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Chapter 132: The death of Uncle Ye and Palatine 5: another kind of rebirth, God loves all.

As soon as Sandra approached Palatine, she smelled the disgusting smell of blood on him. Sandra frowned and covered her mouth and nose. “Why is he…”

“What did teacher say? Come and help me!” Yellian carefully carried Palatine behind his back, and the blood in Palatine’s mouth and nose pounded down drop by drop, killing him. “Come on, teacher, you still don’t come, I’m afraid you can’t help sucking his blood.”

“You stinky boy.” Sandra opened her eyes wide and scolded discontentedly. “His blood is for me, it’s my turn to suck it, and it’s your turn to say it?”

Yellian put Palatine in his carriage and was ready to drive to the palace, but Sandra stopped him and said, “Take him to my manor.”

Sandra’s manor was at the foot of a hill next to the Emperor’s Capital. It was uninhabited all year round. The furniture in the house had fallen ashes.

“Teacher, save him, Palatine… die…” Yellian put Palatine gently on the new bed, put his head in his arms, and said anxiously.

Sandra raised her eyebrows and said in a hoarse voice, “You know he’s dying. How can I save him?”

“But he saved you.”

“It’s fair that he must die early in exchange for his life for prophecy, unless…Use your life for his life.” Sandra cleaned the table and poured herself a glass of wine.

“Well, I’d like to. Teacher, you can save him quickly!”

Sandra took a “puff” and sprayed out all the wine in her mouth. “You like him, huh? With black magic, will you do Palatine again?”

“I won’t do it!” Yellian waved his hand and blushed his eyes. He was obviously overwhelmed by excitement. “I went to see him every night. Do you think we were talking about our ideals?”

“Well, it’s not the beginning of the murder?” Sandra sneered and scoffed at Lean’s lap. “How long is the first time?”

Yellian felt Palatine’s weaker and weaker breath and cried out with embarrassment, “Teacher! I’m serious!”

“Okay, I won’t let you two die, but you have to be ugly for a while…”

Yellian was the emperor’s third son, but his mother was not a queen.

Sandra was a vampire. Before she became a vampire, she had a sister, Yelian’s mother. At first, the Holy Sea had just turned into a bloodline, Sandra, was rescued accidentally by Palatine, but before he saved Sandra, Palatine asked her to sign a soul contract to make her swear that she could not kill innocent people.

Although Sandra was not a blood-sucking vampire who sucked blood and human life, she had been forced to make such a contract, she was still angry. Sandra felt her little nephew and student every day – was an idiot every day.

It was not until one day when Palatine was taken away by the Gabriel family that Sandra understood where the breath of divine blood that she hated came from. But she did not expect that Yellian had a real affair with Palatine.

Sandra hated the iron to make steel ah. Her nephew refused to put into the embrace of blood to become a paladin, then actually fell in love with a priest, but it was the priest she hated. This sadness was merely hard to tell.

Every day she advised Yelian not to be a paladin. Yelian never listened to her. As a result, for this Palatine, he began to use black magic.

“He has the blood of a Protoss, and I can’t give him his first embrace. First, you trade your life for ten years. Then you take him to the Elune Forest to find the White Elf Queen. You give her the blood and let her promise to help you sign a companion contract. Then you come to me. After I give you your first embrace, you will roll out with your lover to sign the contract.” Sandra proudly threw Yelian a bottle of golden blood and said coldly, “You’re not a paladin anyway. If you don’t want your old lover to die, you can be a vampire.”

“Palatine is not old, uncle. Don’t say that to him. I’m older than him now.” Yellian touched Palatine’s warming hand and twisted a wet pad to wipe the blood on his face.

Sandra pouted her lips. “Now you’re going to call my uncle? Ha-ha, you are not only old, but you also have no eyes, ugly to death!”

Yelian took Sandra’s blood bottle and looked at it carefully. The liquid inside was as bright as liquid sunshine, which made him curious, “Uncle, whose blood is it? It’s certainly not yours.”

“Cough… Your aunt’s. Wait till he wakes up and you two get out.” Sandra slammed the door and left room for both of them.

So when Palatine woke up, he saw Yelian, who was almost a teenager.

He caressed Yelian, who had climbed up the delicate corners of his eyes. His eyes were red, and his voice trembled. “Why are you so silly…”

“I’m not silly. I used to want to be a paladin because you are my faith.” Yellian wiped the tears from Palatine’s face. “I want to protect you. If you can’t be a knight, let me be your knight. Give you courage and strength.”

Palatine lay in Yellian’s arms, hugged his neck, closed his eyes and felt the generous embrace, but holding it, Palatine felt something wrong. Yellian’s first taste of love and lust was now in a hot period when he would like to see his lover.

His beloved was so fragile that he clings to his bosom. Yellian couldn’t help feeling a little agape. He put his arms around Palatine’s waist and said, “Let’s make love, Palatine…”

Yelian made this suggestion excitedly. Palatine saw that his beloved lover seemed to have suddenly developed some strange hobbies.

“Palatine… Are you comfortable?”


“Call me, uncle.”


“AHN.” Yellian slammed hard, forcing Palatine to make a good moan.

“What, what’s wrong… I refuse to… Ah!”

Palatine’s rebellion resulted in his fatigue the next day. Although he was a priest and could cure the sequelae of a wild night, Palatine’s heart was exhausted. Yellian was tormenting him all night. He had to call him uncle, but he would not be happy if he did not.

It was not until dawn that Palatine yielded and cried out “Uncle Ye” obediently. Yelian heard this sentence and shot it into him with a tremor. He wanted Palatine to kill him – you stiffened me, but I still hadn’t shot it yet! 

Yellian’s uncle gave the two away with an unkind look. After meeting the White Elf Queen, the Queen accepted the golden blood and agreed to preside over the covenant for the two of them, but made a request.

Go to another world to guide the descendants of the Elves to find time and space cracks, so that the descendants of the White Elves can continue to survive.

Seeing that Palatine had not directly agreed, the White Elf Queen sighed, “You should have calculated the ultimate fate of the mainland, right? Even if I don’t have Elf descendants, you have to go.”

The White Elf Queen approached Palatine and handed him a scroll, “This is the scroll of protection. I drew it with the blood of the seven great races. It can protect you and Yellian from the space crack.”

“Why are we?” Yellian escorted Palatine and stepped back.

“Because you are the last blood-line awakening God left in Nore.” The White Elf Queen approached and looked into Palatine’s eyes and said, “Only when you leave Nore will God come to Nore again and reshape it.”

The Queen gave Palatine a pile of seeds and asked him to plant them in a good place in the world. At the right time, the Elves would return. But something unexpected happened during the transmission, so Palatine and the seeds were separated. He did not even know which planet the seeds were planted on. He could only wait quietly for the elves to come to him.

Before leaving Nore, Yellian went back to see his uncle and said, “Uncle, you already know, don’t you?”

Sandra waved her hand indifferently, looked at Palatine, and laughed, “God loves all, death is another kind of rebirth, he will come to save us.”

Yelian: “…” What God do you believe in as a vampire?

Sandra personally sent Yellian to the cliff between time and space. Yellian’s aunt also came. He was a taller man than Sandra and a vampire, but his golden eyes revealed his identity, the blood prince.

“Ahh…” Sandra wiped her tears and cried very sadly. “When you leave, this uncle has no relatives, and your aunt can’t give birth to a baby for me…”

The aunt, who can’t give birth: “…”

Yellian gave his uncle a hug. The relative who watched him grow up said, “I’ll miss you, uncle, but I think you can have a baby for him.”

“Get out of here, stinky boy! Don’t let me see you again!”

Sandra stared red – though her eyes were red, and then kicked Yelian and Palatine off the cliff with one foot.

Yellian held Palatine in his arms. The feeling of weightlessness made both of them feel a little uncomfortable. Palatine raised his head and smiled at Yellian. “Uncle Ye ~Close your eyes, I’ll give you a gift.”

Yelian was a little agitated and ashamed, “Do you want to kiss me?”

Later, Yelian did feel a pair of hot lips imprinted on him, and he responded violently. But after landing on Titus, Yelian found that his blue eyes had returned, but at the same time, Palatine no longer looked at anyone except him.

Yelian was so angry that he didn’t even want to talk to Palatine. Palatine had to go to battle and rub against Yelian: “Uncle Ye – Uncle Ye? What are you angry about?”

“Oh, you don’t know what I’m angry about?”

Palatine sat down in front of Yelian and held his face. “I just can’t look into other people’s eyes. I’m not blind. I just look at you. Uncle Ye’s eyes are best.” Palatine protracted his voice and comforted Yelian.

Yellian sighed, “Well, what did you see then?”

“Not so much. It’s just uncomfortable.” Palatine took the initiative to ride on Yellian’s waist, taking off his clothes and biting at Yellian.

With a contented sigh, Yelian plunged his fingertips into Palatine’s lower mouth and rubbed his head. “That day… Was that the first time we did that pose, let’s try it again okay?”

“All right.”

“Palatine, I really love you…”

“Well, I only love those who sweep the world.”


Yellian was silent for a moment, grinding his teeth and saying, “You wait!”

Palatine: ???

Palatine had always thought that Yellian meant to look good. After all, Yellian did a terrible job that day. But on the third day, Palatine did not know what Yellian meant by that sentence. Then his lover began to clean all the streets of the Empire.


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August 30, 2019 9:09 pm

So that’s why he loves to sweep everywhere!! Haha. These two… they certainly had a rough life. But they got their happy ending, so it’s alright.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 30, 2019 9:53 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

Their story is so passionate. I bet that the seeds that Palatine lost were the Shaking Grass seeds and one of them manager to find him.

August 31, 2019 7:12 pm

Gahahaha! They’re so silly and cute!

September 26, 2021 9:58 am

Yelligan’s familial relationships are so confusing.
Sandra is described as female, but referred to as Uncle by Yelligan. She also called her nephew ‘Uncle’.
The Aunt (Sandra’s spouse I assume & blood prince) is referred to as ‘he’.
Mind boggling.
They’ve been sent back to where Pallatine grew up and so this story starts.
Ta 4 translating.

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