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Chapter 109: Cong’er
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Qi QingLin called out ‘stepmother’ with a smile, Yuan JingYa knew that things would not be as simple as she thought.

Now the situation was three times worse than she had expected. According to the situation she had imagined before, she had thought that she would be able to take back Cong’er by just giving up part of her assets through negotiation and showing a slight weakness to Qi QingLin.

After all, in her previous plan, Qi QingLin had a rather fatal shortcoming even though reached the point of being tyrannical in strength — that was arrogance.

This man was like his biological mother. Both were too arrogant in some areas. It was because of their arrogance that they felt it was beneath their dignity to deal with her using some shady means. It was also because of their arrogance that as long as she showed a little weakness and admitted defeat, she would be able to avert the majority of the crisis.

Yuan JingYa knew that maybe this person had not fully uncovered the reason for that year’s incident. She was rather pleased as it had been a long time since that incident had passed, and all the insiders who deserved to die and did not deserve to die were all dead. No matter how powerful Qi QingLin was, it was impossible for him to fully uncover that year’s incident.

But now,

Yuan JingYa looked at the Qi QingLin who was able to smile at her and felt cold all over. The current Qi QingLin was still arrogant, but he was less stubborn and cold and had become more natural and evasive.

She fixed her gaze on the young man beside him that had a small smile on his face too. Yuan JingYa lamented and laughed bitterly in her heart. If this man was the predestined partner Qi QingLin was looking for and Qi QingLin had such a change because of him, she should have sent the top shadow assassins to kill this man at the beginning.

“Stepmother? Please come in.”

Qi QingLin saw that Yuan JingYa was eying JinYu. In an instant, a swift and fierce gleam shone in his eyes. Yuan JingYa’s heart sank when she saw it. This look alone could explain everything.

However, it wasn’t like she had not gotten any gains even if she was going to take a severe fall today, didn’t she? Sometimes caring too much could become a person’s greatest weakness, just like that woman!

Yuan JingYa did her best to straighten her neck before she haughtily walked into that small villa. JinYu then raised an eyebrow at Qi QingLin before the two entered the villa together.

The second they went in and closed the door, all the onlookers exploded into chatter! The Big Boss of an unknown identity who had been guarding the No. 138 Cute Beast Store was the Eldest Young Master of the Qilin Family from the Ten Great Clans?!

Ai yo, hey, I’ve just heard that the Eldest Young Master was missing. Seeing that the Second Young Master was throwing his weight about and looking for trouble every where, I thought about what it would be like if the Eldest Young Master was there. Now it’s great. The Eldest Young Master insta-killed that wealthy second generation when he appeared!

This was absolutely not just the result of a difference in class, okay?!

“Ss… Is the head of the Qilin Clan a retard? There’s such a good heir but he doesn’t want him. Instead he put that useless fellow on such a high pedestal?! Really, if the head of Qilin Clan had not been missing for more than one hundred years, how could such absurd things have happened? Tch tch.” A mogul who has business dealings with several families from the Ten Great Clans shook his head at the gate. Even the eldest son and grandson from the Long Family could not compete with that presence. The Qilin Clan had really fallen. If they had brought Qi QingLin back to the clan earlier, the Long Family would probably not be the one sitting at the top of the Ten Great Clans.

“Hey, stop lamenting about this. Can’t you guess the situation after seeing this? Lao Zi bets a Level A beast that the Eldest Young Master will definitely become the next Qilin Clan Head in the Southern Trade Conference!” Next to him, a mogul in checkered trousers laughed mischievously, “If it was Lao Zi, Lao Zi would not wait for the Southern Trade Conference to be held, but would kill that vexing kid now. Anyway, he’s not a blood related brother… Tch tch, Yuan JingYa has met her match this time.”

These two moguls were basically on the same wavelength. If it was just a Qi QingLin alone, he would be taken advantage of by Yuan JingYa since he was too straightforward and too honest. Then if a JinYu that was so treacherous that all the moguls from the Dark Street were unable to guard against him was added, it did not need to be said that victory would be absolutely guaranteed. At the least, the outcome was determined under normal circumstances.

Thinking of their unforgettable past when the prehistoric whale and Big Boss Qi had teamed up to mess with people, the moguls lamented that it had not been easy for them to live to this day. At the same time, they also ordered the little brothers of their subordinates to buy admission tickets for the Southern Trade Conference as their eyes shone.

It was an extremely rare and grand occasion that could not be missed! En, although they felt that the obvious and outward distribution of forces were not as entertaining as when they played mahjong together and divided the territory in many of the previous meetings, it was different this time! In recent days, the Grand Dragon Gate Hotel’s Young Master Long often held discussions with that whale. It seemed that the Eldest Young Master of the Jin Family and the youngest Vice Admiral of the Military Department were all discussing the Southern Trade Conference. If the three could only stir the curiosity of a portion of the moguls, then what happened today and the scoops that surfaced could definitely make all the moguls anticipate the fierce battle between giants at the Southern Trade Conference!!

Fuck, it’d be a waste to miss this!

So, the Southern Trade Conference became the most chaotic conference in history because of what happened in the Dark Street today… According to an unofficial historical account in the future, it was because of a prehistoric whale?! Anyway, there was no detailed information available at that time and this became one of the mysteries in history. But what was certain was that the scene was quite chaotic.

Of course, all the moguls in the Dark Street were happily using their relationships to find admission tickets. Qi QingLin and JinYu sat side by side on the solid wood chair in the yard inside the villa that looked beautiful, gorgeous and warm to JinYu, but was cramped and shabby to Yuan JingYa. They watched Qi TianCong, who had been buried more than halfway into the ground, and Yuan JingYa, who was standing next to him with an ugly expression that was not fit to be seen.

Oh, by the way, all her followers were knocked down and stunned the moment they entered the door. Level A beasts were more than enough to deal with Hunters below Rank Eight. Even if there were one or two that were higher than Rank Eight, there were still Level A+ beasts around… And no matter how useless it was, a bright red phoenix that was pretending to be a dead statue after arriving a few days ago could also settle this… Well, this fella had been quite irritated and edgy recently and made the temperature of the whole yard rise a lot. Although the Fire Phoenix has tried its best to shrink its body and bones, it still took up a quarter of the yard, making several support beasts that were in charge of farming choke with silent fury!

JinYu was considering whether to kick it back to Earth to develop a new dwelling together with the group of struggling beasts. Before, this fella had been shouting ‘Father, Father’ and guarding the place like a phoenix from the twenty-four stories of filial piety. But now its Father’s consciousness had recovered, yet this fella was still looking at him with the resentment of ‘You conned me, you conned me, you conned my whole family, you conned my descendants’. Fuck, wasn’t it just because your Father’s first words after waking up was not to call you, but to call XiaoXue?!

What a scam! What’s the matter with having XiaoXue as a daughter-in-law? Lao Zi already did not mind letting it be a daughter-in-law, yet you want to escape from marriage?! You’d better seriously scram back home! Lao Zi feels that XiaoXue is much more adorable than you. It serves you right, you should go back and be earnestly scolded by your Father every day: You’ve already went into a nest with the other party and you still want to escape responsibility?! The Fire Phoenix Clan will not die out without descendants just because of you! Lao Zi still has brothers!!

Cough cough, actually, they were sleeping in the same nest mainly to take care of the black phoenix who was suffering from hail and fever without any reason. Well, this misunderstanding was still very beautiful.

Speaking of, how many years had this old monster Black Phoenix lived for… One should take responsibility if they share the same nest. En, this thinking was very noble!

Returning to the previous topic,

JinYu stared at the Fire Phoenix who was still pretending to be dead and then set his eyes on Yuan JingYa’s face. The latter looked insulted and hatefully spat, “What do you want to do with us, an orphan and a widow?”

… There was an awkward silence.

JinYu looked around and coughed, “That, is your husband really dead?”

Yuan JingYa fiercely clenched her teeth, “I’m speaking of us, this defenseless son and mother!!”

“… In fact, I don’t think a person that could bring along seven Rank Seven Hunters as bodyguards can be considered defenseless.” JinYu innocently injected, “What’s more, madam, even if you don’t seem to have any fighting power, your combat power is definitely boss level, right?”

“It’s like a boss that can only be encountered after enraging it through a conversation?”

Suddenly, Qi QingLin interjected. The yard fell into a hush that was like the silence after a gust of wind had blown.

“You’d better stop thinking of fighting bosses everyday!! The Light Network will be cut tomorrow… Go sell the equipment first.”

Thus, the beasts in the yard collectively looked up at the sky without any words. What beautiful weather and sun we have today.


The muffled sound of thunder rumbled.

All the beasts glared at ErHei. Fuck, can you not undermine us?!

ErHei aggrievedly leaned on WangWang. Damn you all… Lao Zi totally did not attract any thunder over, okay! Who asked you guys you to say that the weather was beautiful when it was so overcast?!


Yuan JingYa who had been completely disregarded and ignored could not bear it any more. She felt that this small and shabby villa in front of her was too bizarre!! It was not just Qi QingLin who seemed to have completely changed into a different person after he was inside. Why were the expressions and movements of beasts also so weird?!

Shouldn’t beasts be the kind that could only obediently squat in place except for their master’s order?! Why were the beasts here able to move around at will? What’s more, there were ones that could eat at will? (Referring specifically to the two gluttons BaoZi and XiaoBao) Shouldn’t food be withheld from the beasts if they had not finished their task?! Why was the owner of this shop so brainless? How could any beasts raised this way be obedient!!

Although Yuan JingYa could not understand this olde worlde villa and the beasts inside, she did not have any intention to say anything. It would be great if all the beasts revolted and bit that boss to death! But now, she had to say something to break the deadlock. It had to be known that no one had ever disregarded her like this from her birth till now!!

“Qi QingLin. I am your elder. Is this how you treat your stepmother and brother?!”

Qi QingLin, who had been named, stared at Yuan JingYa without an expression. Then he glanced at Jin Yu, who was rolling his eyes before he indifferently commented, “If I didn’t stop him, Stepmother might be buried in the earth like that trash currently is.”

His family’s JinYu is not to be trifled with. In some ways, this was the Hidden Boss that looked weak, but whose combat effectiveness was off the charts.

“You! You’ve crossed the line! How could QingYuan have such a treacherous son like you?! Didn’t you always boast that you’re all just and honorable? Yet you’re detaining us here now! You’re just a villain after all!!”

Yuan JingYa suddenly let loose a torrent of abuse. She knew that this would arouse Qi QingLin’s anger, but it was better to make this person angry than to continue waiting passively. Everything would become simpler after provoking him.

However, Yuan JingYa’s wishful thinking that had been smoothly realized failed today.

Qi QingLin was angered, but he was kept under control by JinYu’s action before he could blow his top.

… Don’t jump to conclusions. How could things like kissing be done in front of outsiders.

Big Boss Jin slapped Qi TianCong on the face directly. Then he said to Yuan JingYa, “Madam, I haven’t introduced myself. This is the No. 138 Savage Beasts gathering place. Please be discreet in word and deed in my territory, otherwise I can’t guarantee where the next slap will land. Or, maybe those savage beasts would bite your son’s head off and treat it as a ball?”


There was a kind smile on JinYu’s face and his tone was rather gentle. But when Yuan JingYa and Qi TianCong heard this, it was just like the voice of a ghost from Hell. All of a sudden, their hair was standing on an end and their scalp was numb.

However, the effect of JinYu’s words did not last for long. To be exact, fuck, he almost dissolved into undue laughter. The beasts would try their absolute best to cooperate with what Boss Jin said. So when JinYu said that this was the gathering place of savage beasts, well, DaBai, BaoZi, WangWang, ErHei and even XiaoBai and the rest of the combat beasts put on a relatively fierce and violent appearance. There was even the most vivid appearance from the Fire Phoenix… But, there were also support and household beasts in the shop. Could you imagine a group of fellows that would usually make your liver tremble with how meng they were suddenly putting on a fierce expression to prove that they were savage beasts? That type of scene was just… too meng!

Fuck, you still want to bite people with your baby teeth that hasn’t grown in?! Can you even lift your paws now? Can you walk on three legs without falling? What’s more, you’re clearly a rabbit. Do think you can look scary just by perking your ears up and glaring with your eyes?! However, the worst one was XiaoBao. A naturally meng fellow should not be entertaining delusions of being fierce and malicious. No matter how fierce it acted, it was still just a fluff ball and would only make him break out in laughter, okay?!

So Big Boss Jin felt powerless as the corner of his mouth twitched in front of such a group of fools. He might as well let them do as they wished, he was too lazy to play further.

Qi QingLin looked at JinYu who was depressingly and frustratedly staring at the naturally meng animals lead by XiaoBao. His lips could not help curving in a smile. His partner is really very, very, adorable! Of course, if this thought was to be heard by the moguls in the Dark Street, they would definitely collectively roll their eyes.

What was that called? Oh, yes! Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, and zombies were in the eyes of the merciless! In their eyes, that fish was absolutely on the level of a zombie!!

“Put everything things you’ve moved out from the Qin Clan back. Treat it as a ransom for the both of you.”

Qi QingLin looked at his partner, then turned his gaze on Yuan JingYa and Qi TianCong. No matter how he looked, they were such an eyesore.

“Ao! You’re kidding! On what basis?! Those are things that belong to me! I’m already not making a fuss over you snatching half of my assets, yet you want to snatch everything now? Why don’t you die, ahh — whimper!!”

“Cong’er!” Yuan JingYa looked at Qi TianCong, who had been buried till mouth was in the ground and he could barely breathe out from his nose. She screamed in alarm, then turned her head and sternly admonished, “Do you want to kill your brother?! Are you going to disregard the rules of the Qi Clan?”

Qi QingLin’s expression did not change upon hearing this, “Do not commit patricide, fratricide or amicicide? Madam Yuan, are you sure he’s dead?”

Yuan JingYa’s chest heaved up and down when she heard the words. She had plotted to gain these assets for so many years, and this boy that had just appeared wanted to fight over it with her?! Good, good, good. If you want to fight, I will give it to you! Let’s see if you can keep this wealth!! Did he think that she had been staying several decades in the Qi Clan for nothing?!

“Fine, I’ll give it to you!” Let’s see who’ll triumph!!

“Hey, stop glaring. The Light Video is recording now. Isn’t the one with proof and evidence the one in the right? Ah, madam, it seems that you just admitted to embezzling public funds from the Qi Clan to line your private hoard? Tch tch, this is really gilding the lily. Could it be that madam thinks that the Qi Clan is not your family? Why are you siding with outsiders instead of your own people?”

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