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Chapter 110: Qi Family
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As soon as JinYu’s words registered, Yuan JingYa’s expression twisted, reflexively taking a look around before suddenly remembering that the light and shadow were recorded in all directions. They couldn’t be destroyed or avoided.

However, it has to be said that Yuan JingYa was a very powerful woman. Within seconds of knowing that this would be seen by her husband, she came up with a way to save the situation.

Then Qi QingLin and JinYu saw that the woman, ferocious and cruel towards them a moment ago, was now crying at them, looking sad and frail.

“I thought it strange that you so uncharacteristically let someone you hate so much inside; you already had a trap set and ready! You’ve managed to so carefully and easily set up such an elaborate plot. What else do you dare not do?! If it wasn’t for what I said before, you wouldn’t have left me and my son live! How could you be so cruel? What do you take the family head for?! ”

Listening to Yuan JingYa’s words, even JinYu had a hard time accepting how she was outright making things up to turn the situation to her favor, saying black was white, let alone Qi QingLin who hated these dirty tricks. Thinking of how many times this woman had been the instigator of what he had suffered through all these years, Qi QingLin wanted to murder her here and now!!

“Madame, I have to say that you are the most shameless and horrible woman I have ever met. Of course, it seems, you’re also the best liar I’ve ever met. Otherwise, I don’t think even the most idiotic of people would have been fooled by you for so long, to the point where their family assets have almost been completely drained dry. “JinYu spoke up, looking at Yuan JingYa, but he didn’t argue with her over whether this was their plot or not. But just as Yuan JingYa was about to breathe a sigh of relief, this man spoke up quite casually.

“Either way, no matter how you make things sound on the surface, as long as the accounts are checked and the inventory is kept, isn’t it clear? No matter how well hidden, you can’t replace so many things all at once. Tut tut, my lady, unless you can persuade the family head not to check the accounts, no one will believe no matter how good you are at wagging your tongue. Ah…Of course, those who are so easily blinded by beauty and flattery don’t count. Oh right, there are so many rules in the Qi family. Is there a rule about if one can’t keep their family wealth afloat? What will happen?”

Jin Yu turned to look at Qi QingLin and said, “There can’t be no punishment for it, can there? Otherwise, wouldn’t the Qi Family have collapsed long ago? ”

Hearing this, Qi QingLin raised an eyebrow, thought for a moment and nodded. “If they’re useless and thus can’t protect the interests of the family, it is the fault of the previous family head. If bewitched by personal interests or outside influences, then said outside influences are to be terminated with extreme prejudice, and one with the greatest ability can take the position of family head by force.

“Article one of the general rules of the Qi family: the position of family head can only go to the competent.”

Hearing his Boss finish explaining the Qi Family rules, JinYu nodded with satisfaction. He admired the man who made these rules. No ordinary person would be able to set down a meritocratic system and give up on inheritance by blood. This family rule was truly made in the interests of the Qilin Clan, not for their own interests.

“Tsk, when can I go to pay this ancestor my respects? There are few such wise ancestors these days… oh, and by the way, what should we have for dinner? It’s cold these days. It looks like it’s going to snow? If it’s winter, we should eat hot pot!”

When JinYu talked about the hot pot, his eyes immediately lit up. He didn’t feel anything when it went unmentioned, but when he said it, he felt that he hadn’t eaten it for a long time. Mutton, beef, vegetables, meatballs, mushrooms, potatoes, lotus roots… Tsk, he couldn’t think about it anymore. If he continued thinking about it, he’d start drooling.

Thus, Big Boss Jin yelled at the knowledgeable beast squatting by the door and basking in the sun, “XiaoWei, can you make hot pot?”

The ZhiWei beast sniffed and said with a meow that it had only heard of this thing and had never made it. After all, the world had changed. All kinds of vegetables have long since evolved and disappeared, who knows how it would taste?

When he heard this, Boss Jin was furious. If you don’t eat hot pot in winter, it’s a sin, okay!? How can there be no hot pot!!

Vegetables and whatnot…

JinYu’s eyes turned to eventually land on the bamboo XiaoBao was eating. His eyes lit up and he rushed straight into the house. The moment the door closed, Qi TianCong, still half buried alive in the ground, seemed to see that man just vanish?! Holy crap, what is this? A ghost or some sort of teleportation?!

Meanwhile, over here, the Big Boss who had lost to delicious food and been abandoned, was in a bad mood. That hot pot thing… All that tried to steal his lover away are enemies, even if it’s just a thing!

While Qi QingLin was being depressed over here, someone knocked on the other door to the courtyard. Zhang Liangshan’s unique magnetic voice echoed from outside.

“Ah! Lil’ brother! They say it’s gonna snow these days. Look what big brother brought to you! This is the authentic hot pot soup base that I’ve finally achieved after five years of research! Let’s just make do with the stuff here. You just need the taste, anyway!”

In an instant, the temperature in the yard dropped a few degrees, and Boss’s expression grew even darker, to the point where the beasts in the yard huddled together for warmth in a practiced fashion. Yup, at times like this Fire Phoenix was sure more popular.

By the way, they didn’t have to have hot pot for dinner, so Boss, can you not project your anger on innocent bystanders?! Besides, there are also two outsiders here. If you don’t care about them anymore, just bury them alive and use them as fertilizer. It would save time cleaning up later.

No matter how much Qi QingLin didn’t like Zhang Liangshan, because of JinYu, he couldn’t really shut them out, so he opened the door reluctantly, and watched as the man built like a small mountain came in with something like a garbage bag.

Once these guys came in and saw Qi TianCong and Yuan JingYa, they were all stunned. Huh, familiar faces.

Yuan JingYa and Qi TianCong felt their expressions light up a little. No matter what, the military has had some dealings with them. Perhaps…

“Er, ma’am? I’ve only brought enough for me, my brothers and whats-his-face. We’re not familiar with each other. You can invite me to dinner next time?”

In an instant, Yuan JingYa felt that the villa must be cursed! All the monsters in the yard, including the Big Boss Qi, couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Christ, this insistence of always getting his money’s worth and a face thicker than a wall… If anyone said that JinYu and this guy weren’t cut from the same mold, they would bite you to death!!


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The big brother just came here to add insult to injury. The lady is so done for. So let’s go get the hotpot now!

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