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End of the World [ABO] by 无所谓

Genre: zombie apocalypse, ABO (omegaverse), noncon, RAPE, NC-18

Novel Status in Original Country: Finished, 4 chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

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(Please stop telling me you didn’t know this story had rape. it has RAPE, lots of RAPE. All the RAPE. So if you do not like RAPE, then do not read a story focused on RAPE.)

Chapter 1: Survive in the End

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

ABO Era 3021, March 21.

The sun is burning and the land is desolate, the bustling city of the past is now but a ruin. The empty streets are even more deserted, and only the asphalt roads, because of the high temperature, rise like a distorted vision of a fog in the heat wave.

There is no wind in the sky, and the shade of the dilapidated high-rise buildings is also hot and maddening.

“Hgh hgh…” Listen carefully. In the distance, there are gasping sounds that don’t sound like a human being’s. And there is the sound of something dragging against the ground. The heavy breathing seems to be getting closer and closer. One can still hear the creaky roar that seems to be coming from the back of the throat, as if whatever it is that is approaching hasn’t eaten in several years.

Suddenly, a figure appears on the empty road.

It couldn’t be called ‘human.’

It is a filthy man, appearing like a corpse that had crawled out of the ground a month after his death.

His body is twisted like it has been dislocated, and he drags his broken leg behind him. His arms are like decorations hanging from his body. As he twists and walks around, he swings back and forth randomly. One of his arms has no flesh and blood, only black bones remain. His clothes are ripped and torn. It can be seen that it is a dark green T-shirt, and his chest is full of black blood and dirt.

His face, however, had no distinguishable facial features. His nose, lips and cheeks, once covered with a layer of flesh, are now bare, showing red and black bones. But the flesh hasn’t completely fallen off. On the side near his ears, there’s still a piece of decaying flesh hanging. On the top of it, there are white maggots rolling and wriggling. It looks terrible and disgusting.

And the sound of “hgh, hgh” escapes from the mouth of this ‘corpse.’

There is no eyelid wrapping up the corpse’s eyeball, it has all degenerated into white. There is only a small black spot in the middle, and it seems a little weird.

The man twists to walk to the middle of the road. When his foot comes in contact with the road, because the temperature is too high, the sound like a from a sizzling barbecue echoes out, white smoke rising, and a putrid smell infuses into the air. But the corpse doesn’t feel anything. He still twists forward in the hot and abnormal weather, closer and closer to the broken building in front, as though something attracted him there…

The closer he gets to the building, the louder the creaks from the dead man’s throat are, and even his pace accelerated.

In the shadow of the building, a light refracts.

As the corpse approaches the shadow of the building, his movements suddenly stop, as if he senses something. But soon, “Roar!” 

“Shua!” There is a terrible low roar and a sound like cutting vegetables.

The rotten head with huge white eyes rolls to a distance, the flesh on its face is roasted the moment it comes in contact with the road, and the maggots with high protein are instantly fried as though in an oil pan, and die after a few twitches.

Although he has killed countless zombies, Zhou Mo’s stomach still rolls when he sees this scene. Frowning with disgust, the man turns his face, draws a soft cloth from behind him, and wipes off the black and red blood on the sword.

The shining sword body reflects the man’s resolute face, short hair, rough honey colored skin, eyebrows and star filled eyes, straight nose, and dry, cracked lips rich and light colored. It was incredibly hot. The man’s upper body is bare and covered in just a black vest, showing off his strong neck and long and powerful arms. His lower body is covered with fascinatingly colored pants and thick bottomed Martin boots.

Sweat constantly flows down the man’s cheek, and his body is also covered in sweat. The honey skin reflects a charming luster, and makes the man’s figure more obvious that it was good.

Looking at the intricate patterns carved on the body of the sword, touching the small words, Wudang Mountain, carved on the body of the sword with slender fingers, the man reaches out his tongue and licks his dry lips, then inserts the sword into the scabbard behind him.

Looking at the corpse’s head with strange white eyes on the ground, and hearing the hoarse gasps from afar, the man lifts his backpack and disappears into the shadows.

This is the third year since the zombies came into being in the ABO Era, 3021.

As everyone knows, there are six genders in the ABO Era : male Alpha, female Alpha, male Beta, female Beta, male Omega and female Omega. Everyone has glands, which carry pheromones and organs that can be marked.

Among them, an Alpha’s pheromones are the most aggressive and can easily leave a mark on a Beta or an Omega. And because their pheromones are too aggressive, their glands can hardly be marked. While Beta’s glands are almost ornamental, because they don’t go into heat, they don’t need to be marked or unmarked, as they almost have no pheromone or the smell of their pheromone is very weak, but they can be temporarily marked by an Alpha. 

The pheromone of Omegas is different from Alpha pheromones. Their pheromone scent is generally sweet. During their heat, the pheromone scent will become stronger. An unmarked Omega’s pheromones have a strong attraction for an Alpha. It will also cause an Alpha to go into heat and cause him to attract all the Alphas in the area to mark the Omega. During this period, an Alpha in heat will be like a beast, and in order to mate, he will fight with other Alphas, until one Alpha breaks the gland of the Omega and injects his own pheromones, with his canine teeth, to mark the Omega, which stops the fight.

In the initial ABO Era, by percentage, there were about 20% Alpha, 70% Beta, and Omegas were the least, only 10%.

At this stage, people have a life span of nearly 200 years. With the development of medical science and technology, people can maintain their youthful appearance until they are 180 years old, then they will gradually start aging. As for the specific sexual characteristics of Alphas, Beta, and Omegas, it can be seen that only when they are eighteen years old can they go to the hospital and be measured by doctors. The grades are S-C, S is the strongest, and C is the weakest. However, generally, the grade is only measured for Alphas and Omegas. The higher the grade is, the stronger the ability of Alpha is, and the Omega with a higher grade can be obtained. And such is the same for an Omega. The higher the level, the more Alphas they will attract when they are in heat. Of course, the higher the level, the more Omegas they will be able to reproduce. Although Betas also measure with a level, it is the S level. Compared with powerful Alphas and fertile Omegas, they are just a Beta, with no pheromones.

But in adulthood, there are six kinds of sexual characteristics.

Alpha male / female: They have always been designated as fighters or leaders, occupying the upper levels of society. An Alpha’s pheromones are strong and hegemonic. In the evolution, Alpha men’s inner Yin degenerates seriously, and their sexual organs are larger than the ordinary standard. When ejaculating, they will produce knots, lock the body of the copulator, and ensure the fertilization rate. The copulators are usually Omegas, who can be labeled as being in heat and have the highest fertility rate. Alpha women have both sex organs, but they have little heats, and they are the most masculine female with the lowest fertility rate. Their penises are about the same size as the average male, and they are regarded as managers in the upper class.

Beta male / female: They have both male and female internal and external sex organs, and both work, but they either don’t have pheromones or smell very light, and they don’t have heats. The penis size of Beta men is normal, and the breasts are flat, but they can produce milk during pregnancy and childbirth, so as to feed their children. After weaning, the penis size of Beta women is small, and their breasts are obviously developed. They can mate without any burden, and they will not be affected by heats. They can conceive and form a family. Betas with Betas are the most common, but the fertility rate is not high. They occupy the middle and lower classes of society and are good workers.

Omega male / female: Omega males have male and female internal and external sexual organs at the same time, while Omega females are missing or have underdeveloped male sexual organs. Their fertility rate is very high, they will generally have heats in adulthood, and once a month, the heat period is generally 3-5 days. A strong heat period will attract an Alpha to mark them after combination. When an Omega is marked by an Alpha, the next time when they go into heat, they will not produce pheromones that attract other Alphas again. It will only attract and flirt with the Alphas that marked them. Omegas can only be marked by one Alpha. If they are marked by another Alpha again, the body and mind will be extremely painful, while Alphas can mark multiple Omegas. Often, because an Omega has a high pregnancy rate, they are too busy with pregnancy and childbirth to be considered suitable for work.

However, in 994 in the ABO Era, Omegas resisted because they were regarded as a reproductive machine by the society. In order to protect the increasingly scarce Omegas, various countries jointly issued the Omega Protection Law, which made Omegas go to work in the society without discrimination. However, they gradually divided their position in the society into three poles because of the relationship of choosing their spouses, with their presence in the upper, middle and lower parts.

With the continuous social progress and population growth, especially with the issuance of the Omega Protection Law, the most fertile Omega was not hiding, and the number of Alpha and Omegas were increasing rapidly. Many people were proud of being an Alpha or Omega, or their children. During this period, the marriage rate of an Alpha with an Omega was the highest, and Betas in the lower middle class of the society were affected. In order to make their children’s genes and become the upper class of the society, they also began to marry Alphas or Omegas, and later caused a wave of Alphas and Betas or Betas and Omegas craze.

By the year 3000 of the ABO Era, Alphas and Omegas were not rare, and the society was developing rapidly.

According to the global statistics of the ABO Era 3004, the number of Alphas increased from 20% at the beginning of the Era to 40%, the number of Omegas increased from 10% to 35%, while the number of Betas decreased from 70% to 25%.

In the long history of Betas, they had been in the middle and lower levels, but then completely fell to the bottom of the society. In today’s society of rule of law and science and technology, although they had not fallen into slavery, they were in a position that was not much better.

Alphas and Omegas have always been God’s favorites. Alphas had a powerful force value. Omegas were smart and can give birth easily. The children born by combining with an Omega could only be more powerful. Betas, which had always been in the middle and lower levels, were discriminated against, couldn’t be beaten, and couldn’t be born.

Today, in a society where there are so many Alphas and omegas, the Betas that used to be at the basic level of society were absolutely incomparable with Alphas and Omegas. For example, the top level of the country had fifty Betas out of one hundred people, but now, only five Betas out of one hundred people were born. The others were Alphas or Omegas, and these five Betas were still people who had made great contributions or were from an Alpha or Omega family. The only Betas left now were trying to get married into an Alpha’s family or get an Omega into theirs. The country was also supporting this practice of Betas, encouraging Alphas and Omegas to fall in love with Betas. On the contrary, Betas loving Betas was criticized and not favored by people.

In this way, Betas would soon disappear in the long history, and Alphas and Omegas would completely replace Betas. However, every country did not seem to be alarmed. It seems, rather, that they are looking forward to the world becoming an Alpha and Omega world. In their eyes, only Alphas and Omegas are the most perfect gene.

The man who just killed a zombie, our hero, named Zhou Mo, unfortunately, is a Beta that is going to be extinct.

The zombies erupted into existence three years ago in 3018. That day, 3018, March 21, Tuesday, the weather was not normal, and many people put on half sleeves in advance. In the martial arts school, sweat dripped down the man’s light wheat skin.

The short haired man in the white martial suit squatted in front of the huge landing mirror to demonstrate, and looked sternly from the mirror at the little beans standing behind him.

“All squat, another five minutes for class!” The stern and magnetic voice sounded. Under Zhou Mo’s gaze, the little beans in white martial clothes squatted down one by one.

Outside the glass wall, a group of parents who came to pick up their children from class and talked about him.

“Our bear child listens to Teacher Zhou.”

“Yes, my family’s, too. When I go back, I mention Teacher Zhou for them to be obedient.”

“Yes, yes…” The chorus continued to ring.

“Ah, you see, Mr. Zhou’s condition is so good. He is handsome. Even at a young age he is still an ancient martial arts teacher. I want to introduce him to my sister.”

“Yes, it’s said that Mr. Zhou is only twenty-seven, less than thirty, and has a good figure and a tall head. How can he be unwed?”

“Don’t think about it. I’ve introduced my Omega brother, but Teacher Zhou refused… “

“I remember your brother is an S-class Omega, and Teacher Zhou can’t even look at him!”

“No, my brother told me Mr. Zhou said that he was not going to talk about his partner for the time being, and marriage was not urgent. I heard that he would not get married until he is one hundred years old…”

“That’s so late. But Mr. Zhou’s condition is very good. If I didn’t meet my Beta husband, I would have definitely gone after Mr. Zhou.”

“You’re ten years older than Mr. Zhou! What a shame!”

“Oh, Omegas are easy to get old…”

A sudden exclamation interrupted the conversation.

“My God, have you seen this? My friends are forwarding it!” Then he picked up his mobile phone, slid down the screen, and used stereoscopic projection to show the people around him.

It was a video taken in what appeared to be a small community. A couple were joking and walking slowly with each other. Suddenly, a figure rushed into the picture and bit the man with his left arm exposed like he had rabies. Both of them were scared and screamed. Soon, the man beside him reacted and yelled for the security guard, while pushing and hustling the man.

The man’s bite was so tight that it didn’t loosen until the security guard came and shocked him with an electric stick. There was a big bloody hole in the bitten arm, which was so painful that he fainted. The man with rabies was chewing the meat with blood on his face, and then he bit the security guard’s neck again in a twinkling of an eye.

The video was over, surrounded by shouts.

“My God, is it rabies?! How terrible!”

The discussion was so loud that even Zhou Mo in the room could hear their voices.

“There’s a current news story.” The person who showed them the video slipped out another video.

[There have been many cases of rabies biting in our city today. Now we have taken them to the hospital under control. Please don’t panic, and try not to go out at night, in case…]

This news caused the parents’ panic completely, “Is it a hospital where the patients ran out? Let’s go home quickly.”

With that, there was a knock on the door.

“Mr. Zhou, let’s end here today. I heard that some rabies patients have come out.”

“Yeah, yeah…” Zhou Mo looked at the time, and there was only one minute left anyway. He also heard some of their discussions, so he stood up, clapped his hands and said class was over.

The bean curds were paralyzed in an instant. They said goodbye to Teacher Zhou in a tearful voice. Parents swarmed in and left with their children in their arms.

Zhou Mo watched as the last child was picked up. He took the ice water and towel from the Nanny Robot, wiped the sweat on his forehead and drank a mouthful of water.

It’s hot, a little too hot. It’s not normal. It’s 5 p.m. and the temperature is supposed to cool down. How can it grow hotter?

Zhou Mo put the water cup on the robot’s head, wiped his sweat with a towel, and touched the landing mirror with one hand.

With the sound of “didi”, the place touched by Zhou Mo slid away like a water grain, and a huge web page appeared. Zhou Mo searched for hot news, and indeed saw reports of mad dog patients biting people. He slid down and read the comments from many netizens.

Comments varied, but most of them mainly implied to not go out tonight to avoid being bitten.

Sliding down a few more pages, he paused.

Zhou Mo’s black eyes stared at the three words “doomsday and zombie”. Then thought about it, and sneered.


After setting up cleaning for the robot, Zhou Mo went to the dressing room to change his clothes and take a bath, and then drove home.

There was a heavy traffic jam on the road. The horns kept blowing. The sky was covered with police vehicles from time to time. Zhou Mo turned on the air conditioner in the car to the maximum, which made him feel less hot.

Before returning home, Zhou Mo went to a small supermarket nearby. There were so many people in the supermarket today. The boss said that they would not open until the day after tomorrow when the rabies patients were caught.

People bought a lot of things andZhou Mo also did the same because of their influence. He didn’t care about what he ate. He bought a lot of compressed food and nutritious agents to cushion his stomach. He thought that he would not be able to hold class tomorrow, so he bought another pile of them, which would not expire anyway.

After having dinner at home and watching TV for a while, he went to bed at 10 o’clock.

But that night he slept very restlessly. He heard shrieks coming from the street from time to time, including the sound of sirens that never stopped The next day, Zhou Mo was on the net. He saw a young nurse’s attack. It was not only uncontrollable, but had become more intense. He heard that those who were bit soon lost consciousness and woke up only to want to bite others. The nurse was bitten and wanted to go home in fear, but the police and other doctors didn’t let her go

There were also various guesses and comments. Zhou Mo saw the word “zombie” again

The third day, Zhou Mo heard that the neighbors were leaving the city with their families. Looking down from the upstairs, many people left in cars, carrying loads of bags with them.

Until the fifth day, Zhou Mo silently activated the door defense system, after looking at the neighbor with blood roaring on his face outside through the peep hole.

Zhou Mo went to the study, took the long sword from the wall, and slowly drew it out. The sword body was cold and shining as he reached out to trace and remember the small words of Wudang Mountain.

Zhou Mo’s family were all dead, because a Beta was very difficult to bear, and Beta relationships were more difficult to support, Zhou Mo’s Beta parents only had Zhou Mo at the age of 120. At that time, Zhou Mo’s Beta grandfather was 180 years old. He was very good to him, taught him martial arts, and left him the sword.

Zhou Mo’s grandfather died when he was eighteen years old. When he learned that Zhou Mo was a standard Beta, he smiled and swallowed his last breath. Zhou Mo’s parents died in a shipwreck on their wedding anniversary trip the year before last.

Zhou Mo’s grandfather had always believed that being a Beta was the perfect evolutionary history of human beings. Zhou Mo’s family, including Zhou Mo, all thought so too.

Because only Betas, wouldn’t behave like a beast, unable to control their own passion.

Now the end of the world was coming, it seemed that only Betas could control themselves and survive.

And he wanted to survive.

March 21, 3021, China’s Base No. 10 Shelter.

Zhou Mo enters the examination channel without expression. After a series of complex examinations, he is determined not to be infected, so he is let in.

Zhou Mo is a celebrity in this sanctuary. On the one hand, Zhou Mo is a Beta, but he is no weaker than some Alphas. Because he had some martial arts training and a good sword, killing zombies was like cutting vegetables to him. On the other hand, his fame also came because of one person.

China’s No.10 shelter base is located in a plain underground in China, 300 kilometers from City C, one of the top ten cities. It was built in case of an emergency by China, N years ago. Unexpectedly, it became useful after the zombie outbreak. This underground base was created in the form of circular radiation. There are thirty-two underground floors in total. The first floor, closest to the surface is 0/F, and the center of the base is a huge hollow square. There are countless corridors shaped like rays leading to different floors. The next twenty floors are places for food, accommodation and entertainment, while the underground ten floors are the top offices of scientific research and the state of China, while the bottom floor remains a mystery.Zhou Mo walks for nearly five minutes in the white corridor leading to the tenth floor before getting into the elevator.

This base is not the largest base in China. It can accommodate about 200,000 people. But because it’s close to the city, most of the survivors of the base are people who once had a social face. However, in the end, money and face is not everything. Only ability can decide everything. The same is true for Base No. 10, which was built several years ago because of the sudden outbreak of zombies. The base is full of materials and food.

People who enter here would be allocated residence and receive food according to their ability and contribution value. The contribution value can be exchanged by materials or by the number of zombies killed. The more killed, the more contribution value. For example, if the combat power is weak and the contribution value is small, a Beta with little ability would only get to live in the higher floors, like, floors one to three. The rooms were very small, and there would be many people living in it. Much like a large dormitory, with restrictions on water and electricity consumption.

The deeper the level, the larger the area allocated was to be, with fewer people, making the living condition better. For example, the twentieth level was occupied by almost the top Alphas and Omegas. It’s said that there are only one or two Betas there, and they are all professors.

Although Zhou Mo’s ability is strong, it can’t compare with an Alpha, who was born to be a warrior. After joining Base No. 10 for about a year, he was able to change to the tenth level. The Betas of the tenth level were very few, most of the level’s occupants were B-level Alphas and Omegas.

Zhou Mo is standing in the elevator. During the continuous descent of the elevator, he can clearly see the situation in each floor through the transparent glass.

Facing each floor of the large square, there are countless seats, every day to eat and chat, people gather here. Many of the Alphas, Betas and Omegas who didn’t go out to hunt the zombies are sitting and whispering, and looking in the direction of the elevator.

Zhou Mo has black hair and black eyes. He is handsome and has a powerful sword on his back. Most people on level ten know him. Especially when they come to know that Zhou Mo is a Beta, they are more or less curious about him. There are many people who have watched Zhou Mo’s style with their own eyes

When Zhou Mo’s elevator descends rapidly, the people who see Zhou Mo on each floor have different reactions.

“Oh, it’s that Beta…”

“He’s so handsome, and has a good figure…”

“He’s completely different in real life than in the video. He’s even more sexy in person! “

“Any of you have that video, send it to me. You know, the one where he wailed from being fucked by that Alpha…”

“OK, give me 100 contributions and I will send it to you.”

“Lying asshole! You’re a robber! 100 contribution value is equal to 100 zombies killed…”

“If it’s too expensive, then don’t watch the video. I’m already selling it very cheap. I heard that those below the tenth floor sell the video for 500 contribution value…”

The elevator descends rapidly and soon reaches the tenth floor.

Ignoring the eyes of many people looking at him, Zhou Mo quickly shuttles through the hall, finds his room, enters it, locks the door, and relaxes after entering the base.

When Zhou Mugang first joined the base, he also lived in those eight people rooms on the third floor before, and slowly, obtaining a private room on the tenth floor by killing a number of zombies. This room is very small, clean, white, and less than thirty square meters. It has an independent toilet, does not face power cuts, and he could even make a meal for himself in it.

Zhou Mo is satisfied living in such a house when zombies ran rampant outside.

Putting down the backpack and tidying up the materials inside. Zhou Mo opens the bathroom door to take a bath. The bathroom is small enough for a person to turn around.

Pressing the touch switch, hot water falls from the ceiling. 

When the warm water hits him, Zhou Mo has an unreal feeling. It almost feels like he was taking a bath in the dressing room of the martial arts school three years ago before the zombie outbreak started.

After six months of staying at home and eating all the food, Zhou Mo finally stepped out.

Along the way, he killed countless zombies, saved some people, and was almost bitten and turned into a zombie. 

After going out of the city and following a group of people for nearly half a year, he arrived at the base. 

Now, he has been in this base for nearly two years. Many zombies have been killed, but many more have become zombies.

Almost all the world is in ruins. There are groups of zombies howling because of hunger outside. Because of population problems, most of the people who survive now are Alphas and Omegas.

Betas, who were low in number and were less capable to begin with, reduced drastically in numbers as a result.

Zhou Mo is a little confused. His wet forehead pressed against the wall. Were Betas doomed to extinction?

But he did not remain confused for a long time. A hot body presses against his back and makes him stiffen instantly. He turns to one side and dodges, but the man is faster. He grabs his wrist, and the other arm is tightly wound around his waist, holding him in his arms.

“…” Zhou Mo was restrained. Someone who has the authority to come into his room so freely and tends to get close to him, there is only one person who he can think of. Zhou Mo’s body begins to shake involuntarily, but he pretends to be calm and stares at the man in front of him.

The man in front of him is very tall. His head almost touches the ceiling. Zhou Mo can only see the lines of his cheeks with the light on his back. He is bright and sharp.

The originally narrow bathroom is now even more crowded.

“Zhou Mo……” The man’s voice is low, a little hoarse, and very magnetic. As he calls out his name, he lowers his head to smell Zhou Mo’s scent, the pheromone that Betas have is so weak that he can hardly smell it, and his lower body is shamelessly playing on top of Zhou Mo.

Feeling the hardness, Zhou Mo’s face suddenly turns white. Zhou Mo seems to be both angry and scared, shaking all over. “Rong Yan, you…” 

“Mo, touch it. I haven’t seen you for several days, it missed you…” The man’s voice is hoarse and low, with a touch of coquetry.

Zhou Mo’s stiff body seems to be unable to move. He is held by Rong Yan who rubs his huge erection across Zhou Mo’s pants.

Zhou Mo swallows his saliva nervously. He dare not move a hand. He can only follow the man’s action to make the guy’s hardness and length stronger.

“Rong Yan. Don’t do that, let’s talk… ” Zhou Mo’s voice is shaking, especially when he feels the man’s fingers along his waist and on his hips. His body begins to shake even more.

“Mmm, what are you talking about? I’m listening, Mo, you say…” The man’s voice is light, the hot breath blows against Zhou Mo’s ear, his ear is instantly sensitive and quivering, and flushed.

“Rong Yan, take it out. Take your fingers out,” Zhou Mo gasps nervously, and his body is also hiding, “Let’s go out and talk. The place here is too small to breathe.” Zhou Mo didn’t speak as much as today as in a whole week. He is nervous and scared.

With a finger sticking in his back end, Rong Yan finally pulls out his finger and smiles, saying into Zhou Mo’s ear, “Okay, Mo. I’ll listen to you.” Then he bows his head and kisses Zhou Mo’s glands. He feels Zhou Mo’s stiffness, so he moves away with a smile. “You go out first. I’ll take a shower. Then I’ll talk to you slowly.” The low magnetic voice rings in Zhou Mo’s ear. The gentle voice makes Zhou Mo’s cochlea twitch. Rong Yan then kisses his earlobe, and releases him.

Leaving Rong Yan’s control, Zhou Mo immediately feels relieved. Just as he was about to go out immediately with a bath towel wrapped around him, Rong Yan begins to speak slowly.

“Mo, wait for me outside. Don’t run around. Otherwise, you know what will happen…” Still gentle words, listening to it makes Zhou Mo shiver, he closes the door, looks at the man standing in the shower with his eyes closed.

Rong Yan’s facial features are very delicate. The water drops fall on the man’s cheek, wet the man’s eyelashes and hair, and the crystal water drops flow down the man’s skin

It has been three years since the end, but the man’s skin has almost no pores, nor sunburn, and is still very delicate and white.

Rong Yan’s appearance is almost perfect. At first sight, it will make people feel breathless and amazed. But his appearance is not feminine, but masculine and gentlemanly. The man has a pair of narrow light-brown eyes, they seem to be encased in starlight, and when staring at people, there is a feeling of being loved by the man. If this man had gone to be a star before the end of the world, he would have definitely become a full name idol. And with his warm voice that carries deep magnetism paired with a slight smile, it makes the original Zhou Mo hard to extricate himself. 

His figure is even better. Especially in the last three years of killing zombies, the original slender physique has become full of explosive force, the shape of his chest and abdominal muscles are very beautiful, and the legs are even longer and straight. Zhou Mo knows how terrible the strength of those two long legs are. A kick at will can easily explode the head of the zombie.

Zhou Mo never imagined that he would get to know such a man before the end of the world. Until now, he is still in a bit of a trance.

Because Rong Yan is an Alpha, the top Alpha.

And he was raped by this Alpha countless times.

Zhou Mo closes the door in a complicated mood, sits in front of the bed, only stays still for a second, before he immediately looks at the bathroom door alert and nervous. He finds the hair dryer and plugs it in, then quickly opens the cabinet and puts on a black T-shirt and camouflage pants. The whole process is quick and neat, no more than one minute.

Without a sound, he lifts his backpack, and Zhou Mo quietly backs up, opens the door gently, and rushes out!

Running as fast as he could, he gets on the elevator, 10, 9, 8, 7 1, 0! He steps out to the top floor Square, Zhou Mo almost gallops out of the base.

It takes Zhou Mo less than 2 minutes to walk the original 5-minute journey, and he has already arrived at the registration gate of the base. The travel inspector observes Zhou Mo’s wet hair and panting, and asks him to point his pupils and hands at the machine with a smile.

“Didn’t you just come back? Why are you going out again?”

Zhou Mo smiles nervously at the inspector. The records that registers in 2 seconds almost feels like a century.

Finally, after recording, Zhou Mo takes the elevator to the ground without returning.

Until then, Zhou Mo was relieved, but the elevator door opens.

The man who is supposed to be taking a shower in his room is standing before him. His hair is wet, his strong and naked upper body still has water drops rolling down slowly and tantalizing, and the wet camouflage pants on his lower body are sagging around the crotch because of the belt pulling it out. The only reason why it could not fall down was probably because of the tumbling sexual organ under the crotch of the man.

“Zhou Mo, where do you want to go? Hmm?” The handsome man is naughty and crooked, with a gentle smile in the corner of his mouth, but his eyes are cold and without any smile, revealing the real mood of the man.

Zhou Mo’s face turns white when he sees the man. He takes two steps back. His lips tremble. His eyes keep avoiding the man’s eyes. He even licks his cracked lips nervously. “I, I, I’m not going anywhere… “

The man still looks at him with a smile and walks to him. “Didn’t I tell you to wait for me, eh?”

When Zhou Mo hears the man’s words, he starts shaking all over. He retreats to the wall of the elevator. His sweaty hands are tightly clenched and his fingernails almost tears at his skin. “Rong, Rong Yan. I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have left… Please don’t do this I… I’m afraid… “

“Ah…” The man chuckles and walks over to Zhou Mo completely. With one hand against the wall behind Zhou Mo, he looks down at the cold sweat seeping out of Zhou Mo’s forehead and says in a low voice, “What are you so afraid of? I haven’t fucked you in a few days…”

Zhou Mo’s head is turned sideways, he can’t say a word, and just keeps shaking, like he is afraid of the person in front of him.

“Zhou Mo, I know what you are afraid of…” The magnetic sound is slowly introduced into Zhou Mo’s cochlea, “That’s why I told you before I left use a massage stick to poke your ass and expand your reproductive tract every day until I come back, wait for me to fuck you. Did you not do as I asked? Is that why you’re afraid? Afraid that I will kill you from the fucking? Hmm?”

Rong Yan’s voice is still magnetic and gentle. But with this voice, and the fact that Rong Yan has stated, Zhou Mo’s whole body is covered in goosebumps. The whole person is shaking even more. He’s afraid. He’s afraid. He is afraid of pain and Rong Yan’s killing intent. He is afraid of losing himself.

Zhou Mo’s bones are white. A drop of sweat hangs on his eyelashes. After a moment of silence, he suddenly reaches out and puts his arms around the naked waist of the man in front of him. “I will do it, Rong Yan… I will do… as long as it’s not here, please, I was wrong…”

Rong Yan chuckles and remains silent. Zhou Mo starts to panic. He looks left and right. There are familiar inspectors here, let alone cameras in the elevator. He doesn’t want to be taken in front of so many people again. Zhou Mo simply raises his head and kisses Rong Yan’s lips in a panic.

Dry lips clumsily wraps his tender lips. He says with a low voice while kissing. “Rong Yan, I’m wrong. I’m really wrong. I’m just afraid. I’m afraid of pain… ” Zhou Mo kisses Rong Yan’s lips randomly, like there is no rule. “I love you. Let’s go back to the room. Don’t do it here. Back to the room, you can do whatever you want… ” When he says the last sentence, Zhou Mo’s whole person is shaking, and so is his dry and dumb voice. But he knows that if he didn’t say that, Rong Yan would beat him in front of all the survivors!

After a long clumsy kiss, Rong Yan seems to be satisfied at last. He sighs in a low voice. He hugs Zhou Mo and immediately kisses him back. His lips and tongue are intertwined, as if he wants to swallow him.

Until Zhou Mo was released, the elevator reached the 0th floor, the guarding personnel who is responsible for registering the iris and fingerprints greets Rong Yan, “Brother Yan, has your wife not been obedient again?”

Rong Yan is very famous in the base, the top Alpha. Before the end of the world, Rong Yan’s family made weapons. Now most of the weapons in the base were provided by the Rong family. As for the guard’s familiarity with Zhou Mo, it was because of the punishment that caused an uproar throughout the whole base half a year ago the main characters were Zhou Mo and Rong Yan.

Rong Yan looks at Zhou Mo, who was shrinking in his arms, sighs helplessly and shakes his head. “I can’t help it. I still haven’t fucked him thoroughly enough.”

“Haha, yes…” The guard laughs. Although he also wants to say that someone had said before that an Omega with a delicate body and soft insides was not good. It’s necessary to operate the reproductive cavity which is not fully developed in a Beta. But he still remembers the end of the person who had said this before. 

As he watches the two people enter the direct elevator on the 20th floor. His heart cuts. What’s good about a Beta? They were hard and dry and not as good as an omega. But he remembers how Zhou Mo was crying in that video. Tsk, he has to admit, making a man like that cry was also very sexual.

The atmosphere in the elevator is a bit awkward. Zhou Mo was buried in Rong Yan’s chest all the way to the 20th floor. Under the gaze of many top Alphas and Omegas on the 20th floor, Zhou Mo and Rong Yan enters Rong Yan’s exclusive room.

“Rong Yan really has a hard hand. Even the usually cold and aloof Beta also dares not lift his head and was shivering. It seems that he is really afraid of Rong Yan.” An Alpha whispered.

An Omega beside him stares at the closed door, he remembered the penis he just saw on Rong Yan’s crotch, and shakes his head, “Someone like that… even I’m afraid… It’s too big…” He also thinks of the ferocity of Rong Yan in the video, “He’s too ferocious. I think even if I was an S-class Omega, I would be killed…”

“That is…” A petite Omega added, “maybe my reproductive tract will be pierced…”

“It’s terrible. Fortunately, Rong Yan doesn’t like us… “

“… That Beta has it tough. It’s said that he’s a Beta closer to an Alpha. His reproductive tract is not even fully developed. It’s estimated that he will bleed every time… ” As she spoke, the Omega shudders at the thought of the picture.

“What do you know? It’s good with a Beta like that.” An Alpha with dim eyes stared at the direction of Rong Yan’s room. “It’s tight and astringent. There won’t be as much water as in you Omegas. The most important thing is to have the desire to conquer to see him beg for mercy under your crotch…”

Several Alphas stare at Rong Yan’s room, as if they agreed with the words of the talking Alpha.

A short video of only a dozen seconds had been released. The person who put the video had also made a stereo image, and everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted.

A young man with black hair was being pressed under his body. His eyes were lax and full of water mist. His honey skin was covered with red marks. His two long legs were greatly separated and hung limply on Rong Yan’s shoulder. He couldn’t even breathe because of the violent and rapid ramming. His hands were grasping the arm of the man who was pressing him down, forming red scratch marks on the man on top.

“Rong Yan. I’m in pain. Don’t do this, Rong Yan… ” A hoarse voice with a clear cry sounded, he kept trying to push away the person, but the Alpha’s big and abnormal sexual organ constantly thrusted in. The black haired young man’s strong abdomen constantly jacked up in considerable ups and downs, red blood and white turbidity constantly gushed out of the young man’s back acupoint.

“Please Rong Yan, let me go, let me go, it hurts so much, Wu… “

“Well, as long as you open your reproductive tract and let me in, I’ll let you go…” The low magnetic male voice sounded, and the voice was gentle, but the man’s action was still fierce.

“I can’t. I can’t open it. It hurts. Rong Yan, let me go, let me go…” The young man with black hair made a hoarse low cry. His whole body was wet with sweat. The man looked like he was just pulled out of the water, he looked fragile and had a provocative beauty.

In the last three seconds of the video, the eyes of the young man with black hair stared at the direction of the camera. A string of crystal tears fell from his eyes, and he made a painful and hoarse voice of resistance and lust under the constant assault of the man.

At the same time, the man who pressed on him also made a sexy roar, and the young man’s abdomen bulged up visibly. The Alpha had ejaculated!

The video ended.

“Shit, everytime I watch this Beta, I get hard. I want to fuck this Beta!” There is more than one heavy gasp from the Alphas gathering there, so he is not the only one. The voice of the Alpha is not loud, he was obviously afraid of something.

Even a few Omegas turned a little emotional, the water in their eyes rippling, a few pairs of Alphas and Omegas immediately went to release themselves.

And the main characters of this ten second video are Rong Yan and Zhou Mo who just entered the room.

Although compared with the love action movies from before the end of the world, this short video is not a high-quality movie at all. But after the end of the world, what’s unexpected is that the price of this movie is very high, and what’s more, its popular is quite extensive, becoming a necessity for most Alpha’s management. Maybe it’s the real people in the movie that they can see.

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