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Chapter 10: GoldenEye

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since he already made the decision to heal Da Bai, he naturally had to make preparations.

JinYu never planned on healing the White Sand Tiger in the middle of the day in front of such a large crowd. With none of his supposed wealth showing, JinYu looked just like an ordinary fellow of the old world who used to hold the bread in his arms and had to look around three times before he could eat it safely. Naturally, he could not be more understanding of this truth.

In a single day, he revealed his strength. Who knew what kind of terrifying consequences this would result in. Even more, he was an unregistered citizen! In other words, researchers would sneakily find people to knock him unconscious and put him in a sack. There wasn’t even room for him to cry! So to heal Da Bai, JinYu naturally had to wait until night.

And the place where the operation would take place was the small warehouse just outside the old rubbish disposal area that no longer had any trash. There seemed to have been people who once stayed there. Although the warehouse was now shabby, it was still an excellent place to stay hidden. Even more, there was room for both Baozi and Xue Diao to go on patrol, ensuring that no one would intrude.

JinYu laid on Baozi’s body and closed his eyes to rest for a bit. As he rested the sun slowly set behind the mountain and only a sliver of red was left. It only then did the spectators carefully watching on both sides of the garbage disposal area could no longer watch beasts basking in the sunlight.

The green-colored shadow right in front of the spectators’ faces let them feel an incomparable kindness. Earlier, the group of wild beasts looked as if they were about to die, lying on the ground unmoving. Even the boy was lying there, comfortably sleeping. It was incredulous to the watching crowd!! How was he doing anything that would let the group know what was going on?!

When they that huge greenhead fly over, the crowd finally felt as though something was going to happen. Urgh, was that an A-ranked wing tiger? A winged tiger’s head was sitting on top of a double-tailed white night cat?! And there was something on its back?!

“Oh…doesn’t this winged tiger look a bit familiar?” a person in the crowd said.

“En en, I think it’s a bit familiar. Ah? There’s also a spiked-tailed wolf? This huge tailed wolf also seems very familiar…” a second person said.


“Holy crap!! These are the two ancestors who bite people at the site of them!! AAH! AAH AAH AH! They’re looking at us!! I’m not looking anymore! I’m going back home!” Without warning, the expression of a nameless person in the crowd darkened. Those in the crowd of onlookers who did not have any response suddenly felt their hairs on their body standing up in cold sweat, their whole body feeling as though it were bitten with various degrees of intensity. What a terrible way to go…

Awo awo awo awo! Aren’t they just looking around to sell some information?! Did they really need to bite at their happy place?! The winged tiger and the spiked-tailed wolf were really the worst!! The people in the crowd only liked docile beasts!!

Xiaolu and the big-tailed wolf appeared, and in the twinkling of an eye, they scared away the crowd of onlookers. The scary atmosphere as they bit at the crowd’s butts made JinYu laugh gleefully.

“Hey, how come you two came anyway? Where’s LiXiao and the orange porcupine head?” JinYu asked as he used one hand to massage Xiaolu’s head and the other to open the bag on Xiaolu’s back.

The fragrance of meat enveloped JinYu’s face.

Woof woof! (Master said he needs to go with Xiaolulu to the bar to take care of something. We’re too big, so we’ve been forbidden from coming along. Actually, I don’t think master’s intentions are too good…)

Bang! The big-tailed wolf was slapped into the wall by Xiaolu. Xiaolu bared his teeth at the wolf then rubbed his head against JinYu.

Awoo…. (That’s outright molestation! Master said the day that orange would be dismembered was long since coming.)

“Urgh, fine, I think your master needs to continue to work hard. That orange not only looks like it but he has tough skin, but it’s also super round, so it’s not great to cut~” Saying this, JinYu laughed, thinking of other ways to cheat a certain orange porcupine in the future. In reality, if it were effortless to see what someone’s objective was through their words, their demise wouldn’t be too far off.

“Go help me bring Da Bai back. It’s dark outside. After eating I’ll heal Da Bai. Those who aren’t seriously injured can bring their own meat buns. Tomorrow you guys will all start working so rest up tonight.” As JinYu said this, he went to the back of the disposal office. The cheerful and light-hearted sound of different beasts filled the air in response.

“Tch, if I really open a beast store, I have to sleep separately from them. These kinds of noisy shouts are too energetic.” JinYu whispered to himself, clutching his bag.

Even though these beasts were all well-behaved, but when they were excited, they were challenging to calm down. En, he should probably find a more ferocious beast to act as the king of the store; otherwise, he’d have more and more beasts begging to be pet. Just thinking of it made his hand throb with pain!!

After finishing his meat bun, JinYu had Xiaolu, the big-tailed wolf, Xiaobai, Baozi, and Xue Diao (Snow Sculpture) stay by the side of the warehouse. Da Bai was already moved inside the room and laid obediently on the floor.

“Your legs should still get splints first. This way, you guys can move around more easily.” JinYu started to splint Da Bai’s four limbs and bind them. Once he was done, he reached out and placed his hand on top of Da Bai’s heart.

Da Bai was a rare A+ ranking white sand tiger. It was said these creatures could control sand. In the beginning, JinYu didn’t heal Da Bai because of its apparent strength. At that time, Baozi and Snow were on the verge of death because of their injuries and, as a result, they dragged Da Bai to third on his priority list.

Only, at the moment Da Bai was basically on the verge of death. If JinYu healed him any later, Da Bai might die the next day because of blood loss or poison. Thinking of the white tiger he raised before that died, JinYu became enraged.

All of Da Bai’s organs were black. What shocked JinYu was that initially, none of Da Bai’s internal organs were gray. Thinking of how the lower-ranked a beast was, the more gray organs they had, JinYu guessed that this might be the root cause of the difference between beast ranks. In reality, energy couldn’t pass through gray organs. This evidently determined a beast’s strength.

However, there was no way for JinYu to confirm his hypothesis about the gray organs. Many things could be figured out slowly, he wasn’t in a rush. Right now, his top priority was to cure all of Da Bai’s blackened organs.

“Da Bai…From now on you have to be nicer to your boss. When everyone goes on raids, you have to be at the lead!” Saying this, JinYu shut his eyes and started to gather his spiritual strength. A small, weak bit of energy slowly appeared next to him. When the energy reached its full size, JinYu’s dark blue necklace with streaks of green started to shine brightly. The overwhelming energy went towards the white sand tiger lying on the ground!

ROAR– !!

The white sand tiger roared loudly, and afterward, black miasma slowly emitted from its body. In a flash, the tiger was overcome with the thought of standing up. However, its broken body prevented it from doing so. Although the tiger felt depressed that it could not stand up, the extreme pain throughout its body actually allowed it to momentarily feel exuberant joy. It could feel pain! For a whole month, it couldn’t even feel pain!

In the white sand tiger’s unrestrained excitement and roaring, the sound of a heavyweight dropping caused it to look over in surprise. JinYu collapsed on the floor, his entire face white, body convulsing violently.



The white sand tiger was so shocked that it’s fur caught ablaze. It tried to open its mouth to howl, but a severe pain ripped through its head keeping it paralyzed. Bang! In the next moment it, too, fell over.

The sound of the white tiger falling over made the flame leopard and snow eagle outside anxious. However, they didn’t dare take it upon themselves to leave the door. It wasn’t until Xiaobai jumped onto the window and saw JinYu that the herd of beasts rushed into the warehouse.

Awo awo….meow meow…


Chirp chirp!!


Several beasts paced in circles around JinYu, rubbing against his body, licking or pawing him but all to no avail. JinYu was like a dead fish, convulsing unconsciously on the floor. This made the beasts think that JinYu was bitten to death. In the end, the herd of beasts could not help and could only cry pitifully, forming a circle and using their soft fur and feathers to warm JinYu as they helplessly waited for him to awaken.

Of course, Da Bai was excluded by the horde of beasts. If it weren’t for this guy, the boss wouldn’t have become like this. Even though they decided not to bite the white tiger to death, they wouldn’t give the tiger face even though out of all the beasts, it was the strongest.

However, the big-tailed wolf laid by the door and decided that it would find its master in the morning. It hoped that its master would return by then.

As the night dragged on, the group of beasts circling JinYu saw how even the big-tailed wolf couldn’t keep its eyes open, so they too slowly fell asleep.

At this time, the warehouse only illuminated by the soft moonlight in the pitch-black night, a burst of gold light suddenly shone as bright as the most dazzling gem. Anyone who saw this dazzling brightness shining from two pupils would sigh and praise its beauty. However, the reason the light was so dazzling was that there was not a sliver of emotion in those two eyes. This was entirely different than the hollowness in the formerly abandoned beasts’ eyes. This light was even stronger, coming from the heavens itself, ripping one’s body of emotion.

These pupils of the two gold eyes were seen by five A-level beasts in the warehouse. Strangely enough, it didn’t shock or alarm the beasts. After a few more flashes, the golden pupils slowly stared at the beasts surrounding JinYu. After a few seconds, there was no trace of emotion in the golden eyes, and a flash of doubt passed through them.

Moonlight finally shone into the warehouse due to a break in the clouds. In that flash of perfect light, majestic to the point of extremity, the figure of a beast appeared.

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I’m enjoying this, but keeping up with the beast types and their names is becoming a challenge. Some don’t have a name (is the big-tailed wolf owned by Orange Porcupine Head?) and what is a Snow Sculpture? (named Xue Diao). It’ll be hard keeping up later if unclear now!
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