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Chapter 81: Third

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

On that day, the posts sent by Ruby caused a great disturbance in Assyria. Countless people fiercely reacted to the idea that Assyrian beasts had protected Assyrians in the past.

Eighty percent of them were against it.

The leaders of ancient Assyria fought with their God beasts, so they would not have any disasters in the future. They fought hundreds of years of war with their God beasts; the world was in disorder; the country in mourning. Until the advent of the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Military Affairs, Assyrian talent gradually stabilized, and the status of the God beasts, also fell to the lowest point, becoming today’s deed beast.

Many people tried to refute Ruby’s claim that the Assyrian beasts protected the Assyrians with their understanding, but they couldn’t think of any refutation. It was generally acknowledged that modern Assyrians were stronger than ancient Assyrians and that the Uttar began to weaken because of the decline in their blood purity. So how did the original Assyrians resist the attack of the Uttar?

When this group of people tried to refute Ruby, after looking through the history, they found that in the hundreds of years after fighting with the God beasts, the history of Assyria became fragmented; entirely in a state of obscurity; waiting to be explored.

Assyrians woke up from a dream and looked at everything as if they had been beaten on the head. Some people even began to think along Ruby’s train of thought.

Yeah, if the beasts were just beautiful, why did so many tribes in ancient Assyria fight for them? If the beasts were only decorative, why did the ancient Assyrians choose to marry them instead of just raising them? Why did the ancient Assyrians do nothing if the god beasts were useless?

Their life expectancy was long, and there were no cases of mental dissociation.

[Fuck me! Ruby opened the door of the new world. Officials may need to stand up and explain this. Are the contract beasts really what Ruby says?]

[If it was the beast that protected Assyria. God, what have we done over the years? And I have a bold idea. Modern Assyrians are getting stronger and stronger, does also have something to do with the decline of intermarriage between ancient Assyrians and their beasts?]

[The Prime Minister of today is the descendant of Eton Melson. It should be very clear about what happened then. That’s all right. Why should they come out and explain it? Are we fools? What kind of diplomacy is this? Aren’t we still busy at this time? Our country is a mess, and what good will the alliance with the Uttar have in the end?]

[… Before today, I was a thorough anti-Beast party, but now my three views have collapsed, and I feel that the people are silly. I also hope that the Prime Minister will come out and explain that ah. The historical facts of that period are vague. Now that Ruby is well known, it’s hard not to say that we were not in the wrong?]

Wen Jin stared at the screen, watched the crazy refreshing comments on the collapse of their three views below, and even faintly withstood the enthusiasm of the Uttar Emperor. He felt that he had seen an annual drama. He turned his head and looked at Dewitt, “That’s what you said before. The wind will change?”

Dewitt was able to say precisely the same thing as Ruby. The sender had something to do with him. Touching Wenjin’s head, Dewitt responded, “Yes.”

Wen Jin was silent for a while. If he only went to the theatre, he could finish the annual play without saying a word. However, it had something to do with Dewitt, so it had something to do with him. He couldn’t help asking, “You know, when this kind of talk comes up, it will cause a lot of sensation, right?”

The world can blow up for half a day just because he had a live broadcast, let alone such a subversive thing?

“I know.” Dewitt nodded, “Melson knows it too.”

Wen Jin was stunned and thought of the Eton Melson mentioned in the post. If Ruby’s analysis was valid, there must be a lot of articles on Eton. That day in the ward, when Melson asked them questions, Wen Jin’s face changed as he remembered what was said.

If something like this subversive thing wanted to be put right again, someone must make great sacrifices.

Remembering what Dewitt said before, the news that he and Melson disagreed was that after the latter took the initiative to let it out, Wen Jin was silent for a moment, and the fox rubbed his head on Dewitt. “You human beings hate it.”

However, he also knew why Dewitt did not point his finger at Melson when he first knew that Assyria had become like this.

“Yes.” Dewitt held Wen Jin in his arms and did not object.

“Why should we pay for a place like this? Is it good to be at ease for a lifetime?” Wen Jin wrinkled his nose and thought of Dewitt revolving for the Assyrians. “If you had not grabbed me, it would have been boring to sit with your official documents all day long.”

The fox’s straightforward remarks amused Dewitt. He lowered his head and kissed Wen Jin’s face. After a long time, he whispered, “Mn.”

Dewitt warmly kissed Wen Jin. Wen Jin didn’t know why he had just done that kind of intimate thing. Not only did he not dismiss the small tail kissing him, but now he seemed to like it more and more.

Wen Jin couldn’t help feeling itchy when he thought that every kiss would warm up to the feeling of being wrapped up by something. After looking at Dewitt’s eyes for a while, Wen Jin suddenly turned into a man in his arms and then blocked his lips.

Not only did he like the kiss of his little tail more and more, but even this person was becoming more and more fond of it.

Wen Jin thought this to himself in his heart.


He didn’t know whether the research institute was approaching or if there are other worries in his heart. This time, Dewitt’s action was not too unrestrained. Even when Wen Jin wanted to deepen the kiss, Dewitt interrupted him and told him that they had arrived in front of the research institute.

Such behavior directly led Wen Jin to lick his lip when he got out of the car, feeling a little unsatisfied.

But, even though he was not satisfied, Wen Jin’s mood was still excellent. After all, he found another thing that made him happy today, so he didn’t change back to his original shape when he got out of the car.

The energy needed to maintain the human figure was not a lot, as can be seen from Chen Xiong’s ability to maintain it for so many years.

It used to cause slight discomfort, but now the discomfort was over. Wen Jin thought that the Millennium Demon must not give up on changing people.

However, the moment Wen Jin opened the door and got out, he could not help frowning and shivering, “It’s a little cold. Give me another coat.”

Dewitt glanced dimly at Wen Jin.

“Well?” Wen Jin looked at him and reached for Dewitt’s clothes. “You can’t give me your coat?”

This guy was a portable heater, and his clothes only served as decorative cover, having nothing to do with warmth.

Dewitt stared at Wen Jin for a moment, took off his coat and wrapped the man in it. Then he looked at him seriously, “The temperature is the same now as it was this morning. You didn’t feel cold then.”

Wen Jin was stunned.

“There was nothing wrong with the thermostat in the car just now. Baby, are you sick?”


Chen Xiong’s health was horrible recently. Since he rescued Professor Lin in the Academy of Sciences last time, Chen Xiong’s energy nucleus had been in a restless state, along with a laceration he suffered.

At first, he could still bear it reluctantly, and he didn’t tell anybody that he was afraid that Professor Lin would worry about him. He also thought that such a situation was just overdraft and that the hardship was over. However, he did not expect that recently, he had deteriorated to a point where he could not even maintain his human form. Professor Lin directly seized him and had to change the original situation.

The latter, as Chen Xiong had guessed at first, was anxious, and then there was the scene of sending a message to Dewitt.

“There’s really no problem.” When Dewitt arrived, Professor Lin showed him a short film about the antidotes they had made. He gave a brief account of the current progress of zerg poisoning. As he said, he couldn’t help feeling, “I never thought that zerg poisoning antidotes could be made so fast. And recently… I have studied the things that the little fox gave me, and made great progress. Marshal, the atmosphere in the scientific research institute is different and relaxed now.”

Since the beginning of the Zerg War, the whole scientific research institute had been shrouded in a cloud. If the army led by Dewitt was on the frontline of the Zerg in the War, then the scientific research institute was the second line behind Dewitt. The pressure between them could be said to be equal, especially when the haze of zerg poisoning was rampant in Assyria.

At this time, the research and development of zerg poisoning and detoxifying agents had opened up the dawn of their hope.

Dewitt reached out and touched the short video, then asked, “What about Dr. Chen?”

Professor Lin frowned and looked at Wen Jin behind Dewitt. His eyes were sad and anxious. “Not very good.”

He had checked Chen Xiong once, and everything came back unsatisfactory. Sadly, Assyrian research in the field of energy cores was not deep enough, not to mention for beasts.

Professor Lin looked at Wen Jin with a little expectation, but he was not in good condition himself. Old Lin frowned and complained, “Why are you so cold? … Ah?” Professor Lin was stunned, and his thoughts were interrupted. “Is the thermostat on?”

Dewitt’s face was somewhat ugly. “Go to your office, Old Lin.”

As he spoke, he pulled Wen Jin directly in his arms. The latter was beginning to tremble a little now. Professor Lin was stunned at first, then looked at Wen Jin’s state and responded, nodding quickly. “Okay.”

A row of researchers were standing behind him. The relationship between Dewitt and a handsome teenager had been spreading since Wen Jin wore the Marshal’s clothes. Now Dewitt’s action instantly aroused everyone’s attention.

Nevertheless, even without this, Dewitt’s intimate gesture was quite remarkable. This was the first time that people had seen Dewitt holding someone in his arms in public. The team developers even saw the fear of Dewitt’s face and slowed down considerately to take care of Wen Jin. Every face was filled with wonder. The Marshal, who had been called a fierce marshal, had been replaced.

Dewitt did not care about other people’s eyes at all. He walked out of the room with Wen Jin in one hand and followed Professor Lin to his office.

But just as he stepped out, he suddenly heard a noise.

Dewitt glanced at the sound source and saw behind him was Melson and… the Prince of Uttar as well as a line of journalists.

Everyone’s eyes were astonished. Who in the Empire could not recognize Dewitt’s uniform and face? The teenager in his arms…

Several reporters unconsciously raised their cameras and waited for Dewitt to say something.

Unexpectedly, however, Dewitt did not speak to the Uttar Prince or Melson, but looked at them coldly and continued to walk with Wen Jin in his arms.

Wen Jin had no idea what was going on around him. His whole body was cold, and his private heater was useless.

“Quick, quick, come in.” In front of him, Professor Lin looked at them anxiously. He looked at Wen Jin’s scrunched face, who was held in his arms by Dewitt. “How could he be so cold?”

Wen Jin bit his lip, and when the door closed, he could not care for anything and plunged directly into Dewitt’s arms.

“What’s wrong?” The sound of the door penetrated inside. Soon after, the fourth sound came from the room. It was Chen Xiong.

At this moment, Chen Xiong was a black bear. Seeing Dewitt’s eyes, he grabbed his head, “It’s me, Chen Xiong.”

Dewitt was a little agitated at the moment. Instead of replying to Chen Xiong, he reached out and held the shivering Wen Jin tightly.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Xiong took two steps forward.

Wen Jin buried his head in Dewitt’s arms and said nothing.

He was freezing and had never felt so cold, even holding Dewitt did not work. That cold feeling, bit by bit, swept over his body. Wen Jin was quick to suspect that if it were not for Dewitt holding him, he would directly freeze and faint on the spot.

He was afraid of the cold for many years. Typically it was just an inconvenience and had never affected him, but today it was causing so much trouble…

Wen Jin held his body tightly to Dewitt and wildly stole the warmth from him.

Professor Lin and Chen Xiong were silent and looked worried as Wen Jin shivered in Dewitt’s arms.

“You guys, go out for a minute.” For a long time, Wen Jin’s voice came frowsty from Dewitt’s arms.

Professor Lin and Chen Xiong were stunned, they looked at each other, but after two seconds, they went out together.

Inside Professor Lin’s office were only Wen Jin and Dewitt.

“Baby?” Dewitt frowned and looked down at Wen Jin with a painful look on his face. “You’re still cold-“

Before he had finished, he was blocked by Wen Jin. This was the first time that Wen Jin had kissed Dewitt so forcefully. He forced his opponent to open his lips, and pushed the tip of his tongue, rudely into his opponent’s lips. Feeling something coming into his body along with their intertwined body fluids, Wen Jin began to relax.

It was warm and comfortable.

This kind of cold feeling, like being exposed to the ice and snow, was instantly broken by the kiss.

At first, Dewitt was a little restrained. He thought that Wen Jin’s sudden fear of cold had something to do with what he was doing in the car, but when he felt that the little fellow in his arms was no longer shaking, everything came back in an instant.

Holding the person in his arms tighter, he wanted nothing more than to respond.

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