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Chapter 98
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Disregarding the number of people from the Southern Ten Families who are looking into (wanting to take advantage of etc)the 138 Beast Store and its owner, Mr. Jin was currently in a wonderful mood.

The wounded beasts he had saved was now on Earth and was currently stuffing themselves with his free take outs after a few days of starvation. Beside him Long ChangXiao looked at the shocking scene around him, speechless.

“This is?”

“As you imagine.”

JinYu looked at Long ChangXiao and nodded. The latter closed his eyes and finally let out a long sigh. When he opened his eyes, the shock was gone, and was replaced by admiration of the place. He managed to come in par with its existence.

“If those old man of the Capital Star knew of your secret, they would undoubtedly try to take it for themselves.” Long ChangXiao looked around at the greenery and couldn’t help himself, “Now I understand why you didn’t want me to bring anyone else over, but if that’s the case, are you planning to keep it a secret forever? If that’s the case, its going to be difficult.”

Hearing his words, JinYu’s smile fainted a little, but he didn’t have any feelings of anger. All he did was lean back onto another person’s body and replied casually, “I wasn’t planning on keeping it a secret, after all, it doesn’t belong to me. For every man and beast on the Capital Star, this can be considered their home star. I’m just the first one here and the one who can create the connection between the two planets, but I don’t own it. I have no right to strip anyone from their homeland. So, even if it takes a while, this place will become a home for humans and every other being, like it used to be.”

“But before then, I will make sure to keep it hidden. Don’t think I’m stupid. None of those old bastards are easy. The moment they have a hint of suspicion about this place, I would be torn apart and eaten alive, much less spill the beans on this place. That’s why I wanted to partner up with you, Long Dage. I believe your words and that you wouldn’t catch the suspicion of anyone else. As for the rest, I will be careful…If they want to catch me for a feast, they’ll have to see if they have the fishing skills to do it, otherwise, they’ll just get tipped over.”

Seeing JinYu’s calm expression, Long ChangXiao nodded with approval. He knew that JinYu wasn’t a weakling who could only be preyed upon. It’s not just because of his beast, rather, he himself was equipped with a rational decision making skill that made him formidable. It was a trait that not many people around him had.

The fact is, he can calmly analysis everything around him and make the decisive call. A quality necessary for success.

Not to mention, other than what he has personally, he also had someone unneglectable behind him. For most cases, as long as he had that person, JinYu could be the overly compassionate businessmen he was, without worry.

Long ChangXiao and Qi QingLin shared a glance and saw a satisfactory answer. Then, Qi QingLin tousled JinYu’s hair and said, “Take him to see the mineral deposits. As for your worry of concealment, I’ll take care of it.”

JinYu first paused when he heard what Qi QingLin said, then he turned around and looked at him unbelievably, “Taking care of what?” Jin boss didn’t know he was worried about anything. After all, what was there to worry about?

Seeing this whale pretend to be innocent, Qi BOSS made a Jin style evil smile, “Just leave everything to me. I’ll make sure you’ll gonna feel amazing.”

Thus, a certain whale quickly turned around and left with a darkened expression. You see, there is rumoured to be a thing called blacked-hearted-perverted-top whose existence was very dangerous and eerie! He didn’t know why but he felt the presence of such an existence just a moment ago!

“Young master Long, come with me, I’ll show you where the money is!!”

As for Qi BOSS, his frozen expression melted at the sight of his partner running away. But when he turned around to look at those beasts who had been laying around after eating and the Fire Phoenix that glared at him, he was still that iceberg. The kind that had been frozen over for millions of years.

“Rest if your sick, otherwise, get exercising.”

The BOSS’s words were absolute, because the moment the beast heard his commend, they dispersed immediately. Even the Fire Phoenix wanted to do something after hearing Qi QingLin’s command, but when he turned to look at his father, he continued glaring. Even though his father’s wounds were healed, his consciousness isn’t back yet.

“You have a problem?” Qi BOSS asked with a raised eyebrow.



“If you don’t have anything to say, then look after your father. It’ll take at least a month to heal.”

…chirp, chirp…

“You want XiaoXue?” Qi QingLin turned around after hearing that and saw the Fire Phoenix nodded while covering his bird head with his wings.

Chirp…chirp…! [My old man says his hot and want to see the snow!!] WTF his gone crazy right?! A Fire Phoenix whose hot and want to see the snow?! The Fire Phoenix just covered his head and thought…he’d rather be dead than experience this…


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November 26, 2019 10:30 pm

I wonder what Qi QingLin will do? I don’t want my mind to end up in a gutter but he said that Jin Yu will feel amazing, sooooo…

Thank you for this chapter!

November 27, 2019 1:07 am

Xiaoxue: I have arrived
Fire Phoenix: go away you’re not welcoming med
Black Phoenix: ignore my child, welcoming me to.teh family.
Xiaoxue: your mother !
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