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Chapter 149: Rules
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It didn’t take long for the bitter President Bai to convey Jin Yu’s words to the old men at the top. The old fellows were deeply dissatisfied with this guy who favored an outsider instead of someone on his own side after hearing JinYu’s words. But since this fish’s influence was too great and he was too cunning, they reluctantly agreed to the terms proposed by JinYu.

Bai FuChi quickly passed the news to JinYu, and the beasts were all liberated once again. XiaoBao’s team was raised to the first class hostile target by the military, and when they had already resorted to the sixth plan of the total of thirty six stratagems, human beings had completed a negotiation that was satisfactory to eighty percent of the population. It was decided that negotiation talks were to be conducted a day later at the Royal Hunter Academy’s training ground.

Everyone was looking forward to the next day with all kinds of emotions. Fei YuSheng stared at the data displayed on the light screen in the hidden basement of the Da Peng Jin Chi Clan and gave a sneer of disdain.
Sure enough, they were a bunch of old bastards with degenerating brains.

They had so freely let human beings make so many concessions.

Get along with the beasts fairly? Forbidding the killing or abuse of beasts at will? If so, was this is still the ideal of humans and beasts getting along with each other?! It was just like the treatment of a group of foreign people!! Ridiculous and disgraceful!!

Although he had anticipated that the old men would concede, he had not thought that they would concede till such a humiliating extent! In this way, how could he face the Emperor who had once mascaraed the beasts till they submitted and dreaded him!!

Well, did these people really think they could get what they want? Ha ha, ridiculous!! Since he could trigger a beast insurrection once, he could also trigger a second one!! He would never tolerate an equal existence between beasts and human beings. He had the blood of the Emperor in his veins, and as an existence with the bloodline of the legendary man equal to the devil, who nearly exterminated the beasts with one man’s power, he must re-build a new, everlasting and unbreakable rule of submission within these ten thousand years!!

If the development of this rule required the blood of countless beasts, then he would make them bleed. If humans were blocking the path of that superior being, then those corrupted humans should all die together.

Anyway, the creation of a new world could never be peaceful. When the new rule was completed, all human beings would understand what a grand deed he had accomplished. Then he would be the new Emperor!!


The crystal cup in his hand was broken because of too much pressure. Fei YuSheng snorted and watched the blood-like liquid dripping through his fingers. Then he slowly lifted up the corner of his mouth.

“Twelfth knight.” (十二骑士)

“Tomorrow, use all your powers to stop the negotiation between the beasts and humans. Remember to pretend to be both human and beast.”


Although there was scarcely no emphasis on the voice that drifted out from the darkness, the tyranny and excitement concealed within made one’s blood shrivel up.


At this time, a bored whale was swimming in the sea of books in the Number 138 Cute Beast Store that was empty of all beasts. He was just bored and said that he wanted to read a book, yet the Qilin which never thought about anything in moderation had actually moved a roomful of books from his family’s library!!!

Fuck, he did not want to see all kinds of books with different languages and characters in all corners of the house even if the beasts were not here now! This showed how lazy Qi QingLin was. Shit, can’t you just give it a look through before bringing them over?!!

JinYu thought of this and turned his head to glare at Boss who was holding the Strange Clan Anecdotes (家族异闻录) and reading it with great interest. He fiercely scowled and turned his head in the opposite direction and caught sight of the ingratiating expressions on YiWen’s and JiaWu’s faces. Fuck, he could let go of the fact that a mountain of books was brought over, but even the people in the library had been brought over, your damn brain must have turned retarded!!

“… What were you watching just now?” The sound of JinYu grinding his teeth was carried along with his question.

“Replying to Master Husband (回主夫), JiaWu and I have been asked by the Master to search for all the information related to beast insurrections due to of the recent riot. It’s not that this subordinate is boasting, within the Ten Great Clans, even the library of the White Spirit Monkey Clan that existed for the longest is not as complete or as enormous as the library from our Qilin Clan. Be it ancient and modern historical documents from all countries, the latest scientific research achievements, the precious books before the Great Migration, or even the taboo books (亡命书) from the Age of Darkness (大黑暗时代), everything can be found in the library of the Qilin Clan.”

“In the Qilin Clan, apart from the most secret and loyal core items (最隐秘的忠诚核心内的东西), the library is the most valued. It is a huge underground library spanning five thousand square meters. There are records on the top executives of the whole Capital Star and plenty of vital and valuable information. The name is also quite suitable for Master Husband.”

It was obvious that YiWen was very proud of being able to manage such a library. When he had been working himself to the bone, this library accounted for thirty percent of his total hardship! As he told JinYu about it, his whole person was as energetic as if he had been injected with chicken blood.

“Oh? What’s the name?” A look of interest was revealed on JinYu’s face. Something that was suitable for him? Was it a name like the Sea of Wisdom?

“The Qilin Sea of Books.”

“From the beginning to the end, I still see know how this suits me.” A certain whale frowned.

But after he finished this sentence, the Boss who should have been fascinated by his book raised his head and injected before YiWen could speak, “Except for the fifth word, everything is very suitable for you.”

“Er, this subordinates thinks so too.”

A certain fella that was marked with ‘The Qilin Family’s Whale’ ground his teeth with all his strength. He wanted to eat meat, preferably Qilin meat.

“Tch, I won’t bicker with you. I found a phrase you said before that was very interesting.” JinYu became serious after rolling his eyes, “I know about the Great Migration that you mentioned. It was the period where human beings who fled from the Earth to the Capital Star. But, the Age of Darkness… What is it?”

Unconsciously, these three words made him feel quite concerned.

YiWen was stunned by Jin Yu’s inquiry before he composed himself, but JiaWu began to exaggeratedly howl.

“Ah—! Madam! You actually don’t know the Age of Darkness?! Oh, oh, I thought that I was the only one not seriously listening when I was in school. I didn’t expect that you were even more- Ah!!”

Before JiaWu was nearly killed by JinYu’s mental strength, he was kicked to the ground by YiWen.

YiWen silently turned his head from this fella who had a ‘why did you kick me’ expression and indifferently said, “Did you want to emphasize that you are not the worst in cultural history in front of a prehistoric treasure of mankind who is also your Master?”
“…” What is a prehistoric treasure of mankind?!

“I think from today onwards, I’m beginning to be worried about your IQ.”

With a sigh, YiWen stopped looking at this guy who had been struck dumb. He bowed to JinYu. Then he walked to a black bookshelf and pulled out a shabby notebook together with a big book with a black cover.

“Master Husband, these two are the most genuine and comprehensive records and materials about the Age of Darkness. The former is a record of the real situation during the Age of Darkness by a scholar who had survived by a fluke, while the latter is a summary and induction of that era by later generations.” YiWen handed both books to JinYu and frowned slightly at the same time, “In fact, this subordinate would not have thought about it if Master did not ask. Thinking about it now, it seemed that the insurrections have something to do with the Age of Darkness.”

JinYu shook his head and smiled, “Look at what you said, I’m not like Ling Chong, that crow’s beak who jinxes whatever he mentions. In any case, I, eh?!”

JinYu opened the first page of two books with a smile, and the content inside stupefied JinYu on the spot.

There was no need to explain. As long as I exist, they must submit — The Brilliant Sun Emperor (晟日大帝).

What caught his eye was the incomparably domineering phrase written on the notebook, and the picture of an extremely cold and blood-soaked man in a black battlesuit on the big black book.

When words were matched with pictures, it turned into reality in the minds of many.

It was as if the man with an insufferably arrogant aura of slaughter and wild ambitions was in front of him, and had said such a sentence in a low and cruel voice. When the words fell, the profound and anguished wails of the beasts resounded in the heaven and the earth. Wherever his long sword pointed, there was a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses!!


His hand shook. When JinYu recovered, saw the books that had fallen on the ground and the three people watching him nervously. He felt a little stiff all over and slowly raised his hand to vigorously rub his face before forcing a smile, “It’s okay, it’s okay. As expected, the domineering aura of the Emperor is really powerful. I was so shocked even though I didn’t see the real person. It’s true. Now that I’m looking carefully, compared with my family’s Qilin, this guy’s momentum is still-”

“I can’t beat him.”

Big Boss Qi unceremoniously cut in. At the same time, he pulled JinYu into his arms to explain.

“He has the bloodline of the Da Peng Jin Chi, Bing Feng, Qilin and Bai Hu Clans. He’s the most powerful and terrifying existence since supernatural powers appeared.”

“…” Fuck. This was the ultimate boss? Fortunately he’s already dead.

“At that time, he killed nearly ninety percent of the high leveled savage beasts with his own power. Even if the beasts just heard the name of the Emperor, they would prostrate themselves in fear.”


This was a little over the top, wasn’t it?! It’s impossible, it’s impossible. Were all the beast leaders at that time retarded?!

“Well, in fact, one of the three great unsolved problems that have puzzled historians so far about the Age of Darkness was why the beasts at that time were afraid to such a degree and why the superior among the beasts, that is, the existences at the level of transcendent divine beasts, did not appear. According to historical records, at least the Black and White Twin Qilins, the Fire Phoenix, and the Storm Tiger existed at that time, but none of them appeared like they had during the present insurrection. In addition, the two other burning questions were who was the lover of the Heavenly Emperor, and why the Heavenly Emperor suddenly wanted to exterminate all beasts.”

“… I say, normally speaking, the last two questions should be said first! ” JinYu felt that the second question was particularly boring, “How is the identity of the Emperor’s lover important? Is who he wants out of the question? How is this related to the first, and especially the third question?!”

With that, Big Boss Jin intended to ignore a certain Boss and study the dark history to see what could be found. However, a very serious and solemn sentence came from Boss. It was like a body-binding talisman (定身符) which instantly froze everyone in the room except him.

“Why doesn’t it matter?” Qi QingLin’s expression was aloof, “If the beasts bit you, I will kill that beast; if you die, I will exterminate all of them.”



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January 16, 2020 10:55 pm

Why the lover is important? Because she carried on the cursed bloodline of that slaughterer. And because of that bloodline you are in this mess again, since that megalomaniac idiot Fei Yusheng decided to repeat the darkest part of the history. This whale won’t have an easy task.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 19, 2021 3:49 am

Is Qi Qinglin intimating that something happened to that Emperor’s lover, which sent him over the edge; or that it was the lover who incited him to suppress all beasts?
Nasty piece of work either way & powerful people that blindly follow others with no thoughts of their own or ability to question, are more dangerous.
Thank you for translating.

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