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Chapter 104: Extra 1 – New Year’s Eve (I)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin and Dewitt’s honeymoon was very smooth and rich. Although it was decided by the mood of the fox, they would find every delicious planet in Assyria and go there. Even Wen Jin’s figure couldn’t hold up a few kilograms of fat in such a fierce and in-depth way. According to his own view, it was impossible for the shape to hold down those kilograms of meat. He had to show that he was happy to eat by being fat.

Dewitt solemnly expressed his approval and then spent the whole day concentrating on a fat patch on his warm stomach. Oil wiping technology had to be perfected in a day. Wen Jin’s face was still very thin outside, and he firmly refused Dewitt touching his belly in the street.

However, after several fruitless resistances, Wen Jin could only become a milky fox. He thought it would be a way to escape someone’s oiling hands, but when Wen Jin’s belly, which was full of fur, fell into Dewitt’s hands…

“Don’t touch it.” At the corner of a noisy street on a planet, a fat fox was trying to break away from a big hand with a bulging belly, struggling and looking painfully at the flourishing soft fur underpinning his stomach, he could see the pink inside.

“Don’t touch it!” Wen Jin looked at the small bare patches, like bald powder, and was so angry that he pushed the pot. “If you touch my hair again, it’s going to fall out!”

“Ten more minutes.” Dewitt looked into the distance, rubbing the fur on the fox’s belly with both hands.

“Not for a minute!” Wen Jin swatted at his hand. However, Wen Jin, who was too round in stomach, had some difficulties in standing. After struggling for a while, he could only lie in Dewitt’s arms and let him touch it.

Nevertheless, Dewitt’s movements had always been very light, and he still felt comfortable without struggling to feel them. Just when the fox was captured by the big hand unconsciously, a deep voice came, “Eat less next time.”

Wen Jin’s ears drooped behind his head, pretending not to hear, his black eyes turned around and suddenly his head was askew.

In the busy street corner, some people are putting up lights and colors. The red electronic lights show a different flavor, which is very busy. Wagging his tail warmly, it seemed that there was such a custom on Hinghuang. Every time this happened, people would eat more, the atmosphere would become lively, and people would become happy.

“Hiccup.” Dewitt rubbed out a belching warmth and rubbed it against his abdomen. Wen Jin turned his head and said, “Is it time for the holidays?”

“Yes.” Dewitt also looked at the happy family with electronic lights and said, “New Year’s Day.”

Wen Jin shook his head and looked out, thinking that they seemed to have been out for two or three months. “New Year’s Day, are you going to spend with your family?”

Dewitt rubbed Wen Jin’s head.

“You want to go home.” The fox leaned in his arms, squinted his eyes, and looked like he was the smartest.

“Yes.” There was no intention of concealment as Dewitt admitted it.

The big-bellied fox in his arms shook his four paws, smiled proudly at him, looked merciful, and even stood up and stroked Dewitt’s chin forcibly. His voice soothed him, “Just say so, I’ll accompany you back.”

Back at the hotel that night, Wen Jin crammed his snacks into the space at the fastest speed, and then booked the earliest shuttle ticket to the Capital Star. After all this, the fox sat by the bed, biting the snowflake crayfish that Dewitt had just bought for him, and stared at the distance with black eyes.

It looked like he didn’t know who was more homesick.

When Dewitt hugged Wen Jin from behind, Wen Jin also fell backward with some longing in his eyes. “New Year’s Day, will Mom cook good food?”

When Mrs. Margaret was young, she cooked very delicious food. It is said that Count Jote had eaten one of her meals and had completely fallen in love with Mrs. Margaret. But she hadn’t cooked for years.

Dewitt kissed Wen Jin. “If you want to eat, she’ll do it.”

Wen Jin’s eyes were shining. He immediately reported the name of the dish, and when Dewitt crouched behind him, he rubbed it around his neck and asked like a child who had been waiting for the New Year’s Day, “Will there be a beautiful lantern?”

It was no wonder that Wen Jin had not had this kind of festival for a long time. Since Master Wen Jin has also soared, he would not go out during the festival, nor look forward to the festival anymore. He would not go anywhere but sleep in the cave.

When Assyria calmed down and two people were together, Wen Jin would also talk fragmentarily about these past events with Dewitt. It was not about days and nights. It was about the mood of the fox when it comes to life.

In this respect, Dewitt never urged him to talk. He intuited that it was not a topic that would make Wen Jin too happy to recall. And when he could compile Wen Jin’s past in his mind according to what Wen Jin said, he was distressed for a long time.

“Yes.” With strong arms, Wen Jin was held in his arms. Dewitt took his hand into his heart and knew what Wen Jin wanted. “Every year after that, there will be one.”

At almost the same time, the old housekeeper of Bertram Manor began to lay all kinds of colorful lights in the manor, and then wrapped all kinds of candies and segregated snacks in red bags made of custom paper and hung them all over every corner of the manor.

“Mr. housekeeper, with so many candy stoppers and so many dishes, have you finished eating?” The young maid with a big red envelope asked excitedly.

“You can eat it all together.” The old housekeeper said, reached out and hung up another small red envelope, clapped his hands. “After pasting these, have a few people come with me to the backyard to carry out the box of candy red envelopes. In the afternoon, we will send it out and take the big red envelope. They should not be lazy. It’s still growing today.”

Looking at the Bertram Manor, which was already covered with all kinds of beautiful and bright red bags, several maids answered with laughter.

In the room, Mrs. Margaret was frowning at her terminal.

It was a video call that Wen Jin and Dewitt dialed to her half an hour ago.

At that time, Mrs. Margaret had just woken up, hung up once, got up, washed and sat in her seat for a while. No response, let the housekeeper to Dewitt message, another five minutes, the communication was connected.

Wen Jin first stood on the planet’s super-high famous scenic spot and took a circle of the planet for her. Then he and Dewitt went to the transportation hub in a second and told her with a smile that they wanted to have their mother’s New Year’s Eve dinner.

Then a long list of dishes was given.

“Is his full name Wen MaFanDe (troublesome*)?” Mrs. Margaret coolly broadcast the video calls from scratch again, complaining to the housekeeper who reported to her.

The old housekeeper looked at the playback sign on Mrs. Margaret’s screen, and could not tell if it was broken. “Master and Master will be here in the evening. The manor has been laid out and the people you need in the kitchen are in place, madam.”

“Good.” For decades, Mrs. Margaret had no doubt about the old housekeeper’s ability to handle affairs.

“Why, Xiao Hei(little black) hasn’t sprouted yet?” Seeing the little seed on the table, the old housekeeper was a little stunned.

Every morning, Mrs. Margaret woke up and took care of the seeds according to the note written by Wen Jin, and today was no exception. But this fellow did not respond, and Mrs. Margaret occasionally said to the housekeeper that she doubted whether Wen Jin had copied the wrong way. The old housekeeper advised Mrs. Margaret to ask Wen Jin herself, but she turned her head and tried to push the pot to him.

For decades, the position of Butler at Bertram Manor was not in vain. The old butler skirted the pot very smoothly. As a result, Xiao Hei’s care continued to be carried out in an orderly manner every day. But when it came to implementation, Mrs. Margaret was still very upset. It was even worse when asked, so she did not take over the topic of “Is there anything else?”

“Ah, yes.” The old housekeeper thought about it, patted his head, and laughed with a smile on  his face. “I heard that Madame will cook this year’s New Year’s Day. Lieutenant General Eve would argue and think about it. Professor Lin also meant that…”

“They are thick-skinned.” Mrs. Margaret stared at the dark autumn seeds on the table, and snorted with displeasure.

The old housekeeper laughed two times, and when more people came, his ward would do more. He naturally understood that. Moreover, in previous years, most of the festivals were spent alone with her and a few maids who did not go home. The cold and accustomed ladies always excluded busy things for a while.

After thinking about it, he tentatively asked, “Then shall I reject them?”

“I heard Cassey gave birth?” Mrs. Margaret paused, not answering the housekeeper’s questions directly, but looking at her sharp nails instead.

This sentence sounded a bit ambiguous, but the old housekeeper understood what she meant and nodded, “Yes, I heard it was triplets.”

Mrs. Margaret frowned. “His parents passed away a long time ago?”

The old housekeeper was stunned by the unexpected question and thought it over carefully. When he was about to answer it, he saw Mrs. Margaret waving, “Buy more food.”

When the voice fell to the ground, Mrs. Margaret stopped talking and leaned back in her soft chair. She clicked on the button of video replay, from which came with a warm and cheerful voice.

The old housekeeper at that end smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

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How does cassey have kids?

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Cassey gave birth… WHAT?! Nevertheless all this means that Mrs. Margaret won’t be alone for the New Year’s Eve.

Thank you for the extra!

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I love this mom…so tsun

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