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Flowers of plants cannot be picked casually

Author: Mijia

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Flowers are the living and reproductive organs of plants.

You can’t pick them at will, or you will get retribution.



Luo Yu bought a pot of roses in bloom at the market because the girl on the second floor he secretly loves likes roses.

Luo Yu wants to send roses to pursue that girl, but the roses sold in the flower shop are bigger and more beautiful, and they are too expensive. Luo Yu’s salary is low, and he can’t afford them, so he has to buy a pot of roses to support himself.

In fact, this pot of roses is not very good. There is not a single flower in the whole plant. Only a few flowers are hidden in the branches and leaves that are not lush. It seems that it is also a little listless. But Luo Yu didn’t know why. In the past ten years, he took a fancy to it at a glance. Maybe it was because he subconsciously wanted to choose a cheaper one, which proved to be the cheapest.

Luo Yu carries the rose bush home. Although he lives on the first floor and has a small yard, Luo Yu still chooses to put the roses on the windowsill for his convenience. For several weeks, Luo Yu put all his heart and soul on caring for the roses except going to work. He looked up a lot of materials and then did it according to the materials. He dared not to be careless. Every time he thought about what the girl on the second floor would look like when she received the roses, Luo Yu looked at the rose bush with tender eyes, as if all the feelings for that girl are based on the rose.

Under the wholehearted care of Luo Yu, it seems that the rose has finally come back to life. The originally soft branches are hard. When they stand up, the originally sparse yellow leaves are full of green. What makes Luo Yu most happy is that the flower buds were getting bigger and brighter day by day, and then slowly bloom, which makes Luo Yu wonder.

He didn’t know if it was because he took care of the rose. Luo Yu thinks that there is no flower more beautiful than his rose! The light and deep roses are so gorgeous and changeable, and the tender and dripping petals are so unforgettable. Luo Yu can’t be happier. He can’t help thinking how the girl on the second floor will like these roses

On the day when the first rose flower fully bloomed, Luo Yu was restless and excited. He carefully watered the rose flower, even cleaned every petal thoroughly, kissed it gently, and then began to listen to the movement in the corridor. Until the girl on the second floor went home, Luo Yu carefully took the scissors and cut the rose flower that he had long thought about.

He didn’t know if he was not careful enough, and his movements are a little big. Luo Yu feels that when he touches the scissor with the rose branches, the whole rose suddenly vibrates and makes a pitiful “rustle” sound.

However, Luo Yu didn’t pay attention. His whole mind was on how to cut the rose flowers and give them to the girl on the second floor.

Luo Yu takes the rose to the second floor, knocks on the girl’s door, and stumbles to show that he has raised a pot of rose flowers. Hearing that she likes it, he comes up to give him one.

When the girl saw the rose, she was also amazed at its beauty. She was so surprised that she accepted the rose with a smile. She sincerely thanked Luo Yu.

Although there is no confession, Luo Yu is satisfied with the result. This was the first time that the girl had such a good laugh at him. Luo Yu felt that if it went on like this, he would still have a chance to win the favor of the girl.

It’s a pity that such excitement disappeared when Luo Yu returned home and saw the rose flowers on the windowsill. The original vibrant rose like water, was exposed to the sun, wilting. Seeing it, Luo Yu’s heart can not help but feel pain. He didn’t know what was going on, so he had to do his best to take care of it. He was relieved when the rose recovered.

However, when the second rose blossom, Luo Yu still cut the flower and gave it to the girl on the second floor


Luo Yu felt that the rose flower in his house was bizarre. Every time he cut a flower, it would be listless for a long time. However, Luo Yu went through the materials and didn’t find out what the reason was. Although he was perplexed, he couldn’t help it.

Luo Yu is taking care of the Chinese rose while dreaming. The girl upstairs will understand his friendship and accept his dream. It’s a pity it’s a dream. One day when Luo Yu gave the girl the tenth rose, he finally got the girl’s final answer.

“I’m sorry, I’m very grateful to you for sending me roses all the time. I also like your roses very much, but I’m dating someone.”

In an instant, Luo Yu felt that his heart was going to break. He forced out a smile and said, “Congratulations,” then turned to go downstairs. 

Luo Yu didn’t cry but felt that all his strength had been taken away, and his heart was empty. He leaned against the door, looked at the window sill, as always, after being cut off the flowers, like the dying rose, and suddenly felt that his actions had always been like a joke.

Maybe to vent his anger, maybe to be out of sight and out of mind, Luo Yu moved the rose flowers to the small yard, put them in the blind corner that can’t be seen from the inside of the house, and then turned back to the house.

Once a person’s habit is formed, it is always difficult to change. Luo Yu has long been used to taking care of the life of the rose every time he came home from work, so even if he had put the rose in the yard, he would still not let it die.

Similarly, once a person has made up his mind to change a habit, he will succeed sooner or later. Luo Yu is less and less concerned about the rose flowers, and more and more careless in taking care of them. Even if the rose looks listless, he will not be so nervous as before.

“Without the person who can send flowers, why should I raise flowers? I didn’t like raising anything… “

Luo Yu taunted himself after watering the rose. The next day, he got a business trip and boarded a plane to another city.

Luo Yu was so busy in the field that he was dazzled. A week later, he finally finished his work. When he came back home, he fell back to sleep. He didn’t wake up until he was up in the morning. After filling his stomach, he finally remembered the Chinese rose that he had forgotten for a whole week.

He hadn’t watered it for a week and wondered if the rose was still alive. Luo Yu went to the yard with some trepidation, only to find that there were only a few dead branches with dry leaves in the corner, as well as fragments of a flower pot that were not in shape.

Maybe the wild cat running to the yard broke the flowerpot and took away the rose? Luo Yu thought sadly but didn’t study deeply. He just squatted down and dug a hole in the first place, burying the fragments and dead branches of the flowerpot, which was a complete burial of his previous relationship that had not yet begun.


Across from his house, a beautiful teenager moved in. Big eyes, long eyelashes, fair skin, lips like petals.

The young person was awe-inspiring, stubborn, and arrogant, just like a rose flower with thorns. Luo Yu just glanced at him and did not dare to look at it too much. He stammered and introduced himself. He said that in the future, everyone is a neighbor, and he plans to leave when he has something to look for. Instead of going to the young person, he stopped him.

“You said I could let you do something, right?” The young man slightly raised his delicate chin, and his black eyes were full of the creepy luster that Luo Yu could not understand.

“Yes, yes…” Luo Yu nodded hurriedly, but he couldn’t help muttering that the young man seemed to be unreasonable. He didn’t know what he was really going to ask for just being polite.

“Well, come with me.” The boy nodded his head with satisfaction, turned to open the door of his house, and asked Luo Yu to wait at the door. A moment later, he came back with a pot of rose flowers in his arms and thrust them into Luo Yu’s hands.

“This, this is…” Luo Yu was surprised.

“Roses.” The young man raised his eyebrows and stared at Luo Yu closely. “You can take care of it for me. If there is any mistake, let me teach you a lesson!”

Luo Yu looked at the boy in amazement and thought that the boy was spoiled. He even used this attitude when asking for help. However, the world has always had a great power of forgiveness for beautiful people. Luo Yu just couldn’t laugh or cry, but he didn’t plan to turn over his face with the young man and educate him well. Besides, observing the rose flowers in his hands, Luo Yu always felt familiar.

“I seem to have seen it somewhere…”

“What? What do you say – where have you seen it?” Raised to Luo Yu’s murmuring words, the young man suddenly became nervous and even stuttered. He stared cautiously at him for fear that Luo Yu might see something.

Luo Yu shakes his head for some reason. “Nothing, I just said casually. I once raised a pot of roses, which looks a little like this pot. It should be a variety, right? But I don’t know much about flowers and plants… “

The young man was relieved, and his momentum was fierce again. He gave some orders to Luo Yu to take good care of the rose. Luo Yu could not refuse, so he had no choice but to respond.

“And…That… ” See Luo Yu holding rose to leave, the youth suddenly opened his mouth again, and some of his eyes drifted as if he was making a choice as dignified as the test of life and death.

Luo Yu waited for a long time, and finally, after he could not help but politely urged, the young man was cruel, made a decision, and raised his head sharply, “When the rose blossoms, you – you will cut the flowers and give them to me! If not I… I will teach you!”

He thought that the young man wanted to say such a big thing. Unexpectedly, he just sent flowers. Luo Yu jokingly agreed. He repeatedly promised that he would cut it off when the rose blossomed and give it to the young man. Finally, he returned to his house with the roses.

Once again, put the rose on the windowsill, Luo Yu suddenly had a funny feeling of backflow of time. This time, he went back to the life of taking care of the rose, waiting for it to bloom, and then cut it off and gave it to others, but the object of sending it changed.


Although he hasn’t taken care of the rose flowers for a while, Luo Yu hasn’t forgotten how to do it at all. It seems that taking care of the rose has become his instinct.

Soon, the first rose, which was already in bud, bloomed under Luo Yu’s careful care, just as beautiful as Luo Yu’s impression. Luo Yu suddenly missed the rose that belonged to him. Unfortunately, he could not find what he had lost.

He touched the delicate rose flower and felt a little sentimental. Luo Yu picked up the scissors that had been prepared for a long time and cut the flower off cleanly. He had done such things many times, so he had no first time to be careful.

At the moment when the rose branches were interrupted, he suddenly heard a scream of pain coming from next door. Even though the scream was across the wall, it scared Luo Yu, who was unprepared. When his hand trembled, he was stabbed several times by the prickles on the stem of the rose flower, and several drops of red blood came out.

However, Luo Yu didn’t have time to deal with the small gap in his hand, because he had heard the heavy door swing and quick steps on the opposite side, followed by the angry, life-threatening sound of smashing the door.

Luo Yu is inexplicable but dare not neglect. While complaining about how he provoked the beautiful but arrogant youth of the opposite door, he quickly ran to the door and opened the door.

The young man rushed into the room and swung on the door. Even though his face was blue and painful, it was still not good for his beauty. Unfortunately, Luo Yu had no time to lament. Because the young man had jumped on him and hit him with the help of his momentum, he fell on the floor.

——Fortunately, the carpet at home is soft. This is Luo Yu’s first thought at this moment.

“What’s the matter?” The situation of the youth is obviously wrong, and Luo Yu has no time to blame him for his actions and inquires anxiously.

“All because of you!” The young man gnashed his teeth and said, in a tone of voice, that he wished to eat Luo Yusheng’s meat.

“What happened to me?!” Luo Yu was stunned and innocent.

“You cut off my flowers!” The anger of the young man added a little grievance.

“You asked me to cut it for you…” Luo Yu feels aggrieved.

“Yes! I made you do it! But I regret it now! What a pain! The pain makes me want to kill you!” The young man lowered his head fiercely and took a bite on Luo Yu’s lips. Luo Yu’s pain was so painful that he didn’t react at all. This was the first time he touched his lips with others. Instead, he was worried that his lips must have been bitten.

However, what surprised Luo Yu, even more, was that he was not satisfied with just biting him to vent his anger. Instead, he pushed his tongue further into his mouth. One hand suppressed Luo Yu’s movement to get up, while the other hand grabbed his T-shirt and tore it up.

“Wait, wait! What are you doing?” Luo Yu was stunned. After living for so many years, he has never encountered such a situation. The sense of shock filled his brain, which made Luo Yu forget to resist for a while.

“If you cut my flowers, I will pick your flower and compensate me!” The young man mumbled, but in his voice, he was determined.

“What is this, and what?! Where do I have flowers? And I just cut a rose… ” Luo Yu has been completely confused.

“What is ‘just cut a rose!’” The young man growled, “Flowers are the living organs of plants! See if I cut your penis off and see if it hurts!”

“It hurts! They hurt! It must be killing me!” Luo Yu hurriedly replied, still trying to appease the young person who had gone away, “But even if the flower is the reproductive organ of the plant, then the rose is only the penis of the rose, which has nothing to do with you…”

“What’s my name?” The young man suddenly popped up and stared at Luo Yu. 

“Yue Ji!” Luo Yu replied blankly.

“Stupid! Don’t you understand this?” The young person was as hard as steel, ” A rose is Yue Ji! That rose flower is the reproductive organ of rose, and it is also mine, Yue Ji’s!”

Luo Yu: “…?” What kind of roses are these?

“If you don’t understand, I will make you understand!” The young man had no patience at all and pulled off Luo Yu’s pants. After a struggle, the fierce young man suddenly froze and stared at Luo Yu with beautiful eyes.

“…… I’m sorry, your penis was cut off by me. You just want to make me understand, but you don’t have any hardware, do you? ” Luo Yu, who has thoroughly understood everything, can’t say whether to look at the youth sympathetically or compassionately, which makes his whole face red.

“When I have flowers again, I’ll find you to settle this!” The young man grinds his teeth for a long time and finally can only put down these cruel words.

Luo Yu: I should start a little faster and cut off all the flowers.



Please replace the roses with penises and look at this article again.

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December 19, 2019 9:46 am

Ok, that’s gonna change mine when i saw a rose 😂
But this is between funny and scary 😅
If you think about it, luo yu cut yue ji’s reproductive organ again and again and again 😅

December 19, 2019 7:15 pm

I suddenly remembered people courting and gifting and communicating through flowers…. *coughs*

December 19, 2019 9:18 pm

yeah… if I replace all the “rose” with “penis” its gonna straight up look like mtl.
I’m gonna need lots of editing if I wanna read that…

July 26, 2020 11:28 pm

Imagine giving a girl ten penises to court her.

September 15, 2020 7:45 am

So, is this supposed to be gory but the author’s way is just too godly for us mortal to comprehend it 🤨

October 6, 2022 4:44 am

It’s clear that the flower was blooming for the mc. He took the sick Yue Ji into his home, cared for him diligently, and looked at him with tender affection. Yue Ji became healthier and felt moved. It’s almost impressive that he fell into the same pit and bloomed over and over knowing the result.

…Should he just learn to use tools? Otherwise he is threatening his neighbour while also entrusting his lifeblood into his hands. He should show he will fulfil his eh promise with or without rose.

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