He went on seriously and asked, “Are you two in a relationship?”

Wen Jin was so sad in Dewitt’s arms that he did not hear Chen Xiong speak at all, but continued to hold Dewitt, thinking about how he should tell Dewitt about the dual cultivation.

Although the book showed a clear way, it also reminded Wen Jin of how he got the book.

That was when Wen Jin was in Hinghuang before; some shallow monsters wanted to find him to dual cultivate. They told him how much the dual cultivation would benefit him and they gave him the book like a treasured offering.

Wen Jin was very interested in it at first. After all, his practice was so dull. Someone suddenly told him that there was a more relaxed way. It was a good thing for the lazy fat fox, as if a pie had fallen from the sky.

And because Wen Jin was good-looking, tall and hds the blood of ancient demons, it directly lead many people who wanted to practice dual cultivation. At first, Wen Jin was relatively cold. After being talked about more, he was naturally curious. However, when he turned over the book, he immediately rejected the monster.

Because the so-called “dual cultivation” was to supplement, in other words, to nourish another person with one person’s vitality. When Wen Jin saw this sentence, the whole fox was shocked. It was not necessary to say that the content of the book was all about sex. How could he be willing to nourish others with his vitality?

At that time, Wen Jin, who thought the book was very absurd, immediately threw it away. Hundreds of years later, he never opened it again and forgot everything in it.

Now he had taken it out again and thought about it’s effects. Wen Jin figured it might be a little challenging to tell the small tail.

Would Dewitt be as reluctant as Wen Jin was?

Wen Jin’s thought of such an idea, which made him worried.

If he really couldn’t bear it, Wen Jin bit his lower lip, thinking he could only be strong.

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November 26, 2019 10:16 pm

Chen Xiong’s question got ignored. As for the fox’s condition, why has it manifested only now? He’s been with Dewitt for some time and in has never happened before?? Would dual cultivation solve the problem? If we take the other example of dual cultivation, it’s supposed to be mutually benefitial, but in this universe… let’s see.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 27, 2019 6:05 am

Dewitt? Reluctant? no Wen Jin, if he gets the chance to dual cultivate with his baby, he’s probably going to be like all the other black bellied tops… the one who will end up reluctant is you, Wen Jin XD

Dummy dum
Dummy dum
May 24, 2022 2:04 am

Now I know why i dont understand somethings. 🤣 Because this Bij MC ignore some scenarios! He is always thinking and in the internet commenting!

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