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Chapter 103: Boss

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As one of Big Boss Qi Qinglin’s five great lackeys—er, subordinates, Wu Ying expressed that ever since he started recognizing the boss as his master, his life became an abyss of suffering. 

Because he was the descendent of the nearly extinct shadow eagle clan, he was hidden in the darkness most of the time, protecting his master by acting as a shadow bodyguard. Of course, because Big Boss Qi’s innate ability was just too damn strong, he didn’t need a personal bodyguard. Therefore, Wu Ying’s life should have been very satisfactory.

At least compared to some other brothers from the shadow eagle clan, he was very free.

He only had to accept the messages his master sent over secretly and do some tracking, assassinating, and so on. That kind of task was as simple as drinking water or eating food for him. It must be known that in his three hundred years of existence, besides his own master and some old men or women or beasts on the capital star, there wasn’t a single human or beast that could escape from his hunt.

Even if it was Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding – those four fellows – ganging up on him, he could still destroy them. Of course, he was referring to those four lackeys ganging up together, not Yi Wen and Ding Bai plotting on the side. After all, Yi Wen was the most treacherous one at boss’ side. Wu Ying, as well as the other four, maintained a pretty normal distance from that fox.

En, recently it seemed like that Jia Wu kept coming over to be bullied by Yi Wen. Had he missed something?

But none of that was important. What was important was that before, his life was an abyss of suffering, but that was always someone else’s abyss of suffering, and he was floating along peacefully in the clouds. But ever since he accidentally switched the sleeping pill and aphrodisiac that Yi Wen gave, his life became his own abyss of suffering… fuck, that Yi Wen definitely did it on purpose! What kind of pills looked exactly the same!! How was he supposed to differentiate them!!

From that point on, Wu Ying was tortured in all sorts of ways by the lady of the house(?). Even though the one carrying out the torment was Big Boss Qi, it had to be said that making a shadow bodyguard go to the biggest market to buy condoms in broad daylight… Wu Ying expressed that he was so hurt his stomach almost started bleeding.

Wu Ying thought of betraying his master numerous times, such as chopping down said lady of the house and leaving it at that. But he always ended up wilting after being easily pinned by BOSS’ glare. After, he would always inexplicably be chased and bitten by the A-rank beasts in the shop, which nearly gave him hemiplegia. All the way up until one night, when he was sitting in meditation on top of Beast Shop #138’s roof, staring at the moon, having a memorial service for his speechless existence, a big bun was suddenly thrown up from below. Then came a cold voice from the person he wanted to slice apart:

“From my observations, it’s going to rain in a bit, so you should head back. Compared to me, I hope more that you will always follow Qinglin. Even if he’s very strong, a human will always have times when they are weak or helpless. So I have to guarantee that, no matter at what time, he always has someone who can protect him at his side. You don’t have to keep following me, I have many companions.”

Even though Wu Ying ignored JinYu’s first sentence, he completely memorized the rest of what JinYu said. That wasn’t actually the first time he had heard such a thing. It seemed like – when he was very, very young – the gentle person who had wrapped him in their arms to protect him and take care of him had also said such a thing to him before.

“Xiao Ying, did you know? No matter how strong a person is, there will always come a time when they are hurt. So, you must keep him company. I can’t bear to see him hurt, so I’ll have to trouble you. But I believe that in the future, you will definitely find a person who you want to protect like that.”

Except, compared to that gentle person’s words, what JinYu said was something that he could accept a little more. Perhaps it was because JinYu was more rational than that person, and he wasn’t at the point where he would abandon everything for the sake of one person. Even though later, JinYu rolled his eyes and told him – fuck, it was because Laozi hadn’t been pushed to the point where I have to abandon everything! Of course Laozi definitely won’t let someone push me to that point either!

In any case, from that night onwards, after moon-watching and being dowsed in rain, Wu Ying’s days became light and peaceful once again after their time in the abyss of suffering. As for that lady of the house, he finally approved of him… He definitely wouldn’t tell that stingy, grudge-bearing boss. Instead, he told the BOSS exactly what JinYu had said that night, and a certain fish had nearly been squeezed into dried fish strips.

Well, as Wu Ying pondered over that, he slid his hand over Sun Ling’s neck and watched that person topple over onto the ground without the slightest bit of resistance. Wu Ying shook his head, depressed. Fuck, wasn’t there one who would provide some challenge? He was so annoyed of chopping people every day, as if he was chopping cabbages.

“Oh, but this person threatened the lady of the house, right?”

A smile couldn’t help but appear on Wu Ying’s baby face. Actually, regardless of whether it was the lady or the BOSS, they both cared for and protected the other with a kind of tacit emotion and dedication that didn’t have to be said aloud. Even though he wasn’t part of such a feeling, he was perhaps the one who felt that kind of faint but deep happiness and concern the most deeply.

“… fuck this fate-defying bane of my existence!” Wu Ying clenched his teeth. Who knows where his big sis found a marriage contract for him from? There wasn’t even anything on the contract, just ‘bane of my existence.’ Even if he was currently a shadow bodyguard, it’s not like he couldn’t go back to the light! Why couldn’t he find a wife ah?! If he found the idiot who gave him such a contract, he was definitely going to make sure he died without sons!!


“…” Fuck, do you not look where you’re walking! Laozi is in the corner and you can still hit me?!

Wu Ying gripped his shoulder and stared coldly at the person who slammed into him, his eyebrow lifted.

“Eh, I’m sorry, I foresaw that there would be dead people in this area. Er, have you—hm?”

The one speaking was a man wearing black glasses. He looked quite refined and scholarly, and he was taller than Wu Ying and had a better physique too.

But when that person saw Wu Ying, he looked abruptly taken aback. He then said something very explosive:

“Hey! You’re that fate-defying bane of my existence!!”

At that point, Wu Ying’s mood worsened to its breaking point, and he slammed a fist onto that person’s glasses. After he saw him topple over onto the ground, he smiled coldly and threw down a final sentence: “Fuck, if I’m the bane of your existence, then you’re going to die without sons!”

After that, Wu Ying went home to get a new mission. Naturally, he didn’t hear what the man said from the floor.

The man looked at his broken glasses and bleeding nose and couldn’t help but sigh. He took off his glasses very unconcernedly, and he grabbed a little beast who appeared to the side and was holding a paper scroll in its mouth, using it to wipe the blood.

“What a magic touch. Say, how did he know I’m going to die without sons?”

Squeak squeak!

“En, he must be my destined bane of my existence… so fucking romantic!”

… squeak squeak… 【Who’s going to save this irredeemable fraudster?! Laozi told him his fortune for free!!】

As Wu Ying basically secretly took care of that Sun Ling, JinYu and his newly found big bro were joyously recounting their experiences to each other in the door-less villa.

Zhang Liangshan sighed after hearing JinYu’s story. “I thought that I was legendary enough, tsk tsk, but I never would’ve imagined that the main star was still a brat like you!”

JinYu shook his head. “How could that be? I feel like big bro, for you to become the lieutenant general of the army in just five years, you must’ve cheated your whole way up!! But I have to say, how come you haven’t found your wife even after being hear for five years? Even though thirty-five is still considered the typical age for marriage here, you would’ve been an old man already during our era, right?”

This was essentially just pouring salt on an open wound.

“Tsk tsk, big bro, you’re still saying you’re going to send me a son? I feel like it’s going to be more like I send you a beast for you to treat like a son.”

This was forcefully rubbing the wound after pouring the salt.

Zhang Liangshan’s expression changed unpredictably, and he was gloomy and depressed in his heart. Even though he knew very well that JinYu, that brat, was just simply getting revenge and venting his anger, he was still hurt. Fuck, Laozi was already very sad about not finding a wife, okay? Do you have to be like this?

But before Zhang Liangshan’s resentment could grow, it was melted away by JinYu’s words.

“Never mind wives, for those beasts who died, they probably don’t even have a hope for living anymore.”

Zhang Liangshan couldn’t resist shaking his head as he laughed bitterly.

“Little bro, I already released those beasts, and I let you look after them. Can you not mention it anymore?”

JinYu rolled his eyes. “I’m so mad my stomach hurts.”

Even though Zhang Liangshan hadn’t told JinYu about everything he did because of the so-called classified military secrets, he did tell JinYu that the reason he had gathered so many beasts was because there was a very old branch of the military that was doing experiments. The experiment required large quantities of beasts working together, and they would likely die in the end, so it was hidden very well.

A secret experiment was troublesome enough, but then the creator of the experiment kept insisting that all the beasts who participated in the experiment had to be there of their own volition. Or else he definitely wouldn’t let the experiment continue. The ones in charge of the experiment had already changed three times now, but that key requirement had never changed. It was because of that insistence that Zhang Liangshan would agree to participating in such an experiment. If not, he would’ve probably been the very first person to lead troops and go after those researchers after finding out.

JinYu was originally quite disgusted and angry after finding out about the matter. The only reason he didn’t immediately flip out was because the experiment wasn’t actually forcing any beasts. But even so, when he thought of many beasts being sent to be researched, not necessarily willingly, he felt uncomfortable all over his body, especially in his heart. So, if he wasn’t comfortable, then naturally other people couldn’t be either.

“Big bro, you’re certain that the experiment was for the good of the beasts, and that it wasn’t some strange or evil experiment?”

JinYu wasn’t at ease, and he received Zhang Liangshan’s eye roll in response.

“You don’t even trust your big brother’s words anymore? Why weren’t you killed by the earthquake.”

“…” Because you died first.

“In any case, let me tell you. That experiment has already continued for several centuries now. If it succeeds, the biggest issue between mankind and beasts will be resolved. That way, the catastrophe should also come a little later, right.”

At that point, Zhang Liangshan’s expression was a little bad. “I never would have thought that, on this star, the relationship between animals and humans would actually be so deformed and tense. Little bro, did you know? In these past five years, I would recall almost every single day about how, back then, you used to eat, sleep, run away, and play with Da Huang and the rest. Here, in five years, I haven’t been able to see such a beautiful and serious scene, not even once.”

JinYu hugged Xiao Bao after hearing that, growing silent. Everything on the capital star was much more developed than it had been on earth, but it was also more chaotic. It seemed like the primal primitiveness and power had been mixed very strangely together with civilized etiquette and development, to the point that many things were different from what they had imagined them to be. However, none of that was important. What was important was that in such an environment, all sorts of conflicts between mankind and beasts were influencing each other secretly, warping and accumulating.

With the passing of time, there would ultimately be a day when the conflict would erupt, right?

“…big bro, you guys… can’t be experimenting on how to remove the spiritual contract between beasts and humans, right?”

JinYu was silent for quite a while before he suddenly said that. The moment he did, a flash of light burst from Zhang Liangshan’s eyes. Then he coughed. “Ah? Little bro, what are you saying? What spiritual contract? I don’t understand that kind of technological thing at all, how could I!”

“Enough, that isn’t what’s important. Since you seem to be getting along just fine here at AnJie, you should know about the Southern Trade Fair going on in a month, right?” Zhang Liangshan couldn’t resist snickering smugly. He tried to slap JinYu’s shoulder, but he was blocked by Qi Qinglin, who saw his unpleasing behavior coming long in advance. He didn’t take offense and said, “Heehee, your big bro is someone who was personally invited!”

JinYu raised an eyebrow. This was a perfect example of changing the subject and also showing off. However, it was useless. After petting Xiao Bao’s fur, Big Boss Jin lifted the corners of his lips, revealing a pure smile.

“Hehe, big bro, you’re so great. Speaking of which, if I help Young Master Long fight for the position of heir, that’s not worth mentioning.” 

Instantly, BaoZi and DaBai saw Zhang Liangshan’s expression twitch, and he threw himself over to their master’s side, looking like he was going to crush him to death as he howled, “I’ll be damned! Little bro, if you don’t bring me along and let me earn some wife-capital too, Laozi will curse you to be pushed down for the rest of your life without the ability to flip over your body!!”

Immediately, JinYu’s face went black, while Big BOSS Qi looked delighted.


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