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Chapter 17: A Storm is Brewing

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The reason why Huo Nai led the army to the frontier of the Empire was because of the presence of planetary invasive creatures. It was a giant interstellar aircraft carrier, comparable to the size of a satellite. It was circular and looked like a white halo from a distance. When the first news came from the border, the circular carrier landed on a small border planet, Coruscant.

Coruscant was a declining energy planet. There were not many garrisons on it. Most people thought it was an exchange signal when the circular carrier landed. Unexpectedly, two days later, the Empire could not receive any signals from Coruscant.

The governor’s office in the Kele Star region where Coruscant belonged, immediately sent troops to check, and met with extremely strong resistance. On the ring carrier, there were creatures with scorpion faces and they were weapons themselves. Ordinary people couldn’t do anything about them and many soldiers were sacrificed.

The news that these people sent back made the Empire unable to sit down. Kele Star had become a completely abandoned planet, and the whole planet had no sign of life. It had become a dead star.

According to the Empire, it was time to argue about who to send, how many people to go, and what weapons to take. The ring carrier had left Coruscant for the star of the galaxy where Coruscant was located.

At this time, the people of the Empire understood the significance of the action of the ring carrier: they wanted to devour the stars!

All of them couldn’t sit there. All the Empire’s wranglers who wanted to fight for military achievements were dead. Huo Nai took the elite empire’s Sun army with him to the front line at the fastest speed.

The battle was a terrible one.

There was a scorpion like creature living on the ring-shaped aircraft carrier. The shell of this creature was as hard as steel. It could survive in space without any equipment. It was extremely terrifying and ordinary people couldn’t do anything about it.

What’s more, they were not fighting alone. Every creature with a scorpion’s face ran out of the ring carrier to fight with the imperial starship. They were extremely fast and destructive. The ring carrier had its own high energy weapons, which made the Empire tied up, because using annihilation weapons here would cause a chain effect, resulting in the explosion of the entire Kele region, and also affect other surrounding regions.

This was a matter of survival for tens of billions of people.

At first, the imperial army was almost beaten.

However, they also found that the fighter they were driving was very destructive, but it also consumed a lot of energy. Every once in a while, they had to return to the loop carrier for energy storage. Although this time was short, it was a breakthrough.

Huo Nai proposed to lead them to a distance by tearing apart the starry sky and colliding with the annihilation weapons. The danger of this action was that the energy generated by annihilation would be comparable to that of a supernova explosion, and so they must ensure to escape from the scene before the explosion, or even an atom would not remain.

He was the only one who could do this, because he had Zhu Que, the only SSS machine armor in the Empire. Zhu Que was Klein, the former dean of Imperial Military Academy and the famous master of machine armour manufacturing’s most famous work, and the last one before his death. Zhu Que could make wormholes jump and carry annihilation weapons.

Huo Nai won.

No one thought there would be a problem on the return trip.

The Empire’s elites lost so much that they could not afford to lose one more.

When setting an example for the Emperor, Huo Nai let the big army go first. The last wave of his jump left the stargate. Just as he entered the stargate, an enemy fighter rushed over and tried to detonate the stargate by suicide. Huo Nai manipulated Zhu Que to block the attack, tangled with it and killed it. He and Zhu Que fell into the stargate together.

Huo Nai closed his eyes and slightly twisted his eyebrows.

Even though it was an enemy aircraft, he knew that the people in it were imperial people, because it had a very standard imperial style, which was the training move of his Sun army.

In other words, there was a traitor in his army.

The empire was divided into Royal direct and local armies. The families of each star region had their own armies, central and local, which were complex. Who sent this man? Were there any spies in the Sun army? What was the purpose of the other side? All these problems needed to be solved.

Huo Nai stood up and walked to the window. Compared with the center, the stars on the edge of the galaxy were dim, but they also had a quiet power. This period of time seemed to be a dream, where he was free.

But people couldn’t be free forever, one would always wake up from a dream.

Xie Yan’s ‘long vacation’ was like a prediction.

Thinking of Xie Yan, Huo Nai, felt his heart clench. It seemed that the gravity of the situation suddenly doubled and breathing became hard.

The emergency contact was connected, and a young man with blonde hair and green eyes jumped out at his face. When he saw Huo Nai, his voice was surprised and unbelieving, “Your Highness! You’re finally online! Since you didn’t come online, I couldn’t find you! “

“Roger, wait a bit.” Huo Nai’s tone was light, with the pressure of a superior, “I will be back soon.”

Roger was his deputy commander. They met at university and shared the same interests. Roger was very excellent. Huo Nai invited him to the Sun army and he rose to the position of deputy commander with his own ability, which was his right hand.

Roger breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, he was under a lot of pressure these days.

“What happened during this time?” Huo Nai asked. He needed to know the situation in the shortest time.

Roger told the whole story.

During the period of Huo Nai’s disappearance, they didn’t make a public statement, because the last attack was very strange. Roger found someone to disguise himself as the prince, and in the name of being injured and needing rest, he kept all the visitors out. All the visitors recorded the whole process, and waited for Huo Nai to come back to deal with it.

The longer the time went by, the more variables there were. Roger was frightened when he thought of this. He knew that once he was exposed, he would be deemed a criminal for hundreds of years. Those who were ready to move in secret were bound to point a blade at him.

Roger was born as a commoner. He had no background, but Huo Nai was not there. It was hard to move without him.

“If you don’t come back, everyone else will think I have a rebellious heart.” Roger sobbed, “You know, I just want to be an assistant.”

Huo Nai laughed.

Roger was surprised and wanted to know what happened to Huo Nai during this period. His temperament was much softer than before, and the whole person’s temperament was more restrained and less tense.

“Help me for two more days.” Huo Nai told him. “There’s something I need to end.”

He hadn’t said goodbye to Xie Yan. That was their agreement.

His memories were mixed together and the overlapping identities made Huo Nai feel like he led a different life. As a prince, trust was a scarce resource, because one didn’t know what kind of thoughts the people around them hid. However, as an ordinary person, Huo Nai had no advantages except being good-looking, and he could live very simply.

This kind of simple life was very comfortable.

Xie Yan was a comfortable person to be around since he was not clingy. He enjoyed life and helped others enjoy it. He ate and drank with him up the mountain, even if it was only two people, he was very satisfied with this life.

He understood that he was moved, but he knew that in such a situation, he could not reach out.

Once the man in the dark knew that Xie Yan had become his weakness, Xie Yan would be in danger.

He wanted to touch his loved one, but was afraid and pulled his hand away. 

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