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Chapter 119: Collector’s shop

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The collector’s shop was located in the northern section of the Southern Trade Fair. Perhaps because everyone was competing against each other’s qualifications and experience levels, the exterior of the shop appeared very normal. What touched JinYu and Zhang Liangshan was that this kind of ‘normal’ was still within the realm of classical-style architecture for buildings. Even though this shop looked quite similar to the main hall of an imperial palace no matter how you looked at it, for this race of new humans, it was good enough that they hadn’t made the entire exhibition hall appear Chinese-style in the front and western-style in the back.

As JinYu and Zhang Liangshan continued to sigh, moved, as they stared at the ancient-style collection shop, they followed Qi Qinglin and the rest in. At that moment, JinYu was stunned on the spot. What he saw before him almost made him think that he had returned to that old, familiar spot! Not far away, Zhang Liangshan was also looking at the entire interior of the shop with a disbelieving look on his face, his expression similarly shocked.

“Hehe, look at you two, didn’t I say that you would get a huge shock from coming here! Never mind that the things here are very outlandish, they are all national treasures and cultural relics!” Shan Bailu rarely saw his boss reveal such an expression on his face, so he started to introduce the place as if he was the owner of it, relying on the fact that this was his second time coming. “Rumor has it that all the objects in here were brought over when our ancestors were fleeing from the great catastrophe. Since they were already in a panic when fleeing, it shows how important these objects are that their owners chose to bring them anyway. In addition, this isn’t all! Our ancestors fled here hundreds of thousands of years ago, and our capital star has gone through a similarly long period of evolution before reaching this point. In other words, these are all antiques from thousands of years ago!! Do you understand how precious they are?!”

Right now, Shan Bailu was pointing at a ballpoint pen with a very emotional and exaggerated expression, calling it precious. For a while, it made JinYu and Zhang Liangshan’s expressions grow even stranger. JinYu’s mouth twitched as he muttered, “Mm, very precious, extremely precious. I can buy two of those with one buck. Fucking hell, really so precious…”

“Mm? Boss, what are you saying? A little louder please.” Shan Bailu tilted his head, a bit confused, and he got JinYu’s eye roll in response.

The items in the collector’s shop were nearly all from the era JinYu and Zhang Liangshan were from. Former phones, notebooks, graphic novels, and all sorts of everyday products were perhaps unclear for Shan Bailu and the rest, or maybe strangely precious. But for JinYu and Zhang Liangshan, they were incomparably familiar. When the things that they thought they would never see again suddenly appeared in front of them like this, it was truly very hard to describe that kind of extremely nostalgic feeling.

JinYu even saw a child’s encyclopedia set and a complete set of Golden Warrior novels on an exhibition shelf. He wished he could just reach out and grab it so he could flip through it and properly bask in the sentiment for a while.

Of course, not all the items in the collector’s shop were from their country. There were also quite a few from other nations. What’s more, in the most protected part of the shop, there were some valuable items that were very ancient for both JinYu and Zhang Liangshan.

“Blue and white porcelain!!” Zhang Liangshan couldn’t help but shout when he saw it, an excited look on his face. “Hey! Little bro, let me tell you! You never would’ve been able to imagine that our family has a blue and white porcelain vase that looks exactly like this one!”

JinYu nodded. “Big bro, your family was quite well off, right? My family didn’t have any of those, but we had a red sandalwood chair that looks like that one over there. Rumor has it that it was passed down from my great-grandfather’s era. Then my grandpa, my uncle, and my old man grew to like it more and more as they grew older. When I was young, I thought of taking off a leg of the chair and selling it, but fuck, the dog my dad raised almost bit off my butt!”

 JinYu and Zhang Liangshan continued to exclaim and sigh over the variety of items in the collector’s shop, in full swing as they cockily showed off to each other, faces flushed with excitement. Next to them, there was a crowd of people who were staring at them as if they saw a ghost. Those two couldn’t have gone insane from greed, right? Why did they keep chattering about how this item was their family’s, they used that item before, their grandpa and grandma used that one before, etc?

Thousands of years old antiques – no matter how many times they were reincarnated, they couldn’t have been reincarnated all the way from that era, okay? Just one look at their youthful faces showed that they had definitely never seen such a scene before, tsk tsk, truly pitiful.

As a result, a certain whale and good man were misunderstood like that. Even though Shan Bailu, Long Changxiao, Ling Chong, and Jin Qian didn’t believe that those two were country bumpkins who had never seen something of this degree before, they still couldn’t immediately accept the way they were acting either. Besides Bai Sha, Bai Ling, Ye Huang, and Ling Chong, who hadn’t gone to earth, the other people had been screwed over before. Now, thinking back to the day trip to earth, and then listening to what JinYu and Zhang Liangshan were saying, even Shan Bailu – the most stupid and naïve one of them all – felt as if he had been struck full of lightning. He tilted his head, staring at the BOSS with wide eyes as he pointed at JinYu. He asked for confirmation, a little inarticulately:

“Boss is – is – is … someone from that, eh, place?!”

It was now very easy to understand how they could see earth via JinYu. It was the special treatment from a native himself!!

Qi Qinglin disapproved greatly of Shan Bailu’s big fuss. But seeing as he was shaking greatly, if Qi Qinglin didn’t give a response, Shan Bailu would probably shake himself to death. So, very slightly, he nodded.

As a result, Long Changxiao and Jin Qian both let out a long breath of air. Shan Bailu leaped up all of a sudden, muttering endlessly. He had to shake boss’ hand in a bit and take a picture, this was too unfathomable, boss was a true, honest-to-god prehistoric man ah…

When the others saw those four people’s reactions, they instantly narrowed their eyes. Clearly something happened that they didn’t know about, but some people knew. Just as Ling Chong, Bai Ling, and Ye Huang simultaneously narrowed their eyes and were about to carry out a forceful extortion and confession, with their target of course being a certain Bai who was the easiest to bully, a cry of alarm abruptly sounded. With that cry, the entire lobby was instantly illuminated by a bright fluorescent light, and everyone looked in the same direction towards it!


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