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Chapter 103: Wedding

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Early in the morning, there was a blog movement that shocked all Assyria.

<<Dewitt Bertram the Fifth:

Accompanied by a lifetime. [Picture]>>

The picture was a picture of Wen Jin, who had just woken up dimly, bending his eyes and laughing at him.

[Goodness me, is this a public confession? Or an announcement to get married? Which one?!]

[I can let Marshal send out these four words, feeling that even the meaning of marriage is beyond the meaning of the wilderness of the world! QAQ!]

[Laugh and cry, Marshal is really straight man ah. Filters do not give us a big baby, it is also handsome face too, otherwise who can carry this kind of shooting aha ha ha!]

[But it’s really warm to watch. When you get up in the morning, you can see the fox’s beautiful smile. Marshal knocks on happiness. When JunJun wakes up, it’s true love for the Marshal to see a laugh like that. It seems that their eyes can shine. It’s too warm and too loving. He must be good!]

[Whoop! Marshal has been here for ten years. I used to get tired of thinking that Marshal would get married one day. I felt nobody could match him. But now, it’s really good to whine! There is an old mother’s feeling, ah, I hope Marshal’s private life can be enlightened, not to face the same sky as before, let alone his fierce little fox! Laughter to coax the wife!]

[Yes, yes, the marshal has always been fierce! Don’t be a fierce fox. QAQ Should be more careful to foxes! It pains me to think that the fox will droop his ears when he is scolded by the Marshal!]

[Ironblooded Marshal can be used on the battlefield. When you go home, remember not to be vicious! Be careful + 1! Marshal’s Fox is so cute. If you’re fierce, I’ll have to steal him!]

At the same time, Dewitt responded to a few frantic messages, with things such as [Marriage], [End of Next Month], [No Fear], [Love Him] and so on, which led to another wave of upsurge in the message army and endless blessings. By the time Wen Jin regained consciousness from his recovery, there were tens of millions of responses under Dewitt’s dynamic.

Wen Jin, leaning back against Dewitt, brushed a row of tall buildings and moved his ears with a smile. “Professor Lin also forwarded it.”

“More than that.” Dewitt kissed his ears and set up a forwarding interface for him.

[Professor Lin, Academy of Sciences: Blessing, towards new life [love].]

[Lieutenant General Eve: Ah ah ah ah marshal is so happy! Not close contact can not fully understand the loveliness of the little fox, every time he appears, I would like to contribute a year’s chicken legs! I want to give everything, blessings, Marshal dare you come to my house! Chicken legs are ready!]

[Margaret Bertram: @Jote Bertram]

“Jote?” Wen Jin blinked at Mrs. Margaret’s comment. The name was gray. There should be no user on her blog. Was it the wrong name?

“My father.” Dewitt touched his head.

“Oh…” Wen Jin blinked his eyes, raised his head, bit Dewitt’s hand touching his face, and then landed on his own trumpet, directly forwarding Mrs. Margaret’s development, thinking, “We’re not married yet. What are you and me here?”

[Wen YingJun: Wake up, family photo, I heard my fiance is super fierce? [squint] [laugh]]

Around Wen Jin, the message was forwarded directly to Mrs. Margaret, so the latter responded the fastest.

[Margaret Bertram: He dares not [smile].]

Next was [Dewitt’s: I don’t dare [be careful].]

[Eve: Sneak a finger into the photo.]

[Big Fat Pig: If you eat enough dog food and stuff your paws in the group photo, you must be happy!]

[Cute: Put a cute one in the picture. Assyrians will not forget how you protect us. See Count Chott’s name and tears. Wish the hero happiness forever!]

[Meimei: The beasts have all arrived on Medal yesterday. My little beast finally chose to stay with me, but I customized a shuttle ticket for him to play in Medal every month. Although I can’t go, I hope he and his colleagues have a good time. Thank you for everything you have done for Assyria. Good luck.~]

At the end of the second month when Dewitt’s blog became public, his wedding to Wen Jin took place on Capital Star. The size of the wedding was not very large, so they held it at Bertram Manor.

Wen Jin paid great attention to this wedding, so he did not use the alias Wen YingJun in the wedding, but he did not want his real name to be widely known, so the guests went through a very careful screening, and the robots who followed him were carefully set up to stop filming Wen Jin’s real name.

Nevertheless, although not many people came, the day at Bertram Manor was still very lively.

“Madam, Miss Eve asked if you needed any help.” The old housekeeper, dressed in an old red suit, looked at Mrs. Margaret in the room with a grin.

Because of Wen Jin’s request, there was very little external engagement for people at this wedding. Photography was done mechanically, and the venue related to Wen Jin’s name was done by the old housekeeper and Eve, the makeup artist at the scene. Eve volunteered directly. However, one nose of the married couple was extremely sensitive to dust, and an extremely straight man could not stand dust.

Eve looked at the hopeless two and had to sneak her idea into Mrs. Margaret.

“No.” Mrs. Margaret frowned, pulled some black autumn seeds out of the water and dried them gently with the silk scarf beside her.

The movements of her hands were gentle and the expressions on her faces was violent.

The old housekeeper looked at the basins of water with labels on the table and smiled. “Madame has been meticulous for almost a month. In these two days, it will probably germinate.”

“Who knows.” Mrs. Margaret put the black lacquer seeds into the soil she had spent half an hour in the morning, covered it carefully, and looked at the little paper next to her with disgust.

The ugly note was also copied several times by Mrs. Margaret.

Knowing that she was going to change clothes, the old housekeeper bowed slightly and was about to leave, Yu Guang glimpsed the corner of the room. “Madam is wearing purple today?”

In the corner of the room, there was a gorgeous dark purple gorgeous dress hanging.

Mrs. Margaret gave him a sidelong look.

The old housekeeper gave a nod and quickly laughed out of the room. In the room, Mrs. Margaret stared at the dark purple, gorgeous and complicated dress for a while, her eyelids drooping slightly.

“Professor Lin is here too?” Wen Jin sat in his room and looked out of the window curiously. “Hasn’t he been very busy lately?”

“The last process of the antidote is over.” Eve looked at Wen Jin with a smile. “And Professor Lin will come even if it doesn’t end.”

“I saw Chen Xiong.” Wen Jin tilted his head and waved out. “Can’t they see me?”

“One-way glass, really invisible.” Eve said, pulling out a tie from the table and pausing. “Marshal asked you before if you wanted to wear your costume. Are you sure you don’t want it?”

Wen Jin took his bow tie and tied it up on his neck in disorder. “No, when we get back to Honghuang, we’ll have another one. He’ll wear the same clothes with me then.”

Eve looked at him with her head held up, and a trace of envy appeared in her eyes. “It must be very lively there, too?”

“Yes,” Wen Jin squinted and smiled. He had few friends in Honghuang. In fact, it would not be more lively than here. However, “Heaven and earth are lessons, mountains and rivers are good examples.”

As long as the other side was Dewitt, the rest was not important.

“May I go out?” Wen Jin tied his tie and looked expectantly at Eve.

“Well…” Eve’s expression was somewhat perplexed. “Actually, we’ll have to wait another hour as required.”

Wen Jin immediately showed disappointment.

For a moment, Eve felt as if she had done something cruel.

“Wen Jin is out?” There was a noise of table tennis outside, and Dewitt in the room looked out of the window.

“Should be.” Hearing the familiar noise, Archie nodded.

Through the one-way glass, he saw Wen Jin, who rushed out to greet Professor Lin, and a smile came from the corner of Dewitt’s lip. “Hasn’t Cassey arrived?”

In other words, since the day of the pub, Cassey’s entire life has been haunted, taking more leave than his entire military career combined.

“I’m sure he’ll be here today -” Before Archie had finished speaking, Wen Jin ran to their room and began to pat the window and shout.

“I’ve come out, why hasn’t he come out yet?” Wen Jin stared at the room with his eyebrows raised. “Does the little daughter-in-law take longer to prepare?”

Chen Xiong, who was ready to let Wen Jin leave, burst into laughter. The camera just captured the scene and the Star Net began to laugh.

[Marshal is the little daughter-in-law!]

[It takes a long time to prepare for his daughter-in-law, and Marshal may still be shy.]


Wen Jin looked at the one-way glass, with an expression that was sad, ready to give Dewitt a little more time to prepare, but at this time, the door was opened, Dewitt, in a dark dress, stood inside, with a gentle look in his eyes.


[Come out!]

[Marshal’s out!]

[Mrs. Margaret’s out, too!]

With repeated calls, Mrs. Margaret also stepped out of her house at Bertram Manor.

A dark purple dress set it off nobly and beautifully. Wen Jin blinked his eyes in the distance and looked at Dewitt. The hands of the two men were closely intertwined.

The original roadmap of the wedding banquet was thoroughly revised under the advent of the host, and Mrs. Margaret, who had just stepped out of her house, seemed to have some nervousness in her stiff expression. From a distance, she saw two young people coming towards her and paused. Soon, she understood what they meant.

When the sun came into the hall of Bertram, Mrs. Margaret raised her lips in an almost imperceptible arc, lifted her one hand slightly, and made a virtual arm-in-hand move.

Desperately, with a bunch of delicious chicken legs for small snacks, Cassey rushed to Bertram Manor, just to witness the scene. Around them were the laughter and congratulations of the guests, and behind them were the cameras that recorded the scene. The two newcomers who opened the new curtain tightly grasped each other.

The distant sunshine paved the way for their tomorrow and covered their feet with gold.

One step at a time, one step at a time.


The author has something to say: “Heaven and earth are lessons for reference, mountains and rivers for evidence” comes from the sincere heart of Jian San.

Take the sun and the moon as the alliance, Zhaotiandi as the lesson, Xiaoshan River as the evidence, and worship ghosts and gods as the basis.

From then on, the mountains never obstruct their aspirations, the rivers never stop their journey, the passage of time does not destroy their meaning, the wind and frost do not hide their feelings.

Even though the road ahead is full of thorns and thorns, it will be calm and fearless to follow with the sword.~

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