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Chapter 115: Southern Conference

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As anyone who’s been to school knows, whenever there’s a sports competition or various types of pledging ceremonies, mobilization meetings and so on, there will always be an uninteresting opening speech that somewhat renders people speechless, and helpless before those meetings …

On the stage, the speaker was carrying the damned script that he had been memorizing all night, while the listeners were trying their best to kill time.

Fortunately, even though that extremely stupefying speech was long, no matter how long it was, it was still the darkness before dawn. Although the darkness of the Southern Trade Fair was lengthened a little because of two agonizingly long speeches, the speech only stopped when the bigshots sitting in the conference hall couldn’t help but curse their ancestors eighteen generations ago.

Then, a very passionate voice sounded:

“Well, I’ll announce that the Capital Star’s Southern Trade Fair is now officially open!”

So at that moment, the two guys standing on the stage said something that had been completely forgotten, and everyone grew excited – fuck, you made me and my mother wait so long that my ears have almost hardened, so it’s about time to start!!

But before the bigshots, businessmen, nobles and skilled masters could leave happily, the leader of the dragon family standing on the platform made disgustingly of pure gold suddenly smiled and said:

“Ha ha, since the Fair has begun and I am the representative of the ten families, then for the sake of the younger generations, I must thicken my face and introduce some young talents to you all. I think it will be of great benefit to both sides in the future.”

Hearing this sentence, those who were originally supporting Long Changli and Marshal Long applauded for the sake of saving face, while other neutral clans and opponents almost fell off the table! Fucking hell! Is there any end to this? After marketing your family and yourself, you’ll even sell your son too? Why don’t you just introduce your eighth generation of ancestors and their unborn grandchildren too? It’s obvious that you’re using your power to oppress others, and yet you look down on others.

In the beginning, everyone’s impression of Long Yuting, the leader of the Long family, was just that the military was very powerful and outstanding. He was able to defeat the other two marshals to become the iron blood soldier in the army. Now, with such a stir-up, it felt like they had eaten a fly! So what if it was the Long family? We have to do everything you say? Ridiculous.

Therefore, at this Southern Trade Fair, Long Yuting’s first mistake was to overestimate his influence, or, well, he didn’t take into consideration that because of a certain whale, the bigshots who would normally never give him face and would rarely show up came and joined in the same crowd. So, when he finished speaking and turned around, he waited for Long Changli to come out. There were about twenty or thirty people who stood up from their luxurious and comfortable chairs and walked towards out, just like they didn’t hear anything or see anything.

If it was just one or two people, Long Yuting might have still been able to ignore it, but all of a sudden with so many people leaving after he finished speaking, that wasn’t respectful! In an instant, Long Yuting, who acted alone in the military, frowned and said directly, “Do you have an important reason to leave? If it’s a trivial matter, meet the important people first. After all, most of the time, only by distinguishing the unimportant and important things can we live longer and better.”

What he said was interpreted differently depending on the person. Those who were a little more sympathetic thought it was a little stifling, but still acceptable. After all, what he said was the truth. But if you switch it to someone tougher, that was just a straight-up threat!! Even if those guys who stood up there looked very kind and delicate, the appearance was always the most deceptive thing.


Well, it was absolutely forbidden to fight in groups at the Southern Conference. What’s more, if fighting, how can you personally go up and fight? That’s all on the underlings. So if you can’t fight, then you can only speak.

“Ah… I’m allergic to golden things. I’ll faint after looking at them for a long time. I’m sorry. I have a serious sleepwalking issue after I faint, so please excuse me.”

“Mm, I faint at the sight of gold. Tut, when I see gold at home, I have the impulse to burn it. In order not to let it become a crematorium, please excuse me.”

“Fuck, all the shameless reasons….What do you want me to say when you’ve used all the good reasons up?” A bigshot muttered to himself, then looked up and said seriously, “I get dizzy at introductions. Every time someone introduces someone in front of me, fuck, I want to give him a punch. Ah, I’m a loan shark, so I hate to be told by others to extend the time limit for someone else’s sake, so I’d better go. ”

In the next five minutes or so, the thousand people on the scene heard more than thirty strange excuses for leaving the venue. What impressed others was how these thirty people came up with such inventive excuses. They knew it was fake immediately, but their expressions were quite realistic. What’s more, a robust woman suddenly covered her forehead and said that she was anemic and could not sit for a long time. Then a man who was as thin as a monkey picked up the woman who was twice his size and ran, shouting:

“Darling, hold on! Stand your ground! I’ll take you to first aid!”

All of a sudden, people felt like they were struck by thunder. Don’t say that you’ll rescue them, I’m afraid that you won’t make it before you arrive.

Obviously, such a situation not only didn’t help Long Yuting recover his own face as he thought it would, it also made people feel extremely embarrassed. What made Long Yuting angry was that these people were obviously very proficient in such scenes. After saying their piece, they simply left without waiting for Long Yuting’s response. There was no chance for him to be angry.

So Marshal Long made his second mistake at the Southern Fair.

“Where did these people come from?! Each and every one of them strange and lacking etiquette, they’re simply rogues! How can such a person attend the fair?! It’s insulting!”

As soon as Long Yuting’s words fell, a light screen appeared on the golden front stage of the conference. Ye Huang smiled, but his eyes were gloomy and sharp.

“What are you saying, Marshal. This isn’t the first or second time this trade fair has been held. Although I can’t say that this is the best one to ever be hosted by nine-night civet clan, I can definitely confirm that this is the most rigorous one!! If Marshal, you question the identity of all the people sitting here just because of some small things that don’t go your way, then I have to say that it’s better for you to keep your mouth shut for the success of this conference.” Ye Huang spoke as if he was very concerned as he shook his head and sighed. “After all, this is the first time in the history of the trade fair that someone has forced all the distinguished guests to be present after the speeches.”

Long Yuting’s face suddenly turned ashen. He was about to get angry, but he was caught by his son who rushed out from behind.

“Ha ha, what you said is right, Ye-xiong, my father just wants me to get to know everyone better. Otherwise, according to Father’s identity, if anyone dared to say something like that, he would have been put in a military prison.”

As Long Changli spoke, he turned to look at the people below. “Ladies and gentlemen, the fair has already begun. I hope you can get what you want at this fair!”

Rumor had it that people quite appreciated Long Changli’s style of doing things. This young man could speak much better than his old man. Of course, not everyone was fooled. They could all see that there was something going on among the dozen people standing on the golden stage. So if they didn’t go, they would be targeted.

When all the people were gone, the people who seemed quite harmonious on the stage a moment before also showed their true colors in an instant.

“Hum, killing your brother and seizing the throne. You still dare to appear in front of thousands of people!” Long Yuting looked at Ye Huang coldly and sneered.

The latter’s face darkened when he heard that, but he suddenly knocked his head with his hand and smiled: “Oh, look at my memory, it seems that Marshal Long, you and your father are the prime examples of brother-killing and seizing the throne, right? No, that can’t be right. Grandfather Long is in good health now. It’s that one in your family who is dying. I heard that he can’t be cured? Tsk tsk, better pray to the gods.”


“Marshal, why talk to this brat? Next, we have to bid for the competition. The contest between the fighting beasts will also begin soon. How can we spend so much time on them?”

Just when Long Yuting couldn’t help but get angry, the leader of the Qi family next to him opened his mouth.

This is the first time JinYu saw the father of the legendary scum boss who can’t be any more scum. With that look…

Once JinYu’s eyes caught the attention of Long Yuting and the others, as he look at the Qi clan leader with eyes that made his hair rise, he looks at his family’s BOSS with astonishment:

“I say, Qinglin! Are you sure this guy is your father?! Your mother must be a super beauty!! She would have been blind to fall for such an average passer-by, right!”

So, in this moment, the silence of the golden stage was fatal. After a long time, it was broken by a laugh. And the laughter grew bigger and bigger, so that all the people looked at who the laughter was coming from, only to see a breathtakingly beautiful woman laugh ceaselessly, till there were tears in her eyes.

“What the young man said was correct. My sister must have been blind to have chosen the most cruel and unscrupulous one of all among all her pursuers!”

In an instant, JinYu’s eyes widened. Holy shit… was this person actually … the aunt? She was a bit too young, wasn’t she, hey!


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