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Chapter 114: I’m a married man

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As BaiLin was going on a rampage, BaiSha and YeFeng looked at each other speechlessly. On the other hand, at the South Sky Gate (南天门), the crowd finally started to disperse.

After all, this convention (conference大会) wasn’t a gathering of festivity or to look at handsome guys. Compared to the rising stars, those who attended this convention was hoping to gain a profit from their chips. (Bargaining a good price for their goods) What they were interested in was whether or not their investments would come to fruition during this convention.

Thus, after JinYu and Fei YuSheng stopped talking, their teams were led out by their respective ushers (servants). This time, they didn’t have that disgusting smile, instead, their every action looked professional and well trained. Thus, the path they decided to take was also worth lingering on. The two teams lead by Long ChangXiao and Long ChangLi had the same destination, but their path was directly opposite to each other.

Those millionaires, CEOs, that followed them, looked at each other speechlessly. Clearly, they were making them choose teams already, but, isn’t that a bit too fast?

But before they could make a choice, another usher arrived. With a smile, they said, “Please come with me to your seats, we will be taking another route.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at that. At the same time, they couldn’t help but acknowledge the thoughtfulness of the fourth young master of the Nine-Night-Spirit Cat clan, who built and organized the great hall at South Sky Gate. But from what they heard, the fourth young master had a life and death bond with the young master (first 大公子) of the Qi Family. So, why hasn’t Ye Feng appeared yet when the Qi young master had made his appearance?

Even with the confusion, no one had the time nor the guts to ask the usher. After all, even though Ye Feng was young, his fight with his third brother over the clan head’s position was extraordinary. His methods were tough, fierce and resolute. Even now it was used as a cautionary tale and to teach youngsters.

Once Long ChangLi and the others were brought to a waiting room behind the great hall, they traded glances with each other and started to debate about something. In particular, Bai HongHu wore a menacing expression. His stiff and unnatural looking movements was a reminder that he hadn’t completely recovered from JinYu and Qi QingLin’s antics (attack? Underhand attacks?).

On the other hand, Long ChangXiao and his group was brought to where BaiSha, BaiLin, and YeFeng was. Once Qi QingLin stepped into the room, YeFeng, who acted gracefully just moments before, threw his crystal cup in excitement and charged at Qi QingLin with open arms.


Then he was kicked onto the wall like a dead corpse.

“First of all, don’t get all touchy with me, I’m a married man.”

Hearing that, YeFeng’s mouth twitched fiercely.

“Second of all, don’t think your pretense of happily greeting will make me ignore the carbon ion knife you’re holding. Although it can’t kill me, it’ll easily hurt JinYu.”

Upon hearing that, YeFeng was utterly speechless and like it had nothing to do with him, he patted down some invisible dirt off his body. With a sigh, he said while shaking his head, “Although I also attended the opening ceremony of Jin Boss’s store and you told me to pack a red packet then, but I was still too naive to believe someone could tame a cold-blooded machine like you. Tsk, tsk, but now…” YeFeng paused and then instantly moved in front of JinYu. With a face of admiration and excitement, he said, “Jin bro! Now you’re one of us! Since you tamed that guy, can you get back the 1 million purple crystal coins he owes me?! I just had a fight to the death with my third brother and now I have to take care of his Southern Trade conference, I’m dirt poor right now!!!”

JinYu just stared at this person here who changed faces like no tomorrow and even pretended to be pitiful. Then he turned around to ask Qi QingLin, “This work of art is a cat beast?” Even though it was phrased as a question, his tone wasn’t.

Qi QingLin nodded and those who knew of YeFeng’s identity nodded enthusiastically as well.

“You’re amazing, boss! You could tell YeFeng bastard-um, I mean bro is part of the Nine-Night Spirit Cat clan with one look?!”

JinYu just nodded expressionlessly and glanced at XiaoBai. When this beast had something to ask of him, and if he could turn into a human form, he would look exactly like this YeFeng person.

“Um, even though I want to help you, but you see, we have a lot of elderly to take care, so we’re dirt poor as well. If it’s about money, you should do something yourself. When it comes down to it, sell some antiques, after all, a starving camel is still bigger than a horse. No matter what you’ll be richer than me.” (An idiom, in this case, is saying that a rich family, even fallen, would still be better than a commoner)

With that said, JinYu turned around, without waiting for a response, to look at BaiSha, who had been sitting on the sofa. The latter turned and smiled at him. In her lap was HeiTuan, who he hadn’t seen in a while but was at least twice the size as before. In a rare moment of happiness, he glared at JinYu and wagged his tail. Of course, not many people can tell he was happy.

“Haha~ ShaSha beauty~ Long time no see!” JinYu said reaching his hand out for a hug. Then ShaBai smiled back, giving him a big hug under the wide-eyed gaze of Zhang LiangShan and Shan BaiLu, which quickly turned to one of jealousy.

Seeing the things in front of BaiSha start to deform due to the pressure of the hug, Zhang LiangShan couldn’t HOLD it in anymore and ripped them apart. He then threw JinYu into Qi BOSS’s embrace. With a serious and righteous expression, he said, “Bro! It’s improper! You already have your family, don’t take advantage of others!”

In an instant, JinYu smiled. One that you knew he wasn’t smiling on the inside for. At the same time, BaiLin who had been watching this whole time like a queen also smiled. Good, good, even though this big bulk of muscle had some exterior motives, he knew to protect others. He should expect great results just from a bit of training.

So if being remembered (惦记) by JinYu meant you had a tough road ahead, being remembered by both the fish and the female tiger…you should just forget about a thing called ‘road’.

Thus, this bulk of muscle, who had a good wild instinct, felt a cold shiver in a heated room. Looking around, Zhang LiangShan felt that he was over thinking things. After all, the other beauty was also smiling at him, wasn’t she? But he was more interested in the younger one, although the older was stronger, his instincts told him that was at the queen level. He had no intention of torturing himself.

After the joyous first meeting, everyone exchanged introductions. More or less, everyone was connected in someway, so even if some were meeting for the first time, it didn’t feel awkward.

Then with a devious smile, YeFeng made a hand gesture, grabbing everyone’s attention. After that, with a flash of light, appeared Long ChangLi and the others in their waiting room.

When Qi QingLin saw this screen, he simply raised a brow. After all, he had worked with YeFeng before and was well aware of his antics. As for the others, after a momentary pause, they got into position as if they were watching a movie. Then, in broad daylight, everyone started listening in.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. There could be truer saying.

“Fei-brother, have you thought of how to deal with that Zhang LiangShan? I can’t stand him!”

“HongHu, you already got a beating once. It’s best if you don’t say anything on their territory.”

“Did you say?! You mean I’m just asking for it?! That day, Qi QingLin and that JinYu turned me into this! I won’t forgive them! I know you’re all mocking me in your head! Other than my head and heart, everything else is artificial! But because of that, I gained incredible power! I will definitely murder them as the trades goes on!”


Ten minutes later, YeFeng turned off the screen. Everyone looked at each other.

JinYu broke the silence with a sigh, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s expected that Long ChangLi and Fei YuSheng wouldn’t say anything. But everyone else still said a few words. At the very least I know who that person was, I thought he looked familiar. Tsk, tsk, if you already got artificial limbs, you should’ve just stayed at home. Why go out asking for death?”

Everyone nodded in agreement, those are the type to die the quickest. Just then, a deafening cheer could be heard from outside. YeFeng shrugged his shoulder and told the others, “Looks like it’s time. It’s probably Long ChangLi’s father and Qi family’s idiot who’s talking right now. So, you guys want to go and watch?”

As if answering his question, JinYu pulled Qi QingLin aside to talk with BaiSha and HeiTuan. DaBai and the others had been asleep the moment they arrived. JinQian was busy bullying Shan BaiLu, and Long ChangXiao and Zhang LiangShan debating about something. Ling Chong looked around and didn’t find anything to do. Then, with a sudden smile, he threw XiaoJin at XiaoBao and left the room. Then, a loud bang came from the roof.

Seeing everyone’s response, YeFeng felt the corner of his mouth twitch. Can you guys be more obvious?! Even if they’re speeches were boring, you could at least show some respect!!!


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Can it be called a direct insight into the enemy’s plans or just pure spying? Nah, those are just perks of knowing the owner of the venue, who just happens to have a surveillance system.

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