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Chapter 30: I’ll call you!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

This batch of beasts brought over by Orange and Li Xiao were slightly more severely wounded than the previous batch brought over by Baozi and Dabai. The worst beast, needless to say, died that night as it was too heavily injured.

Even though Jinyu tried his best to cure it, the wounds were so severe that it was too weak to even accept Jinyu’s mental strength. So Jinyu could only give it a bath carefully, then feed it a meal, and finally hold it until it died. Although Jinyu was hit by the death of the beast, he felt a little comforted that the dead beast was calm in its last moments. Death without hatred was, at last, much better.

In the next five days, Jinyu was busy with the rehabilitation treatment for the beasts. This time, with the experience Baozi, and the help of the other living beasts, the second batch of beasts recovered faster than before.

In Anjie, the big guys had seen the strange beasts lying in front of the door to bask in the sun. They were also in lines shaped like an S and a B causing the residents to feel itchy.

Moreover, these exotic beasts would collectively lie in the store doorway to bask in the sun, exercise, bathe in the yard. This was a normal sight in front of the 138 shop face, and everyone could see these beasts’ twinkling eyes waiting to be adopted! But all the big guys and their wives passing by could not help touching these beasts with their eyes sparkling.

Looking again at the softly brushed heads and staring at their teeth, these beasts had a fierce momentum. Hunters and explorers who had not found the right beasts, or had no money to buy beasts, liked to lie directly next to the beasts to watch them with their own eyes!

In short, in the five days of the rehabilitation of the second batch of beasts, three of the first batch of beasts were purchased, two of them were normal beasts, and one of the fighting beasts was still a leaping grasshopper as big as Xiaobai and the same grad B as Xiaoxue. When this beast was called over, it hissed at Xiaobai and Xiaoxue.

[Lao Tzu is gone! Lao Tzu is really gone! From now on, Nima has no place for beasts and Laozi to grab the window sill!! Lao Tzu is finally going to enjoy his beast’s life!!]

As a result, it was taught by Xiao Bai and Xiao Xue before leaving. The explorer who bought it had his heart almost stop. He spent three gold coins for Jinyu to translate the dialogue between the beasts, and then he left with the grasshopper and a blackface. Before leaving, the explorer gritted his teeth and adopted the beast that specialized in eavesdropping, tracking and searching for people.

“I’ll call you!” Call you! Go back and give Lao Tzu good exercise! Someday I’ll call back!!!

Jinyu was very happy to hear this. The one chosen by the grasshopper was also very good.

Xiaobai and Xiaoxue laughed twice and left with their tails and wings fluttering. Who would return? It was funny! Unless you had a final mutation! Otherwise, all our lives will be beaten away!!

In addition to selling three beasts in five days, business was still good. Boss Jinyu’s life was also perfect.

In the second batch of beasts, there were three special ones who knew housekeeping, two of which who could make snacks and wine. Strangely, Jinyu was in a good mood when he looked at the bright windows of his shop, and when he had afternoon tea, there were all kinds of snacks accompanied by the exotic beasts who sell their meng.

However, the essence of living beasts was to assist other beasts, most of them were producers, such as the tail feathers of colorful pheasants, rabbit hair of the blue-eyed rabbits and other kinds of items, which could sell for gold coins. Real auxiliary beasts who did housework were still relatively few. So at first, no one could cook in beast store No. 138.

Boss Jin that demon couldn’t cook?! AH! Lao Tzu used to eat raw meat! It’s too late to cook! Are you looking for something else?!

So when a beast who could help with housekeeping didn’t appear, everyone in the shop were eating instant noodles, or soaking snow rice, pickled meat… By the time the beasts felt they were almost soaking in meat, they had become used to everything. One day, Mogul KuCha kicked in a shivering golden tiger-striped cat, but the difference was that it had a golden, small chef cap on its head, a chef’s gown on it, unlike other beasts. Although surprised, Jinyu heard the beasts collectively send out a burst of cheers, Xiao Bai directly went forward to the striped cat to express a warm welcome.

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow! 

[I said that if the owner didn’t find a knowledgeable beast again, I would find a relationship by myself. Now you are finally here! We don’t have to eat pickled meat at last!!]

Whoop! Baozi slapped the striped cat on its back, and his eyes were bright. [You can rest assured that Lao Tzu will cover you from now on. Who here bullies you, Lao Tzu will bite it!!]

Howl!! [Welcome to No. 138 Beast Shop! Ah, everything is more exciting.]

So these several foolish A-level beasts who saw the famous rare B+level life assistant foreign beast and knew the taste of the food felt so dizzy. They felt that this was the most exciting day of their lives. 

Meow… [Lao Tzu in those days… Why is it so easy to be fooled?! Is this wool over my eyes?!]

Here the Baozi has gone to the kitchen to cook with the Striped cat, while Jin Yu looks at the black unicorn, who has been the door god since his transformation and suddenly laughs.

Step by step, Jinyu walked up to the Black Unicorn and leaned his head against the unicorn. He said, “Thank you very much.”

In fact, he had read the Encyclopedia of beasts before and knew the existence of this kind of beast which specializes in making delicious food, but these beasts with these skills above grade C was hard to find. This B + level was a rare existence. The black god beast beside him noticed this very early so in such a short time, he was able to find such a savory cooking beast.

In fact, it was easy to see whether a person would save his food when disaster strikes. On a peaceful day, those who noticed minute details and acted in silence were more worthy to be in your life than those who swore.

… Well, if this was a female beast, even if it wasn’t a queen, he would have probably been thrown down directly.

Jin Yu had some silent thoughts, but when he turned his head and saw the black quilin with warm golden pupils, he suddenly stopped and felt his nose was a little sour. How long had it been since his sudden arrival and rebirth here that there had been no such vision? His family, friends… Even the previous beasts were gone. And now there was one inexplicably that one came out…

“What a pity!”

Taking a deep breath, Jin Yu reached out and hugged the boss who was still thinking of a beautiful hug. He said to him fiercely, “From today on! I’ll castrate you if you climb the wall for him!!! A man is a man! As long as they get along with each other, they will be thrilled, won’t they?”

Qi QingLin really didn’t think that would happen. This result was because of a knowledgeable beast? But when he saw Jinyu’s different eyes, his eyes darkened violently. He knew that before that, his partner had some rejection, at least he was buried in the hug. But at this time, the gold balance was different, which was very serious in accepting and thinking, compared with the hug, Qi Qinglin felt that he preferred such a look.

The golden pupils became milder with a slight smile. The black quilin touched Jinyu’s face lightly, “My partner will only be you from beginning to end, as for climbing the wall… I think that’s what you should pay attention to.”

When Jin Yu heard the words, he turned his eyes to say something, but suddenly there was a roar from the black-horned thunderdog.

The second day, they realized that they met a good man. After Jinyu treated him, the beast felt that he was a little unkind at first. After confirming that Jinyu would not sell him regardless of his wishes, or even return him after his wounds were healed, he began to play with the second others. WIth all kinds of flattery and selling meng, he consciously took a cushion and ran to the doorway to watch the door.

Needless to say, this beast was still very responsible, and its strength was enough before he roared three times.

When the black horned dog acted like this, Jinyu confirmed that the visitor must be a big man. Only when the black beast felt threatened would he roar three times. Like when the owner of the previous grasshopper came, he only roared once.

So Jin Yu, who was sitting on the ground, looked up and saw a very handsome but absolutely paralyzing young man. Seeing such an exotic suit of high quality made Jinyu sure he had too much money.

However, what made Jinyu more concerned and unable to stand out was the sense of familiarity that this young man brought. Where did he see this person before? How could he ever forget such a genius, good-looking and paralyzed-faced billionaire?

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September 19, 2019 10:22 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

I have a question: Is the expression “climbing the wall for someone” an idiom in Chinese? Does that mean making an effort for someone?

Hm… who is the guy that looks so familiar to JinYu? Oh, don’t tell me that the second young master Qi found his way here to harass his brother?!

September 20, 2019 11:18 am

Thank you for the update!
Second Qilin heir?

December 2, 2019 7:11 am

“But at this time, the gold balance was different, which was very serious in accepting and thinking, “ gold balance should be Jinyu?

“ The second day, they realized that they met a good man.” – “they” should be “it”?

“ he began to play with the second others” – not sure what this is but I imagine “second batch” might be more accurate.

Thanks for translating!

There were some other parts that didn’t quite make sense, but I haven’t had a chance to look at the raws so these were the ones I could guess.

February 23, 2020 8:46 pm

The grandson of that rich old man that let Jinyu stay in his Dragon (I think) Gate Inn? If it’s him, he really didn’t bring much impression. I only remember him calling “Grandpa” or grandfather

Anyways, can someone explain who is this black unicorn? Is it a nickname for the husky with horn? Why did Jinyu thank him? And for KuCha being the one to “bring” in the beast… 🤔

September 30, 2021 10:29 am

I like the storyline, but have struggled to understand this author’s way of writing at times, especially in this chapter. Hopefully that won’t affect the story overall as it progresses.
Thank you for translating; it cannot be easy.

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