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Chapter 99: Dewitt will be married next month.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The turbulence caused by this tunnel almost knocked the whole banquet hall over. It completely cracked some broken walls around the banquet hall. If Wen Jin made it a little bigger, it meant that the roof could be stepped on.

Cassey, who had stayed on the scene, suddenly stabilized himself on the shaking floor. Then he turned around in horror. After seeing the road, he looked at Wen Jin incredibly and looked at Dewitt in dismay. “Ah, Marshal…”

It was fake, right?

Dewitt evacuated from the swarm and did not respond to Cassey’s call.

“It must be more useful for him to stay than for me.” Cassey said in amazement that such a huge amount of energy, and the accuracy of pinching when using it, it seemed that when the Marshal said it was better than him before, it was not entirely seductive.

“He has no experience.” After a long time, Dewitt answered.

The Zerg could fight with Assyria for such a long time, far from being fierce and so simple, and at the same time, the need for energy was considerable.

Dewitt believed that the Zerg King would not simply go deep into the hinterland of Assyria, so he needed time to make the real sense of the Zerg movement, and Wen Jin would be distracted if he was present.

Cassey stopped talking and looked up to see the Zerg king at the other end, who seemed to find that the target he wanted to imprison was moving out uncontrollably. He was in a very violent mood and made several hoarse noises. With his voice, the Zerg attacks gathered together became more and more fierce and rapid.

They dismembered and reorganized in the air, desperately trying to swallow the two men under them, even trying to divide up a number of points to surround those who ran farther and farther along the trail, and the worms that gathered together with crazy creeps looked extremely penetrating.


“No, Marshal.” Cassey frowned and carried earth powers to block a worm. He hesitated and said, “Why do you feel more and more?”

He and Dewitt were the only people who stayed on the scene at the moment.

In the face of enemies such as the Zerg, there was no real benefit in large numbers. Human bodies were the best hotbed for the Zerg to multiply. In the wound of a human being, the Zerg could multiply the next generation minute by minute. Therefore, people who were not suited to such a battlefield would only add a burden to them.

And Cassey and Dewitt were not the ones who rushed forward blindly. Since they dared to leave two people alone to cope with such a situation, it showed that they had a plan in mind.

The reason why the Zerg war was terrible was that behind the Zerg army and the whole nest, there were countless Zergs gushing out, and no one could calculate when the Zergs gushing out of the huge nest were heads, which was the war of the year and caused a heavy shadow for them. 

But that was not the case now. It was amazing that the King of the Zerg appeared in this venue, but it was in the center of Assyria. It had no supply of Zerg nests, so they were facing enormous, but not endless enemies.

It was on this premise that they choose to leave only two people waiting for backup and delay time. At present, however, they both released a lot of energy, but the number of Zerg was still increasing.

Dewitt’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, looking at the Zerg whose eyes had burned completely under his flames and died thoroughly, and at the attacks of the Zerg who had gathered together and whose numbers had not decreased at all.


[Come out!] There was a scream of alarm on the comment section.

[That was really dangerous. The tracking camera was scary. It was thrown back and forth. Suddenly I saw a dark mass outside the ice wall. I thought it was a shadow of something outside. I didn’t expect it would be a Zerg?]

[Didn’t guess Zerg + 1, mainly the expression of the long-haired little brother is too calm ah! The ice wall was drilled out of a big hole, and there was no response… To be honest, when I saw the shadows shaking before, I suspected that they were Zergs. As a result, I was doubted by my little brother’s expressionless face.]

[Just when the Zergs rushed in, the big beast carrying Mullen accidentally fell and you saw it?]

[See! It used its body to hit the wall. It didn’t let Mullen fall. It’s really warm. And after he wrestled, the little brother seemed to say that he was foolish and that the big beast was still crooning. This picture is so loved!]

[Did the long-haired little brother not respond because he felt indifferent? It felt that the Zerg really carried out the word “ant” in his eyes. They all jumped in front of them and settled with an ice pack.]

[And Marshal’s kiss was real… I was shocked to see that the Marshal was the kind of super-fierce Super-man with super-iron blood. I didn’t expect that there was such a lingering side. I couldn’t bear to see my little brother go and fight. Blush.]

[Fuck me! Do you guys want money for painting so fast? Just in distress, how can we begin to gossip with all kinds of prayers?]

[No, we have recorded all kinds of screenshots of the beasts posts. The forum is full of them, and some people have already made videos on the website. The painting style on the bullet curtain turns so fast. It’s just that the little brother’s style is so strange.]

[He built another tunnel. Did you see it? He hit another one on the ground! Where is he going?]

[Is he going to use the ice lane to pierce the whole capital star?]

Under the swaying plastic photograph, the interstellar barrage was commenting crazily, and Wen Jin was also making the corridor crazily, and from the crooked corridor he created, they could probably see the entangled mentality of Wen Jin.

He promised Dewitt to take the group to a safe place, but when he was on the way down the road, he reacted violently. What exactly was a safe place?

Scientific research institute? It was blown up. Military Department? Dislike. House of Representatives? Wen Jin wrinkled his nose.

He was not familiar with the capital star, nor was he eager to ask the guests who were going mad, but after he had made a miserable blunder again, a good place finally appeared in his mind.


The lady at Bertram Mansion looked very ugly.

These black ugly seeds couldn’t be raised yet. His son’s teaching was not good and he always went to fight, the House seemed to have invited some Uttar people to the capital star.

Nothing went wrong, especially when Miss Star, who had a delicate makeup beside her, had been knocking at Wen Jin the entire time. Mrs. Margaret wanted to poke her hand into the young lady’s face and wonder what made her face so thick.

The old housekeeper kept coughing in an attempt to stop Mrs. Margaret’s foolishness, but apparently it was useless.

When Star saw Dewitt kissing Wen Jin in public, and jealously mentioned for the nth time what genetic matches would make a more gifted child, the housekeeper saw Mrs. Margaret’s hand clench under the table, and the cold expression on her face would collapse at any moment.

Just as the old housekeeper closed his eyes in an attempt not to see the next tragedy, there was a loud “beep-” sound in his ear. The three people in the garden were stunned, and when they turned their heads, they saw a square-shaped swing path that pierced the wall of their side yard directly. And soon, one by one, the beasts came out of the tunnel.

“This…” Star opened her eyes and squeezed her bag tightly.

“Dewitt asked me to send them to safety.” Wen Jin came out of the road after all the beasts came out and explained to the old housekeeper, “It’s supposed to be safe here, isn’t it?”

The old housekeeper, with a bitter smile, glanced secretly at Mrs. Margaret, whose face was blue, and then looked at the wall damaged by Wen Jin.

“Whether it’s safe or not, I delivered them.” Wen Jin was not a fox who could only watch and talk. He glanced at the fully crowded manor and said satisfactorily, “It’s safe here?”

This sentence was basically equivalent to asking and answering one’s own questions, because after Wen Jin said it, with a wave of his hand, the ice lane disappeared. After squinting at his masterpiece, he looked again at Mrs. Margaret, who was ready to curse, and Miss Star next to her, and bent the fox’s eyes. “Then, Mother, I’m leaving.”

Old housekeeper: …

Star: …

Mrs. Margaret stared at Wen Jin as if trying to see through his face. But the thousand-year-old fox’s skin was thicker than Star’s, and she watched it for a long time until she reluctantly choked out a sentence, “Fine.”

Only then could she give up.

Wen Jin smiled, with a strategically successful face, turned to make a wall with ice to fill the gap, and then disappeared without a trace.

“Husband? Madam…” Miss Star looked carefully at Mrs. Margaret’s face, and a lot of warm bad words had been brewing in her stomach, waiting for Mrs. Margaret’s face to cool down.

Nevertheless, the lady’s face was not cold, and it seemed as if there was a continuing change from cloudy to sunny. She glanced at the beasts on the estate and said softly, “Dewitt will be married next month.”

Star was stunned, and her face was stiff with a smile. She had heard the rumor before, but had always thought it was only a sign that Mrs. Margaret wished Dewitt to get married soon, and a woman of Mrs. Margaret’s character would never like a woman who looked so frivolous.

“No one knows that kid, so don’t run to me all the time.” Mrs. Margaret said, ‘It’s your words that make people mistake everything.” Mrs. Margaret said, imagining the scene for a moment, then frowned in disgust, stopped talking to Star and waved to the old housekeeper, “Go and settle the guests, but they are not allowed to go to the floor of my room.”

The old housekeeper smiled and nodded, “Yes.”


The author has something to say:

Mrs. Margaret has a little follow-up to “No one in my room”

When she returned, she stood at the door with dignity, and then locked the door with dignity. After silence, she pondered over Wen Jin’s side note. As soon as she turned around, she saw a big cat’s face blocking her window.

Looking at her turning her head, the cat’s face was still vaguely askew with her head tilted and the corner of her mouth stained with fruit stains she had placed on the windowsill.~

Yes, this big cat’s face was the little beast carrying Mullen.~

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December 13, 2019 2:36 pm

Star: I’m shameless
Wenjin: hold my dry meat

December 14, 2019 8:13 am

Wen Jin appeared, delivering the beasts to the place, he deemed safe, which was Dewitt’s home. Well, of course, where else.
He entered and called Mrs. Margaret ‘Mother’ which slowly improved her mood, even though he made a hole in the wall, XD XD XD

Ms Star, please show yourself out, you aren’t needed here, because Dewitt will be married next month.

Thank you for the chapter!

Hao Ren
Hao Ren
July 2, 2020 8:55 am

omg, this is hard, i want to laugh but it’s late and everyone is sleeping.
btw, wen Jin you’re a genius.👏👏👏

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