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Chapter 11: Legends are all Lies

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It felt as though every cell in his body was screaming in pain and tiredness. He couldn’t help but tremble, wanting to lessen his burden. But without noticing, he could feel endless warmth and air around him, allowing him to slowly calm down.

Oh… This is really a failure…

The black clots within Dabai were so numerous that there was a backlash…

Although he had expected that Dabai would be his most challenging patient, he didn’t think it would be so hard…

Hmm? Why was he lying on the ground right now? Unable to move?

JinYu, who had been slowly regaining consciousness, abruptly opened his eyes, opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

Xiaobai? Dabai? Baozi?

JinYu smiled painfully. Fine, the price this time was a bit too high. Next time, without thorough preparation, he wasn’t going to attempt healing a beast with black clots over its entire body.

Although he couldn’t move and couldn’t make a sound, JinYu could still sense the breath and fur of beasts he knew. He laughed soundlessly. He was about to close his eyes to get a rest, but in the next second, his gaze met a pair of profound golden eyes before him. But those eyes were so cold and made JinYu shiver.

Who are you? JinYu opened his mouth. Although he couldn’t make a sound, he was sure that the owner of those eyes could understand.

Step, step, step. The sound of extremely light footsteps.

The moonlight appeared. JinYu’s eyes opened extremely wide. His face showed a shock and disbelief that had yet to be seen since he came to this world.

“This… is… impossible.” JinYu was hoarse as he slowly formed the words. He sounded incredibly soft and weak to himself.

Even if he could accept big cats, insects, winged horses and tigers as big as men; even if he could ignore the abilities humans now had; he couldn’t imagine, couldn’t believe that the beast before his eyes would appear so unexpectedly before him, as if it really existed.

“Black… Qilin…?!” (T/n: this is the Chinese word for unicorn)

Was this a cosmic joke?

The beast that was in front of him and looking down at him and a dragon head, deer antlers, lion eyes, tiger back, horse body, fish scales, and if JinYu hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, even if he thought about this until his brain fell apart, he would never have imagined that the auspicious Qilin from the myths of his world in another planet, right before his eyes.

Qilin was the true king of beasts, an auspicious animal known for its benevolence.

But as JinYu looked at the Qilin before his eyes, he felt that the myths were all lies! At least, in myths, they failed to mention a type of Qilin – this Qilin that was a beautiful black, with eyes that were devoid of a shred of feeling, that made one feel cold just by looking at them. It made JinYu understand that this Qilin before him was not any kind of benevolent beast, but some sort of monster-like final boss.

JinYu could identify this as a Qilin so quickly because, other than its appearance, it had an aura of authority, as if it was a king.

Maybe it was because meeting this beast gave him an adrenaline rush, but JinYu suddenly discovered that he could move. He painstakingly pushed himself up, turned, and looked around. As expected, Baozi and the others were still unconscious. His movements were enough to startle beasts awake, but all these beasts were still unconscious, which was to say the power this boss was indescribable.

Black Qilin… Why weren’t the scales white?!

JinYu sucked in a deep breath and sighed at his bad luck. Legends said that the Qilin were benevolent beasts. But when it was angered, the earth and heavens shook. This didn’t even include the fact that the Qilin before him looked savage and cold. Shouldn’t he then obediently choose a less painful and ugly way to die?

No, no, no! He could die – after all, every day he was alive was luck. But these beasts couldn’t die. Wasn’t the Qilin the boss of Baozi, big-tailed wolf, Dabai and Xiaobai? A boss usually won’t kill its underlings right?

Thinking of this, JinYu swallowed. He said to the golden-eyed, striped and unmoving black Qilin, “You, en, please just eat me, please don’t eat Dabai, Xiaobai, Baozi, Xiaoxue, Xiaolue, and the others! They aren’t humans, they can’t do anything that would betray or harm you!!”

Something flashed across the black Qilin’s eyes when it heard JinYu’s words. Under JinYu’s shocked gaze, a heavy and dignified voice spoke in his mind. “You are willing to die in their place? They aren’t fellow humans.”

JinYu gaped. His mouth twitched, and then he finally shook his head, “Although I am not a soft-hearted and tender fellow, I’m at my wit’s end when it comes to animals. Even if they aren’t humans, they are still very important. Also, they were just healed, and they can live a new life. If they died now, it would be a huge waste.”

Light shone from the black Qilin’s eyes, and then that dragon-like head nodded lightly, “Your life is mine, then.”

Thus, as JinYu expressionlessly closed his eyes and nodded, a cold wind suddenly whipped up. When he opened his eyes, the beast that was so black one couldn’t avoid looking at it had disappeared, leaving behind a single sentence, “I will return in three days. You will give me your Chaos energy.”

JinYu gaped at the empty space around him, his mind tossing those words back and forth – what was Chaos energy?! He had this thing?!

But JinYu who had just survived this round didn’t have extra time to think about this. He had already been targeted by the Qilin, and he had the eerie feeling that even if he ran to a far corner of the world, he would be found by it eventually. If that was the case, why not just stay where he was obedient… or, if he lost that Chaos energy, maybe he could still live on?



The shouts of a few beasts cleanly pulled his attention back. Baozi agitatedly used its head to rub JinYu, and Xiaobai just immediately jumped into JinYu’s arms and rubbed to ask for reassurance.

After soothing the ruffled feathers of a few beasts, JinYu hugged Xiaobai and walked to Dabai’s side. Dabai had opened its eyes already, tiger eyes filled with joy and relief. JinYu couldn’t help but touch its head.

“Looks like your situation is not bad, en, do your best to recover within three days, and then we can be able to rob a few houses or something. I think based on our power, that shouldn’t be a problem at all!”

Dabai’s eyes were full of laughter as it howled. JinYu nodded in satisfaction. After a difficult period with his beasts, the first rays of sunlight of the day covered the earth. A new day has finally come.

“En, it’s time to eat breakfast… bring Dabai to the front to suntan. And then, Baozi, Xiaolu, and big-tailed wolf watch those fellows. Xiaoxue and Xiaobai, follow me to visit the peasant supermarket. Your boss, me, wants to earn some money before I buy breakfast!”

Although after three days, he didn’t think he would have any problems with any of this, what he planned to do, he didn’t expect to abandon. Now he had three days. Then, in these three days, he wanted to make use of his time!

Thus, after an hour, the twenty-eight injured beasts that had eaten, drank water and suntanned, including Xiaolu and the big-tailed wolf, all neatly squatted around JinYu. They looked at the large wooden car in their midst with curiosity and interest.

“En, you have seen this thing too. Your boss, me, used the money of three hundred meat buns to buy this!”

A pause, and then heartbreaking howls rose.

“Tsk! Quiet! It’s only three hundred meat buns!! After we have this car, we can have meat buns every day!! And if we do it well, we can get grilled chicken!!”

Thus, the heartbreaking howls changed into excited howls. Beside these excited howls, there was a frightened chicken squawking.

“Alright, Seven Colored Musical Chicken, I’m not saying we are eating you. All you have to do is give us your feathers. They say that one of your feathers can be exchanged for three hundred meat buns.”

Thus, the chicken ignored the excited beasts around it and fainted. And JinYu slowly opened his mouth under the expectant gazes of the beasts.

“From now on, we will be the group of beasts at Anjie’s garbage disposal! Let’s sell our skills, perfectly disposing of rubbish, let those people know our sincerity, and then we must let them hand over enough money for three hundred meat buns!!”




Chirp! Meow! Hoot! Howl–!!

(We must let them hand over enough money for three hundred meat buns!!)

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A Qilin?! Chaos Energy? It’s going to be good!!! 😉
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