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Chapter 108: Her Son

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Yuan JingYa looked at the unsmiling, stone-faced youth in front of her. Although she didn’t get struck by lightning, being mocked by certain people was still quite painful!

Never did she think that she would be shocked speechless by someone else. How long has it been since she’s experienced such kind of pain?! Slowly, Yuan JingYa squeezed her eyes shut, her entire body shifting!

Don’t think you can mock me this easily!

“Mister, I think there’s been a small misunderstanding. I was very worried about my child just now. As a result,  I was a bit flustered and helpless but this doesn’t mean that I’m completely helpless and weak and have no way of teaching him! My husband is also the head of the clan, so he’s busy every day. Even if he were able to ignore his work to help, I still wouldn’t let him lose all his people for the sake of our children!!”

Yuan JingYa’s solemn expression radiated selflessness. Everyone around them nodded their heads. When they looked at JinYu, goosebumps rose.

Pretend, continue to pretend!

“Even more, what mother doesn’t love their own children? Even though I’m useless but when I hear my son cry, I need to know what the problem is! Even though he’s usually kind of arrogant, but he’s the glory of the clan. He’ll definitely be the leader one day!”

By this time, after Yuan JingYa’s show of her desperate situation, AnJie’s bystanders and several hunters and explorers passing by began to feel sympathy towards her.

JinYu looked at the woman in front of him and sighed inwardly. This woman really was quite the actor. No wonder his own Boss was suffering. Besides that despicable Qilin Clan leader who was quite something, this woman was similarly irritaiting……

Thinking of this, JinYu became a bit aggravated. This woman really had no shame. Bullying her wouldn’t be enough, he would have to eliminate her quickly. If his own bboss wasn’t so valiant and fortunate, then his reputation would also be ruined! He remembered the first time they met, the guy seemed to be hiding from his enemies. JinYu really couldn’t suppress his internal rage!!

You ass! Bullying my Boss!

Right now, in JinYu’s mind, he was dismembering the Yuan JingYa. Realization and a bit of remorse suddenly flashed across JinYu’s face.

“Ah! That’s right! You’re correct. All mothers love their children, it’s very natural. Even if there were a kinder and weaker mother, they would still become stronger for their child. Isn’t that correct?”

Hearing JinYu’s words, Yuan JingYa let out a small snort, demurely nodding in agreement. This young fellow was still a bit too weak to be her opponent! 

Like this Yuan JingYa began to walk towards the small, broken villa. However, she suddenly heard that man murmur something to himself.

“Eh, of course, what I actually mean is one’s biological mother. Who knows what a stepmother is like……Hehe, one’s biological mother killing someone else’s children for her own is a common occurrence in big clans! Isn’t it usually after the stepmother has married into the family for less than a year that the eldest son dies? Hey, madam, look at me! I’m just thinking of a novel I read recently, not you! It seems like your manner and demeanor aren’t of someone from a lower class. Your son must be a master!”

JinYu’s words were like a loud slap, hitting Yuan JingYa’s face mercilessly.

Even though Yuan JingYa still hadn’t revealed her clan’s name or her clan leader’s name, but this place wasn’t one for regular citizens. Nine out of ten people didn’t know who she was. However, this was Anjie!

From a certain point of view, saying that Anjie controlled the entire underground empire of the Capital Star wasn’t incorrect. Here, even though people pretended to leisurely stroll about or pretend to be ignorant and pretend they had no decency, once one left this place, they would instantly change and become someone else more powerful!! Even someone squatting in the middle of the road wearing their underpants could be a powerful tycoon!

So. Just. Talk!

Ninety percent of the people here wouldn’t know who she was. The remaining people were just small fries trying to build up their reputation.


At this time Yuan JingYa finally recognized what kind of person was in front of her. It was also at this time that she decided that these kinds of people— this person, had to be eliminated!!

When Yuan JingYa wanted to interrogate JinYu for his name, all the people in Anjie who were afraid of chaos were overjoyed by JinYu’s words. Even that chef spit out a mouthful of water, laughing as he said to JinYu:

“Ah! Boss Jin, don’t you know? This leader’s son is the second young master! Even more, it was really less than a year after she married in that his original wife died and the eldest son died! Hahahaha, you aren’t just all talk after all!”

Hearing this, JinYu’s face was written with surprise. Inside, he was dying from laughter! Good job! Chef you aren’t only good at cooking but you’re also good at recognizing other people! I think that I’ll wait a few days and bring Da Bai and the rest of my beasts to your restaurant for a feast!!

In direct contrast with JinYu’s happiness, Yuan JingYa and her entourage looked at the big and round cook with narrowed eyes. One of Yuan Jingya’s entourage even moved their hand as if to harm the cook! You dare shame the madame in front of everyone! We have no choice but to kill him!

Consequently……as Yuan JingYa’s entourage ran towards the cook, everyone waited with bated breath.

Yuan JingYa and her entourage naturally interpreted this collective inhale as fear of their strength. So, even though they thought they were a bit impulsive, they still didn’t stop themselves. After all, if someone had enough guts to talk to her like this, they surely must be tired of living!!

However, afterwards they discovered that there was a lack of reaction from Yuan JingYa and her entourage. They suddenly saw that the guard that was a seventh grade Royal hunter was beaten to the ground?! Fuck, what kind of joke was this?! That was a powerful hunter! How could he be beaten so easily?

And when the bystanders in Anjie gathered together, letting out a collective breath, the fellow next to them said very excitedly:

“Oh dear, It’s been a year since I saw that fat chef’s flyswatter!! Today I finally saw it and thought to myself, what aggressiveness!! In the old fucking days, why didn’t I take a picture of when the fellow beat down the flying white-horned rhinocerous? It was said that one slap would make the whole world quake!! Isn’t that beast only a frenzied B+ level beast?”

“It is, it is. Hehe, however, back in the day the Hunter Association and Explorer Association would still fight over it to make it the Vice President of the association! However, this fellow likes cooking so he ripped the letter appointing him and fled to Anjie instead……Tsk tsk, this kind of aggressiveness! What’s the old chef’s ranking in terms of strength in Anjie? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the fellow. It seems like only if there are strangers is there ever anything worth seeing.”


Consequently, after hearing these kinds of mocking words, Yuan JingYa and her entourage were rendered speechless. They had no idea how to react. Even Boss Jin, who had originally been gloating, was shocked when he heard this. He suddenly felt as though it weren’t safe to eat at the fellow’s fucking place……he better use that 70% membership discount. 

Before them, there was complete chaos. Yuan JingYa and her entourage had difficulty entering the door into No. 138. Suddenly, the closed door swung open and the second eldest Qilin Big Boss walked out with a stone-cold face. 

In a flash, the whole world was quiet. 

Glancing at the fish signaling to him, Qi QingLin steady held his stoic expression. He stared down Yuan Jingya. It seemed to the bystanders that they were good friends? However, to Yuan Jingya, the fellow’s eyes were full of mockering that said: 

“Stepmother, did you come to pick up second brother? He came here today and insulted a bunch of people and told me to die, so, we fought. I think that since they’re all your children, even though I’m not one of your own children, you wouldn’t dare soil the whole Qilin Clan’s reputation just to spite me now, would you?”

At that moment, Qi QingLin had a huge smirk on his face. Yuan JingYa’s stomach plummeted. As for Boss Jin, his expression was full of glee. Good job! Boss, let her continue on bullshitting.

Inside the house, the beasts’ staring contest was at a deadlock. In the end, they all let out a collective wail. Fuck, the boss has been completely corrupted by the other boss ah!! Their future is only growing bleaker and bleaker.

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This chapter is really satisfying!😆
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In the wives’ war: evil second wife vs. Qi QingLin’s wife it’s 0:1
Does this lady think she can outsmart JinYu?! She isn’t his oponent, what awaits her is humiliation and defeat. And to Anjie’s powerhouses, you are the best. hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

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