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Chapter 102: Address.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Cassey felt that he had a very tough year.

Originally, he had a good command of the frontier and had nothing to do with drinking, fighting, and living a very good life. The outbreak of the Zerg war, although not very good, but for Cassey, it can be said to be a gift, he loves fighting, blood was in his bones, fighting could make him comfortable.

However, this kind of comfort had never appeared since Dewitt and Eve were poisoned by Zergs. In Cassey’s eyes, the days when a man had to deal with the House and do all his civilian work were a bitter, bitter history; a victim’s life of darkness and pain.

So when he foresaw that after the end of this war, he seemed to have another month or so to return to this kind of life, let alone feel sad. This evening Marshal gathered several other generals and some heads of the army to meet. Cassey was in charge of external defense, but every time he thought about his one-month work schedule, he felt very nervous.

On temporary leave, the work was handed over to Lieutenant General A, and Cassey came to such a pub. Cassey had also been stationed in the border area. He knew more about the frontier planets than the capital stars. Besides, the speed of change of the frontier planets was never as fast as that of the capital stars. So he knew where the red light area was, and even who the owners were.

Following the memory, he found his favorite family. When he came to the door, Cassey handily solved a man who was sneaking around and returned the stolen things from the latter to the original owner, but suddenly found that the original owner seemed to be a cold beauty.

The beauty had a hot figure, large breasts, small waist, slender legs, and cool eyes. When she said thank you, she seemed to be spraying ice ballast on the outside, but the ice ballasts sprayed all over Cassey’s heart.

So Cassey, with the most expensive wine in the bar, opened the screen, and turned a blind eye to the other little beauties who came up.

Gao LengMei also sat there and looked at him. Although her eyes were still racing against the ice, she licked the soft lips in the direction of Cassey. After such a move, Cassey felt instantly that he could be killed by the ice dregs on the spot.

The girl beside him at that time wanted to pat his thigh, but before the thigh could be patted down, he suddenly felt the sofa sinking beside him, and at the same time several screams were heard.

“This gentleman—“

With the crisp voice, Cassey had a bad feeling. As soon as he looked back, he saw that the wine he had bought after cutting out his kidney  was being held in his hand and muttering to the bottle.

Cassey was so angry that he reached out and grabbed the fellow who had come to sit next to him and looked at him in the dark. “Why? Dare to drink Lao Tzu’s wine casually, are you so brave?”

The stolen man just glanced at him and ignored his protest completely. Instead, he took the bottle in his hand, put his head down and continued to mumble and mumble.

“You fucking -” in the dark environment can not see that person’s appearance, and he was almost drunk, not in the mood to see each other’s appearance. He stared at his opponent’s self-conscious actions. His eyes were straight, and the cool beauty was still behind him. Cassey felt that the most important thing he needed to do at this time was to wave his hand boldly, let people come up with another bottle and toss his screen more beautifully, but he had two kidneys in all. He couldn’t do it.

Moreover, Cassey felt a little jealous as he watched the man drink happily. He knew that he has no quality, and he liked to be bored when he drinks. However, in the face of such a precious wine, he should always have a little awe in mind. One should respect the price and the kidney that was paid.

At the thought of the cold beauty watching behind, Cassey was embarrassed to attack directly, and did not know how not to swear at people with dirty words. He sat in his seat with a blush on his face and did not slow down for a long time.

“A mouthful of stuffy!”

“Stuffy -!”

The people around him were crying for the name of wine. Only Cassey secretly took the sentence in his heart and smothered his kidneys! Cassey listened to the people around him complaining about the generosity of the stolen drinker, carefully turned his head and looked in the direction of the beautiful woman, only to see a slight smile in her eyes.

Cassey’s heart felt smothered when he was mocked. The next second, the crowd shook in front of him, and the cold beauty disappeared. Cassey was stunned. He stood up and looked around. No one was found.

At that moment, the fire started from the heart. Cassey pushed all the cups to the stolen fellow beside him. His eyes stared at him, and when he raised his hand, he was about to slap it hard on the head, and then he gave it a sudden and violent blow.

Time stood still at that moment, saving Cassey’s life.

He looked at the tall bundled black hair for a while. “Wen… YingJun?”

Like robbing him of his chicken legs, the fox took off the bottle at the bottom, turned his head and squeezed his eyes with tears from the wine.

The beauty was gone, his kidneys were gone, and beside him sat a half-drunk fox. Cassey was twenty-eight this year, but he seemed to have seen the end of his life, a little grievance.

An empty wine bottle was heavily pressed on the table in front of him. Wen Jin’s eyes were warmly narrowed and his whole body was full of alcohol. “Wine, good to drink!”

Could a bottle of hundreds of thousands of interstellar coins taste bad?

Cassey looked at the empty bottle with bitter tears and looked around at the circle at a high speed. He was horrified not to find the Marshal. Then he looked at the fox, who was so intoxicated that it was so tempting that the index soared. Suddenly, the first two were big. He shivered and asked, “You, you’re here alone?”

“I still want to drink.” Wen Jin watched him blink and twist the bottle.

You can quickly let me go. Cassey showed a bitter face and pushed the fox aside across the pillow on the seat. “Why did you come to such a place alone?”

“Didn’t you say it was fun?” Wen Jin held the pillow and belched.

Cassey was stunned when he thought of the picture he was boasting about one day. He couldn’t bear to look straight at it. He wiped his face and was about to speak when he heard Wen Jin at the other end proudly urging, “Wine, still, more!”

“Not affordable.” Cassey gritted his teeth and pressed in a low voice. He picked up the terminal and was ready to send a message to the Marshal.

But Cassey forgot that he didn’t have a box to see the beauty. Now there were more people around him and more people to see Wen Jin. The light in the bar made Wen Jin’s already delicate face blurred and more beautiful, and this information was relatively backward, the so-called Wen YingJun, who had become red on the Internet, was even less known.

So just as Cassey was sending a message to Dewitt, someone had thrown an olive branch at Wen Jin, “Baby, I have it.” Someone at the next table cried obscurely, “I’ve got plenty here, you can drink as much as you want. Come on -“

“Shut up, damn it, and fuck off.” Cassey smashed hundreds of thousands of empty bottles over there.

At this time, Wen Jin didn’t know what to do. In other words, Cassey would have to yell for a while. But now he was thinking about the beautiful woman before him. After a while, he looked at the place where the beautiful woman was sitting and a shadow grew under Cassey’s heart.

He stared at the shadow, only to feel that his heart was about to be hooked up, and then looked at the sleeping fox, his heart crossed.

He had seen Wen Jin’s strength and knew he was more powerful than he was. There was no point in arguing with a drunk who could crush him to paste in his sleep. The entangled Cassey said 10,000 words of sorry in his heart and put his positioning terminal on Wen Jin’s hand.

Marshal has just told him that he would be there soon. The normal time from the base to the pub was about ten minutes. The marshal’s speed could be accelerated to about three minutes by the introduction of drunken fox.

Just three minutes!

Cassey bowed to Wen Jin with both hands, gave a bunch of money to a little girl next to him, asked her to help him look after him, and then turned around and ran away.


Dewitt went to the pub in war armor.

As soon as Cassey told him that Wen Jin was drunk, Dewitt was at a loss. He remembered how Wen Jin was in a bad mood before the meeting. The little fox had never drunk in front of him, and Dewitt did not know how much Wen Jin was drinking, but in any case, it was a very bad sign for Dewitt that Wen Jin avoided going out to drink alone.

By the time Dewitt arrived at his destination quickly, the bad signal came true. In the pub, Wen Jin was leaning askew and burying himself into the sofa, beside which stood a middle-aged man.

The man pushed aside the little girl trying to stop him with one hand and grabbed Wen Jin’s shoulder. The little girl was pushed to the ground, anxious to shout. Two dark shadows flashed before her eyes. Wen Jin frowned and pulled the man’s collar unhappily. When she was about to hit him with a punch, someone was faster than him.

In the corner of the dining room, there was a scream that tore out hearts and lungs. The little girl stared at the two people in front of her.

“Where’s Cassey?” Dewitt took Wen Jin’s wrist with one hand and touched his forehead.

“Well, then…that gentleman is him!” The little girl always felt that the person who came in a hurry looked familiar, and for a while and a half she could see a little because of the light frame in the pub. “He told me to look after the gentleman and said someone would pick him up later, is that you?”

The little girl was not very old. It seemed that the staff here did not know where Cassey was.

Dewitt had a hunch and looked at the little girl with a little guard on her face. “It’s me, thank you.”

The little girl looked at Dewitt, still feeling that his face seemed familiar. By the time she responded, Dewitt had placed an electronic business card with her. “Thank you. Next time, if you need any help, you can take this to the base to find me.”

Looking at the little girl stunned to accept the business card, eyes and mouth gradually become bigger, a face showing that she could not believe it.

Dewitt stopped talking and bowed his head to touch the fox’s face. It seemed to be the familiar temperature, Wen Jin’s whole fox had become clever down, as if he had really fallen asleep, completely unlike before when he was so violent.

“Dewitt.” Just as Dewitt reached out to take the man into his arms, he suddenly heard a murmur from the man in his arms.

“Yes.” Holding the person in his arms, he was careful not to let Wen Jin bump into the foot of the table next to him.

“I love you so much.” The man in his arms said vaguely, reaching out to pinch Dewitt’s face. “Otherwise, I would have gone long ago.”

“… Hmm.” Never had Wen Jin been so straightforward, and Dewitt paused and looked at him tenderly. He let hi9m pinch, until the other side pinched enough, then bowed his head to kiss him, the noisy atmosphere of the pub seemed to completely surround the two people.

Wen Jin looked up at the man, reached out and touched the raised eyebrow of the other party. A pair of black eyes were flooded with water. It was full of love never naked when awake. That kind of love deeply stimulated Dewitt. His stimulated expression was extremely intuitive, and his whole body was now in the lower part of the body, and the person in his arms was obviously aware of it, showing a sly smile.

That evening, Dewitt almost forgot how to resist the desire to bring Wen Jin back to the aircraft armour, and could not wait to return to the base. He wanted Wen Jin on the spot.

The drunk fox twisted less and took more initiative than he did when he was awake. When he shouted, Dewitt felt like he could die on him.

Several strawberries were put on his human body, and dozens of paw prints were scratched on his back. Dewitt, holding the fox’s tail, gave everything to Wen Jin.

In the final climax, Dewitt embraced the fox’s warmth, kissed him lovingly again and again, and put his hand around the fox as if he had surrounded the whole world.

The next day Wen Jin woke up in Dewitt’s arms.

Sore all over, voice hoarse, warmly stunned with two pointed ears to see Dewitt. He just wanted to ask what the other party did last night, only to have the man bow his head to kiss him. A pair of blue eyes stared at him as if he could swallow him whole, “I love you.”

Dewitt looked into Wen Jin’s eyes, spread out his mind completely when the other party was fully awake, and watched Wen Jin’s pointed ears turn red. He did not urge the little fox to say these three words.

The fox, whose memory had been lost the night before, was confused and embarrassed to think whether to give back the three words to his “tail” or not, but he saw the other person touch his head tenderly.

“Let’s get married,” Dewitt said slowly, bowing his head and kissing Wen Jin’s fingers.

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Que Lindeza, muito obrigada!

December 16, 2019 8:30 pm

Paw marks, holding the tail, his hand around the fox…this sounds like he had sex with Wen Jin’s fox form

December 16, 2019 8:44 pm

Dewitt’s would t have to wait ling. His mother already set up the wedding date.

December 16, 2019 10:34 pm

Poor Cassey. Hopefully, Dewitt won’t scold him too much for leaving Wen Jin alone. I don’t know why but I thought Cassey was older than 28, hmmm. The author is doing great in giving us delicious descriptions of intimacy between the two lovebirds. And apparently Dewitt loves to do “it” with Wen Jin in his semi-human form. It was mentioned before, that the fox was coaxed into changing his ears and showing his tail (chapter about dual cultivation 😉 ). This is probably the case here too. Ahhhh, sweet and hot, althought Wen Jin might get really embarassed later. Thank… Read more »

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Momma DeWitt will be happy to see the day.

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