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Chapter 10: First World (10)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In order to ride for the first time, the trainer selected a mild mare for Bai Duan. The little mare had snow-white fur and was quite beautiful in appearance. Bai Duan couldn’t help feeling the snow-white temples. From childhood, Bai Duan’s favorite color was white, and he liked all animals with snow-white fur very much.

The little mare’s brown eyes were so mild that she looked askew at Bai Duan. Then she put out her tongue and licked his palm. It was full of intimacy.

“Looks like Shirley likes you too!” The horse trainer laughed and praised him. He just wanted to instruct Bai Duan how to get on the horse, but Bai Xu stopped him and said, “I’ll do it.”

The horse trainer hesitated for a moment, but eventually obeyed the guest’s wishes and stepped aside. But he did not dare to go too far, because Bai Duan was riding for the first time, and Bai Xu was a fresh face. The horse trainer did not know their horse riding level. He was afraid that the guest would have an accident, and he still needed the equestrian track to take responsibility.

Fortunately, Bai Xu had always been very reliable, every instruction was appropriate, and Bai Duan was also very talented for horseback riding— or, since childhood, he has been agile and skilled in all kinds of sports.

After Bai Xu gave a demonstration, Bai Duan got on the horse smoothly and even learned how to trot without a teacher. Shirley seemed to be in touch with Bai Duan. She could understand his meaning without too much guidance. The man and horse did not run together for long, but soon they cooperated well with each other.

Of course, Bai Duan who sat on Shirley’s back, going around the running circle, did not notice. Bai Xu, who had been watching him in the distance, showed a regretful expression and was “popped” lightly. The glee of the arrival was gone, and they said they would not ride together.

Although there was no ride benefit, Bai Duan and Bai Xu still had a good time, and the horse trainer left early. After all, he felt that he was standing there like a kilowatt light bulb, and even ended up disliking himself.

When Liu Lang and his friends came back after a few laps, they saw that Bai Duan and Bai Xu controlled the horses to trot side by side. One of them patted Liu Lang, “Isn’t that your little brother? Why did you leave him to play with others?”

“Well, he’s introverted. He’s not used to meeting strangers. He happened to meet someone he knows, so he’s with an acquaintance.” Liu Lang nodded at the two.

“The man with him… Is it Zheng Xu?” Another man looked at Bai Xu for a few seconds and frowned. “How does younger brother Bai know him?”

“Zheng Xu knew him during their childhood before he was brought back to the Zheng’s home.” Liu Lang raised his eyebrows. Although he did not need to help Bai Duan inquire about Zheng Xu’s news now, he still asked, “What do you know about Zheng Xu?”

“What else? He’s ordinary.” The man threw off his whip and hummed softly, “Knowing that he was unwelcome, he shrank honestly, and dared not venture for four years— nothing promising.”

“Illegitimate children are illegitimate children, even if they are recognized, they are petty and can’t get on the stage.” Another man echoed.

“Mrs. Zheng Ershao’s temper is not very good. He dares not take the initiative to protect himself.” Liu Lang shook his head and retorted.

“It’s self-insurance. It’s a little smart even if others disapprove, but under the pressure of that woman, he dares not say or do anything. He has not even resisted, and if he pretends to be a grandchild to master Zheng for a long time, he will easily become a real grandchild in his eyes. His spirit has been polished, but what else can he achieve?”

Liu Lang listened to his friends and frowned slightly.

If he had not just met Zheng Xu, he would have agreed with his friends, but now he felt that this was not the case. How could Zheng Xu, who had no future and no ambition according to his friends, show enough momentum that even he was influenced?

Liu Lang and his friends talked about the topic of ‘Zheng Xu,’ and, from time to time, he turned his attention to Bai Duan and Bai Xu.

Bai Duan had been heartless and did not care much about other people in his eyes, but if it involved the people he loved, he would instantly become sensitive, like a hedgehog with its spines unfurled.

Although they could not hear the gossip, Bai Duan read the disdain and contempt from their eyes keenly, and Shirley under him seemed to feel his anger, neighing and moving restlessly.

Bai Duan was suddenly depressed. Bai Xu held his horse close to him, raised his hand, and rubbed his hair. “Don’t be sad, no matter what others say, I don’t care at all.”

“But I care.” Bai Duan licked his lips, and his voice was muffled. “I don’t like the way they look down on you, you…you shouldn’t be like this…”

Bai Duan could not express what he really felt. He instinctively felt that his brother should be high and omnipotent, respected and worshipped by everyone, rather than being degraded to the dust under the name of an illegitimate son as he was now.

Because of this episode, Bai Duan’s mood became depressed and he was in no mood to continue playing. He wanted to know about his brother’s real life and how other people thought of Bai Xu, but when he really understood the truth hidden by Bai Xu, he felt that it was unacceptable and sad to the extreme.

Bai Xu tried to make him happy again, but with little effect, he had to leave with Bai Duan. Of course, before leaving, he called their father and mother in front of Liu Lang and asked for Bai Duan’s ‘custody’ during his stay in Beijing.

After receiving a phone call from her eldest son, who had been away for four years, Papa Bai and Mama Bai were both surprised and excited. They did not hesitate to hand over their youngest son to Bai Xu after a period of nostalgia. After all, they preferred to believe that they had raised their eldest son for six years rather than the younger generation they had just met.

He and Liu Lang agreed to go back to his house tomorrow to pick up Bai Duan’s luggage. Bai Xu and Bai Duan left the equestrian track and returned to Bai Xu’s apartment. The conditions of Bai Xu’s residence were worse than Liu Lang’s, and the location was not so good. It was true that he was neglected by the Zheng family.

Bai Duan circled around the apartment as if confirming its location, then walked to the kitchen door, leaned against the door frame and whispered, “Brother, you’ve always lived here alone?”

“Un, yeah.” Bai Xu was opening the refrigerator door and thinking about making dinner for his brother tonight. “Mrs. Zheng can’t stand me. I moved out after two days after being there.” After a pause, his tone was careless, and there was no point of rejection. “That’s just what I wanted. There was no more room for one more person.”

“So what about Zheng Ershao, your father? Does he care about you?” Bai Duan frowned.

“Him?” Bai Xu sneered, “I’ve only seen him a handful of times. If I don’t his face on the news from time to time, I’m afraid I wouldn’t remember what he looks like.”

Although Bai Xu did not seem to take his biological father seriously, Bai Duan still felt sorry for him involuntarily. He didn’t want to go on discussing these unfavorable topics. Bai Duan’s eyes wandered around, and his tone was slightly guilty, “That…what about girlfriends? Did brother have any?”

Bai Xu closed the refrigerator door, turned to look at Bai Duan and smiled. “I have repeatedly stressed that no one is allowed to fall in love, so I will certainly set an example for myself.”

Bai Duan’s eyes shined.

Previously, when visiting the apartment, he had such a feeling. After all, the room was clean, and there was no trace belonging to anyone except Bai Xu. But Bai Duan was still a little uneasy, so he simply asked the question and then harvested the answer that satisfied him.

Suddenly the hesitation disappeared, and Bai Duan plunged into Bai Xu’s bosom. Then he raised his head and sealed Bai Xu’s lips with his own, then extended his tongue and licked Bai Xu’s lips.

Bai Xu was stunned by Bai Duan’s action as he had no idea that Bai Duan would come so suddenly and he was not prepared. However, this did not prevent him from giving priority to the opposite party after his reaction.

With one hand around Bai Duan’s waist and one hand on the back of his neck, Bai Xu opened his mouth to accept Bai Duan’s invasion. His tongue was flexible enough to pass by, and they intimately entwined with each other.

Bai Duan only felt that a puff of fireworks exploded in his mind, and he was dizzy. He just instinctively wanted to knead himself into the other side’s body and be closer and closer until they became one.

Unconsciously, he had followed Bai Xu’s single-handed force and his legs hit the kitchen table before he clamped his legs around the other’s lean and powerful waist.

Bai Xu’s hands lifted the thin summer T-shirt and vaguely wandered over Bai Duan’s bare skin until Bai Duan ran out of breath. He had to grab Bai Xu’s hair and pull it gently, which freed him from the warm, almost suffocating kiss.

Bai Duan lay on Bai Xu’s shoulder, breathing fast, while Bai Xu trailed his fingers through his hair and kissed his ears, cheeks, and neck, slowly calming his constant clamoring desire.

From childhood to adulthood, after nearly ten years of waiting, Bai Xu finally held his treasure in his arms. Bai Xu felt that he almost could not hold it together. When he rubbed against Bai Duan with his erection, Bai Xu breathed slowly, loosened his arms and straightened his messy collar.

Bai Duan looked at him, and he found that his brother seemed to have stopped and had no further thoughts. He was disappointed. “You don’t want to do it?”

Bai Xu’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and he glanced at his innocent and pure sweetheart. He really wanted to correct this little bastard who was very honest about sex and liked to set fires, “Un, no.”

“…Why?” Bai Duan licked his lips, somewhat unhappy. He wanted to do something with Bai Xu that he had dreamed of, very much.

“Because you’re underage.” Bai Xu looked at him, but he was also not very happy.

Bai Duan, “…”

Wasn’t that the excuse he used to stop Liu Lang this morning? He felt that it was a present-day newspaper situation.

“Be good, you’re still underage and not fully developed. It’s not good for your health to do this too early.” Bai Xu sighed, took Bai Duan off the kitchen table, rubbed his hair, kissed him on the cheek, and then turned to the bathroom.

“… All right then.” Bai Duan pouted, and finally accepted Bai Xu’s words, because he suddenly realized that his brother did not seem to have grown up.

‘Many injuries to the body.’ Doing that kind of thing should be much more intense than doing it yourself, right? Bai Duan did not care about his body, but only about Bai Xu. If being underage was something that would cause harm to his brother, then Bai Duan felt that…he could still tolerate waiting.

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