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Chapter 15: Life is a Series of Tragedies

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was so shameful.

Wen Jin lay on the bed that had been cleaned up and pretended to be dead. He just wanted to eat a piece of meat so he got into the jar and couldn’t pull out his head. He felt shame. He was even hit by Dewitt! He just wanted to bury himself for a few minutes.

And after Dewitt picked him up from the ground, he said to the man at the door with a blank face, “See? It’s good.”

Although the man at the door nodded like he was pounding garlic, Wen Jin thought that the intonation of this big silly could be translated in minutes. It was all silly. Did you see it clearly?

It was really a grievance. Wen Jin was lucky to break the glass jar. He had used his energy unconsciously to get his head out, and then the jar broke into pieces on the ground. He just had to stand up and refuse to admit that he had something to do with it. Dewitt, anyway, that guy couldn’t argue with him. If he had known that his appearance would be caught by the other party, he would have avoided breaking the glass jar. He could have saved some reiki.

Wen Jin thought deeply, feeling very sad inside as if he had lost the whole world all of a sudden.

Dewitt, who had disposed of the glass debris on the ground, looked at the little fox on the pillow and was amused. He couldn’t understand how the little fox’s head got stuck when he ate something. He thought of the earlier scene and reached out to grab the little white fox’s claws. “You’re so powerful.”

Wen Jin pushed his fingers away from him with his claws. There was a whimper stuck in his throat, his eyes remained motionless, and he continued to show no love.

“Next time I come across this situation, come to me. What if either of us stepped on the glass?” Dewitt went on trying to reach out and touch his face.

“Chee.” How could this happen again? Next time will be your illusion! This man is not right in the head! Wen Jin chirped and chittered, pushing Dewitt’s hand away again with the soft pads of his paws.

Looking at the little fellow’s dejected face, Dewitt avoided his sharp claws, pinched his pads, and then looked at the glass pieces that had been disposed of. His eyes were dim. “Why are you so strong?”

“Chee!” What’s the matter with you? Isn’t it good to treat each other as if nothing happened? Why keep talking about it all the time? He doesn’t want to save his face.

Wen Jin glared at Dewitt angrily, then continued to lean on the pillow, his ears drooping, half of his face squeezed out of sight by the pillow. His big tail was in front of his body, his four claws on each paw stretched straight, and his whole body was in a dead state.

Seeing his soft appearance, Dewitt felt itchy and wanted to reach out and touch the little fellow’s face. However, he was pushed away by four claws again. The force was not particularly strong. Dewitt squinted, but his fingers were still on the little fox’s paw pads. He pressed in between the pads and the little fox pushed him aside. After several rounds, with the other side’s dejected look, Dewitt wanted to laugh.

After playing with Wen Jin for a while, hearing his wrist beep a reminder of Cassey’s message, Dewitt got out of bed and went to another room. Before leaving, he poured out a small plate of dried meat and put it in front of Wen Jin to comfort the ‘dying’ fox. He hadn’t expected that this little fellow would like to eat jerky so much. But breaking the jar and the ensuing glass pieces were too dangerous. It would be better for him to find something that was not easy to get hurt from even if it was broken.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt’s retreating head and did not see him return. The little fox was very unhappy to see the dried meat put in front of him like a hill. He had just lost face because of this harmful thing. Now the man was just putting it in front of him as if he was mocking him.

Wen Jin thought this and stared at the jerky for a while, then rushed up and took a big bite.

After eating nearly two containers of dried meat, Wen Jin was satisfied. After a big yawn in the quilt, he remembered something. Looking up at Dewitt, the guy still didn’t close the door this time, but it didn’t affect his business. Wen Jin moved to the bottom of the bed and dragged the sack of water Lingshi to the center of the bed. Then he felt the warm and abundant reiki in the Lingshi satisfactorily for a while. These things were his most intimate existence in the world. After squinting happily, Wen Jin began to absorb them.

Familiar reiki slowly poured into his dantian. It had been so long since he had felt this feeling that Wen Jin could not help but emit a grunting voice, silently shouting in his heart, more! Feeling the energy gently wrapping around his dantian before it eventually flowed to his limbs. Wen Jin’s whole body seemed to be stretched out. Although this was not enough to completely fix his broken demon dan, this kind of spiritual feeling was like ecstasy to him. Before long, Wen Jin was immersed in the warmth of the energy flowing through him. He had originally intended to drain only two or three pieces, but that idea was pushed entirely to the back of his head.

Dewitt went out to deal with official documents, but the scene from earlier would not leave his mind. Thinking about it, he opened the star network, went to search ‘What is a normal strength of a Qi beast?’ Soon, many results came rushing in. Dewitt opened the first one and saw a detailed description of a contract beast.

[In most cases, the strength of a Qi beast is proportional to its body, the same is true of its ability. The smaller the size of the Qi beast, the weaker its ability. If it is a large Qi beast cub, its strength will be slightly larger than that of a small Qi beast cub. However, the phased change of its strength mostly occurs in its mature stage, which is also the reason why Qi beast’s cubs are generally weak.]

The little fellow was way too small, and even a normal fox should be bigger than that. He couldn’t imagine him growing up to dozens of times the size of a person. Dewitt was somewhat dissatisfied with the answer he found. But Archie had said before that this little fellow’s ability to identify energy stones was not normally available to any Qi beasts. He could go back to the capital star and get an answer from Old Lin.

Dewitt was ready to turn off the interface, but as he slid the screen down to shut it, he suddenly saw another post that caught his attention.

[Ancient historical records show that Qi beasts gain their abilities much earlier than human beings. All of them had the power of a thousand people, but since this was so long ago, it has become impossible to study the authenticity of such beasts.]

Dewitt’s eyes locked on these sentences. He touched his chin, thinking that the little fox who liked the water-energy stones just broke the glass jar with his white claw, which was too small compared with the glass jar. He silently wrote down this article, turned off the optical network and prepared to continue reading the other official documents when he suddenly sensed a trace of shocking energy.

Dewitt’s looked toward the movement, and his terminal received an alarm in the next second. In Assyria, every armor was highly sensitive towards any energy fluctuations because as it would have a significant impact on the armor. This was especially so for military armor, which had to be more cautious in this regard. Looking at the energy density inside his room recorded by the alarm, Dewitt looked in the direction of his bedroom.

This density was already very high, and because such dense energy was in his room, it was only a warning. In other places, the guards with aircraft armor would have acted immediately. But, the thing was, he just didn’t have any running energy at all, and there was no one in the room except him… only the little fox.

As soon as he reached for the screen and slid across it, the bedroom monitor appeared. He watched the little fox on the bed pulling the energy stones toward him, and Dewitt’s lips thinned slightly.

His energy core sensed the energy moving around his body, and it started to become restless. He adjusted it for a long time before he could suppress the restlessness as much as possible. However, the energy absorption in the bedroom seemed not to be over yet. Dewitt was somewhat surprised. This level of energy absorption, was only possible for an S-level race and, looking at the situation of the little guy, was he intending to absorb all ten energy stones?

With such a large amount of energy, even if it was him, he was afraid he could not easily try it. Excessive energy absorption would aggravate the formation of energy storms, but the expression of the little fellow seemed to be calm, just like an old ability user who had absorbed energy stones for decades.

Dewitt remained silent for a while, canceled the alarm with his Marshal’s authority, and then looked at the little fox on the screen for a moment. Looking at the white furry face with squinted eyes, causing him to have a charming appearance. The little white claws were still kneading the energy stone, beside which the hill-like dried meat had been eaten up.

He had eaten all of it.

Dewitt was still stabilizing his energy core while keeping the monitor on, he began to look at the official documents. His little fox was easily irritable, but Dewitt believed that it still had a set of principles. So in this matter, Dewitt chose to believe his judgment of the little fox. Half an hour later, he refused Archie’s worried call and decided to let the fox absorb the energy in peace.

After all ten spiritual stones were sucked clean, Wen Jin secretly pinched off a portion in his heart. To repair his cultivation, reiki needed to form a cycle in his body and even continuously breed reiki. However, it had to be done to complete his recovery. The cracks on his spiritual Dan were still not mended, and he could not do anything about it. He still needed to save some reiki in the body. A spillover situation could never happen, all it could do was scatter a little, but at that time, he did not care, because there was no way he could save this energy.

Having a body with abundant spirit energy made Wen Jin’s mood soar, and he was too lazy to care about these gains and losses. He pushed back the matter of opening his artifact to gather energy for his dan. Reiki could be used at any time now, but first…

Chee, he licked his paws and decided he was hungry. Wen Jin stretched lazily in bed, thinking that it was time for dinner. He remembered that the order had been delivered two hours ago, but Dewitt seemed to be still working?

He really couldn’t understand this race. Wen Jin thought these people do not know what enjoyment was. How was working every day enjoyable? In the past, when he was in that room, this man often worked during his training and sleeping. He was doing too much work, and it was a waste of life.

But he just absorbed energy and was in a good mood, so he decided to remind the man to eat.

Seeing the little fox on the bed retracting its paws back and forth on the energy stone, Dewitt turned off the monitor with a fixed look. Half a minute later, the little white fox came out of the room in high spirits. He jumped on the chair opposite Dewitt agily and then continued to jump on to the table.

At this time, however, things changed dramatically.

The little fox rushed at the table, not forgetting to swipe out at Dewitt with his paw and his hairy tail flicked. But the next second, the little fox’s body began to sink.

At that moment, Wen Jin’s heart went cold. His two front paws pulled hard on the table. As a result, there was no room for him to exert any strength. The more he clawed, the faster he heard a click – “click -” and Wen Jin fell straight from the corner of the table to the floor.


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin: You hit my head last time! How could I not be grabbed this time?

Dewitt: Come on. (One hand wrapped around his ass)

The gentle movement of the explosion made his ears shake like clockwork, not stopping like a spinning spring.


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